How I became a victim of the Tesla system

Makina dhe automjete

Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild
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  • Silver haze
    Silver haze2 ditë më parë

    Thank you for making these videos, now I’m 💯% not buying from this company. Have you looked into making a diy self driving car there are parts for them that don’t include Tesla, they are open source

  • jonathan Wes
    jonathan Wes14 ditë më parë

    would you like to build a electric super car??

  • Gary Bentley Sr
    Gary Bentley Sr24 ditë më parë

    Online experience was it fun

  • Vicoke Glmmortal
    Vicoke GlmmortalMuaj më parë

    Lol my first new bmw the manager ask can you take it today lmao

  • Khalil Knox
    Khalil KnoxMuaj më parë

    Lmaooo when moms said “you want me to call him?” 😂😂😂

  • TheDroneGuy
    TheDroneGuy2 muaj më parë

    daaamn. never gonna buy a Tesla from them. think im gonna go for other brand EV . dont want that experience EVER!!

  • Calibrated
    Calibrated2 muaj më parë

    I like your mum, shes so cool. She single?

  • Iso Gh0sted
    Iso Gh0sted2 muaj më parë

    How has Elon Musk not personally delivered your fucking Tesla.

  • azspotfree
    azspotfree2 muaj më parë

    Dang, based on videos like this one, I think I'm going to hold off on my planned Tesla purchase for a few years. I have enough stress in my life already

  • Jason G
    Jason G3 muaj më parë

    Your mom sounds like she's from the Caribbean haha

  • Yellowman617
    Yellowman6173 muaj më parë

    I know this whole root

  • xxx
    xxx3 muaj më parë

    I'm never buying a car without at least seeing pics

  • W.E.S.T 26
    W.E.S.T 263 muaj më parë

    Where's your mom from she sounds Caribbean 🇯🇲

  • Giovanni Foulmouth
    Giovanni Foulmouth3 muaj më parë

    Tesla are scammers who also make cars.

  • Aaron Carpenter
    Aaron Carpenter3 muaj më parë

    Why do you put up with these shady crooks? I would not buy another piece of garbage from them again. I'd show up and show them the new BMW you just bought instead of their trash because of their dime store garbage customer. service.

  • TheRacerRich
    TheRacerRich3 muaj më parë

    The only way Tesla can make money is because they have targeted the kind of buyer who after stuff like this still gives them their money for the car.

  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson3 muaj më parë

    Hey your mom Trini?

  • Jabriel Warren
    Jabriel Warren4 muaj më parë


  • ocrisanto
    ocrisanto4 muaj më parë

    I appreciate your patience. I know what car company I won’t be buying a car from. Thanks.

  • Synn
    Synn4 muaj më parë

    LMFAO, I want to see that conversation of his mom calling Elon on this.

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir4 muaj më parë

    Tesla owes you a brand new Model 100D at THEIR cost IMHO. In most states taking your cash and not providing a car in exchange is grounds for a FRAUD lawsuit. Question: "What TESLA dealership experience?"

  • Riki 9653
    Riki 96534 muaj më parë

    They know who you are and are just messing with you?

  • stamina4days
    stamina4days5 muaj më parë

    *Curls up in a ball* I ordered a used Tesla a week ago. My pickup date has already passed and they moved my delivery an extra week.

  • AceOnBase1
    AceOnBase15 muaj më parë

    Is there not a lawsuit that can be filed for selling s car with no title from a auto manufacturer?

  • Vishmi Vijay
    Vishmi Vijay5 muaj më parë

    your mum is spittin straight facts man

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark5 muaj më parë

    "He is trying to send people to space and he can't put you in a car." Rich's Mom Quote of the Century

  • Braidyn Pagels cady
    Braidyn Pagels cady5 muaj më parë

    you want me to call him

  • electromechanical stuff
    electromechanical stuff5 muaj më parë

    Was his name? Was his problem? You want me to call him

  • SavretićD
    SavretićD5 muaj më parë

    Hehe mum is really cool

  • gojitmal1978
    gojitmal19785 muaj më parë

    I was on the fence about it... Thanks for confirming!

  • Konnor Coffey 36
    Konnor Coffey 366 muaj më parë


  • Chao Lee
    Chao Lee6 muaj më parë

    Inconvenience is one thing. Incompetence is another. If Elon's wondering why his company is failing, there's no mystery.

  • eddieh1530
    eddieh15306 muaj më parë

    I have a Tesla sort of, I traded 2 cases of toilet paper for 50 Tesla battery cells. Who is the BIG shot now? ME! I am! hehehe. Just Kidding fun story.

  • Dylan Webber
    Dylan Webber6 muaj më parë

    This video is more terrifying than any horror film I've ever seen

  • Nathan Escarcha
    Nathan Escarcha6 muaj më parë

    If you bought a different brand car and the same thing happened you wont be documenting this for sure.

  • Rome Nikolayev
    Rome Nikolayev6 muaj më parë

    I love it ur mom dukes said he is trying to get people in to space but can't get u into a car

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson6 muaj më parë

    Ahh thats is what you should be driving. Moms car.. a KIA!!!

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson6 muaj më parë

    Rich... you are paraphrasing your emails... he said get you the car, not "fix" as you said.

  • TooBrokeToBeBroke
    TooBrokeToBeBroke6 muaj më parë

    $10K If Your Mom Screams At Elon

  • Eliu Flores
    Eliu Flores6 muaj më parë

    What a pain In The ass bro. That makes me never wanting to buy a p.o.s. tesla car!! You got tons of patience Rich!

  • Ron Merkus
    Ron Merkus6 muaj më parë

    Tesla runs its company the same way apple runs it company, you can purchase there products at a premium , but when it comes to repairs you better not even think about repairing it your self!!!

  • Ron Merkus
    Ron Merkus6 muaj më parë

    You know guy it seems like , you been on there shit list ever since you have been fixing up tesla cars that you purchased from none teala dealers !!!!!

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen6 muaj më parë

    still got you car?

  • Damien Saunders
    Damien Saunders6 muaj më parë

    I'm going through something like that right now. Ordered a M3 that was listed in Dedham but actually located in NJ I lated found out. They said I can pick it up from NJ. I booked a flight and then Tesla calls and says the car has to be picked up in MA. And thats after they confirmed delivery. Now I'm at a lost with the wasted flight. Like at least throw in some free supercharging for my troubles. I'm still waiting on a delivery date. (Tesla grey area)

  • Olivier Dols
    Olivier Dols6 muaj më parë

    Elon needs to be in one of those Undercover boss episodes .

  • gearathon
    gearathon6 muaj më parë

    Wow thats an insane amount of trouble to go through.I hope things will turn for the better for you ASAP and that noone else have to endure what you got put through. Best of luck and thanks for sharing, I will subscribe.

  • NotSpartaGT
    NotSpartaGT6 muaj më parë

    100% Tesla scamming becost i think they are just stupid

  • kfir kalifa1
    kfir kalifa17 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich, Im insert name here from tesla costumer service your car is ready for pick up at the other side of the world getting launched to space we would like you to pick it up in 36 monthes from now, Thank you and remember tesla always scams ya.

  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson7 muaj më parë

    my favorite part is his mom insulting elon musk

  • Ramzi M
    Ramzi M7 muaj më parë

    You wanted the online experience...? Sounds like you got it 🤣

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain7 muaj më parë

    your experience with buying an official used Tesla on Tesla's official website makes me sick about Tesla. Never buy a used Tesla from Tesla. Never buy a used Tesla out of warranty as Tesla will shut of super charging.

  • Tdfries
    Tdfries7 muaj më parë

    Way too lenient on these incompetent people.

  • pac213344
    pac2133447 muaj më parë

    This has nothing to do with tesla but the people who run the dealership

  • rayzimmermin
    rayzimmermin7 muaj më parë

    tesla's definition if ASAP is as slow as possible

  • Theodoros Antreou
    Theodoros Antreou7 muaj më parë

    Imagine asking Tesla to bring you back from space...

  • Christopher Yee Mon
    Christopher Yee Mon7 muaj më parë

    WAIT NAH HOLD UP!! Your mom is a Trinidadian??!! I can't place the accent exactly. Is it Jamaican, Trini or one of the other islands? Which Caribbean country you from?

  • Edwin Smith
    Edwin Smith7 muaj më parë

    No such thing as space.

  • Edwin Smith
    Edwin Smith7 muaj më parë

    Earth is flat bro.

  • Nick Vander Peet
    Nick Vander Peet7 muaj më parë

    These cars are over 100k 2nd hand in Australia.. I'll stick to my 2011 Nissan Patrol Ti turbo diesel for now..😁

  • SentryPlayer
    SentryPlayer8 muaj më parë

    Tesla should add a system that will recognise the name “Rich” Every time they’ll then automaticly give him a good experience xD

  • SentryPlayer
    SentryPlayer8 muaj më parë

    The only video’s I’ve seen from you this is far is through my recommended section, is you screaming at Tesla problems. Do you have any positive things about Tesla?

  • Daniel Y.
    Daniel Y.8 muaj më parë

    Honestly...Tesla sucks for a none rich person!

  • Jake
    Jake8 muaj më parë

    thanks. i will never buy a used car from tesla

  • Bob Perry
    Bob Perry8 muaj më parë

    I will never ever buy a tesla!

  • Ricardo Garrett
    Ricardo Garrett8 muaj më parë

    The problem your having is corporate big heads who are mixed with Tesla just to prophet that's a america issue not a musk caused problem

  • Ricardo Garrett
    Ricardo Garrett8 muaj më parë

    I understand having anger for Elon but tbh when you blame musk on poor management and workmanship that's like blaming the president for every bill congress passes.

  • Reggie Rendon
    Reggie Rendon8 muaj më parë

    My opinion, I think Tesla is all talk. They cost so much. I will stick to my Toyota's. I can buy 6 Toyota's with $118k

  • opollo
    opollo8 muaj më parë

    Don't buy from Tesla, this proves they're completely and utterly incompetent

  • Rick Ashton
    Rick Ashton8 muaj më parë

    Damn dude..... at this point it should be paid in full.

  • J R
    J R8 muaj më parë

    Hard to believe. I’ve always heard they had great customer service. Thanks for the first had account of what they are really like. You’re mom was a nice touch. She was funny and sweet.

  • hector vargas
    hector vargas8 muaj më parë

    Thanks Rich This video makes me not really buy a TESLA at all I know they look very kool blablabla carbon foot 🦶 print I don’t care about that let me be that A-hole and I guess I’ll buy a petrol ⛽️ engine, it looks like TESLA has a lot of issues

  • Robert Gunn
    Robert Gunn8 muaj më parë

    It seems that Tesla buyers/owners have the same willingness as Apple buyers/owners to be led around like sheep by the company and will tolerate an UNLIMITED amount of grief because they are convinced it's such an HONOR to own the product. Sheeple.

  • Always Tempted
    Always Tempted8 muaj më parë

    Only people worse than Tesla fanboys are people with a TON of extrememely valid criticisms for Tesla that still give Tesla money. These days, companies can do pretty much whatever they want, up to and including taking a dump on their customers and then bitch slapping them. They will always find someone to fund them, regardless of the incompetence or borderline intentional shit service.

  • Loren Zell
    Loren Zell8 muaj më parë

    Rich, why continue to let them treat you like this. Buy something else.

  • Ricky p
    Ricky p8 muaj më parë

    Don't blame Tesla you are a victim since slavery lol ....😂😂😂😂

  • Leader2light
    Leader2light8 muaj më parë

    How is this company still in business?

  • cymanca
    cymanca8 muaj më parë

    Thank the Lord I watched these two videos. After years of owning multiple Porsche’s, Mercedes and BMWs, I had been finally ready to pull the trigger on an S. Think I will go for the Panamera instead. You have the patience of Job.

  • Thaddeus Lehman
    Thaddeus Lehman8 muaj më parë

    Man Elon Tusk could sell one of his turds to these fanboys

  • Harryboi 64
    Harryboi 648 muaj më parë

    You gotta be pro if you buy the Tesla without seeing photos and saying that you’ll fix any Crap on the exterior.

  • Disney Mike
    Disney Mike8 muaj më parë

    This is insane!

  • Krystal
    Krystal8 muaj më parë

    She has never heard of Musk, smart lady. Some people just don't care about hype.

  • dide quen
    dide quen8 muaj më parë

    I ordered model y, realized it was too long so call a local dealer to express inrested in buying a model 3 (i have cash in hand, can sign the whole check for the car if they want). Only one very very f... thing preventing me is $100 deposit. I told him that i ordered model y but not wanted to change to model 3. He said $100 is not refundable. I was so pissed not because i cant afford $100, just their f.. service going after customer buying a premium car for just $100. Bottom line is just walked out of the showroom, i am buying a honda for now and wait for the next ev company. Model y i ordered was just $100 virtual order which will never be materialized... Thank you for the video, yes tesla has some good stuffs but they are so busy to push out production, cant even take care of their customers. I dont want to be their customer

  • ohio player1177
    ohio player11778 muaj më parë

    I would have let mom call him. She seems to be good with words.

  • Nochance10024
    Nochance100248 muaj më parë

    Had pretty much the same experience when i got my new model 3 in new york. And now been living at the service center where they cannot fix anything right the first/second/third time.

  • christopher king
    christopher king8 muaj më parë

    Hot tea came our of my nose when mom dukes threatened to call Elon

  • you don't own me
    you don't own me8 muaj më parë

    report your car stole. you have insurance on it... tesla stole it.. get the insurance money and buy a kia like your mom.. she's getting around just fine ;-)

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright8 muaj më parë

    So all you need to do is create a ALthe channel, gain 660,000+ subscribers post a video about your truly crappy experience, and then, they'll kind of do everything that they can to get you your car some maybe time?

  • DeviousWings
    DeviousWings8 muaj më parë

    soooo, tesla doesn't like selling their used cars?

  • Dave Beckley
    Dave Beckley8 muaj më parë

    Either you made this story up or you are taking excessive doses of Valium since it's not human for any person to be so repeatedly and consistently abused by any company, large or small and not having to worry about neighbors or relatives calling the authorities to act on 'Red Flag' laws to take sharp objects away from you.

  • Mindaugas Vaskevicius
    Mindaugas Vaskevicius8 muaj më parë

    And that's what happens when the company hires people with out a degree.

  • Vincent Lextrait
    Vincent Lextrait8 muaj më parë

    75 days to get my used Model X... Same Dedham office.

  • ansar714
    ansar7148 muaj më parë

    Telsa....Great car but the worst service

  • Oldřich Vdoleček
    Oldřich Vdoleček8 muaj më parë

    Sorry to say this, but are you actually real? How can somebody let a car company threat someone like this? It must be so easy to sell cars to people like you when they can literally shit on your head and you still wait and takes it again and againr. No self respect, honestly you deserve this.

  • 1Blastarr
    1Blastarr8 muaj më parë

    I was thinking about buying a Tesla but, now? No!

  • 1Blastarr
    1Blastarr8 muaj më parë

    Can you sue to get your money back?! This is crazy.

  • 1Blastarr
    1Blastarr8 muaj më parë

    I'm getting pissed just listening!

  • CU96821
    CU968218 muaj më parë

    Thank You for your videos....... I was getting ready to buy a tesla based on “fan-boy” RA-RA reviews, but have changed my mind from your video.

  • Locosiap 41
    Locosiap 418 muaj më parë

    Marshal monk lmfao

  • David C.
    David C.8 muaj më parë

    You got scammed by a scammer end of story

  • ron5935
    ron59358 muaj më parë

    Stock is almost $800 2/3/2020. I would rather have roller skates than a T, or any other battery bus for that matter.