I tried to service my 700HP Audi RS7 myself

Makina dhe automjete

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Today I maintain and service the Audi RS7 that I bought from a chicken farmer, at least I tried
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  • Tjay Tjay
    Tjay TjayDitë më parë

    How he but the sponsor is smooth

  • da ne
    da neDitë më parë

    They have some interesting oil metal science going on with heat nano technology that adheres to damaged or grooved pistons chambers.

  • da ne

    da ne

    Ditë më parë

    Oil change on Audi I'm guessing $600 dollars lol

  • Timothy Blake
    Timothy BlakeDitë më parë

    why are u using german engine oil? Dont you have an american option for that? me saying that as a german.

  • Timothy Blake
    Timothy BlakeDitë më parë

    these breakpadwearsensors are very common in german cars. they put them on a cross pattern on your car. 2 sensors for 4 brakes.

  • Indo Singh
    Indo Singh2 ditë më parë

    pre lube the filter , that would help

  • quinningtons
    quinningtons3 ditë më parë

    Subscribed for the mini, enjoyed it all!

  • Artuo Dietz
    Artuo Dietz3 ditë më parë

    You are awesome man!

  • Jfg Ayotunde-Omri
    Jfg Ayotunde-Omri3 ditë më parë

    in some countries it is forbidden for the wheels to leave the bodywork...

  • Vedad MK2
    Vedad MK26 ditë më parë

    My life goal is to be rich enough to afford OEM audi parts

  • Chuma Doshi
    Chuma Doshi6 ditë më parë

    If you're a man and don't know what LIQUI MOLY is then please I suggest you borrow your wife her favorite pair of knickers and don't forget to wear them everyday

  • Carter Adams
    Carter Adams7 ditë më parë

    My first job was powder painting for Halliburton at 18, i can assure you i am an autist idiot, it is the easiest thing in the world, you can over spray...

  • John Pick
    John Pick7 ditë më parë

    Just found your site Rich and I am glad I did because your videos are entertaining . Thank you for posting !

  • Brandon Donaldson
    Brandon Donaldson7 ditë më parë

    What did the wheels cost? If you had to pay!!

  • solf08
    solf088 ditë më parë

    Rich using ?? Spacers ?? Str8 outta the street Honda book! Rich that’s low bro ... for your standards ? Spacers are for fools ...

  • sayjo tetteh
    sayjo tetteh8 ditë më parë

    Hey I get them 5 dozens of eggs for $5 here in Bloomfield ct.

  • Jay Grissom
    Jay Grissom8 ditë më parë

    The before at 3:33 and after at 5:42 is a stunning difference on the wheels.

    COOL WHIPPS, LLC10 ditë më parë

    Hey Rich, how many Electrified Garage Locations do you want to open up? Hit me up; I can handle one in Michigan and South Carolina.

  • Barthering
    Barthering10 ditë më parë

    I have to smile 'cause of your math-skills! Thats why I instantly give a thumbs up and a sub.

  • David Sauceda
    David Sauceda11 ditë më parë

    Those sponsor transitions are so smooth XD

    HAHALOLXD2915 ditë më parë

    Could it be possibel that you are not familiar with german quality

  • Arno Modelstate
    Arno Modelstate16 ditë më parë

    All those different bolt heads kind of think someone got under there and lost most of them and put random ones in :)

  • Niklas Kolle
    Niklas Kolle18 ditë më parë

    they use different bolts so you don’t do maintenance yourself

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans18 ditë më parë

    Oh man the car and driver commentary and the dogs people came up with had me rolling

  • Sean Savinell
    Sean Savinell18 ditë më parë

    Rich, cuz... Those rotors look thick bro, did you even see if you could get them resurfaced?

  • Daily Dose of Enyu
    Daily Dose of Enyu19 ditë më parë

    Uncle Rich your ad transitions are so smooth, catches me off guard every time lmaooo

  • an3k
    an3k19 ditë më parë

    Liqui Moly ... good stuff! Don't know if that exact oil is the right one but the company is very well known and on the high end (quality and price). And since both the car and the oil is german it should be fine :D

  • an3k
    an3k19 ditë më parë

    The rear brakes are most often done so early because of ESP and such. Car is constantly breaking here and there.

  • Joe L.
    Joe L.20 ditë më parë

    I'm actually proud of you for changing the crappy panels in the trunk. In the past you had some structural choices I was questioning your choice, but now seems you're paying more attention to details. Keep up the good work! 👍

  • Sese
    Sese20 ditë më parë

    Wait! How did it go from fixing car to buying eyeglasses. Dang 😆

  • Wet Mattress
    Wet Mattress21 ditë më parë

    yo that sponsor transition was so smooth lmaoo

  • Wet Mattress
    Wet Mattress21 ditë më parë

    people actually sends hate through e-mail? what? these people must be the biggest boomers lmaOoo

  • Mouad ait khouya
    Mouad ait khouya21 ditë më parë

    It comes out brown anyway 🤣🤣🤣 this killed me

  • Chaucer85
    Chaucer8522 ditë më parë

    So what happened. Still impounded?

  • WillJayMoore
    WillJayMoore23 ditë më parë

    AIR JESUS 13'S 🤣😂🤣

  • Charles Ramirez
    Charles Ramirez23 ditë më parë

    Lemme get something straight... Replaces rotors for $4500 BUT the best oil is the free oil 🤔 ¯\_( ツ)_/¯

  • John Kang
    John Kang24 ditë më parë

    haha love this guy, you got a new sub my dude.

  • FryChicken
    FryChicken24 ditë më parë

    Liqui Moly is about as good of oil as it gets

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan24 ditë më parë

    Such cars are designed with just one aim. German engineering, the complex the better. More break more profit.

  • Clément
    Clément25 ditë më parë

    Lol my 2010 Ford focus has the same oil filter assembly and I had the same trouble popping it out.

  • TruhuslaMovement
    TruhuslaMovement25 ditë më parë

    I subscribed hope u return the favor. I'm hurting here. Need them subs.

  • Mechanical Chris
    Mechanical Chris25 ditë më parë

    Just subscribed boss

  • John Wick
    John Wick26 ditë më parë

    I love what you do I wish I cud do what u do I think your a genius on how u do things

  • Jusout6217 Trini
    Jusout6217 Trini26 ditë më parë

    “This is like randomly speaking mandarin for no reason!”... 🤣🤣

  • K Hervé
    K Hervé26 ditë më parë

    When it comes to sponsors plug ins, nobody tops this, i ain't even mad

  • Moto Johnny
    Moto Johnny27 ditë më parë

    17:33 im pissed too

  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin27 ditë më parë

    WTF just get new wheel nuts

  • antihero3zx
    antihero3zx27 ditë më parë

    black wheels? ugh. of course.

  • ysf_ar
    ysf_ar27 ditë më parë

    "The best oil is the free oil" best words I've ever heard

  • Magick
    Magick27 ditë më parë

    Damn! A snake

  • James Gannon
    James Gannon28 ditë më parë

    A Prius usually ranges from like the $20,000 to $30,000 range if new

  • SRT392
    SRT39228 ditë më parë

    The brake price is near the six piston Brembos. Crazy

  • SRT392
    SRT39228 ditë më parë

    Thanks to his Tesla videos, I've decided not to get one lol. Subscribed

  • Oscar Lèmus
    Oscar Lèmus28 ditë më parë

    Hey... i buy organic eggs

  • Butch Bailey
    Butch Bailey29 ditë më parë

    Poor Rich you have fallen a long way. Too Bad. Look at it this way. At leas You didn’t hook up with Trevor Milton. Just think how challenging it would be, putting a miniature fool cell in to Your Audi. How humiliated did you feel when Trevor towed You tup hill and then filming your build as AUDI IN MOTION. You could have better chosen to work with the actual chief engineer of your MODEL S AND LITTERALY CALL HIM OUT ON ALL HIS MISTAKES HE MADE ON YOUR CAR. THE RATING OF A SHOW LIKE THAT WOULD BLOW THE RATINGS OFF THE CHARTS.

  • so1be1it
    so1be1it29 ditë më parë

    my man forgot to fill the filter up before putting it in

  • blake tography
    blake tographyMuaj më parë

    As an Audi tech, this hurts to watch. But I can't stop watching.

  • Lewis Can't Play
    Lewis Can't PlayMuaj më parë

    just saying, I absolutely despise the visual aesthetic of making the back bumpers have fake bore exhausts, imo it makes it look so cheap, why cant the exhaust just extend to the edge of the bumper and be capped? its not just Audi, its all of them, its a trend I personally do not like.

  • Odis Brown
    Odis BrownMuaj më parë

    Liqui moly is good oil

  • Ken Gullaksen
    Ken GullaksenMuaj më parë

    This is hillarious! Love it 😂. Liked and subbed. Awesome content👍

  • jonnyboy0007
    jonnyboy0007Muaj më parë

    ahahh ahah grab your ankles

  • Khalil Grant
    Khalil GrantMuaj më parë

    Fuck what the people say, its your car. Do what you want, when you want how you want.

  • Willow McGregor
    Willow McGregorMuaj më parë

    Wait you're not a mechanic are you serious!?

  • Willow McGregor
    Willow McGregorMuaj më parë

    Oh my days £5000.00 for brake replacement!? Bend over sir/madam...

  • cookiemonsta212
    cookiemonsta212Muaj më parë

    liquid molly, castrol and mobil 1 are all really good oils

  • cookiemonsta212
    cookiemonsta212Muaj më parë

    I really hope he replaced the o ring on the oil filter housing bcuz if not it could leak, there should be a new one in the box lmao

  • cookiemonsta212
    cookiemonsta212Muaj më parë

    A lot of newer cars have cartridge style oil filters

  • Gildas kambou
    Gildas kambouMuaj më parë

    Rich you're a fool, your daddy said what ? send me his cashapp let me send him money for a beer " You put it in, and it comes out Brown anyways?" I am dead.!

  • sikelela Mbatha
    sikelela MbathaMuaj më parë

    This video is 90% sarcasm 😳😂

  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas RogersMuaj më parë

    17:45 wow! looks like an Apple product!

  • ferndog1461
    ferndog1461Muaj më parë

    Can we rebuild an old Lexus? Oh wait, just a water pump, sand, & paint. It would be too short of video...

  • t_money 2212
    t_money 2212Muaj më parë

    Bro u funny asl 😭😭😭

  • Fresh Mann
    Fresh MannMuaj më parë

    Organic brown eggs are $6.49 at Giant Food. Ive also own plenty of Audi's in my life and Liqui Moly is the best for German engines hands down.

  • Charles Hayes
    Charles HayesMuaj më parë

    Air jesus 13....🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  • joseph duenas
    joseph duenasMuaj më parë

    the smoothest ad transitions on this part of the world 🤣

  • Hudson Jackson II
    Hudson Jackson IIMuaj më parë

    Holy German Overengineering, Batman!

  • Thomas Farkas
    Thomas FarkasMuaj më parë

    Isn't it possible to work the used breaks with a lathe? If Audi makes breaks that expensive, a try maybe worth it.

  • Ghostdog4
    Ghostdog4Muaj më parë

    As a Former Audi owner I can offer some Sage Advice. Get rid of it the second the warranty expires.

  • SirTerabyte
    SirTerabyteMuaj më parë

    "That's about 25 whatever" 😂

  • plan pitz
    plan pitzMuaj më parë

    ohhh...so sad... should have changed the rubber o- ring that seals the oil filter cap ...oil leak may be happening soon....but hey .....might be worth another episode .Lol

  • F H
    F HMuaj më parë

    Rich 'Dad Jokes-r-Us' Rebuilds

  • petervoll
    petervollMuaj më parë

    Watching from Germany, done some servicing on my own Audi. You, mister, are hilarious. Having great fun watching. P.S. Liqui Moly is well known quality over here, had a good laugh with the struggle on the oil filter

  • David Ortega
    David OrtegaMuaj më parë

    Rich Car & Driver did you dirty they know they could of smoothed out those pants and hydrated your feet 🤣🤣

  • Tolani Oyefule
    Tolani OyefuleMuaj më parë

    PRius: 15,999 - 29,999

  • magvegas
    magvegasMuaj më parë

    you jokes XDD so shit so funny, where are my glasessd XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


    the best oil is the free oil. my man

  • Toad In the hole
    Toad In the holeMuaj më parë

    The force is strong with this one .


    hi I am from Jordan, and I was wondering about no one heard on Molygen oil, I test this oil on my Hyundai Elantra 2011 HEV Molygen 5W30, my engine had coffee brown inside before three years ago and I read this oil revolution it have slandered I came around 15000KM in each time to change the oil, but after these three years I Had to change the valve cover gasket after having problem leaking oil I was chocked when I saw the head of my engine having gold color there is no wear or burned oil inside Like new engine also the sound of my engine it turned low after 25000KM from the first oil change and still the same I am really happy with my engine its like new engine.

  • R You Don’t Know /certified grammar police
    R You Don’t Know /certified grammar policeMuaj më parë

    I would’ve kept the wheels bronze. For me, the black wheels are played out.

  • 4TheRecord
    4TheRecordMuaj më parë

    "Oh shut up Wesley!"

  • Boss OK Boss
    Boss OK BossMuaj më parë

    You fixed the mess created by the previous Body Shop.

  • Russian_Infidel
    Russian_InfidelMuaj më parë

    That oil😷

  • Russian_Infidel
    Russian_InfidelMuaj më parë

    Rich is 100% gay Sick car tho

  • David M
    David MMuaj më parë

    I used to love Wheeler Dealers, but I prefer your channel. It's shorter and a lot funnier. There's nothing wrong with the full body picture, it's just you, man. It's not for GQ.

  • gilberto salazar
    gilberto salazarMuaj më parë

    if you want to use the spacers you just need smaller tires

  • Andy's Performance
    Andy's PerformanceMuaj më parë

    Green oil it must be "green" oil

  • LDT waddawa
    LDT waddawaMuaj më parë

    I have a C7 Audi A7 and when watching this i feel like i really want to sell my car before something breaks down!

  • Stab Servo
    Stab ServoMuaj më parë

    Moly B oil?!? Kinda cool...molybdenum disulfide is a lubricant additive. NAVAL AVIATION!!!

  • Janice LGo
    Janice LGoMuaj më parë

    Dude, you do the BEST ad$!!!

  • Janice LGo
    Janice LGoMuaj më parë

    Uncle Rich!! Oh...pull up your pants young man!

  • r g
    r gMuaj më parë

    Air Jesus thirteens lol

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