I made the throttle on my electric car and it’s pretty bad

Makina dhe automjete

Today we finish up the wiring on the electric rat rod then I fabricate the most beautiful piece of engineering I’ve ever laid my eyes on! and DNA Test results are in. Turns out I’m not your father
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  • da ne
    da ne2 ditë më parë

    The English road attire cracked me up in the hill billy rat rod or ev -lightening rod. I guess some rat rods run on white lightening too.

  • Aj Santos-Chong
    Aj Santos-Chong2 muaj më parë

    Put it on neutral,,n push like Fred n Barney

  • Aj Santos-Chong
    Aj Santos-Chong2 muaj më parë

    I think mom's sends em in there,,"go see what pops is up to".

  • Aj Santos-Chong
    Aj Santos-Chong2 muaj më parë

    I can tell,our bro was an ex tweaker turned responsible hubby n dad,who still likes to Tinker..

  • i1baja88
    i1baja885 muaj më parë

    Intel this comedy video I never understood the derogatory term that had to be cleaned up to "Afro Engineering" , thank you for the education.

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly6 muaj më parë

    Rich, please start using the term "opinions are like assholes, cuz everyone has one" you can add on and tell people to stick their opinions in their assholes. Way to many haters watching your videos. I don't understand why they even watch if they hate everything you do.

  • opollo
    opollo7 muaj më parë

    I love the creativity that you have.

  • Mc7music
    Mc7music8 muaj më parë

    And for the people is watching your videos never forget he rebuild one floating tesla and I belive that is special

  • Mc7music
    Mc7music8 muaj më parë

    Rich tank you so mutch for make videos I appreciate a lot to watch I will never can get an tesla but I'm so happy for you becose you can drive one and make me so happy to see one person can make a lot Tanks for your videos 🙏😉

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K8 muaj më parë


  • Adam Gotto
    Adam Gotto8 muaj më parë

    Ive got a ratrod project that is dragging on because I cant just grab any old tool I see and start hacking away like this guy. I mean, hes hands down the worst craftsmen in the world, but the way he just beats things into working with the wrong tool every time is.... dare I say inspiring? The way he leans on that grinder with full body weight and then points out how smart he is for having a guard nearly made me piss myself!!!

  • Rob Daugherty
    Rob Daugherty8 muaj më parë

    I love the use of the moto throttle, gauges, controls. Now that’s “rat rod”!

    *THE PiEDMONT PUNiSHER*8 muaj më parë

    On God I thought at 11:20 Uncle Rich was bout to drop some Tribe Called Quest type beat on us, but it was just current running thru the welder.... 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Brannen Thompson
    Brannen Thompson8 muaj më parë

    Kids shouldn't be using bloody power tools anyway....... Jesus, Idiots.

  • paulieroxx
    paulieroxx10 muaj më parë

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

  • John Venters
    John Venters10 muaj më parë

    I'm inspired. But I'm also time poor. Good on you. What is a herb?

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus10 muaj më parë

    I have a dinghy and a small diesel car - can you make me a yacht ?????

  • M and L B
    M and L B10 muaj më parë

    LOL i thought about the heat-sink but i assume your a grown ass man!!

  • Nathan
    Nathan11 muaj më parë

    Why keep the throttle... you could literally have taken the element out of it and stuck it on the peddle within the car?

  • shortvideos
    shortvideos11 muaj më parë

    I'm not your daddy, but I can be. I'm going away on business, put your wife on the phone. LOL! Ha ah ha ha ha. If not for the educational, and incredible content of Rich's videos, watch them for the ingenious and thought provoking entertainment.

  • TheClampettmobile
    TheClampettmobileVit më parë

    This is a fascinating build! I appreciate your enthusiasm and ambition, Rich. You skills as a fabricator and welder are growing in leaps and …. heaps. HA! Keep up the good work! I can't help cringe a little when I see grinding or welding going on while wearing flip-flops, but what the hey, right?

  • Vega Motor Werkz
    Vega Motor WerkzVit më parë

    Thank god you were joking about that heatsink, i was beggining to worry about you...

  • John Ignaczak
    John IgnaczakVit më parë

    I would think that the throttle is just a simple pentameter inside find the 2 wire that measures the variable resistance as you twist the throttle grab a throttle by wire pedal from any car built in the last decade or so, and check for one that outputs the same or very similar resistance values then you can just bolt that pedal to the floor and wire it into the controller

  • PepsiJosLouis
    PepsiJosLouisVit më parë

    In Québec we would say "cabochon".

  • Nicholas Perrin
    Nicholas PerrinVit më parë

    Damn! 38 years now, Rich! Been thinking you were my old man for 38 years!!!! Why am I just now hearing this?!

  • Zuhir True
    Zuhir TrueVit më parë

    This is me making life how I feel is best.

  • Huskii Doggo
    Huskii DoggoVit më parë

    Use the patreon money for new sheet metal snips

  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeatsVit më parë

    lol I am watching this later but the last video I watched I was concerned about the heat sink.

  • J Grn
    J GrnVit më parë

    Hello Rich throttle cable is how I halfway imagined it when I messaged you before but didn't know how to send you a diagram.but you figured I out just fine.But being old school RatRod you can also use a rod instead of that accelerator cable just in case you just hook up the cable and have it where you can adjust it by having where the rods hook up to each ends bent at 45 degrees with a hole at each end for c cotter pin and a couple of flat washers to make sure everything rotates good.peace

  • pahhhhl
    pahhhhlVit më parë

    im ready to be adopted

  • J Grn
    J GrnVit më parë

    It's called Afro Engineering (tm)

  • J Grn
    J GrnVit më parë

    Hmmmm so to make a complete Rat Rod kit hmmmm how much would it be my thoughts are 1to100 now

  • J Grn
    J GrnVit më parë

    You can get moon rims on ebay.also check out lo Kar.

  • Mink
    MinkVit më parë

    Some bloody hand you got there Rich 😂😂. You put the gloves on after u butchered the nub.lol

  • dorkultra
    dorkultraVit më parë

    this is pretty much how i would go about building an electric car, except that i'd injure myself a bunch and give up halfway through

  • Ted Hooper
    Ted HooperVit më parë

    put some shoes on you need to set a better example. IF this is your quality of work why the hell would I let you work on my car ???

  • richsipe
    richsipeVit më parë


  • Fab 583
    Fab 583Vit më parë

    Im an Iron worker and this hard to watch.

  • Jp S
    Jp SVit më parë

    Where can i purchase some of those work boots?

  • Tebaz8584
    Tebaz8584Vit më parë

    Omg the hilarity “this is tight”. Welding job on the throttle

  • Tebaz8584
    Tebaz8584Vit më parë

    10:08 that made me laugh. Epic moment in the video.

  • Todd Adams
    Todd AdamsVit më parë

    I love that you still call people "herb"

  • Spank My Monkey
    Spank My MonkeyVit më parë

    This is what a 12yr old would do, I expected better from you Rich, tbh

  • Spank My Monkey

    Spank My Monkey

    Vit më parë

    @Ace Boogie I forgave the guy on his welding, we've all been there, but the throttle assembly? Seriously? Go home boogie!

  • Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie

    Vit më parë

    get out of here kid

  • Striker Maximus
    Striker MaximusVit më parë

    The engine has to be stationary it cant fucking move A inch.So build. A box around the engine to keep it from moving around on tight corners.

  • Lee Klemetti
    Lee KlemettiVit më parë

    I have a Harbor Freight welder too. Yes they do make crappy welds. Here is how to make better ones. Use the correct power range for the metal thickness. Min for thin metal. Max for 1/8" or thicker metal. Next run the wire speeds between 3 and 6 depending on the thickness. Heaver metal needs higher feed numbers. Play around with these settings. It looks like you are flinching when the arc starts. Get over that. You know that the arc starts, hold the torch steady, two hands at the start. Hold the tip closer and steady. Let the heat develop, that causes the metal to melt together. Watch for the "puddle" of metal and move the tip along the weld having the puddle to move with it. Keep the wire shorter. You can back up the wire up if you lift the cover and rewind the wire. Keep at it the welding gets easier as you learn how. Practice welding, it improves what you weld. Great build too!

  • aerosaaber
    aerosaaberVit më parë

    Did someone mention adding some rolled beads to the metal to make it stiffer without needing a second layer? Do you do that later in the video? can I see the future (past) before I see it?

  • VW O'Day
    VW O'DayVit më parë

    A company wants the ramrod to go 60 mph? Did you tell that company that you are not its father?

  • Jason Valot
    Jason ValotVit më parë

    Zero motorcycles website has a unofficial manual that has wiring diagrams and shows how the Dual potentiometer throttle works . Throttle system and switches an be easily rewired propery and actually be safe. Just an idea use a forklift dual pot pedal you can find on eBay for about $123 unless you can find a used one cheaper, britron makes that twist throttle and they make a foot accelerator also

  • James M
    James MVit më parë

    Holy shit! Cartoon Rich is awesome! I mean yeah. Your safety is questionable and I'm surprised you don't live in Vegas, gambling with sandals and a welder in every scene. But much like a low budget suspense movie I can't turn away. Can't wait to see how your project turns out. Rat rods, EVs and cartoon Rich!

  • James Davis
    James DavisVit më parë

    Rich, you are a clever dude. Much respect.

  • Jan Jan
    Jan JanVit më parë

    Whatever you do rich, just survive, I live for your jokes man'

  • Rodolfo Hernandez
    Rodolfo HernandezVit më parë

    Love it Rich Thanks for the videos, comedy, education, everything Love it!!

  • Adventures In Modern Recording
    Adventures In Modern RecordingVit më parë

    What we need is someone to contact Rich's dad to talk some sense into him, possibly send him to his room.

  • Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie

    Vit më parë

    Wooooow funny guy

  • Blaine Rohlfs
    Blaine RohlfsVit më parë

    To get better welds out of my harbor freight welder I ground that large copper guard down to level with the nozzle so I could get closer, helped a lot!

  • David Loewen
    David LoewenVit më parë

    Welding tip here. Try starting with only a little wire (like less than an inch) coming out of the end of your welder. I think that might help... My two cents

  • Eve Life
    Eve LifeVit më parë

    I just don't know what to say.

  • Josh Hudson
    Josh HudsonVit më parë

    You are the god damn man

  • Tom Watson
    Tom WatsonVit më parë

    🤣🤣🤣 Loved the heat sink bait, man. Nice one. “Relax, I’m a professional,” “”Professional what?”

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow LeopardVit më parë

    We're gonna be sad when Rich dies driving this death trap.

  • J LT
    J LTVit më parë

    Prisoner built floorboards I like it

  • skoomskaa
    skoomskaaVit më parë

    That introduction was everything!

  • Shadrack Kimutai
    Shadrack KimutaiVit më parë

    What beats me is how does this guy avoid accidents. All the ingredients for accidents are glaringly visible namely: 1. Using Power tools from deadly handling angles 2.Unsecuring Metalsheets and Rodes when cutting them 3. Snipping Metal Sheet without safety gloves.

  • Martin Hogan
    Martin HoganVit më parë


  • Nathan Grange
    Nathan GrangeVit më parë

    Can someone explain to a non-welder why he's getting such bad welds? What's he doing wrong?

  • Francois L

    Francois L

    Vit më parë

    Machine is a big factor. Using a crappy flux core welder. It doesn't have enough power to heat the metal up and get a good weld. If he spent 8-900 on a lincoln mig or hobart, his welds would look 20X better.

  • Aaron Vannistelrooy
    Aaron VannistelrooyVit më parë

    Omg 😂

  • g10118
    g10118Vit më parë

    Fuck that shit man, you don't need to play the pretend safety game. Eye and ear protection are the only realistic things you can do. Using something like a grinding wheel is inherently dangerous, some bullshit cloth isn't going to prevent anything except minor injury. As you said, the safety of people's children is primarily (99%) their responsibility.

  • Kalonde Siulapwa
    Kalonde SiulapwaVit më parë

    5:06 I thought you were going to stuff the car with old sweaters.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon SnowVit më parë

    I bet arcing battery cables would weld better than that thing

  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R.Vit më parë

    Comedy is cool and everything but you went from literally building a Tesla in your garage to pointless crap like this.

  • Scodiddly
    ScodiddlyVit më parë

    I was starting to wonder why I wasn't seeing your videos anymore... damned algorithm. Glad I checked, though, because I would have missed the Fatherhood Tier on Patreon. Sure, my Dad is still living, but he's gotten too old to do risky things with power tools and I need a fresh role model.

  • nhb
    nhbVit më parë

    Daaaaaaaaamn RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bred
    bredVit më parë

    Kids .... uhhhh hi?

  • Lukasz Sokol
    Lukasz SokolVit më parë

    @1:32 YOu sAy ThAt NoW.... @4:00 tell mE s0ld3rinG wires with a burner is also a JokE?

  • señor Taco
    señor TacoVit më parë

    I don't care what you say, You my baby daddy!.

  • maydaverave
    maydaveraveVit më parë

    Rich you should look into bronze brazing. It's great for bonding steel of various thicknesses together and since your just heating steel to cherry red you don't have to worry about burning holes. it works on a variety of metals and cheaper then a tig welder. It's only weakness is that it looses strength at 500 degrees F.

  • Carlo DeFranco
    Carlo DeFrancoVit më parë

    I cannot wait to see it drive. The Munsters (the ones that are still alive) are going to be jealous!

  • maydaverave
    maydaveraveVit më parë

    I think that harbor freight welder actually had enough juice to weld the sheet metal instead of just dropping blobs of metal on the 1/4" stuff.

  • JARC france
    JARC franceVit më parë

    You are letf hand, now

  • Phoenix Aiden
    Phoenix AidenVit më parë

    Just like captain Jack Sparrow, does he do it on purpose or its accidental success

  • Kimoto
    KimotoVit më parë

    We caught the heat sink thing. We just figured we'd wait for the video about the magic smoke escaping. -Master house framer

  • ryan payne
    ryan payneVit më parë

    Wow it’s like kind getting safe wait am I on the right Channel?

  • Aaron C
    Aaron CVit më parë

    You've got nothing on Colin furz when it comes to OSHA violations haha.

  • Beldar Conehead
    Beldar ConeheadVit më parë

    Put a small fan in front of the motor to help it cool...help it please.

  • edm15
    edm15Vit më parë

    We don't care about the heat sink cause most likely this car will drive off a cliff

  • Vasco Pimenta
    Vasco PimentaVit më parë

    Uncle Rich, if your welding material splinters, you have to increase the welding power, so that you can actually get a decent welding ribbon. The power must increase as your parts' thickness increases. If it blows a hole through your part, you've dialed in too much power. Good luck!

  • Mike M
    Mike MVit më parë

    Better than sitting on the couch atleast your doing something you enjoy. Doing something different usually brings out people's opinions lol. Been welding for over 20 years. Looks like you just need to slow down and get a better puddle with more heat . There is my opinion for what little it's worth. Hahaha. Have fun keep it up

  • Cornelius Small
    Cornelius SmallVit më parë

    If you build it they will come. When they do hopefully they come with large bags of cash or a big ol' check

  • Matt Glandorf
    Matt GlandorfVit më parë

    Wait, was that Maury show real life?


    Dude like I’ve said before you missing your calling you funny as heck, try doing some open mike comedy rooms. . I don’t even like Tesla’s. I admire the work you do and especially being self taught. I’m the same type of person so I get you. Keep it up bro keep doing you. I’m 59 so you cannot be my father.PEACE!

  • coreyh55
    coreyh55Vit më parë

    hey uncle rich. are you my daddy?(mom has some splaining to do) If I lived closer to you I would weld you car for you... because you know....family always looks out for each other....dad

  • Jim Salem
    Jim SalemVit më parë

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Beverly EV Fair on Saturday. Hoping you'll bring the rat rod! And bring those large letters you use for overlaid text on the videos. Do you cut them out using the same cutoff tool you use on the rat rod? They look so professional!

  • Jim Salem

    Jim Salem

    Vit më parë

    EV Fair link for those in the area: facebook.com/events/450188615708920/

  • Scotty
    ScottyVit më parë

    11:05 Flipflop Vice FTW

  • Sayid Kariman
    Sayid KarimanVit më parë


  • Sayid Kariman

    Sayid Kariman

    Vit më parë


  • Jonny B
    Jonny BVit më parë

    Hey Rich . . . great episode! lol . . . What camera setup are you using? Thanks.

  • HerbalPowered
    HerbalPoweredVit më parë

    I love the CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) instrument cluster, state of the art stuff. Everything on that motorbike will be metric threads so your dashboard studs will be M8 metric, not the 5/16 UNC you have used to extend the studs but that's why we're doing this, to learn new shit. Keep it up Rich, can't wit to see the end result. :-)

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru MburuVit më parë


  • Cup & Cone
    Cup & ConeVit më parë

    That white woman on Maury seriously thought the white dude was her mulatto baby's Dad? Da fuq. That's some next level denial to have not come to reality.

  • Justin Samuel
    Justin SamuelVit më parë

    Can somebody tell me the name of that tool he use to nails the plate?

  • Watzetzface
    WatzetzfaceVit më parë

    You are killing me smalls! All of this and you still have not fixed those welds? You knew you were going to want to drive it. Come on! Its so awesome! I want to see it running!

  • brandon currie
    brandon currieVit më parë

    Dude your comments are the best! Keep it up and who cares what they think it's your body!