Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 4: The hunt for more water

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In this video we take a look at the Tesla model X to see if there is water in the drive motor and inverter. I hire two new apprentices and check the viability of the Model X as a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
Connector cleaner used in video
Texas Vlog Trip
CEMB equipment
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  • beyerch
    beyerch6 muaj më parë

    A "one-time use" Harbor freight light.... LOL Followed up by.... "It only turns on in your eyes" So f'ing true.

  • SillyGuyMedia
    SillyGuyMedia8 muaj më parë

    Now I'm Getting Under The Car I Did Not Find Any Corrosion But I Found A Moscow Mule

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller9 muaj më parë

    It's not a full EV, but Chrysler has the Pacifica PHEV minivan. Might be the best you can do.

  • SC02
    SC029 muaj më parë

    What is gonna happen when all of us mechanics in the UK 🇬🇧 And the US 🇺🇸 have to work on these awkward and extremely complicated electric cars. I haven’t always liked electric cars 🚗 but watching these video’s is makes me change my mind sometimes. SORRY ELON, this Is my opinion- I PREFER PETROL AND DIESEL CAR TO ELECTRIC CARS,

  • Warren Hall
    Warren Hall10 muaj më parë

    Your airline episode was priceless. Thanx.

  • magicians4christ
    magicians4christ10 muaj më parë

    Where do you get the new seats?

  • Kevin Burgess
    Kevin Burgess11 muaj më parë

    For cleaning terminals nothing beats starting with the eraser on a No.2 pencil.

  • Heavens to Murgatroyd
    Heavens to MurgatroydVit më parë

    This is like auto tech for skin divers.....

  • Jason S
    Jason SVit më parë

    If the go-pro is in your mouth. How do you speak?

  • Mason Willis
    Mason WillisVit më parë

    Lesson learned from last video, always have a moscow mule!

  • CaptainDuckman
    CaptainDuckmanVit më parë

    For a wheelchair, the announce VW ID Buzz would be a good choice if you want to keep driving electric. Not sure when it's set to hit the market, but it should have a lot of floor space and the doors on the artist impressions look massive.

  • Too Damn
    Too DamnVit më parë

    Watching the 4th part of Model X rebuild. Better have a Moscow Mule.

  • Richard M
    Richard MVit më parë

    please make a musical tune out of the different tone of the screwdriver next time :)

  • PaidinFull54 54
    PaidinFull54 54Vit më parë

    I'm pretty sure that Model X has HIE

  • David Means
    David MeansVit më parë

    Your Diff is puking Pepto!!

  • Nicholas Adkins
    Nicholas AdkinsVit më parë

    I'm glad you took the time to talk about the wheelchair probability since it is very important. I'm just surprised you didnt plug one of your friends in CA that modifies cars to electric and tell him to go see them (or yourself) in a few years to get a van converted from ICE to EV.

  • Joshua Bergan
    Joshua BerganVit më parë

    To whoever chris is. My sister is a quad with server cerebral palsy. The interior size is only a small portion of the equation. The biggest thing to understand is that wheelchair accessible are HEAVILY moded. They actually increase the height of the interior by basically removing and building a new floor. Rich also pointed out a good point in the power train hump in the rear of the tesla x. For these reasons model x would be a bad option for a handicapped vehicle.

  • Sundial Music
    Sundial MusicVit më parë

    How the hell do you remember where/how everything goes back together?

  • Mike Gervasi
    Mike GervasiVit më parë

    I bought that same light at HF because of you, Rich. It's fantastic.

  • Star Platinum
    Star PlatinumVit më parë

    Why do you restore these? You know how My company does it!

  • Nicholas Flores
    Nicholas FloresVit më parë

    Got Ray Romano for help

  • naoyuki sasanami
    naoyuki sasanamiVit më parë

    emulsified coolant?

  • Paul Labus
    Paul LabusVit më parë

    Where can I find a pallet of salvage soda?

  • Edwin Thomas
    Edwin ThomasVit më parë you ever use Deoxit100 for electrically connections? Great work...much success

  • Songo
    SongoVit më parë

    Most impressive thing in this video was the gaint palette of salvage soda. You can't even google that stuff!

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu IkimashoVit më parë

    Time Index 0:23 I know you are repairing everything yourself but please if you want to clean circuits then please use what the professionals use. They use FLUXOFF and warranty repair and nerds and all kinds of electronic companies use it to get a board as clean as possible.

  • Iron *Fe*
    Iron *Fe*Vit më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds Much respect for verifying wheelchair accessibility of your van, even though you're only referencing a single model. All car manufacturers/designers ought to include accessibility in their designs. It's being considerate, not 'charitable' as some individuals view it.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    Can a body shop stretch a tesla if you have electric motors?

  • Chris Nesin
    Chris NesinVit më parë

    Thanks for the shout out for my daughter Effie. Thanks for the measurements. I know there is a lot of interest in an accessible X but it looks like a bit of engineering that may not be possible. Not giving up yet. caringbridge visit effienesin

  • Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşarVit më parë

    I personally loving Tesla Cars but why they dont create this car with water proff

  • Paul Kirchhof
    Paul KirchhofVit më parë

    Thanks, one of the best videos

  • Noway Müller
    Noway MüllerVit më parë

    Use the Metric System!

  • Auxiouss
    AuxioussVit më parë

    “It only turns on when its in your eyes” lol it made mw lmao

  • z0uLess
    z0uLessVit më parë

    hello "lets watch other people do things so it feels like we are doing things with our lives" and "lets broadcast our lives and sell our data for change to the google multiplex future AI overlords" -people

  • tasmedic
    tasmedicVit më parë

    If some of those connectors have gold plated contacts 1) you don't need to clean them, they are pretty much self cleaning as the plug goes into the socket. 2) putting abrasive sticks down them may well rub off the plating, leading to corrosion later, which would not have happened had you just spent your time on something else. Not sure why Rich has spent thousands on track alignment stuff when he doesn't have an electric hoist for his vehicles. That would make the rebuilding much quicker and easier.

  • Smoothy Boy
    Smoothy BoyVit më parë

    I miss the rants

  • cristobal cardona
    cristobal cardonaVit më parë

    Hi Tesla just announced that they will only sell models 3 on the Internet as they try to lower the car price to 35,000.

  • Scott Boyer
    Scott BoyerVit më parë

    Wait, what's this about savage soda? I need to buy a palette of soda. Where do I get it?

  • Erik
    ErikVit më parë

    Where is the hook up on salvage soda and other goods? Aha I love it!

  • Eduardo
    EduardoVit më parë

    con tantas piezas que quitan como hacen para saber donde iba cada cosa despues?

  • Patrice Liautaud
    Patrice LiautaudVit më parë

    Hey Rich, great content! I'm wondering if you can add more modules in a battery pack, if there was space could you modify a 70kw battery pack to a 100kw or even 120kw - or will the cables, charger and temperature system not support it? At over 100kw would the output voltage be too much for the system? We wish you continued success, keep it up!

  • sirLukash
    sirLukashVit më parë

    Hello Rich, I have been watching your videos for a while now and I have a question - what do you think about tesla being used to electrify classic car? Do you think that front motor would be enough to decently propell the car? I have been looking into options of electryfying my Honda Prelude 3, and the kits are both very expensive and seem underpowered (max 90HP).

  • Wensz
    WenszVit më parë

    I almost forgot that you are black, good job

  • Juho Jussila
    Juho JussilaVit më parë

    Have you heard of finnish RMK rimless EV-motorbike? It is now crowdfunding for first production bikes.

  • cmofam1
    cmofam1Vit më parë

    Rich whats good with info on them soda pallets😂 frfr

  • brett alex
    brett alexVit më parë

    Oh that makes me cringe watching him clean out corrosion from connectors. You never should use wiring and electronics that show any flood damage...accelerated potentially dangerous failure as well as serious liability. If you see ANY corrosion in the wiring, connectors, harness, PCB or electronic internals...inspect and reflow the solder or replace and discard the unit.

  • Jake Jerman
    Jake JermanVit më parë

    Rich I have a Tesla battery module in a golf cart that blew up tonight, let me know if you would want the info on it

  • Jake Jerman

    Jake Jerman

    Vit më parë

    Just sent you an email

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë

    Send me an email

  • Ixon
    IxonVit më parë

    Courage mon ami !

  • Elyas Rasti
    Elyas RastiVit më parë

    yo real question, where you get salvaged soda.

  • Andreas Hanke
    Andreas HankeVit më parë

    You're really positive crazy 😎 Best regards from germany 👋😃

  • KoRMaK1
    KoRMaK1Vit më parë

    People clapped on my flight yesterday when we landed.

  • Krspy2
    Krspy2Vit më parë

    You should meet jehu Garcia who works with DIY Tesla powerwalls and lithium batteries. You are both positive community influences who like and are familiar with tesla

  • fatboy19831
    fatboy19831Vit më parë

    By the end of 2019 there will be far more no Tesla fast chargers across the country. Till then Tesla is the only cost to cost Electric car.

  • Read Only Memory
    Read Only MemoryVit më parë

    bunch a fcking massholes taking apart a model x, i love it.

  • row0111
    row0111Vit më parë

    This guy is lvl 4 Ikea builder.

  • WheelScene
    WheelSceneVit më parë

    MV-1 is the best accessible van Rich you should check it out and recommend your thoughts to your subscriber

  • Charley George
    Charley GeorgeVit më parë

    Rich, huge congrats on the Popular Mechanics interview. I love how they gave you so many cudose for all your work and your push for right to repair.

  • Charley George

    Charley George

    Vit më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds Yeah they did a piece on your restoration of your Tesla. They made it look like they even interviewed you. Yeah there was a video on your right to repair struggles with Tesla. It might have been just an expos eh

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë

    Wait, I was in popular mechanics?

  • Mister G
    Mister GVit më parë

    Go tesla go GO Rich GO

  • Sean Dyne
    Sean DyneVit më parë

    Another awesome video Rich. Thank you for making these. I am hoping to buy a wrecked Tesla in the summer and your videos always keep me motivated. If you need an assistant anytime soon, look me up. I will cruise up there and wrench with ya!

  • Justin Bet
    Justin BetVit më parë

    Where do you find salvaged soda at?

  • Seth Baker
    Seth BakerVit më parë

    You should get some Stabilant 22 contact enhancer to go with that terminal cleaning kit. It's available on Amazon. Salty CAN bus lines don't work well.

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff GreenVit më parë

    Rich, I was surprised that you didn't spray down the connectors with DeoxIT after cleaning with your toolkit. DeoxIT is a product I learned to use when I worked in an avionics shop. The label says, "Improves conductivity, deoxidizes, seals and protects connectors and contacts". Thanks for the great videos - I appreciate you!

  • itzflakey_
    itzflakey_Vit më parë

    1:53 gonna make this my ringtone

    STRUTZKOFFVit më parë

    Might I suggest die electric grease on all plug connections and bolted electrical connections

  • rtxrt73
    rtxrt73Vit më parë

    Hey Rich, I know this will sound crazy (As if salvaging flooded ELECTRIC cars isnt any more crazy...) But would it be possible to do a Limo conversion to a model X to add the extra space to make it wheelchair accessible??

  • Lord Bath
    Lord BathVit më parë

    Hi Rich, I was introduced you you channel by my son Nnamdi and I really appreciate everything you share with us. You are the reason I did not buy a Tesla but got a Hyundai, it was the lug nut phone call that tipped the scales. OK I don't think the I can help you much because I am watching the show to inform me. And the connector file kit and this was something that was new to me and I have not seen this before. I have had a lot of connection issues with my MG-F, but because of the volume of problems I have found something that has worked for me: This is the liberal application of an an IPA spray cleaner and when I see you using the connection file kit I really think that the connection would benefit form being sprayed with IPA, because the file will create some dust. I also sometimes use: silicon lubricant (on connector seals), electrical switch lubricant (on the contacts) and PCB lacker (to seal the connections after assembly). If you get this far, thank you for listening to me, good luck with the build and I look forward to the next instalment....

  • Alan Here
    Alan HereVit më parë

    I have that flashlight. Its great!!! But yeah dont turn it on in your face.

  • dastgahjoosh
    dastgahjooshVit më parë

    Retitle this whole channel to Rich whines

  • David Košecký
    David KošeckýVit më parë

    1:37 assuming that the part is mounted on the car chasis/body locktite is a very good reason rich..

  • Tim Brown
    Tim BrownVit më parë

    Thanks Rich. I have a wheelchair bound child too. Thanks for the info.

  • greggv8
    greggv8Vit më parë

    So Tesla finally learns about IP ratings for their electronics and motors with the Model X?

  • Jonathan Tribble
    Jonathan TribbleVit më parë

    Would love it if you wouldn’t cus. My younger brother wants to watch these. Thanks man.

  • kevin b
    kevin bVit më parë

    Rich If you do get one of those lights find a local vape shop and get a couple of batteries.throw the one that came with it away. I bought mine 11 months ago and was using it working nights still have to this day used it on a brake job last night in the rain

  • BoomCheckMeOut
    BoomCheckMeOutVit më parë

    Hold on.. salvage soda cans? What??

  • Joey Roman
    Joey RomanVit më parë

    Did Tesla steal BMWs clip styles?

  • lilcuzii
    lilcuziiVit më parë

    If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle there’s a company in Arizona call VMI vehicle mobility Inc. I know they build Honda pilotsTo be wheelchair accessible

  • C Kauffman
    C KauffmanVit më parë

    please please please let me hear some sweet sweet recorder solo music in the next vid Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShadowcasterZero
    ShadowcasterZeroVit më parë

    rebuilding another flooded tesla? guess you got tired of waiting for that used one you bought online

  • Shawn Vanden
    Shawn VandenVit më parë

    The only thing lacking in this Video is Rich's Mom trolling him around the Garage sayin' "Elon can put a Car in Space, but you can't clean up this place a bit ?!" LOL Keep up the good work Rich !

  • Tom Jeffserson
    Tom JeffsersonVit më parë

    Tesla-ize a Ford Ranger EV

  • weakpig
    weakpigVit më parë

    hi RIch, ever worry that the hydraulic jacks fail and the whole car collapsing down on your head?

  • Common_C3nts
    Common_C3ntsVit më parë

    I assume you are spending all the time and money for video content, but wouldnt it just be cheaper to buy a working tesla?

  • DJ Gains Bond
    DJ Gains BondVit më parë

    77 Tesla employees thumbed it down.

  • sorrowful Satchel
    sorrowful SatchelVit më parë

    DUDE! Where can I buy salvaged soda?!

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    MoonwalkerVit më parë

    Rich, how do you buy salvaged soda?

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    Where did you buy the pallet of damage soda?

  • FrankD71864
    FrankD71864Vit më parë

    I used to do the same thing to my dad when I was his age.

  • George Stone
    George StoneVit më parë

    There are plenty of used wheelchair vans on ebay. Makes much more financial sense than an X.

  • Santino Iorio
    Santino IorioVit më parë

    Why did yo buy another Model X?

  • itsnotme07
    itsnotme07Vit më parë

    You know it's a good episode when no one/thing dies....except for Cam....who seems to die every episode now. Tough gig working for Rich. Nice job with the wheelchair stuff.

  • Jonathan Colling
    Jonathan CollingVit më parë

    After cleaning connectors it would be really beneficial if you coated them in dialectric grease. That way, they wont corrode in future if you removed any plating from the connectors when cleaning or hidden areas were tarnished. 👍

  • Manuel Barros
    Manuel BarrosVit më parë

    You're the best rich, we need longer videos! Maybe twice a week, can't get enough.

  • c1d2e
    c1d2eVit më parë

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    ProfessorOzoneVit më parë

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  • Ham
    HamVit më parë

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  • Robert Lawton
    Robert LawtonVit më parë

    Just when I thought you're a darn fine human being, you go ahead and help out Chris and his daughter like that and the only word left that comes to mind is "Mensch". Props to you.

  • Todd Morrow
    Todd MorrowVit më parë

    Can you please auto tune songs when using your Milwaukee electric ratchet?

  • Re Argiro
    Re ArgiroVit më parë

    Rich! That’s the best Clip ever! Just wanted to say thank you for the Wheelchair measurements. May Good bless you!

  • Ray Amoranto
    Ray AmorantoVit më parë

    So funny about the go-pro in the mouth add-on because I was just thinking about it when I saw both hands on the video while the camera was going.

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