My electric rat rod wiring Hell

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In today’s episode we clean up some of the wiring mess from the electric rat rod
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  • mike malo
    mike malo6 ditë më parë

    I landed here after watching about 45 minutes of the Chappelle Show, not sure what the connection was, but I'm stoked I did it. You know how the first time you watched Ren & Stimpy while being solidly stoned you suddenly had a new appreciation for the show? Well, try Rich on a headful of Chappelle, he's funny as hell and I keep expecting him to cut off an arm or something.

  • car guy 57
    car guy 572 muaj më parë

    Those two wires as you call them coming from the p/s pump are called hoses. The things that you do in a half a** manor makes you look like a hack. Would you take your vehicle to a mechanic that does the kind of work you do ? I wouldn't.

  • Samtrois
    Samtrois5 muaj më parë

    how on earth was that existing brake even pushed

  • gReGsKi GmAiL
    gReGsKi GmAiL6 muaj më parë

    Two Words: Death Trap and I'm loving watching this train wreck, you mean well, and you are a very good problem solver just need more practice

  • nick Orourke
    nick Orourke7 muaj më parë

    that firewall needs pulling out and a new on made a decent pedal box and take the laminate flooring outta it that car looks like it will fall apart at the seams nothings holding it together im surprised the engine that was in it actually stayed there and it drove

  • Kye Hansen
    Kye Hansen7 muaj më parë

    This guy must not own wrenches.. why must you cut everything instead of just unbolting it?

  • Shark Bait
    Shark Bait9 muaj më parë

    Where is the battery from?

  • Sed Hendo
    Sed Hendo9 muaj më parë

    This was a great idea Rich. I’m doing something similar. But in my past life I was a car audio installer. So it will probably look a lot better... 🤣

    LORDLANGERZ10 muaj më parë

    When you’re in edit mode Rich & you add a pic of say Jack Nicholson, do you need permission to add that image?

  • Rob OG3
    Rob OG310 muaj më parë

    Hope to see Tesla X warranty issues

  • Casy Chapin
    Casy Chapin10 muaj më parë

    A power steering gear without pressure feels awful and heavy, an original non power steering box will feel better

  • Wulfleyn
    Wulfleyn11 muaj më parë

    Just so people know, the zero s has a 46hp engine and the zero sr has a 70hp engine, so they are a bit weak for a car, But they where made for a bike so not really an in issue in a normal situation where you're just using the engine for it's intended platform.

  • smileymattj
    smileymattj11 muaj më parë

    If you are satisfied with the manual steering after your first test drive. You may want to consider getting an actual manual steering box later on. It would be lighter and easier to turn as a manual box instead of a disabled power box. Power steering boxes are harder to turn without the pump than actual manual boxes. Also a larger diameter steering wheel makes it easier to turn, that's why cars from 60s and older had larger steering wheels than newer cars that come with power steering. Just something to consider after the build is complete and you want to make improvements and revisions.

  • Nate Hill
    Nate HillVit më parë

    Betting the PS pump doesn't actually have wires; and if it did, they would not admit contamination.

  • J. Anthony Lopez
    J. Anthony LopezVit më parë

    Rich: "I'm a professional. Hold my beer."

  • Muadib223
    Muadib223Vit më parë

    You really have no idea what you are doing...

  • Eric McGinnis
    Eric McGinnisVit më parë

    At 52 seconds you show wires coming threw that metal hole! He yet dot already have one please get and install a rubber grommet in that whole! Also consider running a small engine for your accessories ! I don't know how feasible it is but I have seen an expirimmental engine developed for this purpose!

  • RWBHere
    RWBHereVit më parë

    ~ 4:30 Putting it all at the front will also help to maintain correct weight distribution, and therefore the handling.

  • TheAstraEffect
    TheAstraEffectVit më parë

    “Turn my wheel like a MAN”

  • Andrew Schmidt
    Andrew SchmidtVit më parë

    If you get a manual steering box, steering will be a little easier.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    Get some LED headlights for it

  • Zena Flaptoise
    Zena FlaptoiseVit më parë

    I love black white people

  • smitemus
    smitemusVit më parë

    We need a "Janky" counter for future build videos.

  • mrlpn2
    mrlpn2Vit më parë

    i live in revere mass lol

  • t3hl3g4cy
    t3hl3g4cyVit më parë

    Rich i love the attitude but FFS please use some protective gear like a respirator and steel toe shoes. I know u weren't wearing a respirator because of the reflection in the headlights lol

  • dragade101
    dragade101Vit më parë

    Make cut outs in that plate cause that is way too much steel. Like unneeded weight.

  • Jeffrey Hudson
    Jeffrey HudsonVit më parë

    Why is there a wood floor? Is that the way this vehicle was originally built?

  • A Day Wit Jay 1
    A Day Wit Jay 1Vit më parë

    Bro you should invest into a reciprocating saw for cutting your metals...

  • scammellman bodybuilding
    scammellman bodybuildingVit më parë

    What a reck.

  • Pugs Sports Life
    Pugs Sports LifeVit më parë

    You’re the best bro. I know we all wanna see actual Tesla’s but it’s ok. I watch the commercials to help you out no matter. Peace.

  • Whats Going to Break Next? - DIY
    Whats Going to Break Next? - DIYVit më parë

    You got this! (are electrical fires on rat rods covered under insurance?)

  • Steven Horne
    Steven HorneVit më parë

    Tell the truth. You were the original builder when it had a 305 in it. Along with all the special wiring.

  • ReauDog
    ReauDogVit më parë

    13:12 How would one actually press that brake pedal all the way up there next to the steering column in the first place?!

  • Jonathan Hess
    Jonathan HessVit më parë

    very cool project

  • Welsh Dave
    Welsh DaveVit më parë

    I know you have already done the plate to attach the motor where the engine was but, had you considered mounting the motor directly to the rear axle? Ditch the rotating mass of the prop shaft and move some weight to the rear.

  • diggleboy
    diggleboyVit më parë

    Geez Luize!! Please buy and wear safety boots, Rich!!!

  • diggleboy
    diggleboyVit më parë

    I love to see a non-engineer do engineering work. Epic!

  • Rodney Crouse
    Rodney CrouseVit më parë

    LOL, Rich you just keep rockin it brother. Maybe one day we'll call you OSEV Rich. Sorry bro I couldn't make it fit. I couldn't figure out a way to use OG... maybe somebody else can. Keep up the good work 💪👍👌

  • Ryan
    RyanVit më parë

    I take it im not the only one thinking it would be quicker, cheaper and better to build one of these from scratch after looking at all that welding on the frame.

  • smailliw
    smailliwVit më parë

    Let’s take some weight off the front, (adds battery as far forward as possible)

  • Dizzlaeus
    DizzlaeusVit më parë

    Rich you need a partner who knows what they are doing to bounce ideas off. Putting your battery pack across the top rail when you could seat it lower on the cross brace is a good example of how collaborative thinking could make this rat rod into something not so ratty.

  • Greg Jensen
    Greg JensenVit më parë

    Why not loose that heavy transmission?

  • Dustin Kleeman
    Dustin KleemanVit më parë

    Love the vids Rich!

  • EmerentusGaming
    EmerentusGamingVit më parë

    Rich is the #1 example of power tool safety

  • Oscar Iglesias
    Oscar IglesiasVit më parë

    You just cut the brake pedal because it wasn't moving through a horribly cut irregular firewall. Instead of fixing the firewall. Did you notice that the lever lenght of the pedal is a very important dimension to work with the brake master cylinder. I knew since Daisy that common sense or any sort of rough calculations or basic work safety is not part of this channel, although it will save you many headaches and even accidents if you start telling your wife what is that you are about to do, and follow her advice on, not wether of not doing it, but at least how NOT to do it. Good luck!

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin WalkerVit më parë

    You are going to go thru a lot of front tires with an that weight on them. Better off putting it towards the center of mass...

  • 69tigerfrog
    69tigerfrogVit më parë

    Just so you know I had the Sheld on the tool too! I got 6 stitches inside my cheek 16 stitches outside on the cheek and a percent numb lip when the wheel hit the ground and bounced back in to my right cheek, if not for the safety glasses I would have lost my left eye! if you are crazy enough to use a angle grinder to do these kind of cuts. I recommend you invest in a 7 dollar face Sheld.

  • Call Me Dido
    Call Me DidoVit më parë

    think of all the crappy Audi`s how they cant steer, because their engine is kinda in front of the front axel, do you really want same issue ? :D

  • R. T.
    R. T.Vit më parë

    hey rich you should add more battery and add electric rack and pinion steering cause that turning steering like a man gets old .

  • Stephen Cooke
    Stephen CookeVit më parë

    This guy is the Tavarish of EVs. A good example of how NOT to do stuff. Sketchy as flip, but I love to watch and I know it will come out just fine...

  • Chris Mast
    Chris MastVit më parë

    Instead of removing the power steering pump to save 20 pounds, have you considering just eating less McDonald's?

  • jameslvsjo
    jameslvsjoVit më parë

    Rich, please think about double protection when using angle grinders. They are EXTREMELY dangerous. Safety glasses alone won't stop a piece of shattered disk doing serious damage to human flesh.

  • Bacilon33 Pachanga Music
    Bacilon33 Pachanga MusicVit më parë

    I really don't think he's ever going to finish any of his projects, however is fun to watch him make a fool of himself lol keep up the mediocre work

  • lennart rolland
    lennart rollandVit më parë

    Love that you are thinking about how to wow the kids.

  • Alex Wilson Pottery
    Alex Wilson PotteryVit më parë

    You know, there are compact cordless reciprocating saws that will give you a nicer cut than your angle-grinder/cutter.

  • Alex Wilson Pottery
    Alex Wilson PotteryVit më parë

    A decent rack&pinion box obviates the need for power steering.

  • Coach NVR
    Coach NVRVit më parë

    Should’ve put the Zero parts in a CBR shell

  • pancudowny
    pancudownyVit më parë

    Wait until you learn that a power-steering gearbox has less gear reduction than a manual... you'll be looking to swap it for one for a Vega or a Pinto/Mustang II rack-&-pinion unit quickly.

  • Pedro Ibañez
    Pedro IbañezVit më parë

    maybe you should get rid of the gearbox an left the engine in a set reduction with a chain or even just regear the diferential to save as much weight as posible

  • Tim's parts
    Tim's partsVit më parë

    I know rat rods are supposed to be a seat of your pants type ride, but the build quality of this is honestly atrocious. Down right dangerous to say the least, and I don’t wear safety glasses or use guards while cutting/grinding....

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5Vit më parë

    takes the effort to reduce a lot of weight then goes on to weld an unnecessarily thick plate of steel to the front... you could get away with a lot thinner and use angle iron to support it. heck you could bolt or rivet an aluminum sheet to angle iron to save more weight. also that brake/ gas pedal setup was stupid asf. why was the brake so dam high up? were they activating a foot brake by hand? no production car has a brake pedal so high up that you need to raise your foot about 10-12 inches to press it.

  • Djv Djv
    Djv DjvVit më parë

    Why not countersink the battery in that location so that you can lower the center of gravity?

  • A J
    A JVit më parë

    The previous builders annoy me to no end

  • Jason Williams
    Jason WilliamsVit më parë

    I'd love to see it at the Liberty Tree Mall show on Wednesdays.

  • John Robertson
    John RobertsonVit më parë

    Build some saw horses, and use them please.

  • lamont barnes
    lamont barnesVit më parë

    Thanks for taking what you got to do a hotrod

  • sebastien charette
    sebastien charetteVit më parë

    Get an electric steering rack out of a Prius or a GM

  • Eric Chambers
    Eric ChambersVit më parë

    Cheap, fast, reliable/safe....pick any two.

  • P K
    P KVit më parë

    Neat idea for a hot rod. You may want to put an actual manual steering box in as it will work much better.

  • Eric Fletcher
    Eric FletcherVit më parë

    there are people that should build cars and there are people that shouldn't build cars.... You would be the latter

  • Jay Jay
    Jay JayVit më parë

    Working on a car with flip flops? 😂😂

  • TechKnowCSS
    TechKnowCSSVit më parë


  • Redstar Dragunov
    Redstar DragunovVit më parë

    those welds are crap man, plase be safe and go to a real welder

  • Nathan Holloway
    Nathan HollowayVit më parë

    You should have some stock or something where we can invest in you.

  • s p
    s pVit më parë

    Really like seeing your videos. However, since I have been watching this build, there’s only 1 question on my mind.. Is the 60hp and 80ft-lb torque motor of the zero motorcycle going to be sufficient enough to make this rat rod go any faster then a golf cart??

  • dieselphiend
    dieselphiendVit më parë

    It takes years to get your grinding certs.

  • David Mackey
    David MackeyVit më parë

    Come on Rich stop milking the wiring you rebuilt a TESLA god damit

  • Chris Moken
    Chris MokenVit më parë

    I like this direction. Moar electric rat rod stuph

  • slawo
    slawoVit më parë

    Why is watching your work remind me of Sam`s C. work ?

  • Adam Vaughn
    Adam VaughnVit më parë

    Save time. Get a plasma cutter

  • Lee Falkiner
    Lee FalkinerVit më parë

    Lower the battery pack, and the grill will fit better. Good luck with the project pal.

  • Kenan Furcle
    Kenan FurcleVit më parë

    Will you buy a workbench if i give you money

  • Pounce Pounce
    Pounce PounceVit më parë

    Put the battery pack as low as possible .... really please do it.

  • Lou Dogg
    Lou DoggVit më parë

    ABS!? Who needs ABS??

  • Don Erickson
    Don EricksonVit më parë

    Battery up front will be spectacular when rear ending someone.

  • Don Erickson
    Don EricksonVit më parë

    In Richland hoses are wires.

  • Deepanshu kaswan
    Deepanshu kaswanVit më parë

    Add some Tesla wheels on it

  • Oval Teen
    Oval TeenVit më parë

    (Looks like they used solid copper wire). Do you like broken connections? Because that's how you get broken connections. Good move pulling that entire mess.

  • GrandPaladin277
    GrandPaladin277Vit më parë

    Why not just replace the whole pedal setup? You could probably get a good donor set-up from a junkyard.

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff FergusonVit më parë

    Use better wood. If this is a show and tell car. Use some cedar/hardwood. Also Powersteering is needed. Not just for "fancy" people. its a safety thing as well.

  • Brian Wittling
    Brian WittlingVit më parë

    that was the jankiest looking pedal assembly I've ever seen! How did you use that brake pedal, with your knee?? With the master cylinder down there on the floor like that, I think I'd bee looking at bolting in a VW Beetle (air cooled Beetle) pedal cluster into there or something.

  • Malik McNair
    Malik McNairVit më parë

    Rich: cause I have some aluminum bars coming.. Also Rich: so when the steel bars get here.. Next vid Rich: so we got the vibranium bars today

  • Eric Andersen
    Eric AndersenVit më parë

    Hope you didn't pay much for that car. Whoever built it should be shot! Keep wrenching

  • Mr. Keep it Real
    Mr. Keep it RealVit më parë

    Why not use the complete wiring harness that came with the Zero?

  • evil Duck
    evil DuckVit më parë

    Dude, it's a wonder you survived so long. Looking at you handling those power tools ... But great fan of your video's ....Keep save, love from the Netherlands...

  • Mr. Keep it Real
    Mr. Keep it RealVit më parë

    You could go with Electric Power Steering, or like most have said ........ standard rack & pinion.

  • markg735
    markg735Vit më parë

    I think it's pronounced חסד - the "ch" is like the "ch" in Scottish "loch" or German "Bach." Still nice that they sponsored!

  • Alpha 01 Gaming
    Alpha 01 GamingVit më parë

    Well That's alottadamage!

  • MajorStoney
    MajorStoneyVit më parë

    Really enjoying your videos man. Keep it up!

  • Jonathan Krautter
    Jonathan KrautterVit më parë

    You're right, let's put the battery in the worst possible location on the car.............*facepalm*

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