Daisy Tesla Battery Upgrade : Surprising Ending

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Daisy Gets her battery upgrade: Then we get a big surprise
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  • Simon Paillé
    Simon Paillé6 ditë më parë

    I would have put a motor and battery from a ZERO motorcycle, but I’m not gonna rat on uncle rich for using something more overpowered

    THATSMYNAME7 muaj më parë

    That Guy trying to be funny every second, He's either on camera or behind it. Please be quiet Your Annoying I would hate to Work with Him all day. I Feel sorry for His Workmates....

  • KnifeNerd9
    KnifeNerd9Vit më parë

    Daisy lost all her junk in the trunk, but she still THICC

  • Top12 boardstore
    Top12 boardstoreVit më parë

    Is it possible to swap a Tesla Model S 60 kW battery to a 85 kW ? Will Tesla help with updating firmware? Or is the 60kW a 60 kW forever?

    SVTWRCVit më parë

    A Snap On ratchet ?! A long way from the kitchen knife days.

  • CHET M
    CHET MVit më parë

    I wonder if just maybe, Tesla’s policy on repairing their cars is a way to ensure that more cars get wrote off. Therefore putting their technology into the hands of tinkerers like yourself and the other shops and startups now doing ev conversions with used salvage parts. I mean probably not, but maybe.

  • Cawfee Dawg
    Cawfee DawgVit më parë

    Good dog!

    MICHGO1Vit më parë


  • Joshua Chavers
    Joshua ChaversVit më parë

    That is the nicest trailer I have ever seen. :)

  • Wilbert Birdner
    Wilbert BirdnerVit më parë

    5:38 Porn Hub exercises?

  • Sharon Hunter
    Sharon HunterVit më parë

    Your voice sounds like one of the guys on the talk show “Car Talk” on NPR. Enjoy watching your projects!

  • Wendigo
    WendigoVit më parë

    That car's parts falling off faster than my relationship haha.

  • Steve Davis
    Steve DavisVit më parë

    That’s crazy, you guys sure said you needed the motor and then the unexpected happen

  • Robert Lawton
    Robert LawtonVit më parë

    I'm pretty sure slamming those batteries around is a pretty not very good idea.

  • Erik J.

    Erik J.

    Vit më parë

    Nor was charging them without any sort of protection...

  • Paradise Fire Aftermath Documentation
    Paradise Fire Aftermath DocumentationVit më parë

    I am so confused. I was just watching Driving Miss Daisy.

  • 1kleineMax1
    1kleineMax1Vit më parë

    I hope you learn anything from this.... just hacking stuff together without any safety in mind is stupid. So please make a followup video where you explain what went wrong and how to improve and learn from it.

  • Random808
    Random808Vit më parë

    What went wrong? any idea?

  • Nick Meade
    Nick MeadeVit më parë

    55-60 degrees is cold!

  • Arek R.
    Arek R.Vit më parë

    Well now I'm not surprised it blew up...

  • MrAdoh2010
    MrAdoh2010Vit më parë

    7:29 You need to tell your wife that it's the out-of-script goofiness that makes the money on YT

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy JonesVit më parë


  • Sebastian
    SebastianVit më parë

    "any cops coming?!" :D

  • studdaman420
    studdaman420Vit më parë

    Good dog!

  • Caleb Heck
    Caleb HeckVit më parë

    who needs a Battery Management System when you have a little wood block to keep the modules from bumping into each other! I am really glad no one got hurt! I bet you learned a lot from this project.

  • Joseph Harner
    Joseph HarnerVit më parë

    Yeah, you should have stopped the tests the first time it tried to shake itself to death. That wooden frame just can't handle the torque.

  • RonPaulgirls
    RonPaulgirlsVit më parë


  • Tim Medcalf
    Tim MedcalfVit më parë

    Surprising ending........not if you've watched a few RR videos.

  • Chris Sweetleaf
    Chris SweetleafVit më parë

    Lower the suspension, upgrade the brakes. Job done!

  • davey .jones
    davey .jonesVit më parë

    When you realise your dog would probably have moved closer and gone back to sleep

  • jesse vazques
    jesse vazquesVit më parë

    Where the bell is the video of it burning?

  • blud work
    blud workVit më parë

    wtf did you buy a wooden box?

  • Orangebreadeduck
    OrangebreadeduckVit më parë

    Didn't Rich try to prank us with a fire before on one of his cars?

  • Eugene Cody
    Eugene CodyVit më parë

    Nice burnouts lol...10:47 and 11:45 lol.lol...🤣😂👍👊

  • Thomas Cloete
    Thomas CloeteVit më parë

    Title of next episode: Daisy burnt Leigh's garage to the ground (dog survived)

  • BillyNoMates1974
    BillyNoMates1974Vit më parë

    would look cool if you pulled up to a Tesla fast charger and plugged in to charge. lol

  • BillyNoMates1974
    BillyNoMates1974Vit më parë

    I haven't cried laughing in a while. thanks. That was brilliant. looks like it has an instant heater built in as well (at the end)

  • Linus Torvalds
    Linus TorvaldsVit më parë

    Please for the love of god put a tesla drive unit in this. Imagine finding a way to register this thing for road use lmao.

  • Randomodbuild
    RandomodbuildVit më parë

    Snap-on!?? That can’t be yours, rich

  • Pink Puffin

    Pink Puffin

    Vit më parë

    if its not a kitchen knife......

  • Water Raw Organics
    Water Raw OrganicsVit më parë


  • xanthis
    xanthisVit më parë

    Please note this was a Parade cart, those Parade machines aren't meant to run more than 10 m/h.

  • Dry Saliva
    Dry SalivaVit më parë

    I want to get a dog

  • Lee Malo

    Lee Malo

    Vit më parë

    Dogs are AWESOME !! :-)

  • Basso Talli
    Basso TalliVit më parë

    Electric motor is totally diffrent thing whit lithium batterys. I have basic brushed motor in my ebike, but becouse of big li-ion batterys its really fast and gets me to the top of the mountain if I want.

  • 1A Landei
    1A LandeiVit më parë

    It was Daisy. Now it is Christine! 👍😂😂😂✌️👍 Is it faster than 60km/h? Than you're allowed to drive on the Deutschen Autobahn! Greatings from Germany.

  • Richard Jenkins
    Richard JenkinsVit më parë

    I wonder what you can do with a big heavy car like a 2000 Acura integra. I have one that I wrecked but easily fixable. I wonder what kind of conversion I can do? If I can get 100 miles of range.

  • Leroy Brown 777
    Leroy Brown 777Vit më parë

    Colab with South Main Auto would be cooool, whoa! There's yer problem, lady!

  • Timothy Frederick
    Timothy FrederickVit më parë

    thanks for making my dogs bark an go bizerk when Golden started barkin lmbo

  • Markle2k
    Markle2kVit më parë

    Somebody got the sparky thing in the front working.

  • TAV JustRainbow
    TAV JustRainbowVit më parë

    So you put a Tesla battery on a wooden car without any way to cool down the battery? Rich whyyyyyy?????

  • Ben Hollis
    Ben HollisVit më parë

    NOOOO!!!!! MISS DAISEY!!!!!!!

  • youxkio
    youxkioVit më parë

    That shit caught fire, luckily you got a dog.

    IM MILLERVit më parë

    Helmet and seatbelt shopping next Rich.

    IM MILLERVit më parë

    When the caliper engages its like when horses start bucking, needs some abs.

  • Matt Brewer
    Matt BrewerVit më parë

    Love how his wife stops them from talking about forearms to say lets get back to whats making us money

  • Anuj Taxali
    Anuj TaxaliVit më parë

    Hey rich, till you get a cameraman, there's a modern invention called a tripod you can use

  • F
    FVit më parë

    the Red is +. the black is -. lol

  • simon nomis
    simon nomisVit më parë

    Don’t strip the wheels

  • Anojan Sivaranjan
    Anojan SivaranjanVit më parë

    Damn! Cliffhanger

  • Bilyboy
    BilyboyVit më parë

    You need a GoPro with a chest or head mount ,free up your hand...

  • Charles Jones
    Charles JonesVit më parë

    LMAO @ ending

  • Zero Res
    Zero ResVit më parë

    If you're going to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs..... then fry them?

  • Mechannel
    MechannelVit më parë

    Umm... undisclosed Salomon shoe product placement? The camera/editing seemed to lock on on those shoes for way too long.

  • Jason Granovsky
    Jason GranovskyVit më parë

    Maybe some nice Tesla rims and a small battery range display

  • willefixit
    willefixitVit më parë

    9. 50,..hampton beach strip ,lived there labor day till memorial day collage nhvtc. stratham. lol back 80s.

  • Google User
    Google UserVit më parë

    Another Tesla fire

  • ms_enj
    ms_enjVit më parë

    Dunno if I ride in this. That install looks a bit Mickey Mouse. 😂

  • Pink Puffin

    Pink Puffin

    Vit më parë

    the install looked okay, it was the detachable steering wheel that worried me.

  • Ch Lope
    Ch LopeVit më parë

    Yeah but will it supercharge?

  • Gary Mclean
    Gary McleanVit më parë

    Speed controller burnt its self out?

  • Drew Sharpe
    Drew SharpeVit më parë

    I literally cringed watching you tear the battery box out. I’m all for modifying most cars and that wood is easily replaced but it’ll never be original wood and I’d think that would add a ton of value to the car. Cool car though and cool mod.

  • Ivan Gallardo
    Ivan GallardoVit më parë

    I love your videos bro, I hope you get ur shop soon, I own a print shop would love to help you in anyway

  • Luiz Rocha
    Luiz RochaVit më parë

    Someone get the marshmallows, we have a fire.

  • Levi Israel
    Levi IsraelVit më parë

    Each screw and wood extra weight .musk come watch this

  • Luiz Rocha
    Luiz RochaVit më parë

    A Power saw? What the fuck happened to the kitchen knives?

  • Arthur Chester III
    Arthur Chester IIIVit më parë

    So if 'Daisy was an E.V. - why is there a turn crank at the front?

  • Arthur Chester III

    Arthur Chester III

    Vit më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds - Nice 'Tesla' trailer!

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë


  • FrostbiteXZ
    FrostbiteXZVit më parë

    did those batteries catch fire randomly just a few days later?? O.o dang if so that sucks

  • Donald Hayes
    Donald HayesVit më parë

    Someone forgot to install the battery disconnect switch

    RALOCUSTOMSVit më parë

    You guys need a Ford 9 inch rear end.. lol

    RALOCUSTOMSVit më parë

    Rich sale the wood off the wagon on eBay. I guaranty someone will purchase it. Start the bid at $250🤓

  • SecondLifeDesigner
    SecondLifeDesignerVit më parë

    First time I ever hit the bell for notifications on any channel! I just have to know what happens to Daisy!!! Great cliffhanger! :)

  • Chiel Bellemans
    Chiel BellemansVit më parë


  • my31and37
    my31and37Vit më parë

    Could there even be a tool that's more fun than a sawzall?

  • Pink Puffin

    Pink Puffin

    Vit më parë


  • ThriftStore Hacker
    ThriftStore HackerVit më parë

    I really like that the tesla trailer is the perfect size for that little car.

    TCMODSVit më parë

    Love the added fire crackling sound effect at the end 10/10.

  • ManKetnas
    ManKetnasVit më parë

    The Richdroyer 🎳🔨 🎆

  • Mark Sha
    Mark ShaVit më parë

    I'm thinking the matchstick framing around the batt modules didn't meet code...

  • Chuck Dizzo
    Chuck DizzoVit më parë

    There's a reason cars are not made of wood rich. Hopefully not much was lost. Cant wait for the next one.

  • wi11y1960
    wi11y1960Vit më parë

    Looks like Daisy blew a fuse!

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerVit më parë

    wish we could've seen this thing modified with a Tesla motor and a soda wheelie bars on the back.. I'm still leaning to words the Tesla powered wheelchair, just to really mess with people

  • Bryan Channell
    Bryan ChannellVit më parë

    # the steering wheel just came off

  • Bryan Channell
    Bryan ChannellVit më parë

    I lmao, almost thought he was gonna lick the terminals

  • Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Tech
    Cord Cutter Lifestyle and TechVit më parë

    I'm always on edge watching these videos, I never see any golves, hard hats or work boots

  • Pink Puffin

    Pink Puffin

    Vit më parë

    only kitchen knives.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerVit më parë

    frankly, it's so sad that the car looks nice till you realize it's made out of wood. Are you trying to re-create Dr. who? I'm sure I'm not the only one that remembers Dr. who in the 1970s the season or so, where he didn't have his little blue box. He took a early model T Ford and made it into a rocket car. Car looks completely normal. But whenever you hit the gas, it would leave to flaming trails behind it. Like the Dorian in back to the future. In fact, it's where they got the gag about the burning tire tracks from back to the future. From what I remember it was supposedly modified with a electric super engine was part of the story. Frankly, I can't remember it was long time ago. Car looked like this and was really fast. They used to make jokes in various episodes about somebody tooling around in a car that old. And all of a sudden it would disappear in a flame trail. I'm guessing you didn't change the engine and merely just change the batteries. In all fairness, if you're going to actually do something with that you're going to have to modify and change a lot of things, not just the steering wheel. Unfortunately, from the end of the video. If that thing caught fire. It would be completely gone in under 30 seconds. . In the late 1800s there was a series of electric taxis in New York. I think they made 20. They even had a charging station. They were called Electrabats or something like that. And looks somewhat similar to this vehicle. They didn't catch on because they were significantly more money than their gas running equivalent. Andrey Ford also made a couple of electric cars but as I understand it never made any that were public sale.

  • Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    Vit më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds third Dr. I believe you're correct. Given I'm 40 and I watch those episodes when I was around 13. They were the ones when he was in England with unit . Storyline was. They confiscated his little blue box and wouldn't let him have it back. At one point he had a however car. Mostly though we use that little modified antique car that everybody made fun of till they got in the thing . Ironically, the bit in back to the future with the flaming tire marks is a little Easter egg to Dr. who. If I remember correctly they always filmed scenes with the car on dirt roads. It never actually went that fast. It was a and practical fx gag. But it's the first thing I thought of when I seen that little electric Parade car. Unfortunately, I'm guessing there's not much left of it. If it had any kind of a fire. Given that car was made out of what it was made out of it blows my mind that Disney had stones to use it in a parade. They could never made the thing more unsafe. If they soaked it in gasoline. Basically, the thing was a giant fire risk right from the very first day it was used. That's why it just blew my mind realizing the whole thing was made out of. Not only made of wood but a very combustible form of wood at that at that. Remember during the parade. At some point this thing simulated breaking down which included flames and sparks coming out of the front. I figure the thing would've been made out of some sort of metal usually amusement park units like this are made with a metal frame and fiberglass body panels. I'm surprised Disney never had a major lawsuit occur because of something like this and an employee getting injured. Given what that fellow did with the wheelchair. I still say putting a Tesla motor and battery pack on that style of wheelchair could be interesting and would probably make super Dave Osbourne smile. Assuming he's still alive. That is he's probably deceased. Come to think of it. I can't member the name of the actor who played super Dave to look him up.

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë

    you are talking about the third doctor who was earth bound for a lot of his run and thus had more things like vehicles and a helicopter at one point I believe (carl talking :D )

  • David Blalock
    David BlalockVit më parë

    Philips head screws? I understand you're trying to keep it retro, but philips head screws?

  • David Blalock
    David BlalockVit më parë

    Um, if you put a tesla power unit in that thing, it's going to snap that pile of sticks in half!

  • MrHRY
    MrHRYVit më parë

    I know what you could name that forearm exercise video: 2 men 1 cup. :O

  • wayne p
    wayne pVit më parë

    That smell is battery acid soaked thru the plywood. The plywood battery boxes should have been painted with an epoxy coating to protect the plywood. There are epoxy coating that allow plywood tanks to be used with fairly strong acids..this happened in the metal plating industry as the paint store I worked at sold that epoxy.

  • leuvenlife
    leuvenlifeVit më parë

    Imagine the combination of Fire, Panic and a loose steering wheel. I bet that moment is carved deep in his memory

  • shawn chartrand
    shawn chartrandVit më parë

    marshmallows anyone?

  • mike Lewis
    mike LewisVit më parë

    Hey rich that was funny it just shows you swapping battery what difference it can make

  • leuvenlife
    leuvenlifeVit më parë

    I hope that thing has a proper chassis and reasonable brakes....

  • Joshua Pritt
    Joshua PrittVit më parë

    "Holy crap this thing's a mess. I love it." awesome