Tesla Model 3 Goes Back to the Future

Makina dhe automjete

Today we talk to Casey about his DeLorean/Tesla Model 3 conversion project and shoot the breeze with a few other west coast techies.
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  • Casey Spencer
    Casey SpencerVit më parë

    Hey all, this is the NPC that owns the Delorean. We'll be documenting the build on Insta: casey_sp. Probably post some videos on here too. 69 really is my preferred temperature btw

  • Aviatrix


    Vit më parë

    Casey Spencer Glad to see Rich added your code on-screen 😁I hope you got some referrals from that 💾

  • Mason Fowlkes

    Mason Fowlkes

    Vit më parë

    Casey Spencer I love your a e s t h e t i c, Casey! 🌴🌺🌊 Wishing you the best of luck: from a 22 year old who brought his first DeLorean a few months ago without his parents knowing 😂 -VIN 4693

  • Matyi


    Vit më parë

    I came here from New Retro Wave. Would you be keen to make a second one? HMU.

  • Butthole The Barbarian

    Butthole The Barbarian

    Vit më parë

    Floppy disk key ignition is such a nice touch 😍. Personally I'd go for a Zip Disk for durability sake, but floppy disk key is still pretty fuckin damn sexy.

  • the modfather

    the modfather

    Vit më parë

    The delorean is one of the coolest projects yet, but here's the thing. Every single EV conversion so far is retro cars (old S5 not withstanding). I'm waiting for a real EV conversion of a 2012+ modern-looking car, either a sports car like a vette, genesis coupe, br-z, camaro, newer mustang, or an everyday car like an Altima/Civic/Jetta

  • marcus werner
    marcus wernerVit më parë

    VA=ToyotaMirai HA=TeslaRoadster(OZRadNarbenMagnetMotor)(RNMM) MM=(MittelMotor PorscheE) E Dämpfer=Sachs Airride/Airlift JP Performance

  • Brady Smith
    Brady SmithVit më parë

    Thank you for this video. This was so cool. I'm really excited to see these projects when they are done.

  • Virian Bouze
    Virian BouzeVit më parë

    Good Job Good Report

  • DFluent
    DFluentVit më parë

    2 months later is the de lorean done

  • J


    9 muaj më parë

    10 months later, doesn't seem like it

  • Paul T
    Paul TVit më parë

    ALther: "Hoovies Garage", would possibly love work on a deal to have those DeLorean parts.

  • ludocrat
    ludocratVit më parë

    Rich sounded like Howard Stern in this flick. He's that cool.

  • Matias Säkkinen
    Matias SäkkinenVit më parë

    Woah. I want one.

  • bayareaclassicscom
    bayareaclassicscomVit më parë

    Is this in the Bay Area?

  • m a e s t r o
    m a e s t r oVit më parë

    love the "VaporWave" plate

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne MillerVit më parë

    How about some weight loss supplements

  • Mike L
    Mike LVit më parë

    The nerds are taking over the auto business!!

  • id104335409
    id104335409Vit më parë

    I don't want to store my batteries in my house - I already had a fire once! You lost your house in a battery fire? No, no man! I lost my batteries in a house fire! this man has the right priorities

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler HardyVit më parë

    89 Chevrolet van + that mustache... Things that make you go "hmm"...

  • Doc Gonzo
    Doc GonzoVit më parë

    I think I've seen those battery carts before, in a video by Mark Rober for a VW EV Supercar up Pike's Peak.

  • Kimoto
    KimotoVit më parë

    I'm waiting for a 4x4 gen 1 Tacoma or previous gen Ranger Tesla swap.

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán KozmaVit më parë

    Nice fun project. One thing that might help: As far as I know not even the newest Nissan Leaf has battery conditioning(aka heating up to/cooling down to ideal temperature range) tech built into their battery packs. Tesla does, which is a surprise considering all the tech mistakes they have been inflicting in general, they got this one right... probably because Panasonic must have told them so :) anyways. If you want your battery to not age as quickly as your iphone you may want to consider installing a battery temperature management solution along those Leaf battery packs. Lithium batteries in cold winter temperatures do not like being charged or discharged especially not with high currents. It leads to precipitation on the electrode surfaces that would not get dissolved back into the electrolyte and will reduce battery performance drastically as it covers up anode/cathode surface over 4 years a Leaf battery in a cold climate country needs a bloody brand new battery because Nissan generally sucks pretty bad in engineering cars... I guess. Then there are the cooling issues. A high charge/discharge current will make the battery heat up and that has its own detrimental effects on the longevity if not managed... in extreme cases the electrolyte just fucking evaporates and your car turns into a bonfire... hope you got bacon... Thermal management of batteries is what keeps them working long and reliable. Try to maintain an environment around the batteries that keeps them around the temperature where the battery chemistry process can happen. Temperature spikes in a car drawing high currents kills batteries very quickly.

  • revtastic skidoo
    revtastic skidooVit më parë

    Hey Rich love your channel you do some epic shit ..does Phil have a channel because I am currently trying to talk my wife into a Tesla instead of a stupid Escalade

  • Veikra
    VeikraVit më parë

    delorean electric conversion is so much yes. I want to build an electric isuzu impulse eventually, electrical impulse.

  • TheFiremonkeyman
    TheFiremonkeymanVit më parë

    6:08 is the reallest moment in a car guy's journey.

  • Carlo DeFranco
    Carlo DeFrancoVit më parë

    Love this video... get that Delorean done and tucked and tailored.

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lenceVit më parë

    I want the DeLorean with an Elephant motor.

  • Nqina Dlamini
    Nqina DlaminiVit më parë

    Dude, you have a cool life. More power. Those guys are having so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin SinghVit më parë

    As a nerd myself, I'd love to hang out around these nerds! ;)

  • Gavin1130
    Gavin1130Vit më parë

    The guy who broke the record reminds me of Peter from Family Guy.

  • Flower Pot
    Flower PotVit më parë

    That crew feels like something out of one of those zombie-apocalypse movies! Building cool stuff out of waste, and being self-sufficient.

  • RyuTenchi Codes
    RyuTenchi CodesVit më parë

    Where is he getting these CAD models?

  • Tore Lund
    Tore LundVit më parë

    Merging the best of two insane car manufacturers into one vehicle! Next: Someone dig out their hidden EV1 and puts a Tesla battery pack in it for 700 miles range.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown UnknownVit më parë

    You've got to put a petrol engine in a Tesla!!!!

  • Sean Gilder
    Sean GilderVit më parë

    I really hope you see this comment and respond! The October 16 update to autopilot. Would that mean that an October 16 would be upgradeable to version 3 autopilot? Or do I need to spend the extra dough to get a 17?

  • Denali Backcountry Guides
    Denali Backcountry GuidesVit më parë

    I love it when you highlight other enthusiasts. What a great community of people! I run a small business and would love to see business cases for electrification.

  • Carlo de Guzman
    Carlo de GuzmanVit më parë

    omg omg omg i wanna do the same~~~ make me one delorean and ill throw in 100k

  • danwat1234
    danwat1234Vit më parë

    What if the 'key' develops a bad sector?

  • EarDrugzTV
    EarDrugzTVVit më parë

    Man that was cool

  • Joey
    JoeyVit më parë

    What do these guys do for a living, they talk buying $100k and saying money is no issue, really cool scene.

  • ̈
    ̈Vit më parë


  • Uli Raentsch
    Uli RaentschVit më parë

    Anyone remembers the guy with the full time job that used to rebuilt Teslas? I miss him ...

  • Para Noid
    Para NoidVit më parë

    so this guys say he will destroy a good delorenen just to turn it into a shit like rc car?

  • WeedMIC
    WeedMICVit më parë

    Sucker :D

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee JohnsonVit më parë

    You seem right at home. Did you bring your steak knife?

  • Einseitig
    EinseitigVit më parë

    The front of the 1995 GM EV1 looks uncannily similar to the Tesla Model 3.

  • johnnybongs
    johnnybongsVit më parë

    do you have any type of apprenticeship going on ? If no then why not I want to be First student @Rich rebuilds

  • johnnybongs
    johnnybongsVit më parë

    I just love all the stuff Uncle Rich comes up with I'm a bklyner living in the Motorcity and interested in opening up ev shop in the D.

  • RobiSydney
    RobiSydneyVit më parë

    Doh! I bought a 1989 Ford F-150 Pick Up. Walk around on my Channel. It actually runs, I don't have mileage numbers yet.

  • Just a guy
    Just a guyVit më parë

    hes an idiot for destroying a classic with the shit battery drive train its not supposed to be electric ffs

  • DanielRichards644
    DanielRichards644Vit më parë

    who are you and what have you done with Rich, I know you aren't the real Rich because you did not once mention your full time job.

  • mipmipmipmipmip
    mipmipmipmipmipVit më parë

    Leaf/Tesla/DeLorean Frankenmonster

  • growmau5
    growmau5Vit më parë

    You’re a good man Rich.

  • Donnie Johnson
    Donnie JohnsonVit më parë

    Just saw your article on CNBC. Ya know Benfranklin Institute of Technology in South Boston used to work on Tesla's in 09 10 when they were in the Lotus bodies. That college also has a 1 year hybrid class maybe you can find some students there to help you guys out. Some Tesla mechanics have also graduated from that college as well

  • Richard Juan
    Richard JuanVit më parë

    all i can this about is the episode of south park where they move to san francisco lol

  • David Mercier
    David MercierVit më parë

    So this dude buys a Delorean based on what he saw in some stupid movie?

  • Supernaut
    SupernautVit më parë

    Yawn, boring wanna be dreams. My 1980 Impala does it all.

  • Mediumdave1983
    Mediumdave1983Vit më parë

    Loving these type of videos Rich :)

  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
    Matt Farah's Million Mile LexusVit më parë

    Vapor wave? Of course.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFlyVit më parë

    How about a 88 YUGO GVL to convert to electric?

  • Daniel Nicholson
    Daniel NicholsonVit më parë

    As a Californian I am so proud of these geeks. Great work men!

  • Space Reptile
    Space ReptileVit më parë

    Putting a M3 instrument cluster in a delorian and using a 3.5" floppy as a key... thats a bit too far for my taste, id keep it as original as possible if it where mine, but it isnt all i hope is that it wont look half assed (esp the floppy key part)

  • Mariusz kozak
    Mariusz kozakVit më parë

    Rich you rock

  • esbekay
    esbekayVit më parë

    Where on the west coast is this?!?!? huge EV / Linux geek here in San Luis Obispo

  • frozenwalkway
    frozenwalkwayVit më parë


  • Shane Anderson
    Shane AndersonVit më parë

    Can o order a car

  • Chris Genovese
    Chris GenoveseVit më parë

    This sucker's electrical.

  • Cam Life
    Cam LifeVit më parë

    When I see people doing these off the wall projects I feel like I’m wasting my life 😔

  • Sloghen
    SloghenVit më parë

    You interviewing Joe Rogan was awesome! Great podcast

  • Mark Brand
    Mark BrandVit më parë

    Is Casey secretly Marv from home alone?

  • Lee Stutesman
    Lee StutesmanVit më parë

    There’s a DMC factory in Orlando also

  • Guy Fishbourne
    Guy FishbourneVit më parë

    Just amazing

    LESLIE FAULKNERVit më parë

    hot rodding of the future

  • David
    DavidVit më parë

    I understand only about 80% of these videos, but super entertaining!!

  • David
    DavidVit më parë

    You guys are perfect buddies now!

  • Common_C3nts
    Common_C3ntsVit më parë

    "I'm naturally that clever." -Uncle Rich circa 2019

  • Gabriel
    GabrielVit më parë

    Elon Flux

    OEM OEMVit më parë

    Hi Rich have to talk to @stealthwater on Twitter?

  • Massimo
    MassimoVit më parë

    Great video, but would have been cool if his license plate said "1.21 Gwts"

  • youmakeitreal
    youmakeitrealVit më parë

    I would like to see how they go about adapting the tesla drive system with a non Tesla battery

  • Dirk Steffen
    Dirk SteffenVit më parë

    This geeky bunch of cool guys in this shop really reminds me of a cool version of the hackers in The X Files. Good stuff! I like the '89 e-van idea!

  • Silas Mayes
    Silas MayesVit më parë

    A electronic drivetrane swap would turn the DeLorean from a crappy coup to and actually good car and enough power to match its appearance.

  • Chickens Float
    Chickens FloatVit më parë

    That thumb nail tho

  • KoolBreeze420
    KoolBreeze420Vit më parë

    Cut the part about the distance record then tweet and see what happens.

  • Michal Kundrát
    Michal KundrátVit më parë

    That's one nice thing about USA - you can grab two totally different cars, put them together and make it street legal. Here in Czech Republic you can't even use LED lightbulb unless you really choose one that is properly homologated (so there's not much to choose from)

  • Jan Tschierschky
    Jan TschierschkyVit më parë

    We come a long way from the 80s, nerds are cool these days

  • val s.
    val s.Vit më parë

    Great stuff!!!

  • Oscar Møberg
    Oscar MøbergVit më parë

    5:25 the crashed car has better panel alignment than most Teslas

  • mipmipmipmipmip


    Vit më parë


  • True Tech
    True TechVit më parë

    Hotbox the delorean, instead of doing rails like it's designer used it for.

  • C Go
    C GoVit më parë

    Hey I at work at Tesla and yes I really do,where can I apply at .Im interested

  • DundaBluebone
    DundaBlueboneVit më parë

    Oh yay, another 69 joke, never get enough of those.

  • Hello
    HelloVit më parë

    I hate when my roofers use flamethrowers lol

  • Ankur Modi
    Ankur ModiVit më parë

    Like a nerd 🤓 community, all under one roof. Boy that’s some great ideas cooking. Always great to hear you. Your videos are like a taste of future. Keep those videos coming.

  • dubz projectcars
    dubz projectcarsVit më parë

    Is it the i8?

  • Brian Omar
    Brian OmarVit më parë

    whats the zero to 88 since you so smart lmao

  • Joseph Buffington II
    Joseph Buffington IIVit më parë

    Hulk: That’s not how time travel work.

  • Marius Kub
    Marius KubVit më parë

    Rich it’s nice interview,,,,Thank you mate

  • blackcountryme
    blackcountrymeVit më parë

    I love these videos cos of the cool people, and the sarcasm from Rich... The phrase "Dripping with sarcasm" was probably invented for these video's!

  • CD S
    CD SVit më parë

    So this the only way to get a Delorean to do 88mph other than driving off a cliff ; )

  • Will Marshall
    Will MarshallVit më parë

    Probably going to be the fastest DeLorean........in the world?

  • Life Unwrapped
    Life UnwrappedVit më parë

    That's Cali people. Lmao

  • TCFDOD2007
    TCFDOD2007Vit më parë

    The real life group from Mr. Robot.

  • Julime
    JulimeVit më parë

    Nice video! Love your work!

  • Timm Feldmann
    Timm FeldmannVit më parë

    6:25 clearance on the Model 3 looks terrible... Tesla needs to improve there

  • 97JoMiller
    97JoMillerVit më parë

    I hate rich people

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