How I Fixed my Tesla Part 1: Headlights, Suspension, My Stupidity

Makina dhe automjete

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Today I managed to resolve the funky suspension and headlight issue on my Tesla. You can also see my boneheaded mistake with the “suspension” noise
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  • Overwatch DVa
    Overwatch DVa21 orë më parë

    Still waiting patiently for Pt 2. Here's to hoping. :)

  • da ne
    da ne3 ditë më parë

    $3000 salt car value

  • viktor boksai
    viktor boksaiMuaj më parë

    How to fix a electrical problem in a Tesla . Jet wash fixed the issue. Brah?!

  • MapleLeafs51
    MapleLeafs513 muaj më parë

    Now that was entertaining

  • Geoffrey
    Geoffrey4 muaj më parë

    It can be shocking having to tear down a car apart trying to fix an issue only to find its an item stored in the glove box causing the sound.A tesla service center would have charged you 100$ to troubleshoot this.

  • Chad Drake
    Chad Drake5 muaj më parë

    Is there a part 2 to this?

  • Mike
    Mike8 muaj më parë

    I love your videos...

  • Crystal Richardson
    Crystal Richardson10 muaj më parë

    this was the best video i could find i subbed and turned post not on and bought merchandise

  • Maks Kry
    Maks Kry10 muaj më parë

    The feeling you get when you fix things for free that you thought was going to cost you lots of time and money feels better than sex

  • DaAlski78520
    DaAlski7852011 muaj më parë

    I don't know how I ended up here, but I'm staying. I'm here for a reason.

  • J- roc
    J- roc11 muaj më parë

    Why isn't Tesla hiring this guy?

  • Rod Korn
    Rod Korn11 muaj më parë

    Breh, if you don’t have a butter knife in your tool box you aint really fixin shit

  • Justin Digital
    Justin DigitalVit më parë

    You have a site where I can apply? I'm a avionics tech/engineer and like to get into repairing and tuning EVs as that will be the future of tech outside the aviation field that I am currently in.

  • Robert Baroyan
    Robert BaroyanVit më parë

    Hello everybody. I have same clicking problem from right rear axle in tesla model s please someone respond and what is the real problem???

  • Hobbyandtech
    HobbyandtechVit më parë

    Does dolores autopilot work?

  • Scott Frappier
    Scott FrappierVit më parë

    My god - if my vehicles had these issues after 15k I'd never buy that brand again - I admire your patience, but the number of issues (I watched your prior video) are more numerous then even a 2006 car that I have...just wow...

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740Vit më parë

    Man love the channel but Tesla =junk and to many problems would never want one not reliable at all

  • Harry Riley
    Harry RileyVit më parë

    oh shit that is a tire bulge at 07:59!!!!!!

  • 데빈
    데빈Vit më parë

    huehuehue punch the machine, it will work some how

  • James iPad
    James iPadVit më parë

    This has always drove me nuts about cars, maybe it’s the electrician in me, but how do you ground your car when it’s on 4 rubber tires? Looks like your bonding it to me.

  • chemxfan
    chemxfanVit më parë

    What's the part # on that kitchen knife? :)

  • Fox Reinsch
    Fox ReinschVit më parë

    The daytime running light went bad and turned yellow on my 2016 Model S. Tesla wants $1500 to fix the bulb!!!!

  • garlic69
    garlic69Vit më parë

    5:07 * spraying water into the frunk * 5:25 "some kind of corrosion"

  • rahim miah
    rahim miahVit më parë

    Man, you have lot of patience and time.

  • Chief Trouble Maker
    Chief Trouble MakerVit më parë

    Can you fix a salvage tesla model 3 that I am planning to buy? It needs minor repairs to the front suspension

  • tewrgh
    tewrghVit më parë

    I am an aspiring chef, and ironically my favourite implement is a screwdriver

  • vulcan2000pilot
    vulcan2000pilotVit më parë

    That's a beautiful car Rich.

  • Jeff Selano
    Jeff SelanoVit më parë

    Love it. You are a talented fellow. Love your vids. Question. I have a “front trunk open, proceed with caution” warning. However my front is clearly closed and locked. I suspect a sensor issue. Your thoughts? Any ideas on location or how I can buy one? Thanks

  • Mark P
    Mark PVit më parë

    so basicly dont buy a used tesla with no warranty. Or your in for a world of hurt

  • George Mendez
    George MendezVit më parë

    Hehehehehehe false alarm... love the laugh. If you get in my truck all I have is my registration and ins in my glove box I hate noises in the cab if a noise is made I flip out looking for the penny rolling around lol

  • Gamen4Bros
    Gamen4BrosVit më parë

    The glovebox😂😂

  • Jay Ennals
    Jay EnnalsVit më parë

    Please teach us how to make the black headlights. There are no videos anywhere and it looks incredible

  • Arturo Canales
    Arturo CanalesVit më parë

    I like the cable ties holding on the front license plate.

  • John Wick
    John WickVit më parë

    I am amazed by your vids man 🤣 you sir are hilarious!

  • Sami
    SamiVit më parë

    Hey Rich, im now few times notice that something broken or stop working. Then calling service and order maybe some parts. And voila, suprise that start to working again. Do anyone else have same issues?

  • Orikolade Akala
    Orikolade AkalaVit më parë

    hi am kolade, from nigeria how do get a wreck model 3

  • Isaque Silveira
    Isaque SilveiraVit më parë

    Watching these videos, I remember when I was a child and loved to take things apart, only problem was to mount again, but one of the favorite tools was a kitchen knife, works very well with screws, here in Brazil if there is a 10 teslas is A lot but maybe one day, right?

  • Dale Willis
    Dale WillisVit më parë

    Learning from you is a blessing rich 🙏

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    2:50 you don’t need any tools to get the nosecone off

  • White knight
    White knightVit më parë

    i geeked at the waterproof tape on your head lights

  • Ian McColl
    Ian McCollVit më parë

    I appreciate you are trying to open a Tesla repair shop, but I can’t see how you’ll succeed when you do numerous unprofessional repairs, such as the waterproof tape over the headlights, then say “mind your own business “. I won’t be supporting you, nor would I employ your services, based on those remarks

  • David Nguyen
    David NguyenVit më parë

    I think Tesla should hire you as solution engineer to check out all issues and build solutions to fix Model S.

  • You too beer USA
    You too beer USAVit më parë

    Lmfao , I feel sorry for you

  • Torben Lien Ljungberg Nielsen
    Torben Lien Ljungberg NielsenVit më parë

    So all of this for some bad connection points. Easy fix if you just know where to look. Thanks.

  • Dan Hugill
    Dan HugillVit më parë

    part 2 plz

  • Bb Bb
    Bb BbVit më parë

    Good lord, this car sounds like a nightmare with tons of problems!!!

  • Tiffany Ehmka
    Tiffany EhmkaVit më parë

    Lug nuts soft as baby shit now that’s classic....hahaha

  • Tony T
    Tony TVit më parë

    You are my hero !! I subscribed! Thankyou for a great video!!

  • George Gorgid
    George GorgidVit më parë

    Hi Rich, How you scan this vehicles while you building it? I'm looking for original or aftermarket tool for Tesla diagnostics/programming. Do you know where to look for it? Thanks for all nice videos.

  • Carlo DeFranco
    Carlo DeFrancoVit më parë

    I wish I lived closer I'd love to work for you on the cheap

  • Maytag Mark
    Maytag MarkVit më parë

    There is another product to use to corrosion protect connections that I have successfully used for many year called Never Seize. I like it better then the dielectric grease. Really like your videos!! Keep up the good work!

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul JacksonVit më parë

    Great video Rich!

  • Tobias Yeti
    Tobias YetiVit më parë

    Love watching your videos of you fixing your own car. I work for Tesla as a technician, let me know if you got any questions!

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco RacingVit më parë

    Dude this video's are LEGIT 10/10

  • D3LT4
    D3LT4Vit më parë


  • Avrai
    AvraiVit më parë

    this seems like such a hassle, I'll never buy an electric car until they become mainstream

  • docgspot
    docgspotVit më parë

    really cool your going for your own shop. well done.

  • JheregJAB
    JheregJABVit më parë

    Seemed like mostly basic automotive electrical troubleshooting. I don't have much experience with cars for this sort of thing, but these are definitely the same steps I take to troubleshoot electrical problems on my boat. Water and corrosion mess with electrical. Still cool to watch the process though, and there is good knowledge about the model S's design in here.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd FergusonVit më parë

    I had a '58 Chevy that made a clunk in the rear when accelerating or braking, tried to locate it for months by messing with everything from the wheel studs to the axle. It was the god damn spare tire in the trunk not being tightened down enough.

  • Julio Paredes
    Julio ParedesVit më parë

    SON OF A BIT** lol another good video.

  • Adi -
    Adi -Vit më parë

    What a horrendous car!

  • MAG
    MAGVit më parë

    Lmao the ending tho

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    Andy BVit më parë

    You have a gift I wish I had sir! Enjoy the channel!

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    Arthur ZimmermanVit më parë

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  • D K
    D KVit më parë

    04:51 It could possibly be a good idea to use electronic cleaner and electric grease instead of water.

  • deming xie
    deming xieVit më parë

    Damn can't believe this dude rebuilt an electric car. A gas car is pretty hard to build, but its mostly all mechanical and some tech. but this is the exact opposite and its new tech. Amazing what do you do for your job, if it isn't fixing cars?

  • lu Tw0
    lu Tw0Vit më parë

    LMAOO the glove box

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuyVit më parë

    Gotta say, I love the style and ingenuity. You must love Tesla's with all the effort you've put into this, despite their faults. Of course, you'd probably love it more if you didn't have to FIX all of these problems yourself... Anyway, you earned yourself another subscriber.

  • dodgeplow
    dodgeplowVit më parë

    Sounds like a bad exhaust hanger

  • Paul Tony
    Paul TonyVit më parë


  • James White
    James WhiteVit më parë

    OMG in every video I feel like I need to send you a decent work knife. And apologize to your wife for all the kitchen knifes that keep disappearing.

  • SevenMagpies
    SevenMagpiesVit më parë

    ADVICE from marine world: Always smother all grounding terminals, including those on the batteries, with Vaseline. Guarantees no more corrosion or thus loosened connections.

  • NeverTalkToCops1
    NeverTalkToCops1Vit më parë

    Wait, is dielectric grease an electrical conductor or insulator?

  • StoryPlaysStuff


    Vit më parë

    Its an insulator, but he applied it to prevent corrosion, he didnt apply it to the contact points, only the outer edges of the connector

  • NeverTalkToCops1
    NeverTalkToCops1Vit më parë

    "Frunk?" Well, you could go with Bonnet.

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  • Miroslav Milan
    Miroslav MilanVit më parë

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  • Ronald Isabel
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  • Wyatt Chilton
    Wyatt ChiltonVit më parë

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  • 3dc4d
    3dc4dVit më parë

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  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge FloresVit më parë

    I am thinking on buying an old used tesla , you should open a web page with all your workarounds and also sell parts for used tesla like from salvage cars, it would be really cool like when some guys discover the main issues with iphones and create service for them when apple did not give a fk about old iphones.

  • ерунда сэндвич
    ерунда сэндвичVit më parë

    Tesla might as well hire you since you toyed with their babies so much.

  • Gomez Adams
    Gomez AdamsVit më parë

    I've only recently discovered your channel and I it's been educational. I'm a truck tech and often work on modern cars, but have never had an opportunity to view what would be involved in working on an EV if asked to do so. I think that you're a fan of Tesla and I would guess that there are a fair amount of your fans that share this enthusiasm. Different doesn't repel me. I welcome it. It's hard to predict what technology will prevail over another and I think that EVs are here to stay. But one thing concerns me above all in the Tesla that you've presented to me. Its complexity. Tesla's inability to simplify things is odd. You could hand off the prints to a German and it would likely look neater. A Japanese company would make it more dependable. Both would likely reject the project because it simply isn't ready for production. Simplicity is beauty in almost everything. It's how you can tell when it's right. You guys are beta testing a car. You're beta testing a marketing model. And you're paying a premium to do so. You're the people that line up at the Apple store. It's a car and you talk about it as such, but it appears from outside that owners view it as a piece a jewelry. Not to be used, but worn as an adornment. Cars can be more than a tool. But a Tesla seems unusually soulless. A Tesla appears to be a drivable calculator. And not a good one at that. I admire Tesla in that they want to throw out the models of manufacturing and marketing. I really do. It's astounding in the places that they've seemingly cut corners. I don't think that this was their goal. I think that it's ignorance. In their ambition to do things differently, they've disposed of the good with the bad. Cave Johnson would be proud.

  • ProctoLogic
    ProctoLogicVit më parë

    I fixed a car making sounds while turning and it was cds in the rear left door making the noice

  • Constructioneerful
    ConstructioneerfulVit më parë

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  • Volintine Ander
    Volintine AnderVit më parë

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  • Volintine Ander
    Volintine AnderVit më parë

    the father of electric car mechanics

  • Kimber 10MM
    Kimber 10MMVit më parë

    10:00 Wow atleast it wasnt bad parts.. But to check ball joints u cant just move the tire by hand If that worked u would have alot of noise for awhile.. Have it jack up a little put a crow bar/metal pipe etc under the tire & lift up will click/move a bit if bad

  • TechBuilder
    TechBuilderVit më parë

    Rad! I've been working on an Electric Race bike recently, most of the circuits (BMS, Motor Controller, etc...) from scratch. Really glad to have stumbled across your channel, really helped and inspired me a lot to make progress.

  • MrMountainHawk
    MrMountainHawkVit më parë

    You're my hero, don't have a Tesla, but love watching your trouble shootinging videos... One thing though is you should have used a wire brush on the ground stud, instead of sanding the threads, granted you used a very fine grit, nevertheless, wrong tool... 😁

  • Vash Franco
    Vash FrancoVit më parë

    you funny man keep it up!

  • Broc Luno
    Broc LunoVit më parë

    OK, so I used to be an ET on shipboard and worked on electronics systems in a marine environment. What I saw daily looks like what your Tesla looks like. Insufficient moisture control and a flimsy grounding system. There are some chemical treatments you can use on plug pins to slow the corrosion processes. But, ultimately you must break the semi-conductor formed by the salt bridge and make a new metal to metal connection to have reliability. Why these are not O-ringed and grease filled connections on a car this expensive is an unknown to me... But speaks poorly for their engineering knowing these cars will have to live in the rust belt !! One of the best things your shop can do is figure out a better grounding system at the connection points ... Good luck !!

  • Dermexicano
    DermexicanoVit më parë

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    DYRTEE BYRDSVit më parë

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