Model 3 Suspension Upgrade and the Lawyers aren’t Happy

Makina dhe automjete

In this episode we lower Chris’s car and also briefly discuss some of the legal issues that Lee is facing
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  • Michel Geurts
    Michel Geurts5 ditë më parë

    Fight back

  • a2cryss
    a2cryss3 muaj më parë

    9:20 I have done the coat hanger trick to hold the spring compressed.

  • AceOnBase1
    AceOnBase15 muaj më parë

    Question; why the fuck does audi care about free advertising?

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly6 muaj më parë

    I love your stern deffensivness. It suits you well with your sense of humor. To funny.

  • fahad waliany
    fahad waliany7 muaj më parë

    can you raise the ground clearance since tesla is already soo low?

  • Kris
    Kris7 muaj më parë

    Anyone miss the old tesla roof coating that shows a rainbow when wet in the light?

  • Chris Wirth
    Chris Wirth9 muaj më parë

    Remember to torque your wheels with a star pattern! :)

  • It is what It is
    It is what It is10 muaj më parë

    Just add dumb in front of Audi “Dumb Audi” and your good

  • Virian Bouze
    Virian Bouze11 muaj më parë

    Do not "Mess" with that Audi/VW issue You can get into a can of worms like one of those "Brier-Bush-Hooks" Leave that subject alone the defense cost is not worth it. Porsche, is already advertising there new Porsche, is faster then the Tesla, That is already a "Red-Flag" anyway you guys are doing a great job, I have learned a lot just watching.

  • Rishi R.
    Rishi R.Vit më parë

    Cool video.. which wheels are these?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    Fix the fog lights

  • Tony S
    Tony SVit më parë

    Which spring tool are those?

  • Zeitgeister
    ZeitgeisterVit më parë

    Pls make a basic guide on things you've done

  • A Realists Guide to Things
    A Realists Guide to ThingsVit më parë

    VAG can suck it.

  • Scott Xiong
    Scott XiongVit më parë


  • daniel alvarez
    daniel alvarezVit më parë

    love the nosy dogs xD lol

  • T. Phan
    T. PhanVit më parë

    Are those wheels 19s or 20s?

  • Ideoform Sun
    Ideoform SunVit më parë

    I hope you never hit a pothole. Or go over a speed bump.

  • Ideoform Sun
    Ideoform SunVit më parë

    Audi should have sent a polite, non-threatening, non-legal letter first.

  • J LT
    J LTVit më parë

    That bolt *was not* finger tight

  • beri232
    beri232Vit më parë

    I would prefer a lift kit instead of a lowering kit

  • William Lowe
    William LoweVit më parë

    I think you should take the high road , so to speak, and take down the free advertising you are giving them. PLUS, and this is even better, you won't be contributing (by lining the pockets) of their lawyers!!!

  • Inquiring Minds
    Inquiring MindsVit më parë

    Take the signs down and adhere to the legal requests. Fighting them won't bring any joy. Don't burn Bridges you may need to cross later.

  • KoolBreeze420
    KoolBreeze420Vit më parë

    You should fight it, in my opinion, you would win under fair use.

  • Joe Congdon
    Joe CongdonVit më parë

    How much better is the new suspension?

  • Tyrone Biggums
    Tyrone BiggumsVit më parë

    Till this day, this Model 3 is driving around with the spring compressor in the rear springs. 🤣

  • Bob3519
    Bob3519Vit më parë

    Audi is just blowin' smoke. (Just like their cars did in dieselgate!) ; )

  • Montavio
    MontavioVit më parë

    What size are those rims?

  • Robert Monterroso
    Robert MonterrosoVit më parë

    Sand in the V.A.G

  • djwilliams
    djwilliamsVit më parë

    Tell them to stick it up there A$$

  • NafnLaus Andlit
    NafnLaus AndlitVit më parë

    Audi and VW just a sore losers

  • Robert Ludlow
    Robert LudlowVit më parë

    can you buy a tesla engine an stick it in a mini ? that street race would be ...... interesting ..

  • /dev/null/
    /dev/null/Vit më parë

    doggies! *_*

  • midgetrace
    midgetraceVit më parë

    Ad your logo to theirs which would make it different or take off one circle

  • Army2willis VTG
    Army2willis VTGVit më parë

    FIGHTBACK is the only option!!!

  • Hamilton Mechanical
    Hamilton MechanicalVit më parë

    Speaking of Vws and spring compressors, my buddy in his infinite wisdom once bought a rabbit diesel. Neat car, but must have been from up yall's way, had way more rust than most did down here. One day he was coming home from work, and the lower spring support completely failed and grounded that corner of the car. Several creatively placed ratchet straps later we got the car back home. He later sold it and they drove off with the car just as it was when we rigged it, never found out if they made it home (about 50 miles away) like that haha.

  • T Minor
    T MinorVit më parë

    As far as the signs Harley does the same thing. U cant win 😑

  • kefas Bar Jona
    kefas Bar JonaVit më parë

    I would burn the signs and never touch one of their cars ever again, they suck anyway...

  • 5 minutes alone
    5 minutes aloneVit më parë

    Fight back because it is a freedom of use. Like if I found a sign that says Coca-Cola at a yard sale, and hung it up then at that time the sign is not owned by Coca-Cola but a freedom of speech in a sense to use. I see small shops that says Benz or VW repair shop, so I would think VW or Audi would have to go after them and every single repair shop in the nation for using their name in a small repair shop...get a lawyer...They don't have any legal basis for that. If they take that away from you to use the sign just to hang in a building, then they would have to spend billions to take legal action for every shop out there....and I don't think they want to do that, but they are singling you out which is not far or legal.

  • pprotory
    pprotoryVit më parë

    Rich - I wanted to say that I used to work for a shop called Porscha (yes it had an A not the correct Porsche.) Pitstop. They went through the same thing and were asked to remove the name blah blah blah or be sued. So the shop was renamed to Pitstop Performance Tuning. About a year or so later they filed suit anyway because the phone company didn't get the memo and while correctly listing the shop in the yellow pages in the white pages it was listed as still being porsche pitstop. The suit failed and fortunately the lawyer was a customer so the defense was pretty cheap. The point is though VAG who owns audi, porsche, and a few other brands is extremely litigious against outside shops that work on their cars as in their minds they see it as the shop making money off of their name even though in reality the shop is making money off the fact that their service offerings are overpriced with abismal performance ratings. Getting VAG to realize that its not the logo it's their own reputations that are costing them money is near imposible. No matter how many cars have parts fly off of them on your way to vacation because the VW tech at the dealer was too stupid to tighten the bolts... they just wont accept reality. Once he has gotten on their radar he should just expect an annual letter from the lawyers.

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler HardyVit më parë

    I can't believe they didn't use a strut in the rear... Shock and separate spring? Bleh.

  • Bohica Johnson
    Bohica JohnsonVit më parë

    "Remeber this part of the video"!!! I almost fainted to see you on the tools.

  • Tai Theguy
    Tai TheguyVit më parë

    bro... Take the tires off closer to the ground. duh

  • Viacheslav Abramov
    Viacheslav AbramovVit më parë

    Dudes You forgot to loosen and tighten the suspension under its own weight of the car! There is a risk of damage to silent blocks!

  • Eurotrash RC
    Eurotrash RCVit më parë

    why didn't you do an oil change while you had it on the lift?

  • jott1234
    jott1234Vit më parë

    MA has right to repair, right? perhaps that could be used to fight back.

  • STICH666
    STICH666Vit më parë

    7:53 that HAD to be a black dick joke

  • iMeatbag
    iMeatbagVit më parë

    Curious if you recall the story where a Tesla battery pack took an impact from some road debris resulting in a runaway fire? Tesla responded to that incident by raising the ride height of the car and they haven't had an issue with debris impact fires since. Might not be wise to lower the car despite how much better it does look at that height.

  • drdoomslab
    drdoomslabVit më parë

    Its a documentary getting info from different people. They are going to have to start suiting everyone that has performance shops or displays an Audi badge. They just chucking there weight about thinking you will cave. But they do have a point under the law you have to get written permission to use there logo's. Id be interested to see whoever made the logo that is hung up, if they have written permission to make these signs. And if they do this might cover you legally.

  • James Mack
    James MackVit më parë

    The social justice warriors at Gillette are listening... prepare to be shamed for you masculinity.

  • Geffá Oliveira
    Geffá OliveiraVit më parë

    fight back

  • James Mack
    James MackVit më parë

    Edit the video, blur out the images

  • James Mack

    James Mack

    Vit më parë

    Rearrange the Audi circles to look like the Olympic symbol.

  • John Uremovich
    John UremovichVit më parë

    I feel like it will take 1 trip down Storrow and this thing will get murdered.

  • thedeadhp
    thedeadhpVit më parë


  • xephael
    xephaelVit më parë

    Fight back, seen damages for frivolous lawsuit.

  • I Salman
    I SalmanVit më parë

    Where's the butter knife?

  • Derek1978
    Derek1978Vit më parë

    its easy to say fight back in comment but we are not the pones who have pay for lawyers and spend tons of time doing legal bullshit so...

  • LA6UOA
    LA6UOAVit më parë

    You guys are great mechanics! This is like therapy to watch! Thank you!

  • Aaron C
    Aaron CVit më parë

    What do you expect from companies founded by Nazis....

  • Lux Keiwoker
    Lux KeiwokerVit më parë

    Dude that model 3 suspension looks complicated af

  • Kni
    KniVit më parë

    tell them you removed the sings but dont, unless its for the public to clearly see it. Not like they can force themselves into private property.

  • Richard Magnano
    Richard MagnanoVit më parë

    If he's not an official VW/Audi mechanic licences under them, he's taking business from their authorized mechanics. So using their brand is self promotion if you use it in your videos. They own it, and you wouldn't want anyone using your brand in a manner you might not agree with or don't have control of. Do I think they are overstepping? Yes. Do I think he should comply. Yes, in fact, he should take down every single emblem, logo and sticker until not a single brand exists and have people pay you for that space instead.

  • Richard Magnano

    Richard Magnano

    Vit më parë

    If this makes you money for implementing it, can I have like 5% for the idea? I suspect your channel is only going to improve.

  • Blue Label Media
    Blue Label MediaVit më parë

    12:55 Jesus Rich your gonna need new underwear after ripping that monster!!

  • massive223
    massive223Vit më parë

    16:05 arent you not supposed to use power tools for this part of the job in order to prevent the piston from spinning in the housing and breaking the seals?

  • Brad Whitcomb
    Brad WhitcombVit më parë

    You have to begin the video with a trigger warning? I hate this planet.

  • Dushaun Grant
    Dushaun GrantVit më parë

    Lowering springs on a Tesla? I thought Id never

  • chris thorney
    chris thorneyVit më parë

    lool so audi is mad that their logo was shown in a documentary, what ever happened to happy for free advertisment

  • Bob
    BobVit më parë

    Hey, where is the bread knife ???

  • NightcoreSM
    NightcoreSMVit më parë

    Now drive to the TÜV and let them Say nope. so you need to take everything back out wait.. its not germany

  • stevechinz
    stevechinzVit më parë

    Leave the signs up, Make the bastards sue you! Then countersue! Make intimidating people with copyright and trademark law expensive!

  • Gareth Freshwater
    Gareth FreshwaterVit më parë

    Loving the one time Rich is working on the car he is completely out of focus! I don't think that's you :P

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas EvansVit më parë

    This was a bad add episode

  • Hampus R
    Hampus RVit më parë

    Fight against VW?

  • Mark Ifi
    Mark IfiVit më parë


  • G Wernette
    G WernetteVit më parë

    Congratulations on making your expensive car more susceptible to potholes, speed bumps, and ruts on the freeway.

  • Jamal Sham
    Jamal ShamVit më parë

    I dont even own a tesla nor can u buy it in malaysia. But still subscribing and watching your video cause its entertaining 😂

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein
    Dragon Slayer OrnsteinVit më parë

    So if they repair an Audi they have to rip the logos off the car before it enters the shop?

  • Plants Pay
    Plants PayVit më parë


  • Will Thacker
    Will ThackerVit më parë

    So, this cease & desist order appeared after the release of a documentary, shot by a company owned by vice? If thats the case, it would appear some SJW, too much time having, snowflake, iniated this situation. I can't see a person w/any understanding of the private repair shop industry, ever dreaming of sending that order. For decades, shops have existed in the US, specializing in the repair of, European, Japanese, Dommestic, etc, auto repair. There isn't one i bet, that doesn't have, not only the name of the specific manufacturer, to which they repair, but also the logo. They don't display manufacturer logos with the intent to advertise. It's more to allow potential customers to identify their shop as a place capable of fixing those specific vehicle types. I don't think this guy uses the logo to make money off of, or to steal any graphical copyrighted property. Its just he has a shop that fixes those specific vehicles. Its no different than a business that fixes computers, putting Dell or HP stickers on their store window, to alert customers that they fix those kind of PC's. I don't think he should remove them. There's gotta be some kind of legal precedence or fair use law, concerning this type of thing. Again, it's something that's existed for years, and the logos themselves aren't being used to earn direct profit. If this is illegal, does that mean a person who's hobby is road racing BMW's, is breaking copyright laws, if he decides he wants to pay homage or represent the brand he enjoys & spends time working w/by displaying BMW banners or signs all over his garage, even if he runs a minor auto repair shop in the same building on the side? Is it also illegal then to appear in a video wearing a tshirt w/the name & logo of a car manufacturer? It just seems petty, & unfounded. I wouldn't do anything, except maybe call a lawyer & ask what recourse you have, & if a precedence exists.

  • chop stix
    chop stixVit më parë

    Please don't sleep your videos,

  • chop stix
    chop stixVit më parë

    Fighting it may cause him some problems but if he is willing a freedom oriented person would tell them to suck a big one

  • imflori dano
    imflori danoVit më parë

    Yall are some great friends, i havent seen this type of harmony among folks in a long while. Keep tear it down and puttin it back together better than OEM

  • imflori dano
    imflori danoVit më parë

    Dont give VAG free pub if they have a issue with yall doin some positive modifications to their vehicles.

  • Jack Linde
    Jack LindeVit më parë

    Rich: Here is the ONLY legal advice any of us non-lawyers can give: GO TALK TO A LAWYER! The problem is that the laws for both Copyright and Trademark are complex. Both have Fair Use clauses, and those clauses are more complicated than, "Dude, we're fine because we didn't charge anyone any money for this." If you need a decent lawyer, Leonard French ("the internet's favorite copyright attorney") can help your friend if you guys are in Pennsylvania. He might be able to find a decent attorney in your area. Also, Rich Muller is a trademark lawyer in the Virginia area, so he may be of some assistance for trademark claims.

  • Hikari
    HikariVit më parë

    As for the take down notice.. I"d say leave em up... they can't stop you from doing that. its a REPAIR PLACE... how else are people gonna know you repair audi's, VW's, and the like? not to to mention, its on 'their' property. they bought the signs. so you have the right to use them... if they didn't want their logo's out in the public eye, then they shouldn't have made logos. And that's coming from someone who's entire family is basically a VW household... VW bug, 5 VW Jettas, and as of last year, a VW Passat. We've nearly 'exclusively' owned VWs because of they're cheap, have some decent power, look awesome, drive awesome, and god damn are they comfortable to sit in! Wouldn't trade my Passat in for anything right now. Sure I'd buy some other cars, but I wouldn't 'trade' my Passat.

  • Hikari
    HikariVit më parë

    God I hope you get your shop set up. moment ya do, i'm going out and getting a rebuild Tesla >:D that way I know I'll have someone who knows wtf they're doing, to help me rebuild it.

  • an3k
    an3kVit më parë

    See people, one inch is A LOT!

  • an3k
    an3kVit më parë

    I don't get those claims. Sure, if you're saying "We're AUDI certified" or something like that (let you look better by using others brand name) then I fully understand why the brand name owner doesn't want that and I agree with that. But - as far as I know - Lee is just having these signs and logos because they look cool, he likes AUDI (I guess) and works on AUDI cars. He has them INSIDE of his workshop. They won't do much to normal customers but to viewers of a crazy guy doing this and that (mostly sitting around and commenting). Everybody who's at least 1% sane knows Lee isn't an AUDI certified / official workshop. Those shops look different. So all that's left is that these signs and logos are kind of free advertisement for AUDI. Like the logo on every AUDI car. Would be funny to get a copyright infringement because of the logo on your car and you'd have to proof AUDI itself put it there. Sure, common sense but get a written statement from AUDI. Good luck :D I loved AUDI. I'm from Munich, Germany so I should love BMW ... but I don't. However, after the VW Group (VW, AUDI, Porsche and some other) pulled the fraud software thingy I really love to see their stock, sales and reputation going down. So far to a point where VW has to sell AUDI and Porsche so that these companies can be either independent or in good hands again. I know this will hurt the german gross domestic product and export value and stuff but I rather have that than the bullshit VW did and I'm really pissed off (can I curse here? Yes? Fucking awesome!) by our government for not going hard against VW / AUDI.

  • Malakie
    MalakieVit më parë

    For those that may not know, they are protecting their brand.. To display those you are supposed to be a certified repair/dealer etc per their 'rules'. If you fight it, you will lose because they have every right to protect their property and trademarks in this case, especially since to the layman, it indicates a due representative of the company brand, i.e. someone not knowing might think you all are authorized dealers/repair types and make mods per your videos thus invalidating their own warranties or worse... On this one, I would pull them or make sure you don't show them in videos any more.. send them a nice 'ok we won't' reply and let it go.

  • Sheon Peebles
    Sheon PeeblesVit më parë

    I guess I wont buy a Audi or VW, but I will buy every Milwaukee tool they got :)

  • Black Mamba
    Black MambaVit më parë


  • gothic pagan
    gothic paganVit më parë

    Could be a dumb question, but why upgrade the brakes and not change the regeneration settings to achieve a simular net result

  • Jacob Poucher
    Jacob PoucherVit më parë

    mk5/mk6 jetta looking upper rear shock mounts you mean**

  • EleriLeigh
    EleriLeighVit më parë

    even if they take you to court they have no ground to stand on, keep them up and keep making videos. he paid for the signs, he pays for the shop, theirfore he's allowed to keep whatever kind of signage or wall decoration he wants. it's a fear tactic.

  • Joe R
    Joe RVit më parë

    You guys are all pissed about the AUDI VW logo issue but what your saying like it or not is that you are pissed off that the company is protecting their company name and logo. You are saying that a company should not be allowed to protect their intellectual property rights. It's their logo and it doesn't matter if you like it you cannot use it without permission. If you fight it you will lose and you should. Should I be allowed to have a copy made of the signage of your business and open up a shop using that signage? Should I be able to start a channel calling myself Rich Rebuilds?

  • SavageHobbit
    SavageHobbitVit më parë

    fight back... let VW group ruin their customer base and reputation more then it already is.

  • Max Ryder
    Max RyderVit më parë

    So apparently if you buy a A**I, can't use that word, copyright infringement, or a V*, can't use that word either, "copyright infringement " again. When you take delivery of your new car from the manufacturer of the above cars, do you remove all badges from the car, as this would been seen as free advertising for the manufacturer, and maybe copyright infringement. Would you need a letter with their express permission allowing you to use these badges, as it not owned by them any more, it is your car.

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is PatrickVit më parë

    that paint job is ATBGE

  • Giovanni P.
    Giovanni P.Vit më parë

    Put sheets across/over the signs with writing "Approved XXXX mechanic".

  • Janna
    JannaVit më parë

    Stop f chewing gum while you hold the camera.