Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 7: Tesla motor swap

Makina dhe automjete

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In this episode we swap a Tesla motor and team up with Lee and Chris to see if we can reverse engineer how to remove those pesky high voltage cables
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  • Lucas Andriesei
    Lucas Andriesei20 ditë më parë

    08:00 -> 08:20 is that neceasery?

  • Thom3302
    Thom3302Muaj më parë

    I thought if you reflash the car the drive unit would work with the bcm?

  • Alexander Janiak
    Alexander Janiak5 muaj më parë

    do you habe a new promo code for iaai?

  • J R
    J R5 muaj më parë

    jeesus christ that wire cutting😂🤯🤯

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly7 muaj më parë

    I love how you nonchalantly said you do drugs and alcohol lol.

  • singh sardar
    singh sardar7 muaj më parë

    Learn how to record

  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool8 muaj më parë

    Gosh! See how much you can get done if you don’t watch ALthe and posting comments.

  • Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard
    Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard9 muaj më parë

    mite her last name thus become Dolores Teselectra second cousin removed back story- ,rich rebuilds her lover and giving er that deformed child that's no longer able to go up stairs so we keep one's eye on little buggie low-ride down stairs ...its not irs crazy .so on the stairs one stays off Dolores`s quick sneaky quit little buggie thang wit dem motor cycles scars to prove it and all hot rod etc etc etc ...dated heardmycal and got pregnant when a landloard`s & super shook the door Deloris must not be wet while buggie peels off it`s stripper wanting that new 4 kin twice removed up to her eyelids tear stains her make up `s not yet been changed on colors thus the lover remember the guy rich of rich rebuilds his Fankinstine formula exist as she Dolores views her back yard which comes come quickest on speed

  • Mage Etherios
    Mage Etherios10 muaj më parë

    I bet Louis Rossman would've resoldered those boards for you lol.

  • D Bax
    D Bax10 muaj më parë

    These guys remind me of the jerky boys, “ Ten years I been in the business! I’ll come down there and rap you in the head with a fuckin ratchet!” 🤣

  • dragnet53
    dragnet5310 muaj më parë

    Why the hell did you guys do that? I just wanted to type that because....

  • C Puzz
    C Puzz10 muaj më parë

    It's endless needless complexity in a Tesla. Cool tech but this makes a BMW seem easy to work on.

  • Noob Pro Gaming
    Noob Pro Gaming11 muaj më parë

    It’s crazy to see how much damage water does

  • Neal Feero
    Neal FeeroVit më parë

    At 4:19, when disconnecting a harness always pull by the wiring and never the plug.

  • vincent gagliardi
    vincent gagliardiVit më parë

    Stop purchasing wrecked Tesla's and buy some tools :)

  • cycosteve2006
    cycosteve2006Vit më parë

    I'm surprised Tesla hasn't hired this guy!!

  • Maximum Essential
    Maximum EssentialVit më parë

    At this point I'm looking at some Frankenstein sheet...

  • richcollins513
    richcollins513Vit më parë

    just replace that box with wire nuts :D

  • Phophie89
    Phophie89Vit më parë

    what if you find someone to hack the system?

  • Ben Esparra
    Ben EsparraVit më parë

    Love the videos Rich. Could you do a video review of the Polestar 2. It's a new EV backed by Volvo...

  • Marauder252
    Marauder252Vit më parë

    This is stupid. You should just be able to call Tesla and order all the parts you need. Is this common in America for a manufacturer to refuse to sell to certain customers?

  • Mark Smith
    Mark SmithVit më parë

    Do you realise the danger you put yourself in, using that dye grinder without shin pads on 😅😆 I guarantee, the whining safety Sally's have never actually done manual labour in a shop/shed/site, coz those that have understand what a pain in the arse & waste of time, much of the safety bubble is

  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew DobbsVit më parë

    You have my dog.....give her back (nope, it's ok, she here next to me in France). Great video!

  • Noslin Sevla
    Noslin SevlaVit më parë


  • Jerry Bender
    Jerry BenderVit më parë

    P,lease tell me the drugs that u do is weed?

  • Nebbia affaraccimiei
    Nebbia affaraccimieiVit më parë

    when is part 8 coming??

  • Gordy Kilcollins
    Gordy KilcollinsVit më parë

    Transit! I'll wrap it

  • Caleb Nauman
    Caleb NaumanVit më parë

    BUY THE GEM!!!!!! They are so cool. I had one at work.

  • Graeme Arno
    Graeme ArnoVit më parë

    This guy needs to be on TV. I binged watched this last night. I have poor concentration but I'm addicted to this. I WANT MORE RICH STUFF!!!! Fantastic, Brilliant!!!!!!

  • Antonio Correia
    Antonio CorreiaVit më parë

    can i stress...use gloves...always

  • morris Laslo
    morris LasloVit më parë

    Real Gangsters don't need bells, they need gangs.

  • Tschäff Reisberg
    Tschäff ReisbergVit më parë

    I'd like to see you program the Tesla to run the new motor.

  • CarlosG
    CarlosGVit më parë

    isolation faults with them small springs lol

  • Stephan Cosentino
    Stephan CosentinoVit më parë

    You would think those drive motors would be sealed water tight. They are gonna be seeing rain and puddles during normal driving conditions.

  • Adymn Sani
    Adymn SaniVit më parë

    I love the smell of coolant in the morning...

  • CoollDave
    CoollDaveVit më parë

    This series has only made me want to get a salvage Tesla (or just any salvage car) less and less.

  • Hi Howareu
    Hi HowareuVit më parë

    I think a cool project would be if you combine a fwd car with a Tesla motor for the rear tires half electric and gas ???

  • albert rivera
    albert riveraVit më parë

    Hi rich I have questions you have study and repair Tesla car now can that car can be made to run under it own power by adding solar panel what think about that thanks Albert

  • William Rodriguez
    William RodriguezVit më parë

    This looks like a Snuff Film for Tesla vehicles...

  • 错鞘
    错鞘Vit më parë

    rick fly

  • Annika Borovansky
    Annika BorovanskyVit më parë

    Extremely motivational, it would be very difficult for me to do this. I can see your frustrations throughout this journey of rebuilding Tesla’s. I feel as if Tesla will just continue getting larger. The larger Tesla is the more people have Tesla’s, this causes more people that need assistance with their Tesla’s. Keep up the great work!

  • Chris Sims
    Chris SimsVit më parë

    The Shade to Sam is legendary....

  • metalwright
    metalwrightVit më parë

    Disable the auto-focus on the camera. A little more work to film, but worth it when hands and such are moving in and out of frame confusing the camera.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart
    Eddie Dexter StewartVit më parë

    I wonder if anyone else finds the tinkering parts of the video ASMR?

  • Danny Ev
    Danny EvVit më parë

    Does rich know how to solder a wire that makes a car go 150 mph

  • Tracy Trawick
    Tracy TrawickVit më parë

    The Home of the Brave = Rich Rebuilds

  • Laggy Wizard
    Laggy WizardVit më parë

    3 minths of iaai!!! dude ty

  • Ben C
    Ben CVit më parë

    vice of knowledge Big Clive

  • S K
    S KVit më parë

    Did you buy those cutters at target?

  • Nikos V
    Nikos VVit më parë

    "some people do do drugs and alcohol, and I do those things too" hahahahahahahhahahahahaha - this is the reason I keep coming back to Rich Rebuilds, this guy is too funny

  • David BROWN
    David BROWNVit më parë

    Rich you are fantastic and a genius I’m absolutely addicted and all in on Tesla and Elon 🤩 I just can’t afford it 🧐

  • the modfather
    the modfatherVit më parë

    500k 500k 500k

  • redcinos
    redcinosVit më parë

    Bastard going to 500k subscribers now.

  • ChrisRobert
    ChrisRobertVit më parë

    Can’t tell if this is Rich’s actual approach or he wants subscriber mail with tools some proper snips or a pickle fork set

    IM MILLERVit më parë

    Did you notice that when the transmissio fluid was dripping, it spelled Rich, (7:58) when rich says "crime scene".

  • GilliamVespa
    GilliamVespaVit më parë

    after only 35 seconds, I too want an electric transit connect.

  • Kayena Arellano
    Kayena ArellanoVit më parë

    Stupid question?,do you really need 2 electric motors for the front and rear? Or just one?.Or it be impossible for the car to move?

  • Sergio
    SergioVit më parë

    I love the Sam crack jab lmao

  • Tyler Hardy
    Tyler HardyVit më parë

    Considering you're opening a garage to work on these, a $270 tool is well worth the investment.

  • tr233
    tr233Vit më parë

    Rich Rebuilds this is good addiction.

  • Josh Wozny
    Josh WoznyVit më parë

    This is awesome. I'm over hear struggling to put together IKEA furniture that comes with a diagram, and here you are..

  • nun
    nunVit më parë

    Rich the butcher.

  • njwebste
    njwebsteVit më parë

    Use the ashes of your enemies as floor dry. It's recycling bro.

  • Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
    Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds TennesseeVit më parë

    Rich has does an electric motor make that big of a mess and is this your shop you work in

  • George Lucas
    George LucasVit më parë

    What is it with legal claim country #1 USA that car lifts seem so exotic an unwanted?

  • J B
    J BVit më parë

    I really appreciate the time you take for these videos. Is your goal to have your own shop, or is this just something you will always do after work and between family?

  • AyeitzPorter
    AyeitzPorterVit më parë


  • Fireman Joe
    Fireman JoeVit më parë

    Ya know there is this thing called a DRILL? LOL

  • Kris Wingert
    Kris WingertVit më parë

    @ 10:54, Yup we are! For me it was repairing those Blue Point (sold by Snap-on) AT155/AT156 grinder/cut off tools and replacing the guards due to guys taking them off! I did this for almost 20 years.

  • kchortu
    kchortuVit më parë

    YOU are a professional, buy the professional tool.

  • Future Works
    Future WorksVit më parë

    Enough with the voice overs dude. Get in the fucking video. You have time now! Mr quit my job. 😂😂😂🤔

  • That green Crx
    That green CrxVit më parë

    Welcome to the brook 😃 pretty sure I see your buddy at bestbagel all the time

  • scheusselmensch
    scheusselmenschVit më parë

    Rich, why do you not use (for the most part) power tools for the heavy nuts and bolts?

  • itskarl1799
    itskarl1799Vit më parë

    @ 7:56 starts to spell a name...

  • LTran21
    LTran21Vit më parë

    So what was that fluid leaking from the engine ? It looked like oil but I thought teslas didnt need oil ?

  • John Martin
    John MartinVit më parë

    I also appreciate how the Sam and rich back and forth takes up about 30 sec of each video not like the whole thing keeps it FRESH and the BEEF hot

  • Aus User
    Aus UserVit më parë

    With all this sponsorships, still no lift?! 🤔

  • CoolSilver
    CoolSilverVit më parë

    The amount of hacked up shit Rich does. Man I hope his garage gets built soon so he can break things with his own tools.

  • Jesse Stroik
    Jesse StroikVit më parë

    It says a lot that you decided finding the drive unit originally paired with that MCU and then going through all this hassle would be easier than calling Tesla

  • Eli Herman
    Eli HermanVit më parë

    Rich can you get a gimball?

  • Gunnar Gossett
    Gunnar GossettVit më parë

    Did Gus finally get his title???

  • Tea Time with Max
    Tea Time with MaxVit më parë

    Watching Rich cut the high power cables in half is for some reason very nerve racking and satisfying all at the same time.... even knowing the power is disconnected.

  • kryzztallized
    kryzztallizedVit më parë

    The fluid spill@ 7:55 almost spelled Rich.

  • Jay Trock
    Jay TrockVit më parë

    What it really needs is an LS swap. ;)

  • Florian Quattlender
    Florian QuattlenderVit më parë

    Drop the Boards off to Louis Rossman, he’s a soldering hero

  • Vampyr Gaming
    Vampyr GamingVit më parë

    you should make a video breaking down how the site and bidding works and process and everything

  • Bob
    BobVit më parë

    all that corrosion could be prevented with some dielectric grease from the factory...but Elon wouldnt be able to sell more defective cars if they where to use that. Deffective in that they are building disposable cars that one must turn to scrap and buy new when something goes wrong.

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin WilsonVit më parë CNBC - Joe Rogan - Oprah 😂

  • k238908
    k238908Vit më parë

    Rich, regarding the security issue with the mismatch in components on the model X. Why didnt you consider tapping that guy up who said he was a Tesla programmer rather than doing what your doing and going with the less powerful motor?

  • Joel Haasnoot
    Joel HaasnootVit më parë

    Next time, 3d print the tool!

  • Brian Sikhira
    Brian SikhiraVit më parë

    The complexity of tesla motors is overwhelming😕

  • 2soldierman2
    2soldierman2Vit më parë

    Don't feel bad Rich, I once seen a teenager pick up a rod that a ricer threw while on the dyno. It goes without saying he threw it down and screamed f that's hot.

  • James Knoll
    James KnollVit më parë

    you need to sell shirts that say (theres done the right way and theres done the RICH WAY)

  • M W S
    M W SVit më parë

    When putting things back together rich, do you ever use anti-seize? To make it easier for the next Shmo that has to work on the car. I am working on the EVAP system on my Honda. God I wish they would have used anti seize.

  • M W S
    M W SVit më parë

    You need an intervention Rich...

  • ironqqq
    ironqqqVit më parë

    Cable insulation has splits in it

  • jenny lennings
    jenny lenningsVit më parë

    7:21 did they teach you how to drop kick in engineering school?

  • criznitty
    criznittyVit më parë

    I feel like those PEX tools or something similar would wedge inside those HV fittings to release the clamp

  • leighton evans
    leighton evansVit më parë

    Safety first Rich!! Gloves and face shield when you’re grinding. Don’t be a jackass like that guy. I don’t want to see you wearing an eyepatch on the next episode. #SafetyIsNoAccident

  • W G
    W GVit më parë

    Rich, do you find it easier to change parts and to maintain the maintenance of a BEV or an ICE machine? I am tired of maintaining my ICE machines.

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