Can we make Tesla batteries fire resistant?

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Lee and I are back in action doing some extreme testing on Daisy’s old Tesla battery cells, we use a new gel product that’s supposed to help stop fires, was it up to the task?
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  • Primo Gonzales
    Primo Gonzales5 muaj më parë

    Short answer: No. But we can make Tesla batteries do a spontaneous BBQ Cookout.

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz6 muaj më parë


  • Shawn Noyes
    Shawn Noyes10 muaj më parë

    NOOOO A Black and Decker toaster oven?!??! Those were the last ones that didn't click incessantly when they were running! How could you, you monsters!!! -Shawn

    GUIRADE11 muaj më parë

    All you need is a black punk and a white jerk to make a chocolate pudding. Stupidity at it's best!

  • Pia
    Pia11 muaj më parë

    Used Tesla batteries can be used on solar systems. Solar systems are stationary and proper charge and discharge precautions and temperature monitoring with cut outs make things way safer, but fire paranoia is pretty high. Something like fire retardant packing would be a good paranoia extra and weight is not so much an issue in a home situation.

  • mazda2284
    mazda2284Vit më parë

    you should get some yinlong LTO . we beat the living crap out of them in car audio

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref EshghiVit më parë

    Put a thick piece of glass in front of your camera so it won't be damaged! - This was a recorded message left by Elon! :))

  • BuRnz BoTz
    BuRnz BoTzVit më parë

    3:46 are those AirPods on the screen

  • Zar TheMad
    Zar TheMadVit më parë

    The gel is a thermal insulator... which would cause the batteries to not be able to cool themselves.. /facepalm

  • No thankyou
    No thankyouVit më parë

    Anyone know what happened between Rich and Sam?

  • Shayegan Abdollahbeigi
    Shayegan AbdollahbeigiVit më parë

    Isn't that smoke toxic aha

  • Wet Wolf
    Wet WolfVit më parë

    What did you do before this? Seems like you have alot of electrical experience and was wondering if you were an electrician?

  • Meticulous Se7en
    Meticulous Se7enVit më parë

    Is this the job be quit? I thought he mentioned "my boss rich" on Rogan

  • dgloser
    dgloserVit më parë

    Hahaha I hadn’t notice Lee is pretty hilarious.

  • Jared Mehrlich
    Jared MehrlichVit më parë

    I LOVE the cartoon! Hahahaha.

  • Robin Thierry
    Robin ThierryVit më parë

    A little late to the party but isolation won’t work, why? Because then how the hell will the coolant cool the battery? Or am I missing something?

  • PowerStroke Tech Talk w/ARod
    PowerStroke Tech Talk w/ARodVit më parë

    Just saw your piece on CNBC my lifes work is dedicated to helping people with their vehicles....i wanna be on YOUR team! You two have started some good. Holla!

    ILLUMINATE EntVit më parë

    This my friend is why you shouldn’t be building makeshift Tesla’s man

  • Tukatuta
    TukatutaVit më parë

    why you dont charge it before puncture?

  • Runar Bolstad
    Runar BolstadVit më parë

    love the animation? Who makes it?

  • Adil G
    Adil GVit më parë

    Thumbs up for battery fire 😎👍🏾🔋🔥

  • Bram Collier
    Bram CollierVit më parë

    Nice Golf mk1 there in the back :)

  • Rosen Kotsev
    Rosen KotsevVit më parë

    Genuinely brilliant humor in your videos! Thank you and keep it going.

  • Kieran Calder
    Kieran CalderVit më parë

    Its a shame this video doesn't have more views. That animated scene was the funniest thing ever😂

  • Jean LaValley
    Jean LaValleyVit më parë

    The jokes segment had me rolling. Lolz

  • Vincent Fregeac
    Vincent FregeacVit më parë

    Hi Rich. In your tests, you made a common mistake I've seen too many times in my years of personal protection equipement development: not reproducing the environment, which leads to false conclusions and the associated waste of time and money while you don't understand why you cannot reproduce your small scale results in a full scale, real life scenario. Battery pack are enclosed but your experiment "battery packs" were not. That nice, focused jet of intense heat directing all the combustion heat away from the adjacent batteries in your experiment would have bounced on the battery enclosure and set adjacent batteries on fire in a real life scenario. Considering that the retardant gel only provided single digit seconds of delayed combustion, i.e. much less than the combustion time of a battery cell, it would only slow down the initial chain reaction of a battery fire in an enclosed battery pack. But there is still something to learn from that faulty experiment: If the battery pack is designed with heat exhaust ports, it doesn't take much to avoid fire propagation if you take advantage of the 18650 design which focus the combustion heat on a single axis. As for heat insulation between the batteries, there are longer lasting retardant products than retardant gel when you can afford more than tenths of millimeters of insulation, which is the case in a battery pack. Products that burn into carbon foam provide excellent high heat insulation (a simple mix of flour, baking powder and paper glue is already really good, you can use more exotic materials if you fancy) and, combined with exhaust ports that direct combustion heat toward the ground (plug them with a low melting point plastic to keep the battery pack sealed until it burns), I think you should be able to significantly reduce the occurence of fire spreading to the entire battery pack or even adjacent battery packs. Food for thought if you want to go further in that matter. The main concept is: If you cannot contain a violent fire but you can still direct the heat away from people and other combustible materials, the result is as good as containing the fire.

  • ploneuk
    ploneukVit më parë

    This is insane and possibly a little stupid. I love it.

  • Josh
    JoshVit më parë

    those animated phone calls crack me up! "shenanigans with Rich and Lee" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    Blue pill protection ...

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    Rich will the 3.6 battery fit in the harbor freight lite???

  • Derick Smith
    Derick SmithVit më parë

    2:36 Broooo Im dead 🤣🤣

  • dragade101
    dragade101Vit më parë

    Very special and very stupid but very funny. Fucking hell.

  • William Grissom
    William GrissomVit më parë

    The Model X that burnt on the Vermont lake likely hit a metal mooring post that was sticking above the ice. A guy posted a youtube later showing them. There were many near the shore and some were covered w/ snow so appeared as just a small bump on the ice. As the Tesla fire on a TN interstate years ago where the driver ran over a trailer hitch in the road, it is almost impossible to protect from a thick steel object that drags the underside of the battery pack.

  • mzimm460
    mzimm460Vit më parë

    What the difference between owning a Tesla and the 4th of July??? The forth of July you get hotdogs and fireworks with a Tesla you don’t get a hotdog

  • Dave Pitsch
    Dave PitschVit më parë

    Here's a dumb question... if you add that anti-fire gel coating, wouldn't it affect the normal Cooling?

  • Jose Mitre
    Jose MitreVit më parë

    it's like the nerd version of jackass! I love it!!!

  • kevin
    kevinVit më parë

    Lmao that was the best Elon impersonation

  • Korn Pop
    Korn PopVit më parë

    How about a tesla powered by a Harbor freight pump motor?

  • Will Wade
    Will WadeVit më parë

    Lol at the cartoon. Been watching your videos basically non-stop all day. Great channel, I'm a car guy myself and if I had the $$$$ I'd buy that Model X and fix that shit. Thanks for the great content man!

  • Isael Rodriguez
    Isael RodriguezVit më parë

    Rich rebuilds ,you’re the joke Richard

  • Noway Müller
    Noway MüllerVit më parë

    User the Metric System!

  • Radu Cristian Dumitrescu
    Radu Cristian DumitrescuVit më parë

    That cartoon was AWESOME, great video and interesting ssubject put on test.Good job!

  • Kimoto
    KimotoVit më parë

    The problem with the thermal gel is that it will also trap the natural heat from running the battery pack like normal, making it easier to overheat while in operation. Engineers would probably need to put in a lot of work to come up with an extremely efficient thermal management system that also took into account the thermal insulation provided by that gel. Now, if the gel was good at heat transfer but just fire retardant then you may have a good game going.

  • Korn Pop

    Korn Pop

    Vit më parë

    what happens if you torch a gas tank?

  • gareth5000
    gareth5000Vit më parë

    I think you deserve more than 15 minutes of fame. Elon the breather is hilarious😛

  • Sub-Standard Media
    Sub-Standard MediaVit më parë

    20 bucks says elon takes this idea for the next gen tesla's.

  • Contact Di
    Contact DiVit më parë

    that animation was awesome 😂

  • ArtemElanor
    ArtemElanorVit më parë

    Demon! Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -100%

  • jonnda
    jonndaVit më parë

    Koenigsegg Agera RS 0-60mph 2.6 seconds, and likely a higher top speed. The Tesla is cheaper, though.

  • Christopher Peterson
    Christopher PetersonVit më parë

    ThTs a dead on musk impression

  • Brad Allen
    Brad AllenVit më parë

    What is the info for purchasing that fire suppression gel?

  • Liam
    LiamVit më parë


  • Dmytro Picky
    Dmytro PickyVit më parë

    guys remember li and Cobalt are very toxic!!!!

  • Dmytro Picky
    Dmytro PickyVit më parë

    men, you are good!

  • Travis
    TravisVit më parë

    Tesla did one thing right, making the batteries small. Could be worse if they decided to do a low voltage system but with large lithium batteries, imagine those blowing up. The ones specifically used are robust and are more resistant to blowing up. I think a thicker shell around the battery packs with a vent somewhere facing down would keep the car from setting on fire. The vent would run down, 90 degree's from one end of the pack to the other, then another 90 facing towards the ground. Even though there will be some heat coming out it won't be shooting flames out the vent. Which will be safer for both whoever is in the car and emergency officials if the car is flipped.

  • Ronald King
    Ronald KingVit më parë

    This is really cool. I would like to see you take a Tesla from ap1 hardware to full self driving. I have been thinking about buying the extra cameras and such, but cant find any content of the job getting done anywhere.

  • News Moto
    News MotoVit më parë

    A huge chunk of these batteries can propel SpaceX Falcon Heavy to Mars!!!

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboyVit më parë

    They’re lethal. Not having an electric car that’s for sure.

  • Blood Sweat Birdies
    Blood Sweat BirdiesVit më parë

    Rich, look into Fire Resistant spray? The same stuff they coat Steel with in type 1 building construction. This is Billy BTW.

  • FSK1138
    FSK1138Vit më parë

    Rich you got to do more animated skits of your past episodes . this could be a great EXTRA for paid subs

  • MrBra1nDeaD
    MrBra1nDeaDVit më parë

    I suspect current EV battery packs don't have this gel because it insulates them and can't be cooled.

  • Vidar Daae Vikøyr
    Vidar Daae VikøyrVit më parë

    A couple of years ago, one night, I was about to propose to my girlfriend when my roommate Joseph barged into the room out of nowhere, tripped and fell over, breaking a glass table with his face. Totally ruined the mood. Now, I didn't know Joseph THAT well, don't even remember where he was from, but let' just say I put my plans on hold to help him through his injuries. Joseph had gotten big glass shard in his eye, making him completely blind in that eye. He was walking around with one of those cotton pads on his eye for a couple of months. Then suddenly, he disappeared, along with my girlfriend Apparently they'd bonded during the time after his injuries, and eloped together , left me behind without as much as a note. I tried to track them down, but never could. In conclusion, if it hadn't been for cotton eye Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, cotton eye Joe?

  • Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
    Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds TennesseeVit më parë

    Rick how do you know so much about the Telsa and other ones you have been rebuilding. I just started watching seen you on Sams channel. Keep up the work I'm finding it interesting.

  • Marc Aurele Elien
    Marc Aurele ElienVit më parë

    Uncle Rich! You might want to get interviewed by VinWiki! Suggestion...

  • Fireman Joe
    Fireman JoeVit më parë

    Congrats! You have officially graduated to a Master Pyro! LOL

  • jackknife761
    jackknife761Vit më parë

    interesting, I wonder if overall that would keep the packs from getting too cold in the winter as well, keeping the battery at an optimal temperature... not sure what the answer is there

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald GarrisonVit më parë

    Mike Judge now has a new movie idea: Rich and Lee do Daisy.

  • Themadoutbacker
    ThemadoutbackerVit më parë

    BCG was a term we through around in bootcamp

  • Hobeer
    HobeerVit më parë

    Hey Rich, would it be possible to replace the standard cells in a Lexus GS 450H with Tesla cells? Would it be worth doing if you needed to replace the stock battery pack anyway? Would there be any benefits to performance or range?

  • Deniel Kardos
    Deniel KardosVit më parë

    Hi Rich! Im looking for a bit of an advice! I would very much appreciate if you can help me out! Long story short, i bought a used Model S 85 RWD (2015) and it has break down after a week of owning it. Second hand, no warranty, you name it. Calling Tesla, they looked into the car over the air and identified (or suggested) that the steering column assembly needs replacing. They quoted me 2200£ (1700£ for part -101303300A- 340£ labour etc...) which is around 3000$ i belive. Funny enough, i can find the exact same part on ebay for 180£, and i can get it fitted for 100 or so. which would be a huge saving!! Altought when i was on the phone, the Service Center guy said that it might not be possible to reprogram the part if its from another donor car,(they say that parts will only work with the car they came with) unlike the new one which they would charge 1700£... (Sounds absolute bullshit to me) Did you ever face any issues like this, can i just get the steering column replaced by an EV specialist, then bring it to Tesla to reprogram it, and job done? Or will they refuse to do it? Did they refuse to help you with anything like this? And if yes, is there any way of going around and getting it done without them? I follow you for a a fair bit of time, and ive seen you building your car from 2 donors, which makes me think Tesla is just bullshitting me, trying to make me pay 1700£ for a new part. Thank you for your time if you reply! Best Regards, Dan.

  • Leroy Grace
    Leroy GraceVit më parë

    You are a genius Rich.

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony MillerVit më parë

    Someone tell me elon is looking at this. Lol Awsome rich

  • aserta
    asertaVit më parë

    Thing is, there's no way to proof the batteries. It's impossible due to the nature of the construction. The true solution is either going to electric steam powered engines or rail types with energized coils, which requires a massive infrastructure change/investment. There's nothing that can be done to make a lithium based battery safe in the event of a crash, it only takes one rupture on what is a small skin. And anything Tesla (i'm starting to get pissed about the fact that they are using his name to be frank) says about safety is bullshit and they know it, considering how they drop their panties every time a fire happens.

  • Lee Oliver
    Lee OliverVit më parë

    Not an electric car fan but I really don't understand the big deal about batteries while most cars are driving around with fairly thin walled tanks of highly flammable liquid.

  • Box Rec
    Box RecVit më parë

    You should've autographed that magazine for Lee you could have made him a millionaire one day because you are going to the moon my friend 😂

  • LightWing Studios
    LightWing StudiosVit më parë


  • 1cncguy
    1cncguyVit më parë

    Maybe the gel would would cause a short in the battery pack 🤔

  • G Gregory
    G GregoryVit më parë

    We used to make pipe bombs as kids,

  • mrsilveri
    mrsilveriVit më parë

    I was looking around on Alibaba the other day & I found their electric cars and I just wish someone would send Rich one to mess with.

  • Slick Shinobi
    Slick ShinobiVit më parë

    I don't know why I watch your videos... I don't have a car, I can't drive and I am no engineer. Good job! :)

  • Patchuchan
    PatchuchanVit më parë

    Is the gel conductive or corrosive?

  • DCG Technologies
    DCG TechnologiesVit më parë

    Not so Eco Friendly huh LOL!

  • Nick
    NickVit më parë

    I don't eat popcorn, but you said daisy so I'm gettin ett out! LOL

  • andrew spiterie
    andrew spiterieVit më parë

    Hey, I am curious what would happen if put that torch to a cars gas tank? Can you make a video of that please.

  • Sylvester S
    Sylvester SVit më parë

    Rich. Some of the cars at COPART auction, at least the desirable ones are still around 20k

  • M. V. P.
    M. V. P.Vit më parë

    Glad you weren't doing these experiments with a half-full gas tank ;-)

  • Cawfee Dawg
    Cawfee DawgVit më parë

    snownuts 😂

  • Cawfee Dawg
    Cawfee DawgVit më parë

    You should rename your channel SHenanigans.

  • Aidan Shaffer
    Aidan ShafferVit më parë

    Pretty Good Elon impersonation! He stutters more tho.

  • Arty Ross
    Arty RossVit më parë

    Cant be good to breathe that smoke 🤔

  • Z
    ZVit më parë

    I see that Lee was in the service with that BCG's comment lol

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel RodriguezVit më parë

    Those batteries in a vape would probably last days. lol

  • Bart Price
    Bart PriceVit më parë

    Hey, where can we buy a pair of those magic Captain Marvel-ish blue gloves? They made Lee 3x stronger than Rich. He ripped that metal off like it was paper. And they resist flaming 800° batteries. Harbor Freight?

  • Bart Price
    Bart PriceVit më parë

    Next time, put a lithium battery on a stick then light it. See how far it goes compared to a bottle rocket.

  • Deimos_Apex
    Deimos_ApexVit më parë

    @richrebuilds get a few blazecut fire suppression systems to experiment with. They are used in old VWs.

  • Deimos_Apex
    Deimos_ApexVit më parë

    Samcrac lol.

  • Tisha Hayes
    Tisha HayesVit më parë

    The funny thing with being around burning lithium.... the gases are taken up by your metabolism and alter your brain chemistry. Lithium is used as a mood stabilizer for schizophrenics.

  • Sam Sampson
    Sam SampsonVit më parë

    I love the animations!!

  • Sat S
    Sat SVit më parë

    cool Golf Mk1 in the vid

  • keep thinking
    keep thinkingVit më parë

    the thermal spray is what we use in hvac when brazing to protect parts you can also get viper its a thermal paste re usable and that works also.

  • keep thinking
    keep thinkingVit më parë

    why not have a halid injection system in the pack or have a battery ejection system

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