Daisy, The Tesla Powered Disney Car!

Makina dhe automjete

Today is the start of a new adventure, adding Tesla power to an old school Disney princess car, can it handle it, will things go wrong? Stay tuned
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  • RWBHere
    RWBHereVit më parë

    The new Tesla Model Ex.

  • RWBHere
    RWBHereVit më parë

    Love it! That one has lots of .... potential! ?

  • The Black Hundreds
    The Black HundredsVit më parë

    That dudes accent is epic lol. Sounds like an extra from the Sopranos

  • T Mc
    T McVit më parë

    I know it's all about speed, sharp looks and high tech for most people. What would be great to lower CO2 emissions in rural areas would be UTV's with towing power over speed. Daisy brought to mind a SLOW steady ride with a hauling basket over the battery cover and/or small trailer on the back for light hauling. No need for Tesla runaround or worries about high tech bling.

  • Uninvited Guest
    Uninvited GuestVit më parë

    You jinxed yourself from your start by saying here is one project i am actually going to finish.

  • Evan Dean
    Evan DeanVit më parë

    That's awesome!

  • Tamas Mihaly
    Tamas MihalyVit më parë

    It's always nice listening to female derision masquerading as humor. Especially when the man is bringing home the bacon while playing with toys... Is it envy? I'm surprised he didn't ask her what she was talking about.

  • Monstahhh
    MonstahhhVit më parë

    That didn't go well did it

  • piratapan
    piratapanVit më parë

    You sure finished it off. :(

  • ishootstuff
    ishootstuffVit më parë

    I feel like this is going to end in a massive fire.

  • Cameron 1303
    Cameron 1303Vit më parë

    rip daisy 2018 - 2018

  • Michael Wiedemann
    Michael WiedemannVit më parë

    R.I.P 2018

  • Sex Sex Sex Sex
    Sex Sex Sex SexVit më parë

    Rip Daisy

  • FINOnyx
    FINOnyxVit më parë


  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan TomaVit më parë

    This thing needs to be done restomod style. Modern day tech. Using some present day bike wheels (classic look, but modern construction alloys) and respective tires. Etc. Now that it burned, it deserves the proper 21st century revamp. Good luck

  • James Campbell
    James CampbellVit më parë

    Just saw the Rav4 EV guy is selling his "Tesla" Battery trailer pack on Ebay you checked out earlier. rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163196745088

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerVit më parë

    were rolling, were patrolling. Elon just got rich Riding dirty.when are we going to see you start with a electric wheelchair and then electric car or modify it to go at ludicrous speed? Imagine how many miles to a charge, you can get taking a electric wheelchair and putting Tesla batteries on it and some bigger wheels,.

    LASHONN FORDVit më parë

    Can I have the old batteries?

  • Ike The Builder
    Ike The BuilderVit më parë

    This is the greatest channel on ALthe!

  • No Limit Brian
    No Limit BrianVit më parë

    omg the guy that sold you the car has the family guy mass accent lmfaoooooo

  • D. Bowen
    D. BowenVit më parë

    Beep... Beep... Beep... Too cute!!!

  • ArizVern
    ArizVernVit më parë

    Yes, Cool Guys. Thanks!

  • Josh Reitz
    Josh ReitzVit më parë

    Cool family! I don't want to over elaborate and make it weird. Lol

  • broadwayij
    broadwayijVit më parë

    Can’t wait... again content always awesome.

  • Red Rider7
    Red Rider7Vit më parë

    I need that wheelchair with the trailer hitch, I could use that to move trailers here @ my home! Great idea!

  • v1m30
    v1m30Vit më parë

    "Things are gonna get pretty interesting." rather "Things are gonna get pretty ugly." Can't wait for it to flip over somewhere.

  • Henry
    HenryVit më parë

    I can already see the following: smaller wheels, sits lower, refurbished steering column, 6 Li-ion Batts, single drive motor, top speed 100mph

  • Sohave
    SohaveVit më parë

    You are a legend!

  • Dan Ross
    Dan RossVit më parë

    0:12, what month is this?

  • mswdev
    mswdevVit më parë

    Looking forward to seeing this one, great idea.

  • Donnwestt
    DonnwesttVit më parë

    Looks like a really fun project!

    MAYHEM MEDIAVit më parë

    Wicked! can't wait to see the finished product!

  • Alexander Stedman
    Alexander StedmanVit më parë

    This is Awesome!!!

  • apostate001
    apostate001Vit më parë

    Somebody has her prom car already picked out!

  • nitrosport5
    nitrosport5Vit më parë

    The pedals look like Harley Davidson golf cart. I bet that's what the guts of that thing are from.

  • Chase Nixon
    Chase NixonVit më parë

    I still think all the subscribers want to know whatever happen to the Flooded Tesla? If you are a subscriber, let Rich know? We deserve an answer!

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë


  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    Hot voice wife

  • Matt Brewer
    Matt BrewerVit më parë

    Shoot me a pm if you need a custom drive controller whipped up, you dont technically have to run a tesla drive controller

  • Gerrad Reynolds
    Gerrad ReynoldsVit më parë

    how long before rich flips it going around a corner too fast?

  • Good Samaritan
    Good SamaritanVit më parë

    Rich, are you going to dyno it?

  • Combless Man
    Combless ManVit më parë

    Fkn crazy! Love it. Hilarious I was laughing all the way through. After the mods, you have to leave rubber.

  • Ty Corriveau
    Ty CorriveauVit më parë

    Rich do you think I could come meet you at all? I live in the same state so it’s not that much of a drive

  • Nigel Charlton-Wright
    Nigel Charlton-WrightVit më parë

    "Poop! Poop!" Said Toad. One day all cars will be made like this…

  • SgtMoran
    SgtMoranVit më parë

    Amish Rich. I’ve seen it all. Thing would smoke your Vette too.

  • Gabin BLOT
    Gabin BLOTVit më parë

    An awesome new project I can't wait to see new videos about it. I think it's a good thing that you do easier projects just for fun 😄

  • DJ-H
    DJ-HVit më parë

    Rich your bonkers and it's excellent 😏 what's next ? Tesla powered Harley Davidson

  • johnbay123
    johnbay123Vit më parë

    This thing is designed to fall apart for a Disney show? And you’re going to add more power?.. what could possibly go wrong.

  • Logan Vinson
    Logan VinsonVit më parë

    I would go through route of a brushless motorcycle motor

  • JSMZeez
    JSMZeezVit më parë

    This is gonna be great! Would you share what you paid? Was that your wife commenting and recording? Sounds like mine!

  • Khaffit
    KhaffitVit më parë

    I was sceptical cuz I am a buzzkiller but it looks like a fun thing for everyone involved :D

  • Glenn Billings
    Glenn BillingsVit më parë

    Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. You have two cute little beepers. What are you going to do with that car?

  • The Webmaster
    The WebmasterVit më parë

    Great vid as ever, but kinda getting disappointed with lack of direction of the channel. I.e. unfinished projects.

  • Christopher Stube
    Christopher StubeVit më parë

    I loved your back up alarm...

  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For FunVit më parë

    what's the point of a tesla trailer if you're not going to tow it with a tesla?

  • James Nichols
    James NicholsVit më parë

    Lets see a smokey burnout. Lol

  • Jose
    JoseVit më parë


  • inferior650riderHD
    inferior650riderHDVit më parë

    That's fucking cool man

  • Mark Sha
    Mark ShaVit më parë

    If you start pumping power/batteries into that thing youll most likely need to look at the "drivetrain" or what's ever down there :)

  • NichoTBE
    NichoTBEVit më parë

    Elon would be proud lol no im kidding.

  • Designedin Australia
    Designedin AustraliaVit më parë

    Not gonna ask Disney for spare parts Richie???

  • Molb0rg
    Molb0rgVit më parë

    interesting how it turns out, check the range for sure

  • Mozzie
    MozzieVit më parë

    Tesla model T

  • FamilyFirstJ
    FamilyFirstJVit më parë

    you'll be pleased to know I went to a Tesla owners event last weekend and someone asked me if I was you...i had tell them no i'm just me. Just another day in the life of a black Tesla owner(there's not that many of us) hahaha

  • Todd Schroeder
    Todd SchroederVit më parë

    I have been following you online since your first comment on TMC about the Delores years ago. It's crazy where you are now! Did you ever expect this would be the new norm for you? This was a good video and very cool the things you have branched into. Thanks.

  • Willie Smith
    Willie SmithVit më parë

    whats up with the rat rod though?

  • Electric slide
    Electric slideVit më parë

    Rich can you be my dad?

  • Yuri Corrêa
    Yuri CorrêaVit më parë

    It's an awesome way to die.

  • john doe
    john doeVit më parë

    beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep ... beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep !!!

  • buffsheeri
    buffsheeriVit më parë

    looks like a fun project

  • Tnk4me
    Tnk4meVit më parë

    4:39 Skyrim voice actor?

  • David Moore
    David MooreVit më parë

    Looking good Rich

  • James Simpson III
    James Simpson IIIVit më parë

    You need to go to Coker Tire for some NO SKID tires the tread says it all and white rubber is available. The also carry higher speed tire called Excelsior radial in that size.

  • Crzdbiker
    CrzdbikerVit më parë

    7:05 Priceless :)

  • Christine N
    Christine NVit më parë

    Love your wife’s voice!

  • dilblo fagbins
    dilblo fagbinsVit më parë

    tesla batteries, tesla motor, rickety old wood bucket.

  • John mcdonald
    John mcdonaldVit më parë

    Really cool. You should make it really nice cosmetically too. The look on your daughters face probably makes it all worth every cent.

  • Lt. Dan’s Legs
    Lt. Dan’s LegsVit më parë

    “You know I’m gonna send it.”-L.E.

  • Five-seveN
    Five-seveNVit më parë

    So in like 4 months possibly we could see u doing 10 secs in the quarter mile with the new car

  • Malebolgia
    MalebolgiaVit më parë

    Based on how the trailer titled when unhitched it looked like your load balance was off and not enough tongue weight. Those big tires on the Tesla trailer probably make it more forgiving than a normal trailer but next time you load it I suggest you back it onto that trailer so the heavier end with the batteries is in front of the trailer axle for stability. I have hauled golf carts on small trailers and when I drove it straight in it got squirrely quick, a mistake I only made once and now I always back them in and double check the tongue weight before hitting the freeway.

  • Vance Kwan
    Vance KwanVit më parë


  • ppaauull
    ppaauullVit më parë

    who is this fucking joker showing off his stock chevy volt

  • Jeremy Schmidt
    Jeremy SchmidtVit më parë

    Ummm, you might need wheelie bars eventually.

  • ThriftStore Hacker
    ThriftStore HackerVit më parë

    Cool car to run to the shops and back.

  • AlterLynx
    AlterLynxVit më parë

    Ez drag race

  • Ebacherville
    EbachervilleVit më parë

    WHat! , no Volt Love.. saw one in the shot right behind Daisy..... Just becuase its got a gass range extender doesn't mean its not electric.. :)

  • Angelo Henderson
    Angelo HendersonVit më parë

    Tesla Model T lol

  • CubbyTech
    CubbyTechVit më parë

    I'm imagining you pulling up with that @ Tesla to charge! LOL

  • tesla pete
    tesla peteVit më parë

    Oh hell yeah!!! This my kinda show!

  • A A
    A AVit më parë


  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    keep it up . i swear i subed at 10 or20 subs now 350

  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    old school

  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    perfict trailer fail.lol

  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    your channel 350 con grats stop by in ct.john

  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    your nuts lol

  • Guy Clarke
    Guy ClarkeVit më parë

    "What's the first thing you should do after upgrading (make go faster) your car ?" Tune or upgrade the breaks, was what I was waiting to hear. center of gravity is still crazy but at least now; there's less gravity ? Great vid thanks for sharing.

  • Jacob D
    Jacob DVit më parë

    Your friend is annoying af and doesn’t understand sarcasm. Yikes

  • Ethan Brasoveanu
    Ethan BrasoveanuVit më parë

    His kids: Uh dad, we will walk home from school it's fine, you don't need to pick us up today.

  • quintespeed
    quintespeedVit më parë

    I hope you upgrade it with the Tesla seatbelt

  • Silver Gt
    Silver GtVit më parë

    RIchs wife @ 6:36?

  • Luke Bowering
    Luke BoweringVit më parë

    Tesla batteries are so cool you can actually see the individual cells! Reminds me of a McLaren I saw that had a 'window', that allowed you to see the engine.

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