Tesla Battery Fire, What Went Wrong?

Makina dhe automjete

Brief overview of what happened with the Tesla battery fire, also a thinly veiled half assed apology. Checkout those other channels! And my indiegogo!

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  • da ne
    da ne3 ditë më parë

    Do you think public charging stations should be a safe distance apart? And what distance should that be?

  • Derik
    Derik3 muaj më parë

    It's bizarre. I watched the original video, yes the one you're speaking of now, and saw nothing negative about it that you should feel it necessary to address. Thank you, by the way, and I am now officially a new subscriber. In case it isn't clear, I saw both of these videos today thanks to an outside link, bigclivedotcom's channel. He is not negative and considers your posts to have been good and educational. Cheers to you, thank you for being a matter-of-fact professional, and all the best, Derik

  • PopExpo
    PopExpo4 muaj më parë

    LiPo batteries need to be balanced charged. And you cannot let them drop below a certain voltage. Any Rc car hobby-est can tell you.

  • mitch carter
    mitch carter5 muaj më parë

    And just look at you now! F the haters Richie boy! haha keep doin what youre doin buddy.

  • Cycle Trucks
    Cycle Trucks7 muaj më parë

    Dude... You killed that sweet little Mary poppins car... You're going to automotive hell for that RR! Haha

  • bmp72
    bmp728 muaj më parë

    Didn't Boeing have problems with their plane lithium batteries too ?

  • DJ Rez
    DJ Rez8 muaj më parë

    the fire vid was fire! one of my favs! thanks the EV gods no one got hurt. Lesson learned... you should try to blow up a Tesla on purpose in a controlled test. Just to see how far it goes before it blows (or doesnt)

  • gmy33
    gmy339 muaj më parë

    i m an extreme electric lover .. though i would never be objected by anything you do .. because you simply do real world stuff .. and we can only learn !!!

  • Transcendental Airwaves
    Transcendental Airwaves10 muaj më parë

    Rebuild it!

  • Happy Raccoon
    Happy Raccoon10 muaj më parë

    Gosh, I'm getting a Tesla glass roof and two of those power walls. If my house explodes it will upset me

  • Dewey Harmon
    Dewey Harmon10 muaj më parë

    You're still awesome Rich! Keep up the great content!

  • fladave99 Mills
    fladave99 Mills10 muaj më parë

    Not IRON MAN - ARSON MAN! Those batteries use the CHEAPEST BATTERY PRODUCTS available and a very suspect to fail

  • Gaslands Mechanic
    Gaslands Mechanic10 muaj më parë

    Did you ever rebuild daisy or did she just get scrapped out?

  • Gaslands Mechanic
    Gaslands Mechanic10 muaj më parë

    Dude you rock. Shit happens and you owned it. You have both my respect and my admiration.

  • Captain Zoll
    Captain Zoll11 muaj më parë

    we can rebuild her. we have the technology.

  • Mountain Goat Allen
    Mountain Goat Allen11 muaj më parë

    lol Love how you Responded

  • Joseph T
    Joseph T11 muaj më parë

    1:47 love the guy who tried to blow out a Tesla battery fire like it was a candle. A for Effort.

  • Fit For Flogging
    Fit For Flogging11 muaj më parë

    Let me guess a apple charger?

  • Oddgeir Kvien
    Oddgeir KvienVit më parë

    Water is fine for extinguish battery fire, since it cools thing down. A portable fire extinguisher don't have the same cooling effect. And the Lithium in the batteries is Lithium ions in the electrolyte not lithium metal in the cells. So water is, as far as i am told, the best way to put out a battery fire, due to the cooling effect. You need to cool everything down to put out the fire.

  • Ed DesRoches
    Ed DesRochesVit më parë

    Love your channel. Technical update content with humor on electrical cars is rife! I plan on powering my house with a Tesla battery AFTER watching your video. Also I was going to buy a Tesla but decided on Niro Electric based on your youtube video on Tesla parts Un-availabity and bad service. Niro is warranted for 10 years (I bought a warranty extending bumper to bumper as well). Based on this video I may add some safety design improvements....even though its overkill. Perhaps 1/4 to 1/2" steel case or concrete/bricks around batteries and a redundant cutoff for over and under voltage charging. Sorry about that the Tesla battery exploding fire was sad for you (now you need to install a new battery pack WITH BMS!) but your humor made it fun and educational. Good work. You did a service for me, Rich, thanks!!!

  • jeff malm
    jeff malmVit më parë

    You conveniently left out the part where he unplugs the charger...

  • Greg Calo
    Greg CaloVit më parë

    Rich sounds like you got a "battery" of comments about this situation!!

  • Pappy Clappy
    Pappy ClappyVit më parë

    Rich, Deloris reminds me of Frankenstein.

  • CaptainDuckman
    CaptainDuckmanVit më parë

    "please extinguish smoking material here"... Seems appropriate ;) Keep on telling people the whole story, not just the successes.

  • Logan saltzman
    Logan saltzmanVit më parë

    You should do something like this again, or just rebuild Daisy.

  • Towallomee sgel
    Towallomee sgelVit më parë

    Thank goodness it didn't happen overnight.

  • We are not livestock
    We are not livestockVit më parë

    EV fans make me think about SJWs in the way they behave.

  • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
    Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute bandVit më parë

    Wait, they don't have a simple shutoff like any Dollar Store toy would? Really? For 130k??? I am WAY more uncomfortable with their complete disintigration on impact, myself. Generally, you have to hit an ICE with a TRAIN first. And i was rooting for Musk, too.

  • Max Gurth
    Max GurthVit më parë

    You drained the batteries too low and they become unstable, you likely had no discharge protection circuit. Next charge cycle, the batteries are unstable and unbalanced so adjacent batteries can over charge the low volt batteries. Just taking a battery pack out of a car bypassing very important protection circuitry is very irresponsible, these aren't lead acid batteries you messed with, Lithium Ion are far more dangerous and require specialist knowledge. Lesson learned hopefully.

  • Edward Harold Butler
    Edward Harold ButlerVit më parë

    No matter if it's a good thing or bad thing. The point is that this video itself and the one previous definitely gives us some idea of what happened if you do not charge your batteries correctly. It is very well known that any incorrectly charged batteries can have a major problem. not just off-gassing like some standard batteries will do from time to time. But it's great to know that there is a safe way to do it and I'm not safe way to do it. any and all information is vital and could save someone's life , car or could save someone's home if the curves in the garage of the house. No matter if people are angry or not Any and all information pertaining to these types of batteries must be known and will document to prevent any accidents or any failure precautions to save both equipment and lives. Two thumbs up.

  • Evo
    EvoVit më parë

    hmmm.....think i'll stick with my Harley chopper, lol ;) keep up the good work rich

  • kayweb
    kaywebVit më parë

    well i guess you extinguished those smoking materials in the proper location

    SVTWRCVit më parë

    Ok so I was thinking of upping amps on my Spark EV but let’s leave that alone. My new hypothesis on a small power boost is to “tune” out the 0-30 MPH traction module nanny that limits full power till after 30 MPH. I’ve put a race seat in and fooled the SRS seat airbag with a resistor so all is well . My goal is to turn this into a performance EV and take it to some local autocross. Getting my wife a Tesla for her for her 40th birthday . I will be modifying the Tesla as well as the Spark EV. Thanks for sharing this series , we can all learn from it . Subscriber for quite some time now and I’ve been working on my own channel this little series got by me though I do remember watching the first episode and never seeing anything else on it as I wasn’t interested in conversions then but I sure I am now.

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny DaysVit më parë

    I would never get tulsa There battery are dumb. I use reach trucks that are batter never a problem with battery plenty of power. Tulsa is only that make a unsafe vicheal catpiller uses best batterys. Have ever seen one spontionaly combest.

  • wizbang68
    wizbang68Vit më parë

    Glad you said what was going on when the fire started. I think most people don't think about Lithium Ion batteries are known for catching fire/exploding, not because of a faulty battery, but because the batteries are being charged faster than they are able to accept the power without overheating (thus devices that use these types of batteries have a charging scheme allowing the device to charge at varying levels and cut off when sensors indicate the cells need added time to acclimate to the power being stored or if the cells are charged. The same issues with battery fires have happened with iPhone, Android, etc with aftermarket chargers or cables that were not properly configured to charge the devices whey were connected to.

  • Repairman
    RepairmanVit më parë

    Unfortunate things happen in life no matter what. This video just shows me to be careful when dealing with batteries or electricity. Thanks for you video.

  • cheryl cohen
    cheryl cohenVit më parë

    Burn Baby Burn, There's bin a high amount Tesla fires and, UbER DETHS.

  • Kolin Stallman
    Kolin StallmanVit më parë

    You have 100 tesla battery packs in your basement? Is that legal? lol

  • Freddie Lewis
    Freddie LewisVit më parë

    You crack me up. You laugh like an evil villain. Keep up the good work brother.

  • MrEvan1932
    MrEvan1932Vit më parë

    Glad the doggies are ok :)

  • annu rajeev
    annu rajeevVit më parë

    failing is always makes us to learn new things .... i never commented before i really love you channel and thanks for mentioning other channels ive subbed

  • DundaBluebone
    DundaBlueboneVit më parë

    with the tears from these armchair EV 'experts' filling the river up again i expect to see a few more flooded Tesla builds.

  • Michelle Hamilton
    Michelle HamiltonVit më parë

    I thought it was a great video I did watch it to the end. I'm very thankful that no real damage was done,no one was injured and I do have a more serious respect for all batteries to include all of my rechargable ones I use around the house. Thanks for the be aware and the honesty. Rich you do what you do LOL!. Honestly people, look at Daisy!!!... you can't see that she was an experimental project car, a trial and error! WOW let the cry babies whine!

  • AlkalineGamingHD
    AlkalineGamingHDVit më parë

    DID YOU DISPOSE OF THE MESS PROPERLY? all that material is super toxic to your river of tears

  • Iron Alpha
    Iron AlphaVit më parë

    Am glad that you and your friends are safe, and it takes courage to admit mistakes. Aint that all tinker/inventor/ modders do in the past centuries? If the past inventors follow the procedure as safe as possible, we would not have the light bulb, TV, mobile phone and so on now. They take their time, effort, risk themselves to explore a new frontier so that we can enjoy the comfort later. Electric vehicles are the current ongoing exploration & frontier right now back where fuel power car is. I am sure fuel powered car had a similar situation in the past where they first begin their journey. It is just the different then and now, is last time fuel power car first came out there were no internet or fast media. Keep up the good word my man, stay safe!

  • Derek Fuller
    Derek FullerVit më parë

    Shit happens.

  • Jeff J
    Jeff JVit më parë

    What type of 18650's are in there? Just curious of the specs on them.

  • Drake Dragon
    Drake DragonVit më parë

    Blah...started watching this channel AFTER the battery fire...

  • Grant Logan
    Grant LoganVit më parë

    That's a very small body of water

  • Charlie K
    Charlie KVit më parë

    Maybe a Halon fire extinguisher should bet required equipment for a Tesla?

  • rich1383yt
    rich1383ytVit më parë

    Great videos - good eye opener for amateurs. Appreciate your honesty and sense of humor!

  • OllamhDrab
    OllamhDrabVit më parë

    I have to say, it's hard to understand the general anti-electric/hybrid vitriol from some dudes, it's like, "Arrrgh, someone makes a car I don't want, Anger! Smash!" That's just silly. On so many levels, we're car people. This would be boring if we all liked the same things or something. I don't want an electric, but I can appreciate some aspects of them. (I watch this channel cause a friend has a Tessie and I'm someone who likes to know how things are put together. It's... pretty impressive. I just like my driving experience to be more analog, even if there's computers running the fuel and spark, and I don't do a lot of commuter miles so electrics wouldn't make much sense for me. It would be silly for that to mean *no one* should have one. It'd be like saying, "They should ban Iphones cause I prefer my old Canon F-1." :)

  • Cisco G
    Cisco GVit më parë

    Guys who use your other video as fuel for their EV hate won't watch this... People don't like to hear the other side, they only want to prove they're right.. Which is why they ignored the last part of your last video.

  • Mark Dickson
    Mark DicksonVit më parë

    Forget the haters who are jealous of all the fun you create in your life. Keep doing what you're doing!

  • dpsilver
    dpsilverVit më parë

    interesting that you should get those comments, that fire video opened my eyes to just how dangerous those things can be

  • Chris Gibbs
    Chris GibbsVit më parë

    Hey rich, I love your videos! 8m a masshole too

  • T ,
    T ,Vit më parë

    electrical fires smell the best

  • Bias
    BiasVit më parë

    This channel is Rich

  • Kris G
    Kris GVit më parë

    Had a bronco 2 burn down in my backyard because of a Electic heater coil the whole wire harness went up u guys Hook up a Suzuki samurai Ev 4×4 uban buggy

  • Roderick Roderick
    Roderick RoderickVit më parë

    We all make mistakes. But as long as you learn something you can call it a lesson.

  • EmVi Kay
    EmVi KayVit më parë

    Everybody is winding up in drama, meanwhile I just lol at the sign at 6:30 "PLEASE EXTINGUISH SMOKING MATERIAL HERE" lol

  • Gus Franjul
    Gus FranjulVit më parë

    Whats up Rich. I am excited about the future of battery power vehicles. Just got into the ebus transit industry as a tech. Would like to know what is your background. Thanks for you videos.

  • Ken Brown
    Ken BrownVit më parë

    The sign "Please extinguish smoking material here" at 6:26 was humorous. Was that intentional?

  • elex plus
    elex plusVit më parë

    Instead of saying "extreme rare situations" you should've said in situations where you repurpose the batteries for your own use. Gotta make this clear this would not have happened if you didn't take them out lol

  • Bheleu
    BheleuVit më parë

    Do not feel bad, had similar issues with a headlamp & wrong charger (which I knew the dangers of). Late at night, poor decision, only intended to let it charge for a few minutes... and then the inevitable... forgot about it. Next day, thankfully at home, thankfully headlamp was in a sink (which contained the blaze). Life lesson learned, do not give Murphy a chance (do not setup your own mouse trap, do it right or not at all).

  • etravix
    etravixVit më parë

    Well Rich, I am sure this has been mentioned. But there is a sign about extinguishing smoking material on the lot fence. And that bad boy was smoking. LOL Keep up the good work.

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco RacingVit më parë

    Honest people share their mistake and say they were wrong. And in the process, they have learned a very valued life experience!

  • Jan Messek
    Jan MessekVit më parë

    Recommend a co2 extinguisher so that you get cooling action on the battery which can help prevent more of the thermal runaway. I recently was charging small new 7 cell sub-C 3.3ah NiMh packs at 3amp rate and they went into thermal runaway even on a proper peak detecting charger and I ended up dunking them in water to cool them down and stopped the thermal reaction. They were packaged in water proof cases so there was no water issues but as recommended I was watching them charge and took action right away. Seems the pressure vents that prevent the cells from popping were not working on those packs or do they even have vents?

  • Revnge7Fold
    Revnge7FoldVit më parë

    You stay you, man! Fuck the haters...

  • G Wernette
    G WernetteVit më parë

    I hope Audi doesn't sue you for product placement

  • gfidd
    gfiddVit më parë

    Haters gone hate. Fuck those guys. mad love and respect for you. owning your mistakes and not hiding them.

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family
    showgirls around the world a dancer familyVit më parë

    Scotty kilmer has vlogs about Teslas and electric cars

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family
    showgirls around the world a dancer familyVit më parë

    Teslas are very dangerous to work on

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family
    showgirls around the world a dancer familyVit më parë

    Teslas are very dangerous to work on

  • Erhardt
    ErhardtVit më parë

    Well... Audi is not goin to be happy, that there logo is prominent in the back 😂😂😂

  • max throttle
    max throttleVit më parë

    Keep it real rich.

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph AtnipVit më parë

    My Android phone has a better camera then a iPhone :-p


    You need to purchase a class D fire extinguisher.

  • watchingitallhere
    watchingitallhereVit më parë

    Walt Disney be like: keep at it Rich.

  • Russell Babin
    Russell BabinVit më parë

    These Tesla cells are li ion a few things can screw up li ion. 1 is charging over 4.2 v per cell. 2 charging over recommended current and 3 charging when under 0 degrees Celsius or 32 ferenheight. When you charge these cells you need to have a constant current source at first until it reaches 4.2 volts and then you hold 4.2 volts for a few hours until the current drives to 1/10 suggested charging current. With some li ion cells max voltage is 4.1 volts not 4.2 you get this from spec sheet for cells

  • Jehty
    JehtyVit më parë

    2:50 i think you came to the wrong conclusion with the 'roll of a cliff video' It's not 'don't roll of a cliff' it is 'built your car sturdy enough to survive if you roll of a cliff'. Feel free to do stupid stuff (drive up a mountain way too fast, play with batteries) but be as safe as possible while doing it.

  • Joshua Schaefer
    Joshua SchaeferVit më parë

    I love your honesty and down to earthness I´m glad that youtube thought I should watch your channel you are supper funny and into cars which is literally the best combo thinkable.. If you were into drums now aswell I would literally marry you haha But you cool thanks for the content and fuck the people who are hating you for certain actions.. you arew bold enough and creative enough to do these thiongs and that is really cool in itself!

  • Rouen d'Arc
    Rouen d'ArcVit më parë

    I believe you did right. It's good to bring the issues forward... so the technology can be improved. And if improving wasn't needed then a fire would never be an issue... even with a crap charger. If it's poorly designed (yeah I went there) those flaws will always work their way forward... like Mons/Bayer's Roundup tech re. glyphosate and how it affects us. (now court proven cancer causing) Keep on keeping

  • Wilbert Birdner
    Wilbert BirdnerVit më parë

    are you going to rebuild it?

  • Batican
    BaticanVit më parë

    I totally appreciate the honesty

  • Gurmehar Bajwa
    Gurmehar BajwaVit më parë

    That was the best intro of all time 😂

  • Alexsander Magalhães
    Alexsander MagalhãesVit më parë

    Keep doing exactly what you doing. Its awesome.

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay MorganVit më parë

    And don’t be the crocodile hunter of EV build - repairers.

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay MorganVit më parë

    Dude you make you tube awesome !

  • Bastian Baeuschlein
    Bastian BaeuschleinVit më parë

    Hey Rich, I am so grateful you have uploaded THIS video... the original video with the poor Detroit Electric burning was posted the time I converted my 2001 Renault to LI batteries... Also it made me very sad... would love to have an old Detroit... Hope you successfully rebuild it. I was wondering day by day what was gone wrong... Oldschool EV, no BMS, Guerilla Charger. Thank You.

  • Hikari
    HikariVit më parë

    Wait, you mean people didn't just know that the batteries were charging? I mean. how else would those things go 'boom'... they don't just spontaneously explode unless a force is acted on them.... whether it be over charging, under charging, or amps outside their rated range... Anyone who DIDN'T think it was charging, were just idiots.

  • Haceo Misaki
    Haceo MisakiVit më parë

    lmfao, best unsorry sorry guys ive ever heard XD way to get the entire EV community on you XD

  • NicholeMattera
    NicholeMatteraVit më parë

    The "Please extinguish smoking material here" sign at 6:14 is the icing on the cake.

  • Trev Schust
    Trev SchustVit më parë

    I think it bleeds because he wasn't balancing the battery cells

  • Dailyroach
    DailyroachVit më parë

    I thought the packs individual fusing on the cells was suppose to stop a runaway reaction . In the event of a failure like this shouldn't the failed cell blow the fuse thus saving the rest of the pack ?

  • Lolo Uro

    Lolo Uro

    Vit më parë

    @Dailyroach well tesla installed a gigawatt pack a while ago in australia and huge pack in puerto rico after hurricane. No fires no explosions. Like i said as long as u treat it properly no issues. Example would u cave dive without a scuba license or dive partner? Would u climb half dome without many years of experience? Would u go down a black diamond first time snowboarding? Would u skate down a huge downhill first time? Would u cliff dive if u dont know how to swim? Thats why ppl take classes and get certified. They hv electrician and electronic classes...

  • Dailyroach


    Vit më parë

    @Lolo Uro Fair points , I'm certainly not going to stop using any of my battery powered devices any time soon and under normal circumstances understand that they can be quite safe . But then again the batteries are nowhere near the scale of an EV battery so given the worst case scenario it's not really a fair comparison .

  • Lolo Uro

    Lolo Uro

    Vit më parë

    @Dailyroach normally if u hv a bad cell and it overheats the fuse breaks and just severs connection. This is at normal charging voltage. The others are still fine. In this case sounds like the whole pack was overcharged and they all got hot.... then they just lit eachother off.

  • Lolo Uro

    Lolo Uro

    Vit më parë

    @Dailyroach normally if u hv a bad cell and it overheats the fuse breaks and just severs connection. This is at normal charging voltage. The others are still fine. In this case sounds like the whole pack was overcharged and they all got hot.... then they just lit eachother off.

  • Lolo Uro

    Lolo Uro

    Vit më parë

    @Dailyroach simple answer yes... however sounds like this battery was a combo of errors. Wrong or bad charger, no bms, no cooling, maybe bad cell... put it all together recipe for disaster... but that doesnt mean batteries suck. We all hv lithium batteries in our phones, ipads, e bikes, power tools etc etc. And they dont catch fire n burn. U gonna stop using all those products? Just hv to treat it properly. U can easily overheat an ice motor with bad or leaky radiator and cause a fire. Smoke while pumping gas and overfuel a gas tank....boom! Same crap

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's StuffVit më parë

    I was pretty surprised too the fire fighters were dropping water on the battery pack

  • Robert Boone
    Robert BooneVit më parë

    Love your channel ....Keep it up!!!

  • keep thinking
    keep thinkingVit më parë

    it looks like he had a plastic bag over the camera lens wow how old is the droid phone

  • Stirling Greer
    Stirling GreerVit më parë

    I own a Model 3, but honestly fuck pompous Tesla fanboys(/girls).

  • N M
    N MVit më parë


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