Using Tesla parts in my Electric Rat Rod Conversion

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In today's episode we do some more welding in flip flops, mount the controller, and make a new brake pedal!
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  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich RebuildsVit më parë

    If you felt touched inappropriately by the heat sink, please comment below.

  • Martin Hyder

    Martin Hyder

    10 ditë më parë

    aggelos sofos Q

  • Nuno Moreira

    Nuno Moreira

    Muaj më parë

    Bad bad bad idea, but you do you 😂 it's your car

  • Alex Wheeler

    Alex Wheeler

    3 muaj më parë

    Instead of reiterating what every engineer with two or more neurons has said so far, I shall simply leave this nugget of wisdom from Mark Novak: "If you're gonna be dumb, you have to be tough.". -although in your case I might suggest this alteration: "if you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be fuckin' fireproof. NINJA EDIT: I would be remiss to not say why this is dumb. This heatsink removal is dumb because you are arguing with the LAWS OF PHYSICS. -and the laws of physics broker no bullshit. As YOU say, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." Or, put another way, "I don't want that heat there", does not in fact warp space-time and thermodynamics to remove that heat from that part. So put a fuckin' heatsink where you need to sink heat.

  • RWBHere


    Vit më parë

    I never gave anyone a chance to have me felt touched inappropriately by the heatsink....

  • Robert Simpson

    Robert Simpson

    Vit më parë

    Keep up the great work 👍

  • Itai Friedman
    Itai Friedman11 ditë më parë

    Put the Tesla system in it and make it self driving

  • Mr. Soyhair
    Mr. Soyhair18 ditë më parë

    As a professional youtube comment analyzer of 6 years, this is a very good comment section

  • Mike H
    Mike HMuaj më parë

    I wonder if I’m the only one that got that “carpenters” reference.. I love some old folk music!

  • da ne
    da ne3 muaj më parë

    What's the safety rating on those flops.once you get hot spark or a weld bead jump you'll be safe. At least they will break an electrical jump. Most people would have looked for shorter seats.

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    It's easy to arm chair those trying new things , if we were all experts what would we complain about.

  • da ne
    da ne3 muaj më parë

    Who is going to judge your weld?You can't see it , does it hold?

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    Learn aluminum welding , I've seen it looks much easier.

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    Most welders just grind it .lol

  • Allan Eddings
    Allan Eddings3 muaj më parë

    Rich you build some cool ass stuff. Lets build an electric helicopter!!! let me know i still have a few bucks in my pocket

  • Guan Sim Teh
    Guan Sim Teh3 muaj më parë

    As a professional ALthe commenter, I'd like to say good job and keep it up.

  • Nicholas Thompson
    Nicholas Thompson3 muaj më parë

    I can understand why many of these folks are concerned about the heat sink, but also, its your car screw them.

  • Jason Hedlund
    Jason Hedlund3 muaj më parë

    Love the flip flops Rich!

  • Tesla P3D
    Tesla P3D6 muaj më parë

    As a professional ALthe commenter, these comments aren't up to the standard of comments for your other videos.

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir7 muaj më parë

    You mentioned tying off your wiring harness with zip ties, but I see two problems with that strategy: 1) Especially if the zipties are being mounted outside the car, it's not a very weather resistant option or resistant to pests chewing them apart, and having seen previous videos in which you have had to duel with rodents chewing on your wiring, the zipties are not a very durable solution. 2) Plastic has a tendency to age and crack, which means when it does, your wiring harness loses its support. A better idea - buy U brackets and metal (steel or aluminum) pipe aka metal conduit. That's right. Run the pipe along its path, and then run the wiring harness inside the pipe. Use the U brackets to mount the pipe to your car's body. Bingo. Weather-resistant and pest resistant shielding for your wire harness.

  • Crünch Master
    Crünch Master7 muaj më parë

    As a professional idiot who don' know jack shit about electronics, dc to dc makes no sense

  • Ryan Eglitis
    Ryan Eglitis8 muaj më parë

    As a complete novice who has never welded a thing, those welds were the worst I've ever seen.

  • gReGsKi GmAiL
    gReGsKi GmAiL8 muaj më parë

    As a semi pro ALthe watcher with over 47 years of part time ALthe watching experience I must say: "Oh no he didn't _____________________________ ! um yes he did."

  • 24 Subscribers
    24 Subscribers10 muaj më parë

    Ngl this 30-31 roadster was built so bad by the previous owner. Ugly frame, front suspension is ugly, and the body work is disgusting. Just something someone put together to get sold 😢. Hope you make it better

  • no one
    no one10 muaj më parë

    What the f do you think youre doing Removing the heatsink well cause a fire as the first moment it heats up Are you f-ing stupid

  • Grega Perne
    Grega Perne10 muaj më parë

    Love your humor!!:)

  • Alastair Drong
    Alastair Drong11 muaj më parë

    As a software engineer of 15 years, I'm completely unqualified to say that I wish I had a slice of pizza and a Tesla model S.

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade11 muaj më parë

    As a professional human i must say, humans are dumb but I appreciate personal handywork^_^ atleast you have the courage to show your work and laugh at it👍👍

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp11 muaj më parë

    As German I can tell you that ... (please add funny comment yourself)

  • Rob Daugherty
    Rob Daugherty11 muaj më parë

    “That never made sense to me.” Not making sense is part of the rat rod culture. The funky pedals, the seat, etc. Love the build, make it your own, whatever that may be!

  • Yvon King_YS
    Yvon King_YSVit më parë

    You are not only using a motor cycle's motor on a car, but you are also taking away the controller's passive cooling (heat sink), not a good idea, but hopefully the gear ratio will be favorable to the motor. Otherwise, the motor controller might give up

  • typhoon320i
    typhoon320iVit më parë

    I would have practiced my welding for several days prior to touching the rat rod, but.... that being said, Rich would have his project done 10x faster than I would. 5:12 You're killing me Smalls! that would drive me crazy to see 4 holes drilled in "roughly a square." You couldn't pick up a ruler?

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew WilliamsVit më parë

    Lookin' good, Richie B. But the kickstand would've been awesome, mounted to the left frame rail, just as a novelty, to give homage to where it all came from. It would also prevent the car from being driven, if some1 accidentally left it down, as intended. Lol! Oh... It could be an anti-theft device, for those that don't know that he's there. Well, since I'm a bit late, here, I'm sure that is already been done. Sigh.

  • seriousmustangnut
    seriousmustangnutVit më parë

    If you're welding with flux wire, did you remember to reverse the + and - connections (+ to GND clamp and - to tip)? As a crappy occasional welder that always uses flux core wire, I just thought I'd bring it up as a possibility.

  • Savethe Whalesharks
    Savethe WhalesharksVit më parë

    You could mount the controller directly to the aluminum plate and mount the heat sink anywhere on the aluminum. Even underneath. The closer to the controller the better.

  • Hayden Demmitt
    Hayden DemmittVit më parë

    As a non professional that’s amazing

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen KumarVit më parë

    @1:45 "There's a shortage of carpenters." No there isn't. There is a short of carpenters willing to work long hours for crappy wages.

  • Wulfleyn
    WulfleynVit më parë

    I think this thing really should be called the electric rat. Also, sandals + sparks. Never a good combo.

  • Film Doctor Studios
    Film Doctor StudiosVit më parë

    As a lazy person of over 12 years, I'm impressed by your ambition, and that means something

  • Anthony Bair
    Anthony BairVit më parë

    That looks like the harbor freight welder I have and if so it comes with the ability to be wired for 110 or 220. If this is the case the 110 is terrible and I ran into issues with at higher settings it didn't feed consistently and the power going to the actual welding seemed to fluctuate a lot. Switching it to the 220 option made it a much better welder. Just a friendly tip.

  • smileymattj
    smileymattjVit më parë

    You can mount the heatsink under the bracket and the controller flat on the bracket and it will give you the clean mount you desire and add additional heat dissipation. Adding the spacer is actually doing the opposite of what you're thinking. The larger the metal that the controller comes in contact with the more air can move across said metal and remove more heat. Sandwiching it, isn't going to hurt the heat transfer as long as all metals are flat and make good contact. I believe the sandwich idea will give you more heat dissipation than the original bike setup.

  • Bruce W Randol
    Bruce W RandolVit më parë

    Considering your wonderful welding skills I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you ask and see if you can borrow your offspring from his mom and try his welding skills. Couldn’t hurt at this point. However, keeping in the rat rod realm keep doing what you are doing.

  • Jorelplay
    JorelplayVit më parë

    wait, why I'm watching this on 3:20 in the morning?

  • Jarred Sutherland
    Jarred SutherlandVit më parë

    As an amateur electrical tape technician you should have used red since that is known to go faster.

  • Yo Man
    Yo ManVit më parë

    As an atheist, even I have started praying for you and other road users once you get that thing on the road. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Vega Motor Werkz
    Vega Motor WerkzVit më parë

    As a rocket scientist for NASAL, I cringed at everything around 8:50 , if you want to reduce the controllers profile, just watercool it, by removing that passive huge heatsink from the bacl of it, you mostlikely reduced that controllers lifespan to at least half... and worst case scenario it will just burn up within 30 minutes of driving that thing around in a fun way and not like a granny, may the force be with you!

  • Amir Khazaieli
    Amir KhazaieliVit më parë

    Damn it rich you are definitely TROLLING with the "imma add spacer to make it cooler", right? In case not, more surface area = more cooling. The metal on metal is GOOD. no contact means the controller metal plate has to eat all the heat. You want as much surface area as possible + direct contact on the controller (like, attach it directly to the car body for example). Material can also make a difference as people have said but the most important factor is lots of surface area (thats why heatsinks have fins) But you have a whole car not a dinky electrocycle so you have lots more metal surface area to take advantage of

  • ShortiWatta82
    ShortiWatta82Vit më parë

    I know I'm late and this is old, but when you weld go in small circular motions. It will make your weld a lot stronger and it will also ensure that you have connected both metals and completely made it one

  • RWBHere
    RWBHereVit më parë

    Plenty of people have given you stern warnings and advice about the heatsink. So there's no need to mention it. But I'd like to put in a word for the huge number of pigeons who assisted with the welding. You must have really scared them silly to make them produce that many droppings! They need a care plan now. 🤪

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin TuckerVit më parë

    You know Elon is a secret fan..!

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin TuckerVit më parë

    As a long time ALthe watcher, I have to tell you, I really enjoy your content, especially your cracks of wisdom! Much appreciated...

  • PepsiJosLouis
    PepsiJosLouisVit më parë

    As person who has never welded I think this should have been sponsored by some welding school and not carpentry 😂

  • Zuhir True
    Zuhir TrueVit më parë

    This is me trying to make my life look good on paper..

  • Zuhir True

    Zuhir True

    Vit më parë

    When I have no clue that am trying to figuring it out as it go.

  • TheNoRegrets55
    TheNoRegrets55Vit më parë

    “As A” Recorder Enthusiast and crappy welder...I say carry on...and bravo. 😂😂😂

  • IcanFartLOUD
    IcanFartLOUDVit më parë

    As a genius with a 178 iq., yes higher than Albert E., I can honestly say your imagination is very practical yet imaginative.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve JonesVit më parë

    Omg... Rich you are Dr Frankenstein professional mentor....but man you seem to know your shit dude....keep it coming.....from a professional standpoint of course. Check your welder settings, possibly too high )))

  • Hydro 5606
    Hydro 5606Vit më parë

    "As a professional" lackey who likes to push buttons I am asked not to push, and is new to this channel, I like your videos.

  • Kieran
    KieranVit më parë

    As a professional fan of rich, I genuinely love how savage you are to unsolicited comments 😅

  • Vladimir Simic
    Vladimir SimicVit më parë

    Nice welding!

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log upVit më parë

    This shadetree is building a death trap electric rust rod that nobody with good sense would ever ride in to safe stranded mans life.. Lolz

  • inczo757
    inczo757Vit më parë

    Rich why did you wash the electrical wires???

  • Rob


    Vit më parë

    Because they were dirty.

  • coulton bishop
    coulton bishopVit më parë

    Put a sticker on it that says this little light of mine im going to let it shine just to make people mad lol

  • Thomas Gillot
    Thomas GillotVit më parë

    Welding and angle grinding with flip flops scares me. 🥺

  • Francois L
    Francois LVit më parë

    I'm just going to say, you could buy a hobart or lincoln mig for 8-900 and do so much better. Lifelong tool! The Welder really matters. Thanks for sharing the project.

  • Francois L

    Francois L

    Vit më parë

    You'd get a lot more heat and use some gas which would make everything nicer just by having a nicer welder.

  • Xeshai
    XeshaiVit më parë

    As a human I wanted to say "As a" after this video. Also.... do things the way I would because even though I think I would like that I wouldn't watch that video.... Good day mate.

  • Cosmo Manningham-Buller
    Cosmo Manningham-BullerVit më parë

    Please take a welding lesson or just practice loads on some scrap metal. It hurts my eyes how bad it is

  • Steve B
    Steve BVit më parë

    Why do I look away when he films his welds?

  • dab time
    dab timeVit më parë

    As a professional glassblower of 5 years, I dont have any judgement!!!!! Those are some crappy welds, but who am I to judge. Haha

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    I'd say those were crappy flipflops myself.

  • Anonymous Travel Vidz.
    Anonymous Travel Vidz.Vit më parë

    Oh Rich, your neighbour wasn't wrong when he said it was a chop shop.

  • Polestarr
    PolestarrVit më parë

    All you dumb fucks are freaking out about the heatsink. Dude is trolling so hard and you're too consumed by identity "as a" that you can't resist the perfect opportunity to comment.

  • MrHousedog
    MrHousedogVit më parë

    As a wanker I like to tell people they're doing shit wrong

  • PsychoChild
    PsychoChildVit më parë

    As a subscriber this is great 😁

  • kevin
    kevinVit më parë

    As a avid professional ALthe watcher. I fucking love your videos. Never stop until ALthe stops giving you money

  • AfricanHijinx
    AfricanHijinxVit më parë

    so glad that you have people that can weld at your shop

  • Mathew Michuta
    Mathew MichutaVit më parë

    As a ALthe watcher for years, I'd like to say I love your sense of humor, and don't ever change.

  • kenneth rea
    kenneth reaVit më parë

    What Electric motorcycle did you use?

  • Bosshogg210
    Bosshogg210Vit më parë

    it needs some bomber seats ..other then that its coming out good

  • N B
    N BVit më parë

    As a prosthetist, I'm looking forward to fitting you with not one new artificial foot, but two new ones.

  • MassiveTrackHunter
    MassiveTrackHunterVit më parë, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom..... Every parent just busted out laughing at that. That used to drive me nuts when mine was that age. Enjoy!!

  • tanbrolo
    tanbroloVit më parë

    As a professional ALther, I think your videos are wicked awesome and entertaining. You're smart. You're loyal. I appreciate that. Keep ridin'.

  • NPC514-3C
    NPC514-3CVit më parë

    Love it! Hilarious. Keep up the build, fuck the tards in the comments!

  • csorrows
    csorrowsVit më parë

    As a guy who knows everything, I'm here to tell you that you are going to totally fry that Sevcon. The plate on the bottom is a heat spreader to help even out the heat from the components mounted to it internally, it does no cooling itself as it's a flat plate with little surface area. If you are really determined to not use that heat sink, at least thermally sink it to the plate with some thermal paste so the heat has somewhere to go.

  • Isaac mondragon
    Isaac mondragonVit më parë

    Reading the comments and your doing everything the wrong way! But if did the right way i would not have hopes to start my own build! 😁

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason BennettVit më parë

    As a yogi of 57.3 years, I must say your bending over is atrocious. You should be forming a "C" shape, but all I see is jank.

  • Blake Stampley
    Blake StampleyVit më parë

    Rich you should partner with the kid who built an electric plane in his garage! Yes, he did fly it personally. PeterSripol.

  • Lord Boudreaux X
    Lord Boudreaux XVit më parë

    As a nonprofessional, I wonder why you don’t like working in shoes or boots lol

  • Rafael Larios
    Rafael LariosVit më parë

    you should make the kickstand a safety security lever near the driver seat

  • pinealy
    pinealyVit më parë

    As a butcher, I'm kinda impressed with your butchering of just about everything..!

  • asbestomolesto
    asbestomolestoVit më parë

    As a professional idiot... hahahaha! I love you! :)

  • NextGen Fishing
    NextGen FishingVit më parë

    Dude your gonna burn up that controller. Take it from someone who deals with heat sinks for a living. You need that heat sink with thermal compound or it’s gonna over heat very fast

  • Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie

    Vit më parë


  • Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie

    Vit më parë

    DuDE Shut up

  • teddy
    teddyVit më parë

    anyone getting the feeling rich is being dangerous for a laugh :-)

  • Pappy Clappy
    Pappy ClappyVit më parë

    Pls anything but the CHAFE

  • home less
    home lessVit më parë

    Uncle Rich, are you sure about the heatsink space?!

  • Alejandro Tiscornia
    Alejandro TiscorniaVit më parë

    I don´t care about cars, DIYs or electricity... Flip flops, I´m here for the Flip flops

  • Stevis360
    Stevis360Vit më parë

    All these other boring auto channels showing pristine garages. With the most expensive tools. The perfect lighting. The best guests. Super expensive cars. Rich Rebuilds in his flip flops, a trolling sense of humor, oh and a kitchen knife. Where is the kitchen knife Rich? Blahahahaha

  • Stephen Castello
    Stephen CastelloVit më parë

    "as a" guy that thinks outside of the box on everything I do, I find your content stimulating, entertaining, and flat out inspiring. Threw in the "as a" just for you.

  • divyajnana
    divyajnanaVit më parë

    Rich, you are great. Your work flows from eloquently high tech (aka laser cutting) to Cro-Magnon (welding with flip-flops...actually reminds me of a friend here in Sandy Eggo) . Very fun to watch and your commentary is wonderful. You don't reference the music in the vid, luv that toooooooooo.

  • 16 Bit Images
    16 Bit ImagesVit më parë

    As a youtube viewer, Rich is really salty about these comments.

  • TurboGlenn
    TurboGlennVit më parë

    Not sure but perhaps more amps for added heat on the weld.

  • EC
    ECVit më parë

    That battery zip-tied? 😄 I mean barely screwed to the chassis haha No hard breaks or sharp corners!!

  • Najja Mallace
    Najja MallaceVit më parë

    *plans to push part harder than its intended use* "wanna keep it as cool as possible" *removes heatsink* Sure ya do.

  • Christopher Leeson
    Christopher LeesonVit më parë


  • royfokker99
    royfokker99Vit më parë

    As a professional professional, I appreciate your professional unprofessionalism.

  • James Scott
    James ScottVit më parë

    As a sheet metal guy I recommend you chamfer those zip tie holes otherwise they are going to chaff the plastic zip ties in half. Really enjoy your content by the way.

  • Luke Sigler
    Luke SiglerVit më parë

    Rich, just bought a Tesla using your code. Thanks for all the content, it’s the least I could do.

  • Boosted And Bagged
    Boosted And BaggedVit më parë

    As a person who uses common sense I like your vids Rich keep it up!!

  • Blanco Niño
    Blanco NiñoVit më parë

    Dude I dont mind the bad welds, in fact it's awesome because this is how you learn. You make shit. But, you should clean up said welds. Literally grind those puppies down and throw some paint on them. It will look great! Not with a wire wheel either, I mean full on wheel of death. Grind that shit flat and perfect. "A grinder and paint, makes me the welder I aint"

  • SolorEclipse
    SolorEclipseVit më parë

    One day I'm going to click on one of his videos and Elon musk is going to be the top comment

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