Why My Tesla Model X is the most useless car I have

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Today I show you why my Tesla model s I better than my model x
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  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds6 muaj më parë

    Here is how I fixed everything wrong with it althe.info/number/v6TRhouvqodid9g/video



    24 ditë më parë

    @Thelongmanable not necessarily has a lot to do with design and at one point an electric motor on a trailer that's connected to the car 4 straight line driving with the amount of battery you could pull on top of it. Would cancel out the trailer all together using a small amount of power from the trailer. I guess it's all in the way it is done we're not talkin traditional. We are talkin futuristic we're not using yesterday's technology we're using today's. We are not talking about traditional ideas. With just one electric motor and the correct gearing what trailer?!



    24 ditë më parë

    Do you still like the Tesla mode x

  • Thelongmanable


    2 muaj më parë

    *_Towing with any vehicle gas or electric cuts it's range in half hello..._*



    2 muaj më parë

    @don Chilo good for you to think I actually admired you I really liked and respected how you didn't let people tell you what you couldn't do. I subscribed immediately when I saw the first video. Hell of a disappointment find out you can just shit on somebody's ideas for asking your opinion. My bad man I will unsubscribe to you and will make sure everybody knows not to ask you shit! Definitely not what I thought you were good luck on your next build or whatever. Have a good one.

  • don Chilo

    don Chilo

    2 muaj më parë

    I pay ALthe premium to not heard any commercials.

  • Mathieu Barquerre
    Mathieu BarquerreOrë më parë

    Thanks @Rich Rebuilds. You’ve confirmed that my decision to avoid Tesla was a good one.

  • Daniel Wali
    Daniel Wali19 orë më parë

    You don't like your car!!!.Are you going to own a car plant site to help the Earth!😠😠!.. Don't judge Tesla coz it's a only environment friendly car to the clean future our planet.....😠😠!!

  • Nick Mazz
    Nick MazzDitë më parë

    I realise I maybe the only person on planet earth who thinks these are glorified dodgems without that pole thingy but I do,never buy one, maybe a hybrid.

  • Ethan Connor
    Ethan ConnorDitë më parë

    Im curious how these cars will hold up in another 5 years.

    FROZEN EGGY2 ditë më parë

    Get a 202 model x

    FROZEN EGGY2 ditë më parë

    Just use the keyfob lol

    FROZEN EGGY2 ditë më parë

    ¿Tù hablas ingles? --- do you speak English?

  • Me W.
    Me W.3 ditë më parë

    Did you try using warm water, poured into the frozen door handle?

  • josh woods
    josh woods5 ditë më parë

    I would watch you more if you stopped talking much and your videos were shorter God you are boring

  • Mr.Tiggles 8105
    Mr.Tiggles 81055 ditë më parë

    Me "Just park inside" Him "not everyone has that luxury" Me "luxur... Bitch you own a tesla"

  • SGobuck
    SGobuck7 ditë më parë

    So basically the doors opening and the music playing by a Tesla owner is the equivalent of jeep owners and angry birds front fascias.

  • LatonyasVoice
    LatonyasVoice7 ditë më parë

    Dang, I want (wanted) the X. What to do. WHAT TO DO!!!!!

  • E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M
    E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M7 ditë më parë

    Tesla invented everything for common layman. But they are now using it for richer BASTARDS WHO HAVE NO ETHICS.

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl7 ditë më parë

    Well then give the car to me the Tesla model X is my dream car. :)

  • chris roberts
    chris roberts8 ditë më parë

    I do like the Tesla vehicles; however, I think that if you live in cold climates and don't have a garage to put the vehicle in, you will need to put a big tarp over the vehicle to keep the handles from freezing over. That is too annoying to have to heat the car up for an hour. If you are trying to get to work, this is not something I would try and depend on otherwise. Nice review on the model X. I did not really think about some of the drawbacks of the vehicle. Considering the cost to own a vehicle is just as important as just how cool the vehicle is to drive.

  • Garrett R.C.
    Garrett R.C.8 ditë më parë

    7:33 somebody died on that bike...

  • Joel Morales
    Joel Morales8 ditë më parë

    I no longer want a Tesla after this video

    CJAOSHENY JC9 ditë më parë

    Buys a car he doesn't need and then complains how he finds it useless

  • hueston bryant
    hueston bryant9 ditë më parë


  • Borivoje Travica
    Borivoje Travica9 ditë më parë

    This is still manipulative commercial video covering critic's space but with out main spots.

  • John Sample
    John Sample10 ditë më parë

    1 hate video vs 1k love videos.

  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic10 ditë më parë

    there's a real place called Winterfell.....

  • Davie Dood
    Davie Dood11 ditë më parë

    This is what happens when you come across a little money. Your appreciation for things plummet.. First of all you're using it for things it's not really MEANT for as of yet. Yes it has the option per se, but if you see as of NOW it's not beneficial, why do it? Hauling things hundreds of miles on an electric vehicle along with heater / Ac running, radio, lights etc of course will drain a battery quick, just like it will use more gas depending on how many liters your engine is, Desile vs Gas etc, how HEAVY it is etc. Factors come into play many times. 1,000 pound item being hauled, how many times do u stop to charge? How much is each charge? VS how many times you stop to refuel and how much does it cost to fill up.. 50 bucks in gas to go 300 miles vs 20 bucks for let's say 250 miles.. The cold climate thing. Isn't there a way to check the weather for the week and then set some sort of alarm or automation? Gotta be at work by 8am? Set alarm at 6am to start preheating the car, by 7 you're out the door and in your way to work.. Maybe you gotta goto bed a little earlier since this is your vehicle now in a COLD climate.. It's all about your perception and using what you have the best you can. 👍😉

  • dsalpha18
    dsalpha1811 ditë më parë

    Rat infestations are serious. They will bore holes into your home, then other uninvited bugs such as roaches will follow. Certain areas have lice that are carried by rats that can cause diseases similar to the bubonic plague. Please get some traps and remember to check them daily for removal.

  • IDFman
    IDFman12 ditë më parë

    although pretty funny- this is a lot of complaining for a car i would kill to have. If its so useless, would you like to give it away???

  • Steven School Alchemy
    Steven School Alchemy12 ditë më parë

    Right on.

  • Winn Dixie
    Winn Dixie12 ditë më parë

    Hey rich..hope that toy car at the beginning can handle that wet pave..and no I'm not talking about traction control..love your vids man..you go way way into detail with all aspects of how these headache (s) happen and your the reason for saving and helping thousands on these type choices in life and we thank you sir..keep up the great work bro!!

  • John Phelan
    John Phelan13 ditë më parë

    It sucks because they didn't build the X to be anywhere near as practical as the S model

  • Gary
    Gary14 ditë më parë

    Mice in the car? Buy a cat frozen doors why is this Teslas fault.

  • Richard Prince II
    Richard Prince II15 ditë më parë

    I freaking love your videos lol hilarious

  • Richard Prince II
    Richard Prince II15 ditë më parë

    Sell it to me

  • Smoked Robot Pâté
    Smoked Robot Pâté15 ditë më parë

    Wholesome. Do not regret subbing.

  • Chris Le
    Chris Le15 ditë më parë

    I think you should be thankful to tesla. Without Tesla, you would not have your platform. Make sure you send Elon a thank you card.

  • M


    13 ditë më parë

    Too much soy.

  • T James
    T James16 ditë më parë

    Stupidest thing car designers do is electronic door handles/ locks etc. Keyless entry etc are crap. Give me a good steel key with remote anytime. Just wonder what happens in an accident or if rodents has eaten your wiring. All safety related equipment should be mechanical.

  • Destilian
    Destilian16 ditë më parë

    Aprende español poto

  • weeral1
    weeral117 ditë më parë

    As someone who will never afford a single car like you have... but just enjoys your vids... I can't tell the difference between when you are SAYING x and S... Tesla was incredibly stupid on those names.

  • Peace & Love
    Peace & Love17 ditë më parë

    I keep on getting unsubscribed! WTF YT?!

  • Devin Winchester
    Devin Winchester17 ditë më parë

    That squarespace advertisement popped out of nowhere not even a warning about a sponsor I’m outta here watching a different video

  • Leo Landi
    Leo Landi18 ditë më parë

    70 point quality check my ass

  • Cooper O
    Cooper O18 ditë më parë

    ***has the most dysfunctional collection of vehicles*** The only incredibly futuristic, efficient, and safe vehicle owned: “the most pointless car” Disclaimer: Obviously every car has its quirks and small issues but honestly I think this kind of video.. especially by naming it “the most useless car” misleads people into thinking an overall good vehicle is actually dog shit. It’s trashy clickbait and though I fully support constructive criticism for any product/vehicle, using that kind of vocabulary completely blows the small issues out of proportion. I’ve driven and rode in the Model X many times and I think it is one of the top vehicles I have ever been in and that says a lot.

  • ZitronenschaleTV
    ZitronenschaleTV19 ditë më parë

    They really just deleted my comment, saying the through about unreliable and environmental harming Tesla’s. *Freedom of the press or cult formation?* Nr. 3

  • ZitronenschaleTV
    ZitronenschaleTV19 ditë më parë

    They really just deleted my comment, saying the through about unreliable and environmental harming Tesla’s. *Freedom of the press or cult formation?* Nr. 2

  • ZitronenschaleTV
    ZitronenschaleTV19 ditë më parë

    They really just deleted my comment, saying the through about unreliable and environmental harming Tesla’s. *Freedom of the press or cult formation?*

  • Yasas sri Jayawardena
    Yasas sri Jayawardena20 ditë më parë

    That hilarious thumbnail bought me here😂

  • volvos60bloke
    volvos60bloke20 ditë më parë

    16:49 why can't all mechanics be so thorough as this guy?

  • Navie
    Navie21 ditë më parë

    You shouldn't be doing your mouth flap flap thing too (talking) for the same reason. pfffff. Promo selling annoying lil bucket! and oh yes everyone needs to put that many items in their car usually because they want their car to be a semi!

  • Christerpher Johnson
    Christerpher Johnson21 ditë më parë

    Omg those rats 🤢🤢🤢

  • 555 Gaming
    555 Gaming21 ditë më parë

    I'm not the only one who uses wd40 for the interior. Awesome

  • Doktor Dok
    Doktor Dok21 ditë më parë

    For an X, yes. Hahahahahah

  • Donny O'Neil Jr.
    Donny O'Neil Jr.21 ditë më parë

    The people on the tesla forum are fan boys for sure. They think the quality issues are fake. Toxic over there for sure

  • M


    13 ditë më parë

    Typical libtards.

  • A Brand Donut
    A Brand Donut21 ditë më parë

    When the map said: „Winterfell“ I basically died laughing, cuz that are two German words punched I to one straight in America. So, the two words are: „Winter“ and „Fell“, ruffly translated, it means „Wintercoat“ or „Winterfur“ 😂👌🏻. (Pshh... I am from Germany btw.) xd

  • Terry Melvin
    Terry Melvin22 ditë më parë

    Uh..if you can't afford a house with a garage, you can't afford a Tesla.

  • Joshua Soterno
    Joshua Soterno22 ditë më parë

    Your video is sow dirt for all the tesla yousers

  • tree on an asteroid
    tree on an asteroid22 ditë më parë

    I Don't know, looks like gasoline propaganda to me.

  • M


    12 ditë më parë

    @tree on an asteroid ok haha

  • tree on an asteroid

    tree on an asteroid

    12 ditë më parë

    @M it was A meme

  • M


    13 ditë më parë

    😂 no just a realistic sane point of view which liberals cant comprehend.!

  • wolveric0
    wolveric022 ditë më parë

    wait, to check your coolant level you have to remove all those screws??, please some one tell me there is another way.

  • zolikoff
    zolikoff22 ditë më parë

    Another side effect of the "ingenious" frunk design is that everything essential that is normally exposed and easily accessible under the hood is now crammed behind it so you have to disassemble all that crap to get to the things that need maintenance.

  • jarrett maltry
    jarrett maltry22 ditë më parë

    Imagine your tesla door handles freezing over after a late night at work where you don’t have a charger... and are low on battery because the batter gets destroyed by cold... yikes

  • M


    13 ditë më parë

    These cars are trash.

  • Clockwork Calibrations
    Clockwork Calibrations23 ditë më parë

    What a ridiculous car...... So all the complicated redesigns and dificulty to repair aspects are supposed to be the future..... Pass,

  • kingdom music
    kingdom music24 ditë më parë

    There will be a revival in the USA and worldwide FIRST which is what this is leading to now, many souls turning to Christ Jesus for sure . THEN the rapture will happen after this when the last soul is brought in to Christ Jesus' protection . we are in the last days for sure and the rapture is highly likely to happen within the next several years OR may be even Less , 3-5 years MAX or less If that , but no more , due to the time table has run out for Gods plan on gentile christians according to all time lines , variables and jewish variables ie third temple construction , red heifers being born , sacrifices starting soon etc. . The True Church of Christ Jesus will be GONE! ...for anyone who sees this and doesnt know what to do please If you havent given your life and heart to Christ Jesus you will have REAL BIG problems way bigger than any problems you have Ever had If you are left here on earth after the Rapture . After the Rapture The USA , Worldwide , will face More evils , Inner city chaos, firearm wars etc etc ,power and water , food shortages etctec than it Has EVER been seen Before and you surely dont want to be Here then . We Have Time NOW to change , please seek Christ Jesus while there is still time to save ! no one knows the day or hour of the rapture ,But the rapture will start out just like any other day .....The Rapture will Take Place In the day In Broad daylight, sunny day , In an Instant FLASH without ANY warning , and there will be peoples Driver Ids, wallets found in various parking lots , Purses bill folds Found at work etc etc with NO explanation , and People VANISHING so No One can refute it has taken place. .The Rapture Will Take place But we may have several years left but not many more , as many are turning to Jesus and this revival taking place and many still being brought into the Glorious kingdom of Jesus and Until the last soul is accounted for , is all that is preventing the rapture from happening. We are close , Several years goes by quickly so we are very close !

    POTATO24 ditë më parë

    Many of the reasons the model xwont work good here in Norway. I do have to say, it looks fricking amazing cool! But its just not practitcal here in Norway

  • Nick Nation
    Nick Nation25 ditë më parë

    Love your vid, it’s hilarious

  • nakia X
    nakia X25 ditë më parë

    Nasty 🤢 rat eat your used car and it’s Tesla fault now buy u a new x and do this video again keep the rats out 😁

  • M-Kraft Trinket and Tool
    M-Kraft Trinket and Tool26 ditë më parë


  • The Fourth Man
    The Fourth Man26 ditë më parë

    When software engineers throw out over a century of automotive and mechanical engineering experience because they're arrogant woketrash... Then comes the Asian-style "save face" immature attitude problem... Typical.

  • The Fourth Man
    The Fourth Man26 ditë më parë

    Musketeers, lols...

  • Mike Remuzzi
    Mike Remuzzi26 ditë më parë

    So give me your car if it's useless. Your title says it all. No? CLICKBAIT! ALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE CLICKBAIT!

  • AL Supreme
    AL Supreme27 ditë më parë

    Whos paying Richard to smash on Tesla after he build he channel fixing Teslas 🤣

  • bisket2003
    bisket200328 ditë më parë

    Hahhahahha. These ads are beautiful.

  • killkaveh
    killkaveh28 ditë më parë

    I thought those door handles would be a problem.

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star28 ditë më parë

    Seriously...lol talk about utterly useless, you start tinkering with junk Teslas and then get quazi good at it and then you put up a show on your channel that tells everyone not to do what you did because you somehow believe in your mind your better than the masses....lmao what a Joke!!!!! Ill out bid you on every unit I can My Dads wrecking yard is going to have a special corner just for Teslas now.

  • Schnapsbrenner
    Schnapsbrenner28 ditë më parë

    xD it doesn't heat the doorhandles? That's ridiculous. Didn't they test their car properly?

  • Schnapsbrenner
    Schnapsbrenner28 ditë më parë

    Grats to the placement​. Well integrated

  • ብርሀን Birhon
    ብርሀን Birhon28 ditë më parë

    This is the most useless video I've ever seen

  • William Camp
    William Camp29 ditë më parë

    Lmao paid promotion

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews29 ditë më parë

    Dude looked hilarious trying to get out of that bmw i8!! 🤣🤣 Thanks the comedy bru, u alright!!👍

  • A B
    A B29 ditë më parë

    Do you have a family? It’s odd you consider the x useless.

  • M


    13 ditë më parë

    He just has common sense hes not an idiot.

  • B.L
    B.L29 ditë më parë

    Ain’t there a phone app that allows you to open the door with your phone

  • Sam Studley
    Sam StudleyMuaj më parë

    So the s is better than the x?

  • sekou mccullough
    sekou mcculloughMuaj më parë

    i love all the videos every one makes me laugh at leastt once great work and yes i love ev ice and hybrid cars so let the fan boys cry

  • Elijah Marshall
    Elijah MarshallMuaj më parë

    Trade it for the model y?

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott CampbellMuaj më parë

    I own a 2017 Model X, 40,000 miles never been to a service center and no maintenance. Best vehicle I have owned. I have owned 50 vehicles, exotics included. I fill up with solar panels which also supply my home electricity. I own a powerwall battery selling excess to Grid and power for outages. Save $500/month on gas and electricity. IRA funding!!! Love your videos. Pre ordered a Cybertruck but will always own a X, love the falcons. No other vehicle like it and never will cuz of costs.

  • Evapors BMW M
    Evapors BMW MMuaj më parë


  • SRT James
    SRT JamesMuaj më parë

    That is an amazing thumbnail 😂

  • Prem Chaitanya
    Prem ChaitanyaMuaj më parë

    That is by far the best add integration props to you man!

  • Jeremy Vargas
    Jeremy VargasMuaj më parë

    I'm sitting here crying at the sloth @ 6:35. Rich you are too damn funny man!!!

  • McFlono McFloonyloo
    McFlono McFloonylooMuaj më parë

    Thanks for being extremely honest for everyone! You have the highest dislike percentage of any "normal" ALthe video I've seen... Keep up the great work!

  • Straight Whitemale
    Straight WhitemaleMuaj më parë

    Wow how many cars can one person afford ? Good video.

  • Joshua Guincho
    Joshua GuinchoMuaj më parë

    The model Xmas show is cool

  • Joshua Guincho
    Joshua GuinchoMuaj më parë

    You suck

  • Burnt Cheese
    Burnt CheeseMuaj më parë

    Wait so people can afford a Tesla model x but they can’t all afford a garage

  • Wyatt , The Autistic gamer
    Wyatt , The Autistic gamerMuaj më parë

    5:50 Ever thought about opening in the phone app?

  • Bartosz Staszyński
    Bartosz StaszyńskiMuaj më parë

    How is nobody talking about that cardboard Elon reflection in the window

  • Za Z
    Za ZMuaj më parë

    0:46 my doors freeze shut on my keyed Mazda and Camaro! Because in winter season I live in the wintery cold! This comment was sponsored by Frosty The Snowman (1969).

  • Cameron Harold
    Cameron HaroldMuaj më parë

    tesla's are great so don't make videos abot cool car ur calling them stupid when ur stupid

  • iiSourTxulip
    iiSourTxulipMuaj më parë

    Give it to me then

  • Ev M
    Ev MMuaj më parë

    🤗 Who would hv known !

  • Anthony Travis
    Anthony TravisMuaj më parë

    Buy a dodge demon! Or hellcat

  • Saturated Odin
    Saturated OdinMuaj më parë

    I think you got a fake Tesla

  • Khalifa 911
    Khalifa 911Muaj më parë

    Elon musk need to watch this vid

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