We hacked a Tesla model 3 to all wheel drive and it’s fantastic!

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today we convert a rear wheel drive tesla model 3 into an all wheel drive car.
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  • alan scott
    alan scott2 ditë më parë

    Who will be the first one to fit the motors from the p100 D into the model 3 . Over 800 BHP in a model 3 sounds like a whole lot of fun .

  • Yami omo
    Yami omo14 ditë më parë

    Lmfao, Maybe if you weren't such a dick on youtube your referrals would still work, but considering that is the most endearing part of your personality... you would probably get as many views as a potato battery made by a middle schooler.

  • Alexandru Oros
    Alexandru Oros17 ditë më parë

    in my country you are allowed to make 0 modifs to you car...so when I see this I press like

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford21 ditë më parë

    Tesla fanboys are the same guys that get put in their place by their wives boyfriends

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford21 ditë më parë

    Get a Porsche. After watching this and how Tesla treats customers I'd never have one. I'll stick to my vw mk7 gti.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela21 ditë më parë

    no one does what Elon Does..

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela21 ditë më parë

    I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..BADASS!!

  • Eric Green
    Eric Green26 ditë më parë

    Hey @RichRebuilds, any chance you have another place where you post the videos that were taken down?

  • The last last career The last career
    The last last career The last career29 ditë më parë

    You have a wife and a girlfriend 🤔🤔🤔

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan SanchezMuaj më parë

    "Some people carry hand granades" Yep thats me, glad to see I'm not the only one

  • armando patane
    armando pataneMuaj më parë

    Very cool richness I am uneducated in ev vehicles I been watching too learn and you make this fun

  • Ro Hetti
    Ro HettiMuaj më parë

    Do you need an investor for EG?

  • Gregor Rose
    Gregor RoseMuaj më parë

    26:42 it’s funny that when I saw him down by the “exhaust” while it was running I automatically thought “wow, get away from the fumes” then I remembered...

  • Kodi Kenobi
    Kodi KenobiMuaj më parë

    yo someone lmk how much this service is, including the ingenext boost on a SR+? I’m not seeing prices on the website

  • Follow the White Wabbit
    Follow the White WabbitMuaj më parë

    Rich do you guys need a cheap harbor freight coolant catch???

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold ClarkeMuaj më parë

    Wait, electric cars are full of oil?

  • adescon
    adesconMuaj më parë

    love how much fun youre having ...

  • Philip Rizek
    Philip RizekMuaj më parë

    The funny thing is the exhaust note from your ZO6 in this video sounded like the electric snapping of like an electric short snap snap snap snap snap

  • Tony
    TonyMuaj më parë

    Now Chris needs a adjustable screen mount from TechForum

  • Patrik Wihlke
    Patrik Wihlke2 muaj më parë

    7:14 Oh, Rich does like his cars... Question is, khakis on or off?? I already know 15:39 is on! Learned more about lube and shafts than cars lol. Great content!

  • Victor Krivor
    Victor Krivor2 muaj më parë

    I can only image you as the madman to take a model 3 drivetrain and stick it to a Zero motorcycle

  • skrewy lewy
    skrewy lewy2 muaj më parë

    yeah and some people dont like quiet sex all needed video over lol

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson2 muaj më parë

    Wrapping my head around the wife and girlfriend tesla. Wow. High performance relationships with high performance cars. That's the life.

  • Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it
    Ron's Easy Fix # Just Do it2 muaj më parë

    Yes ; Tesla is really good at being petty .......

  • Stefan Koelsch
    Stefan Koelsch2 muaj më parë

    When Elon really were a cool guy he would promote you.

  • arnastu buttwehak
    arnastu buttwehak2 muaj më parë

    You're the only person on youtube who doesn't laugh or otherwise point to his own jokes, to tip everyone off that he's making a joke.

  • SnowingFire
    SnowingFire2 muaj më parë

    Being as it's electric and those sound modules are designed to make it make engine noise it wouldn't otherwise have how about programming it to play a badly cared for system with engine knock skipped transmission gear noise overall grinding metal noise just for y'know racing :) ar the dragstrip pull up to another car be like worried it's thiers lol

  • Sunny So
    Sunny So2 muaj më parë

    Love your attitude and spirit!!! Keep up the good work.

  • sethEverman
    sethEverman2 muaj më parë

    your wife AND girlfriend

  • RMA TeXaS
    RMA TeXaS2 muaj më parë

    man i love these videos, and they make me actually learn a bit

  • Claudia Long
    Claudia Long2 muaj më parë

    ♥️ You guys are amazing! ♥️ Thank You!

  • Steve F
    Steve F2 muaj më parë

    Great dynamic group of guys. I really enjoy these videos. Thanks Rich.

  • Jochen Stacker
    Jochen Stacker2 muaj më parë

    13:12 Roberto

  • Chas L
    Chas L2 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich,Convert an open bow 21' Boat to electric using a couple tesla batteries and a drive unit. Thanks for your content.

  • 1134EMP
    1134EMP2 muaj më parë

    “Some people don’t like quiet sex” That made my day, Thanks Rich!!! You’ve done more for EV’s than you get credit for

  • Paul Last Name
    Paul Last Name2 muaj më parë

    Overweight white people putting a exhaust emulator on a Tesla.

  • darmiejr
    darmiejr2 muaj më parë

    Two things. I want that spoiler, and I want the ghost. I see no link to buy any of the two.

  • Tibor Békefi
    Tibor Békefi2 muaj më parë

    Teslas gonna hunt for you mate :D

  • Sir_Baxter
    Sir_Baxter2 muaj më parë

    I just love how you wreak havoc around the EV world with these "Apple" people that most Tesla fanboys are! hahhahaha, love your attitude! be objective as you are! not a blind fanboy! I'm a "car" guy, but maybe not as hardcore as the rest of you, but cars are not "unimportant" to me, oh Tesla is an interesting car, but crazy too expensive, crazy for new technology but I'm worried about that Tesla as a company does not have control over everything else, personnel care, customer care, stock of spare parts, delivery, used market, etc. so I'm waiting to buy a Tesla. Some things I can understand, as the battery pack contains a lot of energy, and handled in the wrong way, they go really bad, and more your laws and rules in the US where you sue people right and left, I understand that they do not want people without knowledge in electrical engineering should continue.

  • Mark Copland
    Mark Copland2 muaj më parë

    Turned a Tesla into a Fred Flintstone aftwr you took the battery out.

  • michael knowlden
    michael knowlden2 muaj më parë

    Wow! OMG "some people don't like quiet sex! " That is beautiful! Lol

  • Marky mark
    Marky mark2 muaj më parë

    God i wish your guys were in the 🇬🇧 I hope you manage get a roadster to piss them off.

  • Gustavo Antunes Malheiros
    Gustavo Antunes Malheiros3 muaj më parë

    omg, even Americans are using julietes

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson3 muaj më parë

    Some people dont like quiet sex savage lol

  • da ne
    da ne3 muaj më parë

    If in doubt 1/4 turn past tight. All mechanics have to wear rubberized coveralls incase any switches or modules are hiding or harnessing a hidden charge.

  • da ne
    da ne3 muaj më parë

    No wonder they wanna keep there crashed cars off the road after you drop your laptop the sensors probably get ghosted . After watching you dig into these EV I can see sensors and code issues and connector issues being long term problems for these vehicles.

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    Of course the standard colors would be tan brown or black .lol I'd be waiting for some crooked whaling wall hackers to drive your car into curbs walls and not staying in its lane.

  • da ne
    da ne3 muaj më parë

    Do you run a gas vehicle to ev hybrid refit business ? Seems like you might be smart enough to start one. I'd recommend a mid size truck as a standard vehicle to build kits or swap too.

  • da ne

    da ne

    3 muaj më parë

    You could call it Tyrone or Tiesha .

  • Duncan Donovan
    Duncan Donovan3 muaj më parë

    Wow that Z06 is cammed!!

  • Dankman9
    Dankman93 muaj më parë

    That's not better range than a nissan leaf but I'm assuming that was a joke.

  • KingProne
    KingProne3 muaj më parë

    driving 100kmh in a quiet neighbourhood street waiting for the children to jump infront of the car.

  • J M
    J M3 muaj më parë

    lmao love the recorder noise.. Shit gets me everytime!

  • CrisGP
    CrisGP3 muaj më parë


  • Gary Bentley Sr
    Gary Bentley Sr3 muaj më parë

    I don't think I want my youngins setting in back on those batteries

  • Waukee singing Heat
    Waukee singing Heat3 muaj më parë

    Please make a gas powered Tesla

  • 2020vizion
    2020vizion4 muaj më parë

    People watch and wait to snitch on your content - I hate hall monitors

  • Nati
    Nati4 muaj më parë

    that the ugliest spoiler i every seen on tesla wtf is that

  • Josh Topielski
    Josh Topielski4 muaj më parë

    Rip the mic quality

  • nwhatchel
    nwhatchel4 muaj më parë

    Could you do some cool videos with rotary engines?

  • pklifter
    pklifter4 muaj më parë

    This is a bunch of nerds.... doing something with a car ....... all while making sexual remarks so their friends think they have had sex before

  • Killer Mon
    Killer Mon4 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich, how do i get in contact with you for Tesla parts?

  • Rustin Cole Sailors
    Rustin Cole Sailors5 muaj më parë

    Dude I’m so glad I found your channel. Your sarcasm is priceless and honestly? Refreshing, currently binging all of your content, thx for being candid and hilarious. Also I’d love to work with you on something, if you have a project you need an extra hand on let me know, trying to learn from people who also don’t know where they’re doing, isn’t that how it works?

  • NiteRiderEVO
    NiteRiderEVO5 muaj më parë

    that c6-z06 has a mean as hell cam-chop.. lol

    MASTER JABRONI5 muaj më parë

    Remember: Krammit The Toad Don't Dig Pigs

  • Eclectic Beans
    Eclectic Beans5 muaj më parë

    The electrified garage should hack a Chevy Bolt. Who doesnt love a hot hatch!

  • Hank Meek
    Hank Meek5 muaj më parë

    He has a patreon that includes adult content 😆

  • Ali Gonzalez
    Ali Gonzalez5 muaj më parë

    Tesla should hire Rich or use him as a consultant to help to create better cars and customer service.

  • jefph michel
    jefph michel5 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich, would like to reach out to you via email about a possible project how can I get in touch with you?

  • O O
    O O5 muaj më parë

    Hi! Rich. Hope you are keeping safe in this period. How do I reach you by email privately or by phone. I am a friend of Seneca and need to have a discuss related to business. Thanks.

  • Noel Webley
    Noel Webley5 muaj më parë

    I like your mindset. you very Advanced and thinking further. Don't let society change your mindset and make you think like you have to be accepted what they like.

  • Noel Webley
    Noel Webley5 muaj më parë

    Yeah I like all the Tesla's and everything. I do not like the gas vehicles at all. I think it's a waste of money now trying to buy a gas vehicle. Even though it's convenient we need to try to do other things that's an advanced like they do in Hong Kong. We still messing with fossil engines like we back in the 70s with a fancy body shape and a little bit of electronics. We can have a lot of very Advanced vehicles but somehow in the US they don't want to advance their mind set on things. Only was convenient with money.

  • Stalin
    Stalin5 muaj më parë

    Why did they replace the battery?

  • Stalin
    Stalin5 muaj më parë

    "Tesla's not that petty." You should know better than that by now.

  • Ezequiel Jiménez
    Ezequiel Jiménez5 muaj më parë

    RICH YOU'RE MAKING THE SAME HOLY WORK THAT IFIXIT MADE WITH APPLE, AND THEN THEY WON THE FIGHT This Tesla situation it look the same, apple didn't let the people fix them own phones and always was so expensive official repairs, but they won! ifixit won the battle, iPhone is not the best in the market and doesn't have the same innovation. so I believe that in the future you'll win this fight giving this power to the consumers. you're a pioneer. hope the electric cars come in the future in south America. You and your team are awesome.

  • t laww
    t laww5 muaj më parë

    Man you’re a comedian, who likes quiet sex lol 😂

  • t laww
    t laww5 muaj më parë

    😂😂😂😂😂who wants to spend over $50k for a car that looks like a toad. Maneeee I’m rolling , I’m glad someone Else said it, outside or the model s, Tesla’s are some ugly designed cars

  • Aspen Cat
    Aspen Cat5 muaj më parë

    so sorry for you man, prisoner of your own creation LOL

  • zar doz
    zar doz5 muaj më parë

    F Tesla

  • Mazda626gtturbo
    Mazda626gtturbo5 muaj më parë

    No the koolaid! You spilt the sharkleberry koolaid! what will the Musketeers drink?

  • Brandon Nasu
    Brandon Nasu5 muaj më parë

    LOL at the tabs during the commerical

  • sitendu goswami
    sitendu goswami5 muaj më parë

    Most of your videos, have very little content and too much fluff! try to shorten them a bit.

  • Josh Hunsberger
    Josh Hunsberger5 muaj më parë

    I like what electric cars are doing, but your not a real car guy if you don't love the sound of F1 car

  • Jesus Castro
    Jesus Castro5 muaj më parë

    FYI just because I don't hit the thumb up doesn't mean I don't like the videos

  • Jesus Castro
    Jesus Castro5 muaj më parë

    Hahaha no one likes quiet sex...

  • Chunbelievable
    Chunbelievable5 muaj më parë

    I'll take the used coilovers!

  • zack9912000
    zack99120005 muaj më parë

    Tesla fan boys are their own worst enemies. Some of the most easily offend liberals.

  • William Ferguson II
    William Ferguson II5 muaj më parë

    who wants to spend 50 grand on a car that looks like a toad..........................bwhahhwwahwaaaaahhaaaa

  • John Barron
    John Barron5 muaj më parë

    That’s so dumb!!!!

  • Daniel Conrad
    Daniel Conrad5 muaj më parë

    I'm surprised you don't have a used tesla dealership. Fix em up and sell them. Would love to find an affordable one near me.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu5 muaj më parë


  • c D
    c D5 muaj më parë

    Rich.... Poking the Ox. I wanna be your friend.

  • Dartravens Shelley
    Dartravens Shelley5 muaj më parë

    put a cummins in a tesla lol roll in parking lot

  • Yellowman617
    Yellowman6176 muaj më parë

    My wife, my girlfriend and tha kids lmao

  • gremlinsbreath
    gremlinsbreath6 muaj më parë

    Quick question . . . Would you recommend a EV or a hybrid as a better choice for food delivery drivers?

  • Matthew Levario
    Matthew Levario6 muaj më parë

    Thats kinda scary siting on high voltage in the back seat

  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.6 muaj më parë

    @16:48 I see you’re a subscriber to cornhub too. 😉

  • skyserf
    skyserf6 muaj më parë

    1:29 What is the title of the youtube banned video on Patreon? I just joined Uncle Rich’s patreon but I don’t see it. Thx

  • waine3d
    waine3d6 muaj më parë

    What would it take to realistically convert a Model 3 LHD into a RHD (or vice versa) ? Looking at one of the earlier videos, the Chasis/Firewall area appears to be symmetrical and seem to already have holes for the steering column on both sides. I'm guessing the pedals wouldn't be too difficult to switch over to the other side also??? Govt regulations and headlight beam alignment issues asside, what would be the barriers to accomplishing this?

  • Tripp55
    Tripp556 muaj më parë

    The main technician at Electrified Garage is smokin hot! I love me a big boy. Is he single?

  • Steven Salazar
    Steven Salazar6 muaj më parë

    Make a Tesla Limo!!!!

  • Steven Salazar

    Steven Salazar

    6 muaj më parë

    Make a Tesla Limo!!!!

  • Simple 1
    Simple 16 muaj më parë

    When you black but racism is still funny as fuck 5:55

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