I Took my TESLA to MAACO, The Result Won’t Shock You

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I took my Tesla to Maaco, is anyone suprised?
Unplugged Performance front Bumper.
Wheels on Dolores
Upgraded brakes and pads on Dolores
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  • Keith Meline
    Keith MelineMuaj më parë


  • Bob Mathew
    Bob MathewMuaj më parë


  • computer build144
    computer build1442 muaj më parë

    You have to let that paint cure for 30 days

  • Boss Painter
    Boss Painter4 muaj më parë

    The problem was they didnt use a flex additive.

  • DakFink
    DakFink4 muaj më parë

    $450 is regular Body shop prices!! I would have inspected and made them correct that at that price point.

  • luis lopez
    luis lopez5 muaj më parë

    You would think who ever made that bumper has good fitment

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D6 muaj më parë

    and just so you know, rich, adhesion promoter is only used on raw plastic pieces with no factory E-coat. with light scuffs and adhesion promotor they don't need to prime. They can go straight to tinted sealer, color and then clear. So...…. not only does it look terrible but they ripped you off... and they charged you 1 hour of body time when the bumper was already R&I'd as well as overhauled....

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D6 muaj më parë

    the only people who have good experinces at maaco don't know what a car repair is supposed to look like.....

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D6 muaj më parë

    No MAACO's, anywhere, do quality work. Not one of them...

  • Jack Feder
    Jack Feder6 muaj më parë

    I am not even interested in this customizing, but you are so funny I have to watch!

  • Alex Gallardo
    Alex Gallardo7 muaj më parë

    I heard Samcrac did con a Nigerian Prince, and got money from him

  • Ertiyed
    Ertiyed7 muaj më parë


    GUITAR LIGHTHOUSE7 muaj më parë

    Avoid maaco paint shops! They did a Terrible paint job (runs,total orange peel,over spray) and lost my trim and stole stuff out of trunk.Also,there was an unusual gauge under the headlight like from a sharp tool and they did they said it was probably already there.never again! Maaco in North highlands ca.

  • Only God Knows Why
    Only God Knows Why7 muaj më parë

    Maaco lol

  • Jakey June
    Jakey June7 muaj më parë

    Front looks like riced out mercury cougar I can't use see it

  • Dayron Crespo
    Dayron Crespo8 muaj më parë

    IN this video we learned STAY AWAY FROM MACCO

  • Many
    Many8 muaj më parë

    LMFAO. If you're ever having a hard time getting a hold of VTuned, just contact Samcrac.

  • pablo lopez
    pablo lopez8 muaj më parë

    NO... NO... NO.....MaacO....NOOO

  • lil phone
    lil phone8 muaj më parë

    Tesla guys freak me out like bruh cashapp me $20 im so poor yall be tripping over anything 💀

  • Dave Beckley
    Dave Beckley8 muaj më parë

    You did a primer wrap? Whod da thought?

  • Jonathan Norris
    Jonathan Norris8 muaj më parë

    You mean there ain't no Mexican paint shops near you ?

  • beyerch
    beyerch9 muaj më parë

    For $400, you could have done it cheaper at a *reputable* place...... Ouch.

  • high speed
    high speed9 muaj më parë

    Well MAACO hurt their stock even more with this.

  • JC
    JC9 muaj më parë

    OMG Rich. Being in the automotive refinishing business, I'd be ashamed to put out work that shitty, even at $400. They literally have no pride in their work. Jeez. I can't work like that. I have more integrity than that.

  • Jj K
    Jj K9 muaj më parë

    Thought I was watching hoovies garage. With all the work you were doing

  • Steven Corbo
    Steven Corbo9 muaj më parë

    So the answer to the electric car is the searl generator. Designed by John Searl. Which is small and generates a high amount of electricity using magnetic energy

  • Jonathan Craig
    Jonathan Craig9 muaj më parë

    Maaco is you get what you pay for, for example if you pay 500 for a paint job you might as well hire your best friend to do it, the best amount to spend is1000 or more for it

  • 91rss
    91rss9 muaj më parë

    in reality, there is like $6 in primer and adhesion promoter used. Sad to see them rip you. I'd be looking on Craigslist . vs them but hey, by the looks they do support the blind.. they hired one to paint that..

  • Shay Marie
    Shay Marie9 muaj më parë

    I could've done better than Macco and I only painted on my truck with rattle cans once, that was awful!!! They did that in like 2 hours without wet sanding in between coats cause that orange peel was vicious!!!

  • JmBStudio68
    JmBStudio689 muaj më parë

    Painting is all in the prep. the entire car must be wiped with a cleaner, then sanded with the appropriate grit, then wiped again to remove sanding residue. Tack rag, paint, clear. Let cure, drive the next day. Macco is just like Earl Shieb back in the day...he would paint any car for 99.00. How did he do this? No prep and paints certain colors on certain days, also it is a single stage paint with no clear coat. Adhesion promoter is nonsense unless you are painting plastic or chrome. People that want cheap paint jobs deserve the crap they get. Quality costs. JmB

  • Raid ben achoure
    Raid ben achoure9 muaj më parë

    holy sht 500 for that trash, in my country you get the best quality for 100$ near perfect painting you can't identify it from the original, you might consider coming down to Algeria for a vacation every time you wanna get some cheap painting XD

  • Stephen Fasciani
    Stephen Fasciani10 muaj më parë

    Remember 15,000 is 15 grand not 1,500 that’s 15 hundred

  • fr8hauler
    fr8hauler10 muaj më parë

    Used Maaco in 1985 and it sucked just as bad! Same crap, "oh, did you want the paint to adhere? That will be more." At least they're consistent

  • abc 123
    abc 12310 muaj më parë

    8:03 bloody hell that bald spot made me jump out the bed

  • skater15153
    skater1515310 muaj më parë

    Jesus I did a better paint job on my race bike body work with rattle can and about 5 dollar of give a shit...how is MAACO even a thing still?

  • George Jetson
    George Jetson10 muaj më parë

    You should have just painted yourself couple spray cans🤔

  • Killersentra
    Killersentra10 muaj më parë

    Damn brah you know everyone. Believe it or not that WAS on of the highest rated maacos...in the past.... I'm a little disappointed to hear this. No longer can I make this recommendation.... I hear there is a couple more out here though.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M10 muaj më parë

    Any small independent shop would of done a better job and matched the paint for that much....

  • Rick Ashton
    Rick Ashton11 muaj më parë

    Shoulda read the reviews on the individual macco’s. Some are just much better then others as with all chains. Lol all the research you do you forgot this one lol. Keep up the good work dude.

  • Gazzer McVenge
    Gazzer McVenge11 muaj më parë

    Reach out to Sam, who will get V tuned to do the job. Brilliant 😂😂😂😂

  • hector vargas
    hector vargas11 muaj më parë

    Maaco and Aamco is basically the same 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Adam Gotto
    Adam Gotto11 muaj më parë

    Rich is obviously a troll. This video title confirms it. Not watching anymore dude. You suck.

  • Shiftin Gearz
    Shiftin Gearz11 muaj më parë

    Battleship Gray? Back in the late 70s I had my Mustang painted by Earl Schrib “ I’ll paint any car for 99.95” When I looked at the color chart it was supposed to be a shade of blue. After car was painted it looked the color of a Battleship. I was the joke of all my friends, it really was an ugly color. Looks much much better on your Tesla. This is not a dis on you, maybe a self dis.

  • chevecrazy454ss
    chevecrazy454ssVit më parë

    For a extra $100-150 a local body shop at your area would of used oem paint and would of done a better job dont go to that shit hole to get a paint job ever again pls lol

  • Brett Staley
    Brett StaleyVit më parë

    You didn’t have time to spray it yourself for $100 so you waited 3 days for them to do it terribly for $430. Makes sense

  • Kevin YunG
    Kevin YunGVit më parë

    Damn, u love over paying rich. Take it to any local body shop place and they will charge u about 250 per panel

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul BickleyVit më parë

    Did you ever wonder when you got older that you would have a plastic car, almost in the same way your toy cars were plastic as a kid?

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul BickleyVit më parë

    Yeah, cool speaker.

  • Nate Hill
    Nate HillVit më parë

    What you need is one of those old rolls-royce style fronts they put on VW beetles!

  • Bob's Wrigles
    Bob's WriglesVit më parë

    Obviously MAGA doesn't apply to painters written skills on bills for work at 5.47 ]] ADHISION PROMOTOR[[ x=adhesion promoter, where's that 3 foot piece of cane for knuckles.

  • Adam Pristas
    Adam PristasVit më parë

    This was just so painful to watch. From the poor paint job, the over paying for said paint job, to the fact that you could have had it done by a reputable shop for that price, to only have the paint peel anyway, to you accepting this and not getting a full refund. It hurts my head. This is probably why I watch Samcrac and not this channel. One and done. I'm out.

  • David Jordan
    David JordanVit më parë

    Omg! You spend a lot of money

  • techo61
    techo61Vit më parë

    It's a con job, regardless of your plans to wrap it, most customers wouldn't. The business would lose its licence if they tried this $179 sh1t in Australia.

  • ZL1 aftermath
    ZL1 aftermathVit më parë

    Rich Next time you’re in Arizona I’ll paint your bumpers for free. U have my word

  • King Bang Bang
    King Bang BangVit më parë

    6.5 million in labor.... sounds reasonable.

    RKGSDVit më parë

    Maaco vs One Day Auto Body: Battle Of The Worst Paint Shops

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan CarlsonVit më parë

    Did you get the Ziebart too?

  • Spadeofdarkness™
    Spadeofdarkness™Vit më parë

    Rich, the speaker is a knock off theres abot 7 other companies selling it for the same or less and all of them are discounted. I got it for 80 bucks from another youtuber a year ago. Its a good speaker but the story behind it is a little sketchy. All im trying to say is that you should be careful about which sponsors you roll with. Anyway, great video, screw Maaco.

  • mcrayfourd
    mcrayfourdVit më parë

    Still better than the original Tesla paint job which is the worse in the industry

  • Stealth 63
    Stealth 63Vit më parë

    honestly most body shops would have done it for the same amount if not less and done better. I worked at one and that is terrible for what you paid, sorry you went through that. Of course the paint needs to stick to the bumper after its painted and they screw people over by the up charges. The 179 is to get you through the door. Otherwise its one beautiful tesla.

  • Michael
    MichaelVit më parë

    For $179 I can get 2 cans custom matched 2K polyurethane paint, 2 cans 2K clear, adhesion promoter and other supplies (and a respirator) and do it better myself.

  • Michael
    MichaelVit më parë

    You just had one job MAACO!!

  • Michael
    MichaelVit më parë

    So lets see here, Maaco has false advertising and shi* quality. Nice!

  • Omar Ivan
    Omar IvanVit më parë

    cool then i wont watch the dam video

  • A. B.
    A. B.Vit më parë

    You cant blame macco they have cheapo paint jobs and then actual correct paint jobs. If you want to be cheap your gonna get cheap.

  • Brendan Carlson

    Brendan Carlson

    Vit më parë

    but it wasn't cheap

  • Tropic Thunder
    Tropic ThunderVit më parë

    Maacos garbage

  • Orville Hayes
    Orville HayesVit më parë

    That paint is horrible, I'm a painter and all that was just laziness. It's poor prep, if they would have properly prepped it, it would have looked great. 90%of a show quality finish is the prep. They could have prepped it properly in 20 minutes.a painters finish is Just like his signature.

  • Ex in the community
    Ex in the communityVit më parë

    DAMN you Maaco

  • Abdirizak Ahmed
    Abdirizak AhmedVit më parë

    I like your videos and I think you genius but you talk too much

  • Mike K
    Mike KVit më parë


  • GearrahHereMan
    GearrahHereManVit më parë

    Better off painting it yourself then going to Maaco

  • david c smith
    david c smithVit më parë

    I remember years ago back in the 80’s Macao advertised paint jobs in Canada for $149. And clear coat was $29. Extra They add 2 or 3 ounces of clear to the paint and call it a clear coat job! Lol

  • TeamUnicorn
    TeamUnicornVit më parë

    Dude, you are way too funny!

  • john
    johnVit më parë

    Hey when you open that front HUD it looks like you forgot to actually put the engine in. I personally would put an LS in it!

  • Joshua Samudia
    Joshua SamudiaVit më parë

    paint way to fresh to apply a wrap take 30 days to cure the paint not even suppose to wax it either during that time

  • Joshua Samudia
    Joshua SamudiaVit më parë

    things covered in fisheyes on the grille piece can tell they didn't clean it

  • Benji Reid
    Benji ReidVit më parë

    Now Macco has a international reputation....

  • Junk Man
    Junk ManVit më parë

    How old are you? Yet you still go to Maco . I guess some people just never learn.

  • Kp Raz
    Kp RazVit më parë

    Lol hilarious sam jokes

  • nvmyc
    nvmycVit më parë

    about 20 years ago i had my entire car painted Electric Blue Pearl from Maaco, the total cost was about $1000. It came out perfect and I got a lot of compliments about the color. It's sad because I think Maaco is independently owned so there are good owners out there but not very many. The Maaco i went to actually turned into a non Maaco paint shop and charge quite a bit more for their services thesedays.

  • Alex Bitcoin
    Alex BitcoinVit më parë

    Peeling paint? Didnt you pay extra for "adhesion inducer" ???

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad JohnsonVit më parë

    I used Macco once, the results looked great, good deal, can't say how well it held up because I sold the car shortly afterwards.

  • Timo Ortiz
    Timo OrtizVit më parë

    Haha I always send the bill.

  • climaxhubbard
    climaxhubbardVit më parë

    the fisheyes on that bumper should have been the first red flag. paint needs to sure, yeah, but holy shit that looked like dog shit when they were "done."

  • KSP No Modz
    KSP No ModzVit më parë

    I paint cars for a living and for that price that bumper would have been flawless

  • Dont Banhmi
    Dont BanhmiVit më parë

    wow such an original idea. never seen any you tuber do this wowowowowow!!!

  • J Solo
    J SoloVit më parë

    Rich tries to hard to sound white cause he knows viewer's would walk away in drones if he were discovered to be a black

  • Scott Acheson
    Scott AchesonVit më parë

    Macco was kicked out of Wisconsin for their shady work and horrible customer service true story

  • Topher D
    Topher DVit më parë

    “How does Maaco make money?” They advertise one price and when you get there they automatically double it. THATS how they make money. And when they saw you were driving a Tesla they gave you the hard sell... playing to your concerns which were not really valid concerns. If you’re wrapping the car anyway- who needs primer and promoter???? It’s literally not going to matter if you’re wrapping it. THATS how they make their money lol

  • Kemp English
    Kemp EnglishVit më parë

    for $6,5 Million, I could have had a lot more fun than fixing a Tesla.

    FAST & LOUDVit më parë

    That’s probably a passive radiator and not an actual subwoofer...

    FAST & LOUDVit më parë

    That’s probably a passive radiator and not an actual subwoofer...

  • Dylan Braun
    Dylan BraunVit më parë

    Part of that is on your wrap company. You should wait 2 weeks after painting to allow for outgassing.

  • LightningXA
    LightningXAVit më parë

    F’N maaco

  • TakeSegi
    TakeSegiVit më parë

    You should went somewhere else it cost less than that for a better job lol.

  • greenllama465
    greenllama465Vit më parë


  • Kasha
    KashaVit më parë

    Black is the easiest color to match. There is no such thing as different shades of black. How did they get it wrong?

  • Novagunner
    NovagunnerVit më parë

    they didnt prime shit.

  • Game Channel
    Game ChannelVit më parë

    Did anyone thought the car was toy at first lol

    DAY ONESVit më parë

    i cant believe this guy painted a tesla bumper at fckng macco oh and they ripped him off.

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