How Tesla rewarded me for telling the truth

Makina dhe automjete

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The complicated history between Tesla and uncle rich over the last few years
What The Electrified Garage does
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  • Samcrac
    Samcrac3 muaj më parë

    I would like to publicly apologize Rich, I didn't realize that wasn't you who was kicked out of the event. I swear in the original video footage someone called whoever that man was "Rich Rebuilds," I hope you can understand.

  • Brian Dawson

    Brian Dawson

    6 ditë më parë

    Sounds like a real apology. I can't speak for Rich, but I respect what you say here.



    6 ditë më parë

    Samcro never makes that mistake.

  • Anthony Alvarado

    Anthony Alvarado

    11 ditë më parë

    ALthe:"Tavarish needs CAR WIZARD to drive what to Amelia Island? The things you do for friends" @ 12:02

  • A L

    A L

    24 ditë më parë

    Samcrac your a clown

  • Phoeben Andress Obnial

    Phoeben Andress Obnial

    28 ditë më parë

    @Captain Nemo everyone else that works with tesla would like to speak to you

  • Cip Rodriguez
    Cip Rodriguez54 minuta më parë


  • V/A N/A
    V/A N/AOrë më parë

    Rich, you are, dear sir, GOLDEN!

  • Weesli 7
    Weesli 73 orë më parë

    6:53 arrest this man for basketball abuse

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson3 orë më parë

    This make me want to buy a salvage tesla and build a full chassis with a turbo LS just to troll those bastards.

  • richard hall
    richard hall7 orë më parë

    Congrats Rich, I know that was a hard realization to come to. You’re so much better off with a community that welcomes your skillset. The budding electric vehicle industry will have myriad opportunities for you. Best of luck. Don’t mind the musketeers.

  • Tj Jasko
    Tj Jasko9 orë më parë

    So I'm in the battery industry and soooo many people think that they are the way to the future and they are sooooo clean and reliable... I'm here to tell you that they are none of those things... while there is a long way to go for the future of batteries and more energy dense materials , but they are far from clean... most just ignore this but there are some on the left that blatantly deny this fact. Moving on what people never think of is what about ten years down the road ? What do you do with a battery that won't hold a charge? Now imagine every car manufacturer switching to electric... that's a lot of leftover toxic chemicals.. to be quite honest there will always be a need for batteries but for transportation the answer is probably going to be using hydrogen combustion...thanks for listening

  • custardavenger
    custardavenger10 orë më parë

    I wasn't going g to buy a Tesla before this video. I' m still never going to buy a Tesla. Good on you for everything you are doing to combat throw away society.

  • Raccoon gaming channel
    Raccoon gaming channel11 orë më parë

    So they are all for ‘saving the planet’ right ? But then they throw all this stuff... I give up on humanity

  • Aaron Kidd
    Aaron Kidd12 orë më parë

    “Im not rich”, “ive owned 10 -15 teslas” something isn’t adding up😂😂

  • Joni Ray
    Joni Ray12 orë më parë

    This why I drive a 93 geo metro, and 89 bronco ii.

  • Say What
    Say What12 orë më parë

    The referral code is back

  • Mitch
    Mitch13 orë më parë

    Corporations are moving to prevent consumers from repairing etc. They want to control it all so they can charge you what ever they want to do repairs.

  • Jay Gun
    Jay Gun13 orë më parë

    I was a big Tesla fan, but you have put great doubt in my mind. If this is true I would no longer consider buying one. My son would be devastated to know this.

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen14 orë më parë

    If I was given a new one I’d laugh as I pulled the entire thing apart on video and turned it into a high powered shiter pump. The bodies are kinda sealed so it should be a nice shit tank for storage. I will never own a vehicle who’s company is being run by SJW dictators

  • Taurmin
    Taurmin15 orë më parë

    So at what point does the bad faith business practices of tesla start to outweigh the quality of the cars for you? Personally, I had been planning to buy a tesla as my first EV but after hearing your story and hearing about the way that tesla treats their employees and seeing Elon throw a public hissy fit every time he is asked to play by the rules, I had a change of heart.

  • Mark Burton
    Mark Burton16 orë më parë

    Thanks for reposting that tweet and reminding my what an absolute bellend Musk is. :)

  • Lifeline To Recovery
    Lifeline To Recovery18 orë më parë

    Bro, even after 20 years a ALthe video description can be edited at will. Your ref code can likewise be removed.

  • Abubakar Yandiev,
    Abubakar Yandiev,18 orë më parë

    Can you give me a Tesla for 15k dollars any Tesla reply on my comment if the deal is okey for you any Tesla good and repaired fully clean any color if you have a white one the best for me

  • Lostboy
    Lostboy18 orë më parë

    Dude I was on the fence about buying a Tesla and I think you just kicked me off of it. Fuck Tesla.

  • Jordan Hendrickson
    Jordan Hendrickson19 orë më parë

    Bro, the way you put that Sponsor in there.. I was a few seconds in before I knew what what happening, it was funny after that. Well done!

  • Dini
    Dini20 orë më parë

    This is pretty pathetic from Tesla. Hopefully they reverse their decision. I can understand why they would choose to discourage unauthorised repairs but to have a go at people like this is only going to hurt their image. Poor form.

  • Dini
    Dini20 orë më parë

    You're hilarious 🤣

  • Yoinks
    Yoinks22 orë më parë

    Shit man, I really liked teslas but this is shitty. :(

  • RDE Lutherie
    RDE Lutherie22 orë më parë

    You should check out the Lucid Air. Lucid was started by Teslas ex chief engineer. The Air is pretty darn great!

  • Ken Harty
    Ken Harty22 orë më parë

    Ill never buy a Tesla now. All the shit ive watched and heard made my decision for me. I wont support a company who treats their customers and future customers like they do. Never ever. Patiently waiting for Honda or Toyota to make self driving cars.

  • VicM R
    VicM RDitë më parë

    Dude!!! Don't be taken like that. This company is POS. They think they are going to be in business doing stuff like that?

  • Jake DoesntLikeU
    Jake DoesntLikeUDitë më parë

    I've always said this, tesla is a conjob ans elon musk is a conman

  • Charles Ni
    Charles NiDitë më parë

    iaai seems pretty nice to buy pretty good condition or salvage cars

  • Charles Parker
    Charles ParkerDitë më parë

    The fact that only Tesla repairs these cars is why I have not gotten one.

  • tony m
    tony mDitë më parë

    I'm waiting for the reward...

  • Peter Williamson
    Peter WilliamsonDitë më parë

    I never thought it was going to take an anti T3sla turn, Its great you have a successful bussin3ss geared to the future .

  • PerilGG
    PerilGGDitë më parë

    Yo 10 to 15 teslas u tryna send me one sheeesh im a senior in highschool with no car

  • Percy Prins
    Percy PrinsDitë më parë

    8:55 that happened in the Netherlands😂😂

  • Tyler Victorio
    Tyler VictorioDitë më parë

    I feel that's not elon's fault. Elon just got fired as the chairman and I feel that if he didn't, they would have fixed it. That's just shitty workers right there. They should get fired by elon

  • Max Rhule
    Max RhuleDitë më parë

    Looks like they reactivated it

  • Bratislav Dragić
    Bratislav DragićDitë më parë

    Great video,made my day. I don't care about facts about Tesla but you did all this in a laughing my ass off way.

  • aadin rosemond
    aadin rosemondDitë më parë

    The Teksa Teers

  • Nolan Miller
    Nolan MillerDitë më parë

    You sir, are the Real MVP.

  • Ethan Long
    Ethan LongDitë më parë

    Really love what you do. They’re fantastic machines. Just moved to the city from a highly rural area and can’t believe how many I see on the road. People like you will pave the road to the right to repair! Would love to work with you if I could. Keep it up!

  • yep me
    yep meDitë më parë

    I like your video freedom of speech has repercussion. There is no fairness against bullies

  • FrostedJr
    FrostedJrDitë më parë

    Strong will to even say it doesn't piss you off, but you have the right to be pissed in my opinion.

  • John Morris
    John MorrisDitë më parë

    Tesla is the apple of the car company

  • DerPolygonianer
    DerPolygonianerDitë më parë

    Hey, that was Tavarish at that Event right next to your doppelganger with hair. Like his channel as well. Especially because of Jared.

  • deavman
    deavmanDitë më parë

    Yes...they threw you under the bus...Come on man, at least it was an electric bus...wasn't it.

  • Douglas Rutherford
    Douglas RutherfordDitë më parë

    feels like you are totally frustrated with tesla, yet you promote their products with full knowledge of the issues and the friction seems unbearable ... mired in conflict. Please explain your intent knowing tesla isn't interested in aftermarket repairs.

  • Nendo Crescendo
    Nendo CrescendoDitë më parë

    How the fuck do you lose a whole ass car!!??

  • Nathan Zondlo
    Nathan ZondloDitë më parë

    I think it's bullshit they wouldn't let you cash in on any of your referral credits. You literally sold cars for them. Should be illegal.

  • Dcwizzy Productions
    Dcwizzy ProductionsDitë më parë

    Heck ya!! Hold them to the flame!!!!!

  • word dog
    word dogDitë më parë

    Tesla's PR team sucks lol. Their responses have definitely lost them sales.

  • Boring VidsYT
    Boring VidsYT2 ditë më parë

    I'm never buying a Tesla after this, thanks man!

  • Stupid Pirate
    Stupid Pirate2 ditë më parë

    Oh man! So much I'd like to say and comment on. I just like your "this is what I like, find interesting plus fun, this what I'm going to do" attitude. Thanks for sharing you trials and enjoyment with us.

  • TheDeamonLo
    TheDeamonLo2 ditë më parë

    Elon Musk is quite petty at times.

  • Shawn Jenkins
    Shawn Jenkins2 ditë më parë

    Work with VICE to bring the pain to "Big Agriculture" they've already done that story how farmers have to use bootleg software and the tech giants are the roadblock over intellectual property rights!

  • Shawn Jenkins
    Shawn Jenkins2 ditë më parë

    Now you know how 50 Cents feel after getting biatch slapped by his ex. No loyalty Rich! Kudos on the parts sales, swap & service training your giving to DIY folks. Fight The Power! I've seen that JRE clip show recently, that was HUGE!

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson2 ditë më parë

    That was a smooth promotion

  • Chungus Khan
    Chungus Khan2 ditë më parë

    Elon stans are utter figs.

  • Mr. Omega
    Mr. Omega2 ditë më parë

    The simps don't want poor people owning Teslas! If you allow poor people to own them it devalues the brand as a status symbol.

  • Rob Goodsight
    Rob Goodsight2 ditë më parë

    ...then...why buy a Tesla if....all the problems?

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall2 ditë më parë

    Good for you. Kudos on your attitute.

  • Jeff Bratteson
    Jeff Bratteson2 ditë më parë

    Okay, props for the ad placement. I wish everyone did it like that. Give a little funny story.

  • Random Long Leg Cat
    Random Long Leg Cat2 ditë më parë

    I dunno, Tesla's pride is high.

  • lil Sleeper
    lil Sleeper2 ditë më parë

    Cool to see brothers thriving in NH

  • John Trout
    John Trout2 ditë më parë

    Rich, Thanks for the content! Keep up the good fight against the Tesla Simps!

  • Low Down
    Low Down2 ditë më parë

    Why do you need this plastic part? Lol just buy a new car. Pretty sad

  • Low Down
    Low Down2 ditë më parë

    Thank you! Keep going, your like a Robin Hood making sure we can fix our own property

  • Lerminator3
    Lerminator32 ditë më parë

    This is why they're telling people to vote against Right to Repair.

  • frank brown
    frank brown2 ditë më parë

    It is vitally important when buying a new car to thoroughly read the TERMS and CONDITIONS, or better yet, get a lawyer to read them to you and translate them into something you can understand. And if the terms and conditions all fall in favour of the company you are buying from, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE.

  • coffee wolf
    coffee wolf2 ditë më parë

    strange, i have been subscribed to you since your flooded tesla vid but i see your vid in the recommended section and i am somehow unsubbed. strange youtube shenanigans happening again XD

  • Thatonekid
    Thatonekid2 ditë më parë

    Thank your for your candor, and advocation for customer respect. I am sorry that you have received retaliation for your honesty. How Tesla could feel you diminish their reputation by actively trying to make known the growing pains of a beloved company that you personally have a stake in, I do not understand. I love the idea of Tesla as a company, and as part of a much larger picture I believe in. I also believe in the right to repair at least half as fervently as you do. I personally praise you for critically looking at the Tesla Company and doing your part to make it better, even if they seem to rather shoot themselves in the foot and put a bandage there before looking at the problems they could do literally Anything about. I support Elon, Tesla, and the big picture at play, despite human errors not unique to this business that are still ugly. Again, thank you.

  • Red5x5 [Redhusker]
    Red5x5 [Redhusker]2 ditë më parë

    Ted talk ROFL loved that. Been following this off and on a while. Keep up the good work man. - Fellow fixr

  • Han Pritcher
    Han Pritcher2 ditë më parë

    The guy in that video looked more like Jazzy Jeff. I hope they threw him out, Uncle Phil style...AAAGH!

  • Sajid Hasanzada
    Sajid Hasanzada2 ditë më parë

    Got fuxked and ditched😂

  • fahrudin ćoralić
    fahrudin ćoralić2 ditë më parë

    If u want electric car buy mercedes eqs 🙈💪✌️

  • Wallace Shao
    Wallace Shao2 ditë më parë

    magnuson moss act didnt apply with tesla?

  • bwjc
    bwjc2 ditë më parë

    I'm certainly not the person to tinker with my car for fun, but I will try and fix things that seem within my skill level. Tesla's seem really neat, people seem to love owning them, but as with Apple, the decidedly anti-right to repair position Tesla has taken and continues to take is all the reason I need to avoid buying their products. Good thing with Apple is there are plenty of great alternatives. Good thing with Tesla is I don't need a new vehicle right now.

    ITS IN MY ASS2 ditë më parë

    Yeah buying a Tesla doesn’t sound like a good idea to me

  • 95thRiflesOCI
    95thRiflesOCI2 ditë më parë

    The reason a tiny % of repaired or savage Tesla are on the road is because Tesla doesn't even sell many cars in the first place. Not sure why people would invest in a company that is brand new at building cars and can't even produce supply when other automotive brands overwhelm the market with sales and reliability records. First 3 years that the Model S came out they had high reliability scores, then after that boom, plagued with problems and fit and finish.

  • Duke Shaver
    Duke Shaver3 ditë më parë

    That sucks Rich. Tesla has lost my business.

  • Prince Pixel
    Prince Pixel3 ditë më parë

    Tesla is a cool concept but I prefer something that has a gas tank and 8 pistons

  • Rena
    Rena3 ditë më parë

    Bro don't get a tesla roadster, get a Miata instead!

  • luka kolundzija
    luka kolundzija3 ditë më parë

    Good job fighting globalist

  • The Dude10
    The Dude103 ditë më parë

    Yo I honestly want to buy one because of your videos. So I'm definitely going to be looking at getting one.

  • bowblizz
    bowblizz3 ditë më parë

    This video explains why i will not purchase a Tesla vehicle. They retain the control of that car which is nuts. Whats stopping tesla from applying weekly, monthly charges under the threat of an over the air freeze of your vehicle.

  • Rolando P.
    Rolando P.3 ditë më parë

    Louis Rossmann is an Apple repair guy also exposing similar issues but with Apple, he loves Apple products but their policies make Apple and Tesla look like evil companies with great products.

  • luchadorito
    luchadorito3 ditë më parë

    How does one fight shady business behaviour like this? Seriously...anything short of throwing bricks in to showroom windows will get you a “we understand your frustration, now sod off and die” from some underpayed helpdesk person. I prefer the iOs interface over Android and Im sure a lot of people prefer Tesla over the alternatives in the same way. Now we all know that according to the book you vote with your dollar but in industries where you need to invest billions of dollars of capita before a single phone or car is manufactured, the companies can all just do the same and sell incomplete, unrepairable products. It’s not like the average consumer will develop his or her own smarphone or electric car. Buying older models isnt really an option either: I can get a 2002 Civic or any other traditional car and be fine with it for a long time. I cant get a 2002 smartphone or electric car because there weren’t any yet. These product categories are so new, looking a few years back is not a question of lesser efficiency but a question of existance and sadly If a few companies have an oligopoly over them now, they will probably have it later so I dont see who the situation can be improved

  • David
    David3 ditë më parë

    The Tesla experience is very much like the Apple experience. A lot of hype for a very mediocre product, with very poor support afterwards.

  • David Walls
    David Walls3 ditë më parë

    I appreciate all your work, if Tesla wants to be a household name they are going to have to support their products. I am truly saddened it takes guys like you, calling them on their weak excuses to do the right thing and support their products. The truth is all cars are just as dangerous as EV vehicles and the risks are damn near identical repairing them, yet if ford, Honda, General Motors, or any other major auto manufacturer used these tactics they would be blasted from every direction and a media frenzy would ensue. As a person who was considering restoring a damaged Tesla, your channel helped me decide I don’t want to support their product until they support their customers, ALL of them. I still think they are a good company, but they need a swift kick in the butt to remind them to do the right thing here

  • Anthony Porreca FPVRC
    Anthony Porreca FPVRC3 ditë më parë

    I'll take that white 88 fox body next to that stupid flat battery any day of the week.

  • AKA Flix
    AKA Flix3 ditë më parë

    I believe Elon musk is a good person. I also believe Tesla is a good company. But what they did is not acceptable. Putting people’s lives at risk is disgusting and I know there are people at fault of this and did not care.

  • Uriah Anthony
    Uriah Anthony3 ditë më parë

    Bruh you're hilarious, insta sub.

  • Robertson Tirado
    Robertson Tirado3 ditë më parë

    Electric cars do not save the environment.

  • terrortorn
    terrortorn3 ditë më parë

    remember freedom of speech is exactly freedom from repercussions. DO exactly as we expect is freedom from repercussions.

  • Richard Cordner
    Richard Cordner3 ditë më parë

    Tesla: the iPhone of cars.

  • dnl machine
    dnl machine3 ditë më parë

    "This man has 10 hair" Well i loled and spat my tea all over my 10 hair nether region. Stay gold.

  • out quick
    out quick3 ditë më parë

    I've seen a couple of shady things that Elon musk has done in general I think he is just a slim ball suit. I personally don't like electric cars because once they're no good I'm assuming that the battery just sits there and reaches into the environment eventually. I'm more into sport bikes the kind with 1000s and twisty roads n knees down. $10,000 is more my price range anyway lol

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T3 ditë më parë

    Be careful...Musk will COUP you

  • Tt Miller
    Tt Miller3 ditë më parë

    With any new tech, no one is "Joe pro" and perfect at it...give it time...

  • Kreatywny .exe
    Kreatywny .exe3 ditë më parë

    I dont understand why buy tesla when you have better brands for example i live in poland and if you buy tesla in poland you neet to go to germany to fix it if it brakes so why should somebody buy tesla instead of mercedes BMW or volkswagen

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan3 ditë më parë

    Hit a bumper while Paralel Parking called tesla Tesla: Yea just throw it out and get a new one, what you want to replace the bumper only you Pesant.

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