Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 3: Cleaning Duty!

Makina dhe automjete

In this next installment of repairing a salvage flooded tesla model x, I remove a few more things and attempt to clean some dirty circuit boards with an ultrasonic cleaner, also a quick trip recap to Atlanta to get parts from Cemb USA
Link to ultrasonic cleaner
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  • Kundan Balse
    Kundan BalseMuaj më parë

    You are great!! Your contents are helping lot of them to get a good knowledge about electric vehicles, it's working and also parts where they can buy. Good job man!!

  • Very Rancid
    Very Rancid3 muaj më parë

    This is educational AND funny.. Good job sir!

  • poly408
    poly4083 muaj më parë

    this was surprisingly hilarious

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper4 muaj më parë

    Just a suggestion from someone who used to repair sensitive electronics for a living: use isopropyl alcohol instead of distilled water for cleaning, as there’s no risk of damaging moisture sensitive components and it’s a pretty good cleaning solvent. You should also invest in an anti static work mat and some other anti static things to prevent static discharge damage.

  • Barlow
    Barlow4 muaj më parë

    Atlanta be like that sometimes lol

  • Stephen Fasciani
    Stephen Fasciani7 muaj më parë

    But you can’t just brush off corrosion and expect it to work out for you every time you have the replace the solder that’s the corrosion too with it. When you clean off the board you lose your clues. It’s a heck ton more tedious but if you resolder and then ultra sonic it. It sounds last until the next flood

  • Kay’shots
    Kay’shots9 muaj më parë

    F7nniest vid ever... l8ke here

  • Tequila Freak
    Tequila Freak10 muaj më parë

    Men when you clean the electronics, use some IPA (isopropilic alcohol at 99%) instead of distiled water, you did a great job!!!

  • Classic Gamer
    Classic Gamer10 muaj më parë

    Love this video very funny going to the air port would love to what you are doing buying equipment for your garage what an interesting job 👍

  • Handskemager
    Handskemager11 muaj më parë

    Maybe cut down on the Moscow Mules and you can get to the meetings in time? Haha They are good though!

  • Bill
    Bill muaj më parë

    go pro ball gag mount

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera11 muaj më parë

    Probably a stupid question but chuck it. Why would you use distilled water instead of alcohol?(5:20)

  • TiMonsor
    TiMonsorVit më parë

    and u stillnot syre if u should try stand up? Man u crazy. Have a Moscow Mule and go to open mike already. u r a natural

  • nollm23
    nollm23Vit më parë

    I love your videos

  • John Morgan
    John MorganVit më parë

    It's crazy how many circuit boards are in modern vehicles. I don't know how they expect these to be reliable in the long term. My truck from 20 years ago has just one board - the ECU.

  • Spy Convention
    Spy ConventionVit më parë

    Man, how do you keep track and remember where everything goes when you put it back together????? You dont need to answer just do it. I get it.

    BRUT3MURD3R3RVit më parë

    Assistant is on fortnite playing the new season X ✌😎👍..

  • 4shizzle2152
    4shizzle2152Vit më parë

    Really enjoy your channel. Great job!!

  • Wes Harris
    Wes HarrisVit më parë

    Rich - there is a product called DeOxit that would probably work well to help clean the corroded smt boards and any electrical connectors. I've had good luck with it.

  • TASIFilmid
    TASIFilmidVit më parë

    The second part of the episode was amazing :D

  • Olde Omen Rd
    Olde Omen RdVit më parë

    “Central Body Contoller” , thanks Tesla

  • Omega
    OmegaVit më parë

    So um, how did the car get in all that water to begin with, did he drive it down the river or something?

  • Craig Burwell
    Craig BurwellVit më parë

    Clapping on airplanes should not bother you

  • Luke Siverling
    Luke SiverlingVit më parë

    Watching these has made me buy a cordless ratchet. What've I been doing without one...

  • Charlie
    CharlieVit më parë

    Atlanta airport, eh? Yeah. It's freaking huge. Next time you're in town go to terminal T and get a Bojangles. Bojangles owns.

  • EFEZZE6280
    EFEZZE6280Vit më parë

    Just found your channel. TBH was a bit meh really until this episode and boom. Your personality is abundant so new sub mate. 🇬🇧

  • ZeroLyfe
    ZeroLyfeVit më parë

    On today's episode of 50 Shades of Salvage -- inserts gopro into mouth-- mmmhhhmmm mmhmhm mhmhm

  • Chase Magee
    Chase MageeVit më parë

    You got my subscription just for using an oral mount on your gopro!

  • Jiří Sejkora
    Jiří SejkoraVit më parë body clap....*pure bliss*

  • Stevie Rebel
    Stevie RebelVit më parë

    Man, watching the circuit board being carefully cleaned with the toothbrush was satisfying 😁

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.Vit më parë

    Isopropyl alcohol is great for cleaning circuit boards with the toothbrush.

  • Atube Vision
    Atube VisionVit më parë

    Blessings there I've been a fan since you started I definitely appreciate your skill and knowledge, congrats on the shop.

  • Diego Fontes
    Diego FontesVit më parë

    You have some problem with your channel i click the video its runs one Nissan ad and goes to next video and repeat and repeat and i cannot wacht any of the videos

  • Im Reptar
    Im ReptarVit më parë

    Dasani is the worst water ever. Look it up. They put extra shit in it.

  • Travelling With Gazz
    Travelling With GazzVit më parë

    Z is dead. Or is he?

  • rem ko
    rem koVit më parë

    tallent all over,, please do not stop doing this 🤜🏿

  • robru
    robruVit më parë

    Totally agree about people clapping when the plane lands! It’s like we’ll clap because we survived. Where you expecting not to...? Maybe it’s just a US thing.

  • Matt Chanin
    Matt ChaninVit më parë

    So funny!

  • J.B.
    J.B.Vit më parë

    You are hilarious bruv, moscow mules put hair on your chest.

  • Stephen Rouse
    Stephen RouseVit më parë

    Hold the phone! Why didn't you get to rent the performance model 3? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • KJ
    KJVit më parë

    Rich, have a question about the cabin heater. I'm assuming it's an electrical element? Or is the heating/cooling system like a miniature heat pump? Does the heating vs cooling affect battery life more than the other? Awesome work Rich by the way.

  • Ivaylo Trifonov
    Ivaylo TrifonovVit më parë

    10:28 to 10:49 Man! 🤣

  • cobraki00
    cobraki00Vit më parë

    How do u keep track of all the parts

  • gary stewart
    gary stewartVit më parë

    I like my pcb boiled for 30mins with garlic butter and deep fried phono connections.

  • William
    WilliamVit më parë

    I would end up with a completely dismantled Tesla with no idea how to put it back together

  • Melllvar
    MelllvarVit më parë

    Man I want a Moscow mule now!

  • NoobTube Cyclist
    NoobTube CyclistVit më parë

    You sir are a Genius! I can't take apart a light switch. Amazing.

  • Jinx Stixx
    Jinx StixxVit më parë

    wtf? a oral gopro mount? what a world

  • Runvald Darkstone
    Runvald DarkstoneVit më parë

    Yeah !! Kitchen knife Evolution ^^ The Kitchen Knife X edition ^^ on another note, why not invest in a headband mod for your gopro ?

  • raeshaun barnes
    raeshaun barnesVit më parë

    This was perfect lol

  • mrmiddl
    mrmiddlVit më parë

    I live for Moscow mules!!!! Subbed just because of that

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    A commercial vacuum pack machine with cilia to remove moisture after cleaning. Use parts chip to locate part #

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    Am new to Tesla so what is cost of this model new the salvage value and cost of repair in parts labor and contract work. Would you consider a joint venture to locate a vehicle and rehab of a vehicle. You should consider a container in your driveway with a pallet Jack and 4' x 4' x4' bins for parts storage. They do make vehicle roller skates for moving a vehicle around your shop and property. A shipping container to store your rehab vehicle also.

  • Ben F
    Ben FVit më parë

    Why dont just flood the tesla in ultrasonic cleaner?

  • Karfti GT
    Karfti GTVit më parë


  • Tremor244
    Tremor244Vit më parë

    These videos are just so satisfying to watch and I can't figure out why

  • Eric Doe
    Eric DoeVit më parë

    have you considered just leaving the car in a bag of rice overnight?

  • Aqvex
    AqvexVit më parë

    Funny Ritch😀

  • Amanda Hiscox
    Amanda HiscoxVit më parë

    Rubbing alcohol is better for cleaning circuitry

  • FennecTECH
    FennecTECHVit më parë

    Oral GoPro mount, Huh

  • k b
    k bVit më parë

    go pro oro mount... dats gay

  • Apollo
    ApolloVit më parë

    Rich, you are too funny, keep it up.

  • rastaquere
    rastaquereVit më parë

    Rich, I like your style dude! Your humor is hilarious.

  • High Desert Garden
    High Desert GardenVit më parë

    Why aren't you cleaning the circuit board with alcohol?

  • James A. Deignan
    James A. DeignanVit më parë

    My jaw is killing me watching this.

  • Daniel Pinel
    Daniel PinelVit më parë

    I love that trip recap.

  • MrSavon42
    MrSavon42Vit më parë

    Where did you go in Atlanta? You were in my area. I have to fly in and out of that airport weekly.

  • steve c
    steve cVit më parë

    If the circuit boards have been under water with power on them no amount of cleaning will bring them back to life. Electrolysis will eat away the traces and IC pins making the board unreliable even if it seems to clean up. Lots of chips have pins underneath that you can't get to in order to clean them that will get eaten away. I wouldn't even try to reuse a board that had signs of corrosion on it.

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan IzadiVit më parë

    7:08 I got that colorway of those shoes too!

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan IzadiVit më parë

    1:01 The dash is on! In the water! How is that happening?

    AYCHMENGVit më parë

    Better have a Moscow Mule lol

  • brett alex
    brett alexVit më parë

    That is such a bad idea to reuse any circuit boards that have ANY corrosion due to flooding. Reflowing the solder on the boards would at least be better than just cleaning, but unfortunately once they have corroded this way, they will corrode again now at an accelerated rate. Not only does this dramatically increase the odds of failure, but could even cause a fire as the electronics were never designed to withstand flooding and a pseudo-cleaning. ANY electronics that show evidence of flooding on the PCB should either be closely inspected under a microscope, tested at test points and solder reflowed or the electronics should be replaced. This is a HUGE liability issue too if he ever sells these flood vehicles as it is common knowledge that damaged electronics should never be reused.

  • TopherFM
    TopherFMVit më parë

    3:34 Knee airbag? No thanks...

  • Badi Issa
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    I have to ask if it has not already been asked. How to you remember where everything goes. Parts screws. Once I get so far into a project I have to start to label things. I have been watching your videos for a while and must say I am very impressed.

  • Fat Thousand
    Fat ThousandVit më parë

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  • A design for life
    A design for lifeVit më parë

    Tesla is a dirty word so all they parts need a clean.

  • Claudio Taveras
    Claudio TaverasVit më parë

    Why do you use Destiled water to clean and not Contact Cleaner?

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    Au DiVit më parë

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    Jake MannixVit më parë

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    Ben HollisVit më parë

    Best montage of getting equipment evar!!

  • Giant Pants
    Giant PantsVit më parë

    Great video, love the trip insert then boom back to the ultrasonic cleaner. Great trip. Need more Moscow mules.

  • popoolman
    popoolmanVit më parë

    Hi wouldn't it be better to clean those boards using IPA?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    Were is Cam?!?

  • inanimate111
    inanimate111Vit më parë

    At first I thought the mouth mount was awesome then... The breathing started and I changed my mind lol

  • Robert Villalobos
    Robert VillalobosVit më parë

    hi rich ive been watching your vids. good stuff. i have some prestine tesla parts im looking to sell and was wondering if you were interested.

  • Max Marx
    Max MarxVit më parë

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  • That Guy
    That GuyVit më parë

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    That Guy

    Vit më parë

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    ryan lewisVit më parë

    "this was in salt water so the cleaning process will be much easier" *chucks board in the garbage*

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D BVit më parë

    Damn. This guy is for real. I’d like this guy’s help. There’s a Electric School Bus company called Lion making a Bus called LionC. I was initially thinking I could buy it used and make a Schoolie out of it. Like most people do with used buses when a school system dumps their fleet every so often. Some people make schoolies to reduce carbon footprint immediately instead of waiting and it also helps people save money by reducing their cost of life. Lots of Americans are doing it. I’m one of them. Problem is, the Lion C Electric school bus costs $350,000. Not affordable for average every day people like Tesla cars. Both use electricity. So this guy Rich should be able to help with that. I know one of the suppliers of Lion school buses is LG Chem and there’s another company too. They supply the TM4 Sumo MD electric Motor which is the only propulsion motor used in the bus. The batteries used in the bus are partly why the price is so high. But Rich could make these buses cheap enough for all of us like he’s doing with Tesla with his passion right? Maybe make a Tesla battery powered electric motor school bus that’s just as good if not better for normal people to go green immediately instead of waiting until they have $350,000! I could build a Cob Lyme Plaster Semi-Passive Solar 4 story house with sunken winter green house and workout room and full electric kitchen with walk in shower and drip drain system, jacuzzi, 4 car garage, stone patio with solar panel array and rain water harvesting system with purification system with that kind of money.

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    Tristan NVit më parë

    420k subs!

  • Model Trains & Planes Channel Steam Trains too
    Model Trains & Planes Channel Steam Trains tooVit më parë

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    Robin WellsVit më parë

    Looks like an race car style emergency power kill switch would be a good idea for a Tesla or indeed any car. The electronics really suffer if powered up at the time of submersion. Not so much if the galvanic effect of the power is removed. I had similar problems with a Porsche 928 years ago that had a blocked ventilation bay drain. Water used to spill over vital electrics and cause whole circuit board tracks to corrode away. No fun repairing down to component level!

  • Nikos V
    Nikos VVit më parë

    I've been watching Rich's channel for the past 6 or so months and its hands down the most entertaining, hilarious and informative EV channel - greetings from Sydney :)

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