I got a Sherp. The GREATEST off-road vehicle on the planet!

Makina dhe automjete

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Today we checkout and ride the Sherp aka the Rune Zhaba on grand theft auto. Thanks Kanye West
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  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds3 muaj më parë

    Steven assuming I couldn't swim was kind of rude ngl

  • jussayin mipeece

    jussayin mipeece

    8 ditë më parë

    to Johnathon: Dude i am Black so i dont need a lecture from you about black culture. I do suggest you learn to read and understand a joke though. This 🤣😂 is a laughing emoji. This 🙄is a rolling eyes emoji.

  • Bernarda Huro

    Bernarda Huro

    Muaj më parë

    @Cade Jaxtyn Whoa! Took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!

  • Rose Water

    Rose Water

    Muaj më parë

    @Steven Salowsky he was just worried about his hair getting wet. 😊

  • Nicolas Kowalski

    Nicolas Kowalski

    Muaj më parë

    Not a good vehicle to own and use in its intended environments if you can’t swim...

  • Nathaniel Washington
    Nathaniel Washington15 orë më parë

    Is it bulletproof?

  • Procat Procat
    Procat Procat17 orë më parë

    Blown hubs like an F1 car....ish!

  • Sacred
    Sacred21 orë më parë

    How long could it float for!

  • Ploopyfish Sucks
    Ploopyfish Sucks23 orë më parë

    18:40 I can hear porn music.

  • hector herbert
    hector herbert2 ditë më parë

    The apocalypse vehicle.

  • hector herbert
    hector herbert2 ditë më parë

    Unstoppable ,amazing vehicle...What a fantastic creation..Not a single classic 4X4 could compete against it.

  • Harvie
    Harvie3 ditë më parë

    Puts cybertruck in some perspective.

  • Sly Cooks1
    Sly Cooks14 ditë më parë

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  • Reesees Peeses
    Reesees Peeses4 ditë më parë


  • Elberta Clint
    Elberta Clint6 ditë më parë

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  • Steve Greenberg
    Steve Greenberg7 ditë më parë

    This was great, For some reason my favorite part was watching it pull up onto the trailer :-)

  • BMD #1
    BMD #17 ditë më parë

    Who else knew Rich had no idea what the mechanics of this thing was and still doesn’t? 😀😀😀

  • FRMOutsideSpace
    FRMOutsideSpace8 ditë më parë

    I really like that guy's headlamp

  • Juan Ma
    Juan Ma8 ditë më parë

    Lada Niva on steroids, the Hulk Niva

  • Mega Raichu
    Mega Raichu8 ditë më parë

    mini tank...... mini tank...... I want one......

  • Alex
    Alex9 ditë më parë

    How could someone thumbs this down. Seriously

    RUSS WHITE13 ditë më parë

    it can haul fat guys real good

  • Duane Davidson
    Duane Davidson13 ditë më parë

    i've got a 1980 toyota tercel front wheel drive with oversized truck grip tires on the front. cost me 50$, you wouldn't beleive where i can go

  • Lisabeth Low
    Lisabeth Low17 ditë më parë

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  • Kaiyue Thao
    Kaiyue Thao19 ditë më parë

    If only the Zhaba had that trailer

  • TranceManiac4life
    TranceManiac4life23 ditë më parë

    Yeah it's not even russian. It's made in Ukraine, developed and designed by Ukrainian engineering bureau with a base idea purchased from a russian mechanical enthusiast. So it's as much russian as it is Japanese DUE to its engines. Sadly the SHERP owner who gave this vehicle life doesn't care about anything but his pocket and is looking at moving to a third country to "ease" his sales around the world.

  • ascalabro
    ascalabro24 ditë më parë

    This channel is for YT noobs

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins25 ditë më parë

    This is my new daily driver

  • Lisabeth Low
    Lisabeth Low25 ditë më parë

    The able antelope electronmicroscopically decide because butane customarily end concerning a hysterical actor. short, nappy kayak

  • Tony Bailey
    Tony Bailey25 ditë më parë

    Well done 👍 Rich...

  • Matthew Connors
    Matthew Connors26 ditë më parë

    Duck tours aren't lame. How dare you hate on that awesome machine!

  • ukra AS
    ukra AS28 ditë më parë

    Ukraine baby!!

  • Ashley Just Soles
    Ashley Just Soles29 ditë më parë

    This is the one of the best survival toys ever. I want one 🤤

  • Dj B-EAZY
    Dj B-EAZYMuaj më parë

    Great video

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristMuaj më parë

    Lmao you could sail to another continent

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward FletcherMuaj më parë

    There's something deeply satisfying about Russian/Ukrainian engineering. They just build stuff to WORK ! The Off Road capability is INCREDIBLE !

  • Jay Parikh
    Jay ParikhMuaj më parë

    The Jesus tank

  • That Guy
    That GuyMuaj më parë

    which m odel was this? pro or N?

  • The Welfarian
    The WelfarianMuaj më parë

    He go out of business or something? LoneStarSherp website doesn't work anymore

  • Tony Win
    Tony WinMuaj më parë

    Damn, what a baller ride

  • [dakid] YT
    [dakid] YTMuaj më parë

    Gta 5 car in the thumb nail

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NMuaj më parë

    How much you pay?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NMuaj më parë

    Is it Road legal and how fast does it go?

    YAMMY MOOMuaj më parë


  • Mark Carrasca
    Mark CarrascaMuaj më parë

    The things a mini monster truck!

  • Artem Ostretsov
    Artem OstretsovMuaj më parë

    now i know where tesla got the design for their truck

  • Ohcra
    OhcraMuaj më parë

    Bro, you can’t swim?!

  • Rose Water
    Rose WaterMuaj më parë

    😂 😆 man’s talking about an 67’ Chevrolet and air compressors to another man that repairs electric cars. 😆 This reminded me having conversation with a man much younger than me about putting a little gas in a carburetor when running out of gas and all he knew was fuel injection. Wild!

  • maynunal
    maynunalMuaj më parë

    almost a perfect murder weapon....but the tire tracks will easily give it away:-P hehehehehehehe

  • MS
    MSMuaj më parë

    omg.. this one is better than cybertruck.

  • LukeVaughan
    LukeVaughanMuaj më parë

    "Its okay to be wrong" lmfaoooo facst!!!

  • 2Drezik
    2DrezikMuaj më parë

    daaam need one for post apocalypse

  • mbugua gaku
    mbugua gakuMuaj më parë

    Russians are special! AK 47, now this!

  • Rasta Mike
    Rasta MikeMuaj më parë

    I saw 'Matisyahu' on your PC!🤙🏽👍🏽🤣

  • Eternal Kloth Garden Gangsta
    Eternal Kloth Garden GangstaMuaj më parë

    This is the greatest engineering of a machine ever

  • Geoffrey Lee
    Geoffrey LeeMuaj më parë

    Kanye ain’t good.

  • Raul Gil
    Raul GilMuaj më parë

    Do I need one? Nahh Do I want one? Yeah Will I get one? I’m playing the LOTTO baby.

  • Dave
    DaveMuaj më parë

    The adds are killing me but great video 😂😂

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout VersluijsMuaj më parë

    What he got a 100k vehicles?!? dang

  • Josiah Gould
    Josiah GouldMuaj më parë

    The drone shots make it look like an RC toy in a puddle... I want an RC Sherp now!

  • Earthlight
    EarthlightMuaj më parë

    Elon musk has to make some electric sherps for fun

  • Cid Lunius
    Cid LuniusMuaj më parë

    The Shepherd of Sherps, the Sherpherd. You know... this video should have just jokingly said "This video is sponsored by Kanye."

  • United FRIX
    United FRIXMuaj më parë

    It’s the zaba

  • kapambwe kapambwe
    kapambwe kapambweMuaj më parë

    how do you know i cant swim? lol

  • Maro Vok
    Maro VokMuaj më parë

    Make electric excursion suv the 6,7 diesel swap to electric conversion..with long range batteries..

  • Red Wing
    Red WingMuaj më parë

    My phone died before tge commericaling was over

  • Jon W
    Jon WMuaj më parë

    Its it weird that the selling point for me was when he just "casually " drove it onto the trailer... like "ok, let's go home" .

  • MrBleich
    MrBleichMuaj më parë

    I have done a fair amount of work on these machines. Super interested to see an electric version. Did you see my video on Sherp?

    ATRIX OFFICIALMuaj më parë

    19:30 is that a toy version of the Sherp or is it just me?

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel LewandowskiMuaj më parë

    Awesome video buddy ! Thanks for sharing . Looks so much fun, honestly next Mars rover should be a sherp

  • The CoConut Family
    The CoConut FamilyMuaj më parë

    Nobody: Someone: Hey, strap those gau gattling gun on the sherp

  • John Corwin
    John CorwinMuaj më parë

    Why am I not surprised Whistlin' Diesel has already tested this thing?

  • Jarrod H
    Jarrod HMuaj më parë

    11:17 "I don't belong here" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠

  • Paul Christopher Little
    Paul Christopher LittleMuaj më parë

    try going up a rock mountain like a wrangler can and see what happens lol

  • LightSeeker
    LightSeekerMuaj më parë

    Question is did you ever say something about never being in water in a past video? I'm asking since his reply of "I know you've never been in water", seemed to note he had some info on you. If he didn't then hell yeah it was rude and good thing you didn't stay quite but responded to the accusation in a gentleman-like way.

  • francisco villarreal
    francisco villarrealMuaj më parë

    My goal when I make more money is to move to a place by the coast where hurricane sometimes happen. Well ill just get one of these and would be the master of disaster. Just need a good place for it

  • francisco villarreal
    francisco villarrealMuaj më parë

    Rich you should learn to weld so you can put a LS in a RICH REBULDS RIPSAW

  • Patrick Ashun
    Patrick AshunMuaj më parë

    I gotta learn more on this. I'll love to build one myself

  • J Lynn
    J LynnMuaj më parë

    Thanks I love your videos and I love sherpa so seeing your take is awesome🌍🇺🇸🇮🇹

  • maDeiNtHe80s
    maDeiNtHe80sMuaj më parë

    Reminds me of the Heavy Gustav

  • maDeiNtHe80s
    maDeiNtHe80sMuaj më parë

    Toyota Land Cruiser entered the chat

  • Cezariusus
    CezariususMuaj më parë

    Is it by design that it is so narrow in length? In case of a roll over?

  • Chad Dixon
    Chad DixonMuaj më parë

    I need you to do a video of it on ice. Inquiring minds being mind would like to find out.

  • saikarthik bathula
    saikarthik bathulaMuaj më parë


  • QuantumSeanyGlass
    QuantumSeanyGlass2 muaj më parë

    Ivan, what if we made BTR... but short?

  • Captain_Context
    Captain_Context2 muaj më parë

    Imagine if america could make a good car on their own. Just once.

  • Stigs Ukrainian Cousin
    Stigs Ukrainian Cousin2 muaj më parë

    Made in Ukraine not russia

  • Tony B
    Tony B2 muaj më parë

    Rich, can I borrow the Sherp to pick up my kids from school? I'll put fuel in it.

  • plowkingf15
    plowkingf152 muaj më parë

    Ritchie Bros. auction in Florida has a Sherp up for auction next week.

  • Dr GaGa See ll
    Dr GaGa See ll2 muaj më parë

    btw bro in GTA its call the zhaba

    SAVAGE_OREO _2 muaj më parë

    The amount of ants they killed 😂

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji2 muaj më parë

    The discreet system simplistically slow because poland consquentially judge to a conscious aftershave. aquatic, imminent mirror

  • Zak Adams
    Zak Adams2 muaj më parë

    I gotta see what this can do

  • David
    David2 muaj më parë

    It's has been engineered in UKRAINE! MADE ONLY IN UKRAINE not russia! Proud to be Ukrainian!

  • redshift912
    redshift9122 muaj më parë

    Congrats on the million ! One of the few that actually deserves it .

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell2 muaj më parë

    Y'all know????

  • PassiveDissimulation
    PassiveDissimulation2 muaj më parë

    Cracked me up when he called an escalator a "people mover."

  • Rob McKenna
    Rob McKenna2 muaj më parë

    how big are the wheels? Yes.

  • BigSi 2017
    BigSi 20172 muaj më parë

    You have one of the best camera crews I have seen on ALthe

  • Steve Peters
    Steve Peters2 muaj më parë

    No mini gun?

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal2 muaj më parë

    Kanye is known to be generous.

  • Dusty Dust
    Dusty Dust2 muaj më parë

    If this thing breaks on me 500 miles from civilization, id just die.

  • SubliminalMindSet HTD
    SubliminalMindSet HTD2 muaj më parë

    Really enjoyed this 😍

  • Bendoeswhatever 11
    Bendoeswhatever 112 muaj më parë

    Can it go all the way in the water

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