My losses and Tesla changing their stance

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Been pretty busy guys. Quick vid showcasing a few fails this year (besides daisy) also Tesla changing their stance on salvage cars
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  • Jack Rickard
    Jack Rickard2 vjet më parë

    Rich...did I just watch you go through ALL the trouble of changing out a water heater WITHOUT actually changing out the water heater???? The nasty old one with shiny new fittings????

  • j freed

    j freed

    Vit më parë

    You can save enough annual energy cost on a relatively clean efficient modern tank to offset the cost. But cash flow is the thing! You might sell your house before breaking even...

  • Jernej Jakob

    Jernej Jakob

    Vit më parë

    Our house has a combination water storage tank/heater that has solar and oil/gas heater coils and auxiliary electric heater. They have a flange near the bottom that you can take off and scoop out the sediment with your hand. Did that at 8 yrs + replaced anode and it's good for another 8-10 years. It'll likely last at least 20 years.

  • Tony Rule

    Tony Rule

    2 vjet më parë

    @Mitchell D It looks like it's probably in a basement, so lower than where the water needs to go. Still, he could have used a pump.

  • William Ho

    William Ho

    2 vjet më parë

    This is what rich is demonstrating. Repair than replace the whole water heater. Tesla dealer would rather replace everything. And the car owner may as well buy another Tesla.

  • Dale Hall

    Dale Hall

    2 vjet më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds Send jack rickard your PayPal

  • Lanier DaGod
    Lanier DaGod6 muaj më parë

    I love ur rants. I love this channel fr. Rich I’m only 22 yrs old btw I love this

  • Lanier DaGod
    Lanier DaGod6 muaj më parë

    Aye frfr I was hopping to see u fix this & get a rant it’s a plus.

  • BAD
    BADVit më parë

    My man rich is funny as hell! Love your smart ass comments!

  • james dent
    james dentVit më parë

    rich, i just watched your dr frankenstein video and you have changed my mind on buying a tesla. it was the fact that tesla wont support people who are out of warranty or the ability to buy anything from them that did it. i love my freedom and its not worth putting a leash on me, that is the issue. ( like apple). so thanks for the informational vids and for those that are considering. and i do support you . all my best . jim dent. and a reply from you to get your point of view. thanks sir.

    SARBAJIT DASVit më parë

    I want work for ur garage please kindly give me some job I have the knowledge in Electronics and electrical components

  • Sir Miles
    Sir MilesVit më parë

    Great job young man. Never mind the experts and technical advisers. Ask them if they can rebuild a TESLA?? HOHOHO. Merry Christmas!

  • Ryan Singh
    Ryan SinghVit më parë

    We understand rich cheers man.

    ZIP RIDERVit më parë

    It doesent matter what Rich talks about. He makes it sound super interesting and hilarious which is why I just watched a busted water heater vid and quite enjoyed it.

  • Manz
    ManzVit më parë

    Electrified Garage will be great. I bet they'll give you a show on discovery. But dont sell out like that lol.

  • S Kane
    S KaneVit më parë

    3:34 🤣😜

  • John Pickett
    John PickettVit më parë

    Rich, are you going to build cars then sell them? Or, are you just going to stick to fixing people's cars?

  • Mark Smith
    Mark SmithVit më parë

    You really should have changed the coupling fitting as well as it will be full of rust

  • 4rmDEC2FRE
    4rmDEC2FREVit më parë

    Rich you’re doing amazing job! may God continue to bless you and your family and i wish you much success and prosperity!!

  • thomas halikas
    thomas halikasVit më parë

    I HAVE TAKEN A FEW .......... " L's " MYSELF ! , AND MY HOT WATER BROKE , TOO , ........... BTW , ...... MY EV IS A LEAF , I DON'T LIKE TESLAS , ........... p.s. , ... but , i am glad you got tesla to change , and got tesla to work on salvage tesla cars , good work ! , good job ! , Rich !

  • RWBHere
    RWBHereVit më parë

    Thanks for the language warning. Moving on....

  • Greg
    GregVit më parë

    You are the funniest in this video !!

  • luis puente
    luis puenteVit më parë

    Rich you need a new water heater. That's why yourwater comes out slightly nasty after you turned on the water to fill up the semi empty water heater. You have "build up inside " and that's how your pipes got clogged up. You will have same problem later down the road .

  • robert evans
    robert evansVit më parë

    U scab

  • Stewart Bladen
    Stewart BladenVit më parë

    You've just 100% described my children. I swear quite a bit, I have aspergers and struggle with an in line filter from my brain to my mouth but I've raised my kids to NOT repeat what they hear. Even if they are reading me something out loud they get me to read the swear word so they don't have to say it.

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu IkimashoVit më parë

    why not attach a garden hose to your water heater then no need to use buckets

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu IkimashoVit më parë

    I never buy continental tires. I avoid them like the plague

  • Zebiano
    ZebianoVit më parë

    I fucking love you. You're amazing!

  • Tim Dodaro
    Tim DodaroVit më parë

    Why didn’t you just hook up a garden hose to the drain on the hot water heater? That’s what the fitting is for.

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë

    Didn’t have a hose long enough to reach outside

  • dan dare
    dan dareVit më parë

    Definitely some oil in that heater water :(

  • Carlos Barreda
    Carlos BarredaVit më parë

    I have never related to someone as much as i did right now hahaha people don't realize how having a full time job is more difficult when you have projects and ideas. I do photography on the side and do carper cleaning and mitigation as my main job but unfortunately its hard because people ask me for pictures and projects but Im always working on the carpet side so i really cant that much. I love photography but I help support my parents somehow. Im the only one they have to help them so my photography has to wait. If you don't believe me you can check out my IG barreda_o

    THE GERMVit më parë

    Oh yeah. Hot water heater. I’ve been there. My house eats them. I also left my manual on the top of it also and it was soaked. Looks all so familiar. Life.

  • Gogle Plus Sucks
    Gogle Plus Sucks2 vjet më parë

    For future reference, ideally you shoulr wrap the teflon tape around clockwise (on right hand threads) looking from the end. This is so it's less likely to unwind as you tighten the pipe, nut, etc. RichE, San Diego

  • Rknee Gordon
    Rknee Gordon2 vjet më parë

    Actually it’s win. You opened the door for “right to repair”. They can’t handle fixes an rebuilds, BUT they can let 2nd or 3rd parties do it. This may also lead to “getting parts” to do the repairs. This is the exact same problem with Apple.

  • The Hilarious Darius
    The Hilarious Darius2 vjet më parë

    Man I love the channel!

  • Automated Future
    Automated Future2 vjet më parë

    Love your channel! Keep up the good work brother!

  • Terry Bolin
    Terry Bolin2 vjet më parë

    STOP YOU JUST PUT YOUR PIPE TAPE ON BACKWARDS .... Seriously that can potentially cause a small leak and had the same problem you just had. you thread your tape the exact same way your threads are that way a draws the tape tight to the threads.

  • Maytag Mark
    Maytag Mark2 vjet më parë

    Learn how to use a pipe wrench, LOL

  • arthur Me
    arthur Me2 vjet më parë

    You should have installed a tankless hot water tank

  • TheRoadWarrior
    TheRoadWarrior2 vjet më parë

    I would have replaced the water heater out. Also I’m guessing you don’t do the yearly flush of the tank either.

  • Timothy Dailey
    Timothy Dailey2 vjet më parë

    No kitchen knife used? 10/10 would not watch again.

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke2 vjet më parë

    Is everyone here a fucking plumber???

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith2 vjet më parë

    I don’t care for Tesla all that much, but I love your videos.

  • Liam Sheehan
    Liam Sheehan2 vjet më parë

    Rich rebuilds is awesome!

  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis2 vjet më parë

    I don't know what's going to blow up more, your new EV repair centre business or the EVs you're going to be repairing.

  • Drake Dragon
    Drake Dragon2 vjet më parë

    I need space too!

  • Grumpy Ian
    Grumpy Ian2 vjet më parë

    Keep it classy Rich you're the best car channel out there.

  • Urban Rally
    Urban Rally2 vjet më parë

    love this channel man

  • dpsilver
    dpsilver2 vjet më parë

    oh shet i just realized that i am not subbed, that was fixed today

  • Noah Schij
    Noah Schij2 vjet më parë

    Whole house sediment filter is $20 and should help slow down some corrosion on your fixtures

  • tyde
    tyde2 vjet më parë

    Why there a hand on the floor

  • roxborotomm
    roxborotomm2 vjet më parë

    Rebuilds Teslas, puts teflon tape on wrong @07:17

  • LostInThe0zone
    LostInThe0zone2 vjet më parë

    Good luck Rich. I really hope you find your laptop.

  • shiroineko13
    shiroineko132 vjet më parë

    02:50 wow dat satisfaction in dat laugh

  • David Fuller
    David Fuller2 vjet më parë

    Hmmm did I hear an opening for a mechanic?

  • Kitt Liversage
    Kitt Liversage2 vjet më parë

    FYI, the tape always goes on the same direction as you tighten the fitting, that way you keep the tape in place as it tightens. You will have no leaks.

  • mushroomcloud1
    mushroomcloud12 vjet më parë

    What is a basement? Signed.....Resident of Louisiana and Florida.

  • romeoneverdies
    romeoneverdies2 vjet më parë

    quick tip about the water heater : empty your water heater every year , second thing you should do : replace the anodes in the tank ( here your anodes are shut from the looks of it ) that way the whole thing wont rust ... including the pipes. tip number 3 when you open a pipe remove the filter cap on the sink spout so garbage doesn't accumulate there ( you can then just open the tap till water is clear of debris. )

  • The project Collector
    The project Collector2 vjet më parë

    On the other hand, if you know the homeless guy would buy beer with it, would you give as much as when he would buy a meal?

  • cs85b
    cs85b2 vjet më parë

    I can't believe you reused the old water heater. If you saw how corroded the hot water line was, can you imagine what the inside looks like? You need a new tank and a water softener if you are getting that much corrosion on the output. I know it costs more than just the fittings, but the $300 it would have cost for a replacement tank is going to be far less than the doctor bill when someone gets sick.

  • John Remi Guzon
    John Remi Guzon2 vjet më parë

    You're awesome Rich😊😊😊

  • Hiram Rosa Jr
    Hiram Rosa Jr2 vjet më parë

    Rich, gofund me and ask my freind mr beast

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz2 vjet më parë

    My wife would argue that "She" fixed the problem by forcefully asking me to do it in a consistently repetitious manner.

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson2 vjet më parë

    Dude - you are soooo funny!!!

  • griffn1
    griffn12 vjet më parë

    You can use shark fittings to go from copper to pex.

  • jamestheman
    jamestheman2 vjet më parë

    Tesla is the worse cars built and way to over priced junk wow only a sucker really would buy them . And Tesla really treat customers like slot machines

  • sayharris
    sayharris2 vjet më parë

    Rich you are the man, much respect keep fighting the good fight. If I had the money you could get it.

  • FG Herb
    FG Herb2 vjet më parë

    Rich you are the man. Thank you for being a decent example of being a regular guy that race means little to who you are or your friends. Nice job fixing the hot water heater. Thank your folks for raising a good guy.

  • 67corvaircars
    67corvaircars2 vjet më parë

    If this man was white...He would have 1 million in donations. Keep pushing brotha.

  • andreas heijdendael
    andreas heijdendael2 vjet më parë

    Bobblehead?? Where??

  • Reed Hedges
    Reed Hedges2 vjet më parë

    dude hook up a garden hose to drain the heater :)

  • hdot
    hdot2 vjet më parë

    enjoying your vids ... i notice a lot of oil on your pavement

  • Eddie Blevins
    Eddie Blevins2 vjet më parë

    I love your rants dude their funny

  • Tesla.
    Tesla.2 vjet më parë

    Why is the water brown? O.o

  • Steve
    Steve2 vjet më parë

    haha, some good sarcasm in this vid, really enjoying it :) Keep it up Rich

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson2 vjet më parë

    they will still charge 2 much for their service

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson2 vjet më parë

    Did changing the nipple fix the leak? 90 percent of time leaky HW heater is the tank rotting out on top. You don't have a dielectric fitting between the galvy and the copper. Get some HW flex hose connectors as they have plastic bushings/washers that separate the metals so you don't have galvanic response = the nasty corrosion you had on old fitting. Please wrap your teflon tape in the direction that will tighten it as you screw on the fitting. Also put a pan under your HW heater with an alarm so when it starts to go you get notified and don't have flood, unless your planning on parking your tesla in the basement and making a video on how to create a flooded tesla...

  • Zaxaris Petixos
    Zaxaris Petixos2 vjet më parë

    Do not put iron parts in a copper system by uy a bronze it will rust again

  • keshlalish
    keshlalish2 vjet më parë

    must put the teflon in a clockwise direction

  • Fljeff7
    Fljeff72 vjet më parë

    I enjoyed listening to this on a road trip over the Christmas break. Once again thank you for sharing your Tesla knowledge.

  • xYouthAttackx
    xYouthAttackx2 vjet më parë

    that tesla in your basement looks odd. it's also filled with water, fyi.

  • Killroy
    Killroy2 vjet më parë

    Rich, you're black? ;)

  • LUXE Performance
    LUXE Performance2 vjet më parë

    Love your laugh - will the new shop be close to your buddy Lee's ?

  • Josh Heiser
    Josh Heiser2 vjet më parë

    Can't believe you dumped that water out. Should of drank it

  • Lee Herrington
    Lee Herrington2 vjet më parë

    Just came across your channel this week. Rich you are a great entrepreneur and great American. Merry Xmas to you and your family. Congrats on your breakthrough with Tesla regarding salvages! Rich Rebuilds rocks!

  • NOLA
    NOLA2 vjet më parë

    love the intro!

  • Jian Oconnor
    Jian Oconnor2 vjet më parë

    Cool Vid. I love seeing rusty water !. Actually i think i learnt something . Thanks.

  • Ray Chang
    Ray Chang2 vjet më parë

    I really enjoyed the contrast between what I was watching and what I was listening to. Fun video!

  • Michael Trinidad
    Michael Trinidad2 vjet më parë

    I thought you were a smart guy why would you buy that crappy whey protein filled with artificial sweeteners and heavy metals? Lol

  • SixthScentsfragrances
    SixthScentsfragrances2 vjet më parë

    I wish my water came out that easy when I replaced my heating elements. We have hard water and it trickles out like molasses.

  • A and R PlumbElectric
    A and R PlumbElectric2 vjet më parë

    Why did you let out the water out of the water heater?

  • Freddy Chale
    Freddy Chale2 vjet më parë

    3:17 EPIC Brahh!

  • Diego Rodarte
    Diego Rodarte2 vjet më parë

    Dam bro! you had me cracking up through-out the whole video, you are funny my friend. Good luck with the shop, and Happy Holidays.

  • OnA mission
    OnA mission2 vjet më parë

    tweet or call telsa elon musk and ask them to partner or sponsor you and your project.

    MLWATKK2 vjet më parë

    Could you point to the Vice video? Actually, found it:

  • TheWaterman1000
    TheWaterman10002 vjet më parë

    Once you go tankless there's no going back.

  • kebin igbagiri
    kebin igbagiri2 vjet më parë

    You are a Don!

  • OJ Jenkins
    OJ Jenkins2 vjet më parë

    Merry Christmas Rich.

  • Eric Prof_Engineer
    Eric Prof_Engineer2 vjet më parë

    Sounds like a great idea for an EV shop. It would be good to see how this could get started and how the investors or contributors could get some ROI. It may seem like trouble, but it seems like there could be some benefit from them and for you. Your natural talents and drive can be to show how EV cars are accessible to the public. Ideally, maybe you could design an over all business model and EV leaning philosophy so that you can make and develop a successful method to get a shop in every state in the country in the long run. At the very least you seem to need at least one or more apprentices, or researchers to help.

  • rp42069
    rp420692 vjet më parë

    Why not connect a hose to empty the hot water heater? I do enjoy the videos

  • MrFrazierNation
    MrFrazierNation2 vjet më parë

    You were laughing so much, I know your diaphragm was hurting hard after you recorded.

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross2 vjet më parë

    Love this guy, so chill, I actually thought this vid was cool! Happy Holidays!

  • David Springs
    David Springs2 vjet më parë

    Ok, Rich, here's the deal. It's late and I'm too tired to criticize, so feel free to use this handy dandy form for my comment: 1> Insert snarky comment about your plumbing skills here 2> Insert snarky comment about your Tesla repair skills here 3> Insert snarky comment about your home, family, appearance, voice, job, or money here.

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler Hardy2 vjet më parë

    Those are not PEX cutters!

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith2 vjet më parë

    He should have used brass fittings to replace the the zink fittings. The new fittings will Rust Out just like the old ones.

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