Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 6: Battery Issues!

Makina dhe automjete

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Today we take a deeper and more comprehensive dive into the flooded model X. Things get more interesting and I'm wondering if this thing will ever run again
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  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT6 muaj më parë

    The model x has its own ‘cave’ i see

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck6 muaj më parë

    I unsubscribed why am i still getting this shit?

  • Daveys Odyssey
    Daveys Odyssey6 muaj më parë

    Old me: I want a Tesla!!! Me now: I’d stick to gas engines. All electric is too complicated.

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace6 muaj më parë

    I'm convinced Cam's real name is Cameo and it's just a running inside joke to live up to his name.

  • ralf misq
    ralf misq8 muaj më parë

    It is called PC AIR i work on those it should have AC and heat

  • Samuel Kwak
    Samuel Kwak9 muaj më parë

    Why not just jailbreak the software?

  • beyerch
    beyerch9 muaj më parë

    I could resolve the dune buggy / no engine issue as that is a 3800 Supercharged engine which I make computers for, lol. Small world. (though this video is months old at this point...)

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia9 muaj më parë

    No! Cam! He needs you as his mentor! Cam! Get back on it buddy.

  • Charles Freitag
    Charles Freitag10 muaj më parë

    Rich my man, 1st off.. i Love your vids.. i have learned sooooo much from your work! I have many plans of my own design for some DIY EV toys.... but thats all for another time. Thank You for all the hard work you do for the rest of us. I just wanted to say thanks and to say how sad i am that you're so far away, i often do complex rework on PCBs of all kinds and could easy swap the chips you mentioned, as well as repair on any other boards you come across in your projects.... alas, shipping to and from WI would make this far more expensive than the worth. (shucks) Anyways, keep up the good work and GL in future endeavors!!!!

  • Twizted Cheese
    Twizted Cheese11 muaj më parë

    7:25 I flinched

  • Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard
    Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard11 muaj më parë

    mite her last name thus become Dolores Teselectra second cousin removed back story- ,rich rebuilds her lover and giving er that deformed child that's no longer able to go up stairs so we keep ones eye on little buggie low-ride down stairs ...its not irs crazy .so on the stairs one stays off Dolores`s quick sneaky quit little buggie thang wit dem motor cycles scars to prove it and all hot rod etc etc etc ...dated heardmycal and got pregnant when a landloard`s & super shook the door Deloris must not be wet while buggie peels off it`s stripper wanting that new 4 kin twice removed up to her eye lids tear stains her make up `s not yet been changed on colors thus the lover rember the guy rich of rich rebuilds his Fankinstine formula exist as she dolorse views her back yard which comes come quickest on speed

  • whisker49
    whisker4911 muaj më parë


  • Ridley Shurandy Daniel
    Ridley Shurandy DanielVit më parë

    Sam smokes crack🤣😂 hè is one big loser talks 2 much . Hè cant fix nothin

  • Paritosh Uttarwar
    Paritosh UttarwarVit më parë

    Guys the tires look pretty bad on one of the close ups. Did you change them?

  • Mage Etherios
    Mage EtheriosVit më parë

    Same way I removed some minor screws which were stripped out on my '75 Corvette...

  • Aldo Jansel
    Aldo JanselVit më parë

    i dont know why i watch these videos.

  • Erna Aja
    Erna AjaVit më parë

    4:30 look that wow super strong

  • Jamual Harris
    Jamual HarrisVit më parë

    Where’s the Judas video?

  • yusuf osman
    yusuf osmanVit më parë


  • Truth Street
    Truth StreetVit më parë

    Are you gonna sell this build when done?

  • Richard B
    Richard BVit më parë

    Cam works for Tesla

  • William Rivera
    William RiveraVit më parë

    Louis Rossman can solder anything for you.

  • Spencer Trimble
    Spencer TrimbleVit më parë

    Great video,. You might want to forget the ultrasonic cleaner, instead use your home kitchen automatic dishwasher. I've used mine to clean many smoke and fire damaged circuit boards in the past. Try it you'll love the results. I usually flush with alcohol after removing from dishwasher then blow drying with compressed air and hair dryer on low.

  • Uptop Entertainment
    Uptop EntertainmentVit më parë

    BRu if there is anyway we can talk, I am very interested in connecting. Small Business owner in Atlanta with a second chance mall concept application in for a grant right now.

  • brickwal92tt
    brickwal92ttVit më parë

    So who flinched?

  • Christian Fraga
    Christian FragaVit më parë

    i flinched sooo HARD @ 7:24

  • António Peças
    António PeçasVit më parë

    wats the cost off batterrys ??

  • Casual Motors
    Casual MotorsVit më parë

    Every time i click on a rich rebuild videos i get an aids commercial .......... hmmm

  • Alex Bojor
    Alex BojorVit më parë


  • Edward Farmer
    Edward FarmerVit më parë

    your like the AvE of Tesla cars and suv's. Never have i laughed so hard. Not going to lie when your friend grabbed you when disconnecting battery controller, funny not nice but funny. love the series keep them coming.

  • Ebay Buyer Defender
    Ebay Buyer DefenderVit më parë

    Holy fuck Rich ... Wear gloves just in case..

  • Jerjere emy Avina
    Jerjere emy AvinaVit më parë


  • Miko Piz
    Miko PizVit më parë

    I have a Jet , Jet lag from my vacation.

  • Haresh Rawal
    Haresh RawalVit më parë

    So basically you need 2 Teslas to make 1 Tesla Wait wut

  • connectorxp
    connectorxpVit më parë

    A cabin heater cam heat a 737 or a 320 in 10 minutes from -15 C to 26C. They use a huge amount of fuel doing so.

  • Robin Orca
    Robin OrcaVit më parë

    I can rework SMD components you should use Bronson cleaning solution

  • Laila Andersson
    Laila AnderssonVit më parë

    Volvo och jag

  • Tj reid
    Tj reidVit më parë

    Got a question for you with a Toyota engine fit in a Model X

  • TEMPORARY قنبلة
    TEMPORARY قنبلةVit më parë

    POST THE UPDATE FFS, And if you need an intern i want to work with you

  • Carl Costello
    Carl CostelloVit më parë


  • Laila Andersson
    Laila AnderssonVit më parë


  • Edward McAndrew
    Edward McAndrewVit më parë

    "Sam the Snake"? can we get an update???

  • Haris The Rc channel
    Haris The Rc channelVit më parë

    At 3:58 the name of the song is colonel bogey march

  • Saintone
    SaintoneVit më parë

    I'm watching your videos about dissembling tesla and what supersizes me is that you took out a part and saying "Oh this is BMS", "this is that", "this is to manage that and it is working with that" that is quite a knowledge you have there! Did you even think about creating some "manual" about tesla or a "map" where are most important parts like BMS etc?

  • Sir Dewd
    Sir DewdVit më parë

    Doesn’t the new 2018 FTC act allow you to service your car without voiding warranties and stuff?

  • Technane
    TechnaneVit më parë

    Well dunno what's up with your videos they all play on my phone with the pause control perm showing , or on my tv they just skip and don't play

  • Martin Soendergaard-Jensen
    Martin Soendergaard-JensenVit më parë

    If the key won't connect I'm pretty sure there is a spot by the cupholders that will read the key even without a battery.

  • Darryl G
    Darryl GVit më parë

    Hey Rich! Love your channel. But you seriously need some cool coveralls. Put sponsors logo's on the back!

  • Mike L
    Mike LVit më parë

    I hope your passion leads you to success. It does however seem misguided.

  • Curt Lemons
    Curt LemonsVit më parë

    Would it be possible or practical to re purpose Tesla batteries for a solar project?

  • iEdison
    iEdisonVit më parë

    I wonder how fast that plane heater heats things up?

  • Bowsette NC-17
    Bowsette NC-17Vit më parë

    So much shade I won’t get sunburned 😊

  • Quinton Singleton
    Quinton SingletonVit më parë

    Tesla van spotted in sandy springs, Ga. Surprisingly a 985D

  • marawan youssef
    marawan youssefVit më parë

    Ah sh*t here we go again

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    i have a jet and airpods

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco RacingVit më parë

    7:24 That jump scare for my eyes!

  • lamelama22
    lamelama22Vit më parë

    There is no technical reason to require the drive unit to be matched to the controller / key. It's soley to prevent repair; just like Apple is doing matching motherboards to displays in their new displays, so even if you crack it you cannot just replace it; you need to buy a new computer or have them essentially give you a refurbished computer at a super high price. I think John Deere has been pulling similar garbage on some of their recent tractors and what not, where the engine and transmission have some sort of security on them so if one breaks you can't replace just one, and third party units won't work at all. This sort of crap should be illegal.

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar MoonaVit më parë

    Louis Rossman just dropped PayPal.

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar MoonaVit më parë

    Thiiiiiiiiick, I miss the old Rich. Sock puppets. Where is your God now? Titanic music.

  • Kern Wyette
    Kern WyetteVit më parë

    Elon not going to like this

  • Heath Cox
    Heath CoxVit më parë

    The great escape. Love it

  • Humphrey Bradley
    Humphrey BradleyVit më parë

    Love the music Rich, but I'm wondering if you're about to blow up the Model X same as the bridge in the film?!

  • Ryan Gstohl
    Ryan GstohlVit më parë

    Make sure you wash your hands after touching the yellow stuff on the screws. It's likely mastinox which is nasty stuff and causes cancer. Never can be too safe

  • pauldzim
    pauldzimVit më parë

    No jets here. Anyone else?

  • Carsten Valentin
    Carsten ValentinVit më parë

    Waiter, I Want another beer...

  • NWforager
    NWforagerVit më parë

    4:32 Rich how much are CrossFit memberships to your new gym ??

  • MTBSquatch


    Vit më parë

    Cost about one flooded Tesla

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22Vit më parë

    Louis Rossmann for the board

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin FreemanVit më parë

    Where do you get your extreme patience and persistency Rich👍🏾😀? More power to you!

  • Fancy Shoes Vlogs
    Fancy Shoes VlogsVit më parë

    I hope I can work with you on my tesla project!

  • Lots of STUFF
    Lots of STUFFVit më parë

    Really enjoyed you on Rogan.. You are a natural. Subbed right after hearing you

  • Dennis Ung
    Dennis UngVit më parë

    just ask louis rossmann to soDer (solder) the chips

  • Its Me Mckee
    Its Me MckeeVit më parë

    How many here because of Joe Rogan!

  • Simon
    SimonVit më parë

    Isn't it devastating for the under carriage the use a loader to move a car?!

  • Adam Vaughn
    Adam VaughnVit më parë

    Damn, that bus trans alone in that buggy is probly worth 600

  • n84434
    n84434Vit më parë

    Rich, I gotta say... Sock Baby would be proud of how far you've come!!

  • moys
    moysVit më parë

    Just realized the reason... Samcrac = Copart, Rich = IAAA.

  • moys
    moysVit më parë

    Rich were you and Samcrac best buddies? What was the reason the roasted you on that video ?

  • Ding Dong Daily
    Ding Dong DailyVit më parë

    Classical music inspired by AvE?

  • Jonathan Fernandez
    Jonathan FernandezVit më parë

    Saw you on Rogan, good luck on the projects!

  • Erick Sánchez
    Erick SánchezVit më parë

    Here from JRE

  • ds Bond
    ds BondVit më parë

    You should have asked Joe Rogan if he got his Tesla for free like Ben "Teslanomics".

  • ^Gecko^
    ^Gecko^Vit më parë

    Send it to Louis Rossmann to rework, lol :D

  • Kenneth Lyons
    Kenneth LyonsVit më parë

    Just finish your interview with joe rogan I loved it 👏🏾👏🏾

  • MuLife
    MuLifeVit më parë

    Hey Rich, I see a freescale processor on that Central Body Module board which typically contains vehicle related information. I can read/write using our specialized electronics tools at my workplace, what's the mask information on that freescale? As for U14 and U39 you mentioned, any mask information on them? We work with complex chips when creating keys for most high end vehicles and always read and save dumps prior to resoldering on to new board. I'm the electronics tech lead at Auto Key Pro in Canada and would love to get involved in a Tesla project. DM to discuss further. P.S. After seeing this video, I ordered the same module from eBay which I should receive next week and will be attempting to read the data from the chips you identified.

  • John Kaplun
    John KaplunVit më parë

    Louid Rossman for surface mount soldering!

  • Warren Thomas
    Warren ThomasVit më parë

    I thought winter was over, what’s up with the hood?

  • Jeffrey Scott
    Jeffrey ScottVit më parë

    Like if you jumped when the plate fell into the camera lol.

    DKARDUVit më parë

    hi, did you mean 75D can be replaced a 100D battery pack directly?

  • Lance Stehling
    Lance StehlingVit më parë

    Rich, This will probably get buried but I have a full compliment of SMD rework tools and do work like you need there on a daily basis. I even have the means to backup and flash those eeproms, so if something does not go right it can be restored back to original condition with replacement eeproms. Hit me up if you need some help.

  • K. Compton
    K. ComptonVit më parë

    Great job on the podcast. Joe is right, you're a natural for it!

  • Jay Last
    Jay LastVit më parë

    Roe Sogan Jent me

  • Deathjam4
    Deathjam4Vit më parë

    why did you not try puting the none flooded cars key in the flooded tesla ? or even both keys

  • Stephan Garcia
    Stephan GarciaVit më parë

    Yay Colonel Bogie!

  • ツMx-DREAM-MXツ
    ツMx-DREAM-MXツVit më parë


  • darieee
    darieeeVit më parë

    Ah man my eye still hurts from that fuse cover hitting my face at 7:25

  • luis anaya
    luis anayaVit më parë

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    Electrosport 24Vit më parë

    Thanks rich

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    Matthew EmmanuelVit më parë

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    hill billyVit më parë

    Just throw all that Nintendo electronics in the trash and install A proper blown alcohol big block chevy in it...

  • hill billy
    hill billyVit më parë

    That buggy has a good 6 rib trans

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