Tesla is stealing features from you, but is it wrong?

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Today we discuss tesla's attitude that "all your cars belong to us" when it comes to removing features from the car you own.
Teslas new salvage vehicle policy bit.ly/37yx60J
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  • Dennis Nirmark
    Dennis Nirmark4 ditë më parë

    awesome video :-)

  • Solar God
    Solar God5 ditë më parë

    With technology you will never have privacy

  • giuliano encina
    giuliano encina8 ditë më parë

    Oh Rich did you just found out Musk trying to monopolize and make as much money to built some other shit that no body needs....

  • Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
    Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.18 ditë më parë

    It sounds like your talking about an iphone!

  • Lennon Tedesco
    Lennon Tedesco20 ditë më parë

    3:03 thats where that meme comes from

  • jim pix
    jim pix21 ditë më parë

    Excellent video Rich. I can’t understand why the fanboys wouldn’t want the car’s faults to be sorted. It would improve their beloved’s reputation. I’m from the UK and for a long time I’ve assumed that the USA is a land of top service. The majority of companies are Big on service. But Tesla seems to ignore that ethos. Big on technical issues. Big on speed etc... Slow on quality of finish, also poor service. The Big Brother aspect really puts me off. Although I like Tesla’s Mission, I’d have to wait till they sorted out their failings before I get their car. It’s a bit like Not upgrading one’s computer till all the bugs are ironed out 🕷 🐜 🐛 Btw. A good alternative to all that complexity is the original Mini. Keep it Rich. Maybe tune it up. Fix a door make it the best it can be. You know how high they can sell for. You will love it. It is a go kart. May the Force be with you.🌀 (-: :-)

  • MrTallocks
    MrTallocks22 ditë më parë

    Tesla needs to hire you!! Make you the head of their SERVICE DEPARTMENTS world wide. It's known that service makes more profit than sales in the automotive industry. I'm surprised they haven't approached you with an offer. It's a no brainer. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! You know what Tesla should do to keep there customers satisfied long after it's been purchased. You can make them billions if they hired you and truly put to action your ideas. I want to own a Tesla. I'm the type who buys a car for the long haul. So a good convenient maintenance department is essential. Instead of putting money on a Mars mission, Tesla needs to get their priorities straight. Dude if you came out with a vehicle, I would buy it no questions asked!!😊😊 You're about satisfied customers.

  • Random GD pro YT
    Random GD pro YTMuaj më parë

    So... In the end u actually spent 30.000-50.000$ on something you don't actually own. YOU GET A Y IN THE CHAT FOR THAT ELON!!! I'll then get either a WAYGO or a DACIA SENTRY if tesla doesn't behave

  • Ray Bickham
    Ray BickhamMuaj më parë

    Telsa is seriously so fucking dumb...let me explain like Ruch said Tesla could possibly make 24k from one car if the car was sold three times just off of whatever feature. Rich also brought up a good point...when you buy a Tesla do you really own it????

  • movax20h


    13 ditë më parë

    Is that different from any other car really? Every car has parts that you can't replace legally really. Or if you replace them, you can't really claim it is still responsibility of the manufacturer to keep it updated or take the blame for something going wrong.

  • Scott Neal
    Scott NealMuaj më parë

    I feel like everyone should drop out of tesla market as nothing special since there are a lot of other companies that are doing the same. We the people are just making Elon rich when you have all these scams.

  • Эд Cárdenas
    Эд CárdenasMuaj më parë

    7:05 1000 pesos!!!

  • Tadeusz Tomaszew
    Tadeusz TomaszewMuaj më parë

    great job Rich!

  • Sir Miles
    Sir MilesMuaj më parë

    Great points and logic young Genius! Its like renting the car since someone else ultimately controls all the electronics that are built into it!!

  • Not Telling
    Not Telling2 muaj më parë

    TLDW - yes... Simply yes

  • C 19 Commander
    C 19 Commander2 muaj më parë

    How does Tesla get away from all the shit they do, where are the consumer protection agency ? Mr Rich,does does tesla get away with all they shit they do-?

  • C 19 Commander
    C 19 Commander2 muaj më parë

    Tesla is a big scam.

  • moto nation
    moto nation2 muaj më parë

    Great job rich. I love your videos and I love Tesla but they need to be far.

    COWBOYS DALLAS2 muaj më parë

    Well you convinced me not to ever buy a Tesla

  • razor yes
    razor yes2 muaj më parë

    I always thought that it is the government that certifies whether a car is road worthy or not. Looks like I am wrong in the case of a Tesla. It's the only car that you never own, even if you have paid for it and think that you own it. And Rich, you are awesome! Your mission is far more greener than these money milking a$$es.

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell2 muaj më parë

    I want to thank your channel for convincing me never to buy a Tesla. Typical tech rip off tactics and you don't really own the car. It is a total scam.

  • jrveloria
    jrveloria2 muaj më parë

    With all the b.s. to get a salvage Tesla charging adequately. I don't care much for Tesla cars no matter how sophisticated or fast it is, in the end my petrol car would take me further and not worry to find a charging station.

  • king rabbit
    king rabbit2 muaj më parë

    I died when he was talking about hiring the snitch and a pic of 69 popped up lmao

  • rich .cicciu
    rich .cicciu2 muaj më parë

    Regarding who owns the car.. ie supercharging....that may happen may be true regarding a lease and not owners of Tesla's...great stuff and conversations Rich...keep charging..

  • Lucas
    Lucas2 muaj më parë

    Tesla should hire Rich!

  • Macafee
    Macafee3 muaj më parë

    Don’t attack rich, pound at Tesla’s door until your voice is heard.

  • fina . com
    fina . com3 muaj më parë

    tesla is like apple control freaks this why the micro soft number one in the world, tesla will lose in the E-market. they can't sue you if own the car but they own the software. Just make new software for your tesla and turn anything on.

  • oraclewizard77
    oraclewizard773 muaj më parë

    There is an easy solution, buy a used Prius instead of a used Tesla.

  • Issac Ben Avram
    Issac Ben Avram3 muaj më parë

    Wow. Rip off. Thank you for educating the public. Amazing Rich. You are a genius.

  • The 55Miner
    The 55Miner3 muaj më parë

    Its like you ban driving in a country because you are afraid that someone will be involved in a car accident

  • eddie pan
    eddie pan3 muaj më parë

    If Tesla is not supporting damage and Salvaged Tesla, they should make sure the car is 100% recycled

  • TrixyRG
    TrixyRG3 muaj më parë

    Who’s the owner of that 2016 model x Tesla ? 400k miles in 4 years ?? That’s well over 270 miles per day everyday for 4 years. Wonder what they were doing

  • amazingjake
    amazingjake3 muaj më parë

    fighting the good fight. way to try and keep them honest.

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene Kelly3 muaj më parë

    Amazing how the stock is zooming-and yet the cars are poorly built and no after market service-whatever you save on these cars is all eaten up the exorbitant repair costs.

  • Diane Womble
    Diane Womble3 muaj më parë

    Rich I think it’s a great public service to call companies out (any company). As for fan boys that say what about the mission then they need to read Tesla’s mission, transition the planet to sustainability; your trying to do the same thing. If something can be repaired it should be used, that’s being responsible.

  • Rex Kramer - Danger Seeker
    Rex Kramer - Danger Seeker3 muaj më parë

    Tesla already got their money for the salvaged cars. Anything else they can milk out of people is a plus. I think people are slowly realizing that you don't "own" a Tesla, you're just paying for licenses and the privilege of driving one. I'm surprised they haven't started frying the controllers and shit whenever one pops up on the salvage sites.

  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull3 muaj më parë

    Cus of this nonsense I won't buy a Tesla.

  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull3 muaj më parë

    Why wouldn't they hire you. Companies are so stubborn. Typical bullshit.

  • E V
    E V3 muaj më parë

    The wording makes it sound like it’s just the supercharger tech they will sue you. DC fast charging may be different

  • Jacques Gauthier
    Jacques Gauthier3 muaj më parë

    A court could force the issue of the disabled supercharging on third party charging stations. If reach out to viewers that are in the same situation as you are, a class action lawsuit financed by the group could take on Tesla in court and the courts could have an injunction to force them to change the policy. The situation you described in another video where customers paid to have the supercharging enabled after a repair only for Tesla to disable it later sounds fraudulent to me unless they reimbursed the money. I get that this won't help your investment on the short run, but in the long run it would make Tesla a better company. Tesla's actions to "punish" you for your ALthe activities seems iffy to me. You aren't an employee, you are part owner of that company and a customer. Tesla is trying to copy how Apple is making it very difficult for third repair shops to repair its computers. Maybe it's time for people to design an open source EV where this won't be an issue. You might find Louis Rossman's channel interesting given the issues he has had with Apple.

  • Adam Engle-Sorrell
    Adam Engle-Sorrell3 muaj më parë

    I’m sure that guy on the forums is also tasked with watching Rich’s vids

  • Lovro Pirkl
    Lovro Pirkl3 muaj më parë

    You can't ask Tesla for supercharging access, but if they blocked you from DC fast-charging, as far as my limited knowledge goes, they don't have any right to do that, my advice is : pay for an add (if you can afford it) on youtube that will surely make everyone realize what Tesla is doing behind the scenes, then Tesla will probably allow DC fast-charging

  • Nicolas Raimo
    Nicolas Raimo3 muaj më parë

    I made a video comparing how there direct sales methods causes issues that wouldn't occur under a franchise model and the tesla fan boys NAILED me to a cross for it. Same with you i LOVE Tesla and want them to improve but it seems am unable to convince the fan boys these issues exist even with physically proof

  • R. T.
    R. T.3 muaj më parë

    can tesla pease put a PS4 in the car for fortnite.

    I FIX BOATS3 muaj më parë

    Upstart sux buttts

    I FIX BOATS3 muaj më parë

    I'd never buy. Or want one. Im good with my old mechanical diesel pickup

  • Find Manny
    Find Manny3 muaj më parë

    I dont know about this one. I still think as a new product that people are still unsure still seems smart to reduce the potential risky super charging. Remember how people made a big deal when the tesla auto driver crashed, even though the statistics were in their favor, its still hurt their sales. Its not they dont want you to share their charging services, its that they dont want to risk a tesla blowing up in ANY SUPER Charging, because thats exactly what the competition is waiting for. Im still glad you've made people aware. especiialy the DIY auction hunters.

  • Rodrigo Rosas
    Rodrigo Rosas4 muaj më parë

    Try rivian lol

  • _latch_key_
    _latch_key_4 muaj më parë

    Man the way you wrapped that up. Ice gotta get my act together

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark4 muaj më parë

    Elon's brutal deadlines force him to do SUPER SHADY shit to get cash in the building.

  • Mike Mohr
    Mike Mohr4 muaj më parë

    I do all the work on my own cars now. I cannot imagine having to go to Tesla for every little thing. I also do not like the idea that they have more control over the car than I do! I feel with you Rich!

  • Teslafaninsight
    Teslafaninsight4 muaj më parë

    Rich show great and impact of your questions great. one other thing I can't figure out with Tesla is their pricing of used model s. very hard to buy them when they are priced within a few thousand of a brand new model 3. I supposed resale is preserved but if no one will buy why bother

  • new & improved 305
    new & improved 3054 muaj më parë

    Porsche should make affordable electric cars

  • jeff
    jeff4 muaj më parë

    400k miles ? I’m exhausted thinking about all the charging to get that many miles on a tesla

  • Gregory Clarke
    Gregory Clarke4 muaj më parë

    Proud of this guy. He's very intelligent. Keep it up bro!

  • John Trout
    John Trout4 muaj më parë

    Awesome video as always Rich!

  • stamina4days
    stamina4days4 muaj më parë

    So wait. If I sell my Tesla, the next owner doesn't get Full Self Driving, because it follows me and not my car, right? So does that mean on my next car, I get it for free because I paid for it on my last car and it doesn't stay with the last car? If not....I smell a class action suit

  • Ts 3dPrints
    Ts 3dPrints4 muaj më parë

    Didn't we go threw this lawsuit already with farmers vs John Deere?

  • pl topper
    pl topper4 muaj më parë


  • Jack White
    Jack White4 muaj më parë

    Imagine paying for fsd and they disable it wtf

  • Hunter Lovering
    Hunter Lovering4 muaj më parë

    hey man, I'm looking to buy new model 3, what do you think the chances are that Tesla would be dicks and disable supercharging for it?

  • omnivore gains
    omnivore gains4 muaj më parë

    Love ur vids

  • Shane D
    Shane D4 muaj më parë

    Or.. if they hired him to do repair and or inspection. Rich, keep up the great work and thank you for showing the faults in the system. I love gas but tesla has proven electric can compete so it is a love hate deal. Lol

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen4 muaj më parë

    as an electrical engineer, I can potentially built my own super(whatever) charger ... it's my car , and I modify it

  • Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard4 muaj më parë

    Tesla: Disables supercharging Me: Disables the WHOLE Tesla company

  • Jason Franqui
    Jason Franqui5 muaj më parë

    They both need to go on Joe Rogan and smoke a blunt

  • irfan ataulawal
    irfan ataulawal5 muaj më parë

    Lol Rich is Louis Rossman of Tesla

  • Theodric
    Theodric5 muaj më parë

    I'm sitting at my computer watching your damn video, Rich, what do you think I'm doing? Gosh!

  • RT 1979
    RT 19795 muaj më parë

    We so need a federal right to repair bill. Also, company shouldn't be able to take off an option, it was sold as an option not as a subscription service. I'm surprised i have heard of more lawsuits on this.

  • MEC CH
    MEC CH5 muaj më parë

    All you Tesla cucks glorifying Tesla and calling elon a god smh

  • Eli Vega
    Eli Vega5 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich, maybe you know what’s going on here. But Tesla keeps adding and removing unlimited supercharging on me. I called Tesla but they can’t seem to find out why this is happening? Have you encountered this issue?

  • Alex Bonardi
    Alex Bonardi5 muaj më parë

    I'll tell you what i'm doing: driving an EV that's not a Tesla and actually own it. I really don't get why you want to put all that talent and resourcefulness you have to try to fight a clearly Don Quixote battle. There are so many other EVs out there with interesting drivetrains that could benefit from your abilities, so why not start throwing a bit of those in the mix? No one has yet started seriously modding EVs rather than just strip them down to feather weight (if that is ever possible in a 2 ton vehicle), the only really cool ones are the conversions, where imagination is the only limit (see EV West). Tesla started with the best of intentions (sharing patents) but seems to me they have fallen back into a very corporate, protect every ounce of my IP, kind of mentality. And that is ok as long as they don't overreach on the most basic of contract between a seller and a buyer. Honestly i would be much funder of the car if it would lose all the expensive "add ons" and make a truly pure EV (impressive drive train + Battery + simple creature comforts) ...nothing more (imagine if all that HW wasn't installed on the lowest costing version...how much less would it cost?). Again just a thought...space to the haters.

  • Jerome Watson
    Jerome Watson5 muaj më parë

    Hey brother thanks for standing up for us for we the people need help in every way possible for the bigger Tesla gets it's us the little people who gets shafted for buying into a cleaner planet greed money will always bring out the Judas in us

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge5 muaj më parë

    Your idea put in the protocol on the superchargers themselves is a very good one. Not just because it allows their Network to be protected without keeping you from using the supercharger that you buy and have installed in your garage but also because if you were to hack your car to turn it back on then their Network would treat it like it's back on. It is essentially gives the end-user power over their Network, and I am not confident that their legal language would fly especially when you consider states with right to repair laws and first sale Doctrine. Add in the fact that if you buy a charging station directly from Tesla they are keeping you from using Hardware that you paid for. I'm extra concerned that if I were to buy a Tesla and let's say something happens to me and my significant other takes over the title, well, Tesla would disable its core capabilities purely on the basis of a transfer of ownership. They would literally kill it if the owner died and that there's nothing else wrong with it.

  • Guessagain KK
    Guessagain KK5 muaj më parë

    Iphone in a Tesla

  • Dan Mortimer
    Dan Mortimer5 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich. Im watching your channel and coming to the conclusion that Tesla sucks. I wont be ever getting one, not that i can afford one. Your solid observations are awesome. Keep up the good work man.

  • youmadbro _1
    youmadbro _15 muaj më parë

    Tesla is basically the car industry equivalent of apple

  • Mike Gervasi
    Mike Gervasi5 muaj më parë

    I think if i owned a rebuilt salvage I would be looking to hack the software, enable everything, and cut the connection to Tesla completely. It's MY car, I own it and I can do whatever I want with it. We fought this same fight years ago with Apple and the jailbreaking/unlocking of iPhones.

  • D B
    D B5 muaj më parë

    Elon is a "Fascist".

  • Avi Ram
    Avi Ram5 muaj më parë

    The wise man on the mountain.

  • Louis Van Dyke
    Louis Van Dyke5 muaj më parë

    I love your videos, and I am so happy I found this channel! Keep up the outstanding work!

  • IcebergMM
    IcebergMM5 muaj më parë

    You're not making Tesla look bad, Tesla is.

  • J
    J5 muaj më parë

    They basically sell you the privilege to use their car, it has all the hardware and features but they only unlock them if you pay more. So who really owns the car if you can’t do anything with it. Welcome to the future

  • Kraken Rebellion
    Kraken Rebellion5 muaj më parë

    Tesla is the new apple

  • Primo Gonzales
    Primo Gonzales5 muaj më parë

    Good information about supercharging. We can't choose to do third party supercharging because Tesla can sue the car owner who does not really own the car. It's videos like this one that makes me NOT want to reserve a Tesla whenever I get that Cybertruck itch like a Tesla-buying bitch.

  • Kieran Nicholas
    Kieran Nicholas5 muaj më parë

    Loving your vids.. I think its safe to say I have been put off the Tesla's due to, as you say, who owns the car. When I buy a product, I want to be able to do whatever I want to or with it, while its in my possession. So of course if I want to Enable and Disable features on it. Should have the power to do so. Totally understand warranties would be void etc, but this would be my decision as to whether i want them enabled or not. I'm not sold on the whole autodrive thing as I would still prefer to have control. Fast Charging or supercharging. I'm sorry, this should be enabled regardless. There should be safeties in the car when you plugg it in to decide how much power it draws for charging. To disable it completely. Nah, not my bag. I mean what if I decided I wanted to stick a Solar panel on the roof to keep the car topped up on Long journeys, like I do in my Motorhome. Surley I should he able to do this if I decide I want to.. Again its all down to control of what you are allowed or not allowed to do, or what they think they can allow you to do.. If this makes sense of course

  • Kunta Chente
    Kunta Chente5 muaj më parë

    I was getting a Tesla but I will not be buying one for being ass holes

  • Mjcjael Ryan
    Mjcjael Ryan5 muaj më parë

    Here's an idea I know you're for Tesla not so well finding good but I'm sorry in the end gas powered vehicles is still going to be number one elecktronicks vehicles will never go over completely it's a novelty complete and total novelty I would rather drive a vehicle that has gas power then a vehicle that thinks it knows everything and where I wanna go I'm visually impaired and Tesla would be a perfect vehicle for me but I'm not going to put my trust and a vehicle that a bunch of smart guys that think they know everything and they don't know Jack ship about common sense I'm not going to put my faith in the that product I'm sorryEgotistical people get people hurt and EI musk isn't eating disco person he thinks whose product is on fallibleHes want more money for people that don't have the money to give hes a greedy lowlife piece a ship he just has a suit and tie that's itAnd go ahead come at me I don't care I think is designs are good but I think hes shooting at the moon and hes bissingQuit rolling about the environment because global warming and all the bullship that people push and push and push its just like fall Winter Spring summer it's seasons it happens every 100 to 200 years look at the process of everything look at that and then and then and only then come at people with knowledge don't listen to these India Arctic scientist that think they know everything they don't know Jack ship it sorry it's true it's just like this covert 19 bullship it because trump is pushing for people to get along hes a racist he tried to shut down everything all imports everything that way we could be protected but no that's being racist Eli musk and all the other idiots that think they are big Badin brave think they know everything that's going on they don't know Jack ship you ought to be ashamed of yourself for backing people like that I hope this finds you and you do research and actually think about what you're putting out there instead of blindly following somebody just to follow somebody quit it be a leader not a follower

  • Robert Goff
    Robert Goff5 muaj më parë

    Why hasn't Rich hooked up with the "right to repair" people?

  • Richard Moniz
    Richard Moniz5 muaj më parë

    I am not a Tesla owner but the issues aired reminds me of Apple computers IOS and Microsoft OS and computers. Some entity will eventually clone the Tesla system and make it better. Apple/ Mac tried and lost.

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett5 muaj më parë

    Okay I see you have a lot of skin in the game and I deeply respect that. I understand your position on the software. John deer is doing the same thing to farmers. Quit salvaging parts and quit working on your own vehicles. I believe that the truckers are running into the with the same problem the right to repair. I personally wouldn't buy a electric car at this stage of development because of a host of issues, but I wouldn't deny anyone the right to keep on building them and selling them. Nor should anyone be denied the rights to write and sell software to operate systems on cars. It really is the right of ownership. Your argument is well founded and presented. Good luck on your endeavors.

  • Doug K
    Doug K5 muaj më parë

    This is the main reason I don't support Tesla!

  • gojitmal1978
    gojitmal19785 muaj më parë

    Maybe they should just disable supercharge feature to prevent fires on all Tesla cars...Lol what a piece of shit car/company. Paying all that money... To get sued that that shitty company with their shitty cars.

  • Vinny Risalvato
    Vinny Risalvato5 muaj më parë


  • John Jacob Hohulin
    John Jacob Hohulin5 muaj më parë

    I didn't have sex, but I was planning on it :/

  • ReverendChance
    ReverendChance6 muaj më parë

    "The Golden Hammer" ala IBM...

  • anyusernamesleftest
    anyusernamesleftest6 muaj më parë

    Tesla need to stop being dicks

  • My Two Thoughts
    My Two Thoughts6 muaj më parë

    Hi Folks.. Ok It's one thing if Tesla locks people out of there network. It's one thing if someone try's and enables some features and goes through the Tesla network and if someone does so behind Tesla's back kind of thing. I get that. BUT, the problem that Tesla has is that they are trying to have control over these devices even though these devices are no longer Tesla property or in Tesla's possession. This is where the dividing line is. What Tesla is doing is basically committing fraud. For Tesla to give anyone this nonsense that they'll sue you is hog wash. Once Tesla sells these devices these devices are no longer Tesla's property. You can basically do what ever you want with these devices. If you want to use a different charge network. Ultimately Tesla can't do a thing about it. Tesla can't keep you from reconditioning salvaged cars and fixing them. Let me explain to you what Tesla's business model is so we're all on the same page. are you ready? They are all throw away devices. Tesla doesn't want anything to do with fixing or even having damaged devices back on the road. What they do want is for you to put another 50k 120k back on their table. The problem is Tesla is missing out on a huge revenue stream by having this bad attitude towards fixer uppers. I'm starting my own business and I can't afford to miss out on any potential extra money. Another thing what they're doing is to some degree is tick'n people off. Another bad business practice.

  • Pumpkin King XXIII
    Pumpkin King XXIII6 muaj më parë

    Wow, I looked at buying a Tesla a couple of times but the supercharger network was lacking where I would be using the car so put it off until they expanded it but after watching your last couple videos I’m out. I don’t think I would ever buy a Tesla until the government steps in and nut cuts this behavior. There practices are sketchy as hell!

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis6 muaj më parë

    Every time I see one of these pathetic trojan adverts in your videos I thumbs down.

  • Seth Mottahedeh
    Seth Mottahedeh6 muaj më parë

    Basically every joke he makes about Tesla is to the T (lol literally).

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