Why Buying a salvage Tesla model X doesn’t make any sense

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Today we do a comparison between used , new and salvaged model Xs so you can see how ridiculous the prices that people are paying are
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  • Jerry King
    Jerry King5 muaj më parë

    Hey Rich....Supply and demand! Critical thinking says, too many people want this vehicle. It's on the buyer for not checking out the cars history, or if they did, it is totally on them for purchasing them and keeping prices up on them....

  • Levi Kumer
    Levi KumerVit më parë

    how to get a new key for model x for a salvage car? Tesla doesn't Help!!

  • Greg Calo
    Greg CaloVit më parë

    Here you go again making sense with comedy. Are people listening? Do under water Tesla's come with fish?

  • Simon Olofsson
    Simon OlofssonVit më parë

    Man you really know how to do advertisements in videos right, these last two Lastpass adds were great

  • Cody Walters
    Cody WaltersVit më parë

    Running one with very slight front end damage sold for 30,000

  • Kevin Bradshaw
    Kevin BradshawVit më parë

    Are there any aftermarket scanner equipment for diagnostics or programming keys for Tesla’s yet?

  • Tak S
    Tak SVit më parë

    It is not that insane... They have Tesla in many counties I'm sure there some way to ship those model x parts to other countries like China or in Europe.

  • Allie Lerman
    Allie LermanVit më parë

    I saw a pre owned Tesla in Seattle Washington. Model s start at 48k. Who much is the shipping from Seattle to nyc. I saw your another video about pre owned Tesla. About the service records problems with the vehicle. I wanted the cars problem fixed by Tesla. Thanks uncle rich. U saved me a huge headache.

  • Electrified_ Motors
    Electrified_ MotorsVit më parë

    Makes absolutely no sense to buy Salvaged, very soon prices of used MX will be below 60k with a clean title.

  • Alex Heathman
    Alex HeathmanVit më parë

    Dude you need to fuckin stop with tesla you obviously aren't ment to have one or do anything with one

  • Jon Gandy
    Jon GandyVit më parë

    Reset that market Rich!!!

  • Questioner
    QuestionerVit më parë

    Having dealt with Tesla's pre-owned program, which is less work, rebuilding an X or buying used?

  • StellarBlue1
    StellarBlue1Vit më parë

    YOU ARE RIGHT! It makes zero sense to pay a little less for a salvage car when you can buy it used for almost the same price. That would be true for any car make or model. There is something not quite right about paying over 60k for a salvage Tesla...

  • Ryder Ostby
    Ryder OstbyVit më parë

    Well yes, but No


    If im gonna spend 65k on a used car ill buy a brand new camaro

  • 12 skits
    12 skitsVit më parë

    This doesn’t just apply to teslas, it applies to ALL vehicles.

  • Jugger naut
    Jugger nautVit më parë

    but you can save 19.99$

  • Burton Nelson
    Burton NelsonVit më parë

    $84,000 New, no miles on it, supercharging etc. $65,000 used with about 30,000 mile on it. $63,000 Salvage you are right.

  • e-mobility driving solutions
    e-mobility driving solutionsVit më parë

    Cool video content especially for europeans and a cool Video Sponsor too. All the best for your campain.

  • v1m30
    v1m30Vit më parë

    Just get a used Honda LOL. These overpriced Teslas... a damn rich status toy.

  • Batosor Sodnom
    Batosor SodnomVit më parë

    I am your hater

  • Drew Schumann
    Drew SchumannVit më parë

    Actually, you are assuming you can actually BUY a used Tesla.

  • arthur Me
    arthur MeVit më parë

    Carfax 35000 in Canada

  • Nikolai Van Kley
    Nikolai Van KleyVit më parë

    Rich, this is absolutely ridiculous considering about a year ago you could easily find a salvaged model s for under 8000. I doubt its going to stay like this though, because there's absolutely no way that this can be a sustainable market at these prices.

  • Dems s
    Dems sVit më parë

    Paper mache😂😂😂

  • Bargainteers
    BargainteersVit më parë

    Wow. The markup is crazy. But a good thing for the owner

  • phil mathew
    phil mathewVit më parë

    Tesla rebuying their own rekt cars and re-using the good parts in the new cars 😂👍🏽

  • Bradley Lupo
    Bradley LupoVit më parë

    62k with a non repairable title lol

  • TheSlimeyLimey
    TheSlimeyLimeyVit më parë

    Its probably Tesla buying these so dead Tesla's stay dead :)

  • 9TDF
    9TDFVit më parë

    You should put a tesla body on a gas car frame it's possible but is a lot of work.

  • Dranomoly
    DranomolyVit më parë

    great video

  • HMD
    HMDVit më parë

    I think the winning bidders are overseas buyers

  • Matvey Adzhigirey
    Matvey AdzhigireyVit më parë

    The reason Teslas sell for so much on auto auctions is because they are typically bought by international buyers. In some countries electric vehicles have low (or no) import taxes, and salvage title makes no difference to them.

  • Toliy K
    Toliy KVit më parë

    Did you check prices on copart?

  • Ace
    AceVit më parë

    A sucker born every minute. Your own fault for spending 65k on a flooded car that doesn't work/have keys/dealer support

  • xerocookieable
    xerocookieableVit më parë

    I think you work for big oil.

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin CampbellVit më parë

    Those auction prices are set by big oil

  • Simon Bach
    Simon BachVit më parë

    What kind of morons are buying these salvage title cars, at these idiotic prices?

  • sayharris
    sayharrisVit më parë


  • Christoffer Nielsen
    Christoffer NielsenVit më parë

    Remember to tage car year, milage and date of sale into consideration. Some of the previous sales you found was cars sold 1 year ago and you are comparing to the cheapest car selling today. The same car won't cost the same today as it would a year ago.

  • jfan4reva
    jfan4revaVit më parë

    If Rich Rebuilds bubbled the market, don't worry. As soon as the backyard mechanics find out how difficult, frustrating and expensive rebuilds are, the bubble will burst. Unless of course, they're all being shipped overseas.

  • Chuck Hall
    Chuck HallVit më parë

    Great info.

  • Max Meier
    Max MeierVit më parë

    I can imagine insurance fraud on different levels here as an explanation.

  • Ace
    AceVit më parë

    Getting this a better watch time so more people view it :)

  • Matta
    MattaVit më parë

    Just wait until a Tesla burns your shop down lol.

  • Alex Levy
    Alex LevyVit më parë

    This is all your fault Rich... Your rants have impacted Tesla stock price... increased prices at salvage yards.. and got them back quite popular on the used car market lots across america. you deserve a BIG Commission check from Elon Musk....... teslas were garbaged until you showed people they could be fixed... own up to it

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge LopezVit më parë

    You are comparing vehicles that sold salvage a year ago to current used car values. This is not a fair comparison although your point is clear and I agree the salvage cars don’t make sense.

  • Leto Idaho
    Leto IdahoVit më parë

    Your Daughter is totally beautiful.

  • dahveed284
    dahveed284Vit më parë

    This is absolutely insane. A salvage title means an insurance company has totaled the vehicle. While I've heard stories of people eventually converting a salvage title into a real title, those are just stories. Additionally, since you have to rely on Telsa selling you parts (that they are unlikely to do) you'll never get that thing fixed. Nope, I wouldn't do it. I'm not interested in ever buying a wrecked car or any type unless I can get it for a steal, I have time for a project (I don't), and parts are available (they're not for a Tesla). So, no thanks.

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler HardyVit më parë

    The model S salvage prices don't make sense. You can get a CPO car with a freaking warranty for less than the salvage (still wrecked needing repairs) cars.

  • Daniel Filippus
    Daniel FilippusVit më parë

    I think Tesla is buying them.

  • Azio Prism
    Azio PrismVit më parë

    *Some people buy them just to try to sell them later in parts? Risky and pointless imo.*

  • Minds Eye
    Minds EyeVit më parë

    "I know Teslas are made of Papier Mache" hahahahah

  • Eric Getting Baked
    Eric Getting BakedVit më parë

    All about that name

  • kalenen
    kalenenVit më parë

    Lastpass gets hacked OFTEN! so no

  • Frederick Fitzwilliam
    Frederick FitzwilliamVit më parë

    The Last Pass advertisement he made has me dying 😭🤣😂🤣😭😭🤣

  • Awais Zareef
    Awais ZareefVit më parë

    I won't to spend a day with you lol take me Gregg auction I'll happily work weekends 😂😂

  • Awais Zareef
    Awais ZareefVit më parë

    Check mid daily

  • Awais Zareef
    Awais ZareefVit më parë


  • Awais Zareef
    Awais ZareefVit më parë

    Google phone pls no ads

  • Awais Zareef
    Awais ZareefVit më parë

    Monsta baby I won't Andy to stay pls ask him Awais will go dj dw no swearing Yeh Doncaster or wakiy but I guess ur bother will say who got there first have will tell you she will tell you this guy is smart lol

  • MrCoreForce
    MrCoreForceVit më parë

    Rich, have you seen they now even fix space rockets using a kitchen knife? althe.info/number/sqDAlnWsiIWrmrY/video

  • tomm tom
    tomm tomVit më parë

    TESLA is a milestone in the automotive industry, but it uses a "technology" battery that was created in 1972. You would try to connect the tesla under the "colibry" battery - a dry lithium-metal-polymer battery with a constant electrolyte. These batteries were mounted in forklifts and could work for 18 hours instead of 8 hours. From what I remember, they are now used in air vehicles in Canada and Saudi Arabia because they tolerate low and high temperatures very well. The creator of these batteries is Mieko Hannemann.

    KARVANZ NLIFEVit më parë

    Rich I think u have created a wrecked tesla car cult ! It's like they are showing off to each other "yeh man check the fxxxxxg state of this thing before and after its way worse than urs ! " it just goes to prove u really can POLISH A TURD !😂😂

  • joel osman
    joel osmanVit më parë

    For the average person it doesn't make sense. But for you it might as it gives you content.

  • Jonathon Wilson
    Jonathon WilsonVit më parë

    I work at a mechanic shop in one of my buddies asked me if a Tesla has oil in it in someway shape or form. Can you answer that question for me?

  • Fionn Crowe
    Fionn CroweVit më parë

    Rich Rebuilds Model S X Damien Maguire E39

  • Bw Bs
    Bw BsVit më parë

    The last pass promo was cringe

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan JohnsonVit më parë

    People are doing it 'cause tesla which to me makes absolutely no sense. I get that they are amazing cars (I'd kill to own one) but when you are looking at peanuts in cash to get a used vs salvage it's absurd. You are going to spend tons more in just parts... I don't understand why the people buying these cars don't see that??? Or are they buying them for scrap parts that they know are going to be blacklisted from Tesla??

  • Ian Alli
    Ian AlliVit më parë

    This is sad, kinda wish I didn’t give him the view. Used to have a lot of respect for him but now he’s trying to kill the market for buying salvage Tesla’s for his personal gain. He has a huge following and I hope people see through the bs, lost my respect for you man, really big shame, man. 😔

  • Kevin Breslin
    Kevin BreslinVit më parë

    Money laundering?

  • clint meyer
    clint meyerVit më parë

    Rich You have great videos, great voice, great presentation, great pacing, excellent info on EV, too bad Tesla will not truly work with you. Now for the bad you know it was coming. Well wait for it..... Wait for it......

  • MrJuicekrew
    MrJuicekrewVit më parë


  • Oscar Bello
    Oscar BelloVit më parë

    Let me know what u think?

  • Jackie Parrott
    Jackie ParrottVit më parë

    Hey rich,just run across your videos researching Tesla cars.I spent all weekend watching all your videos.You are amazing with tesla cars.Great job on building your tesla.👊🏼

  • Trudeau Lacroix
    Trudeau LacroixVit më parë

    The Sponsor segment is so funny,you are a natural Rich,

  • QXplore
    QXploreVit më parë

    Geez us fuck they are high lol

  • Tom Jablon
    Tom JablonVit më parë

    Im surprised at the absolute lack of buying intelligence at these salvage auctions. @samcrac and yourself both use autoauctions.io which seems very straight forward on car values. You both seem to use the "dont buy 3rd party seller" cars, and it works. Thanks as always for the quality content.

  • consciouscool
    consciouscoolVit më parë

    They want stupid money even if they allow you the privilege to buy the parts. The insurance has to be insane for full coverage.

  • Sam Sonn
    Sam SonnVit më parë

    Who are these crazy people paying these astronomical prices for salvage Teslas, not only isd it the copart final auction price there are fees of a couple grand if they are not dealers

  • Saideep Katragadda
    Saideep KatragaddaVit më parë

    Rich buy the salvage roadster on ebay for abt 28k it seems like an easy fix not much damage

  • Raymundo M
    Raymundo MVit më parë

    Shes cute

  • Steve Vlahos
    Steve VlahosVit më parë

    I don't see the fascination with salvaged title cars. They are smashed/flooded and god only knows how safe they are when you 'put' them back together. I would fix a few and sell for profit then go buy a clean title car. That's just me.

  • Blahblahblah Blah
    Blahblahblah BlahVit më parë

    *Theory:* Tesla is buying up these salvage cars to stop people tinkering, repairing, parting-out, reselling - activities which all ultimately make the cars more accessible, resulting in brand damage - to protect their brand and keep it exclusive.

  • poosnip
    poosnipVit më parë

    Maybe Tesla bought them back

  • Mike Ramsey's other channel
    Mike Ramsey's other channelVit më parë

    Yeah...I'm thinking you should either get a clean title one or pass on the Model X altogether.

  • M. Savage
    M. SavageVit më parë

    Your picture background is almost as satire as your comedy.

  • SelectCircle
    SelectCircleVit më parë

    Point well made!

  • Abrahanmoya
    AbrahanmoyaVit më parë

    Pump and dump

  • Nick
    NickVit më parë

    maybe Tesla's secretly buying them all back through shell corps because they don't have parts for service..

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    holy shit you got a lotta tabs open

  • blud work
    blud workVit më parë

    They are doing it to ship it outside USA

  • Tadeusz Tomaszew

    Tadeusz Tomaszew

    Muaj më parë

    Nope. Used non cpo is more dangerous to buy than one where you SEE damage.

  • Khaffit
    KhaffitVit më parë

    Just buy a model S used Lul

  • ghiagoo - War Robots
    ghiagoo - War RobotsVit më parë

    Funniest commercial I’ve seen in a while. Added plus it was for Last Pass. Great product

  • Cy Early
    Cy EarlyVit më parë

    Those aren’t rebuilds, those are hacks. Reminds me of the old days in the housing market when people would buy a messed up flooded , meth House , put some new carpet in it and paint and flip it for some ridiculous price. Or people that get a junkyard engine spray paint it, put chrome valve covers on it and call it rebuild.

  • Lubka024
    Lubka024Vit më parë

    Parts maybe?

  • Jonathan Jung
    Jonathan JungVit më parë

    Model X's hold their value.

  • Tadeusz Tomaszew

    Tadeusz Tomaszew

    Muaj më parë

    They do not at all

  • Christian Falch
    Christian FalchVit më parë

    Prices on used Tesla here in Norway dont make any sense. Salvage ones you cant buy. You get old used for the same price as new. And people buy. They also dont drop to more like 350,000 NoK/41000 US thats for 2013, with no car warranty, 3 years left on DU and battery left, and have driven almost half way to the moon. And the noen to get one will last you 10 years to be a livable monthly bill. As one that always buy used thats so many red flags. But they say, EVs dont break down and need any service or repairs. Should it break down, well up to year wait for spare parts, and thats a 50 50, thats thru customer reports that it will.

  • P8ntballa(paintballa)
    P8ntballa(paintballa)Vit më parë

    Wow😮 the prices are crazy

  • Barry Soetorro
    Barry SoetorroVit më parë

    3:30. Thicccccc...

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