Restoring a Flood salvage Tesla Model X Part 2: Charger Troubles

Makina dhe automjete

Today we are continuing to tear apart the Tesla model X.. these chargers make us work hard.
Song by Matt Cherne : Dreamers
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  • Alicja Lewandowska
    Alicja LewandowskaMuaj më parë

    Plainrock124 brought me here also Great Video :)

  • david abrams
    david abrams2 muaj më parë

    that intro was 24 karat gold

  • Tadeusz Tomaszew
    Tadeusz Tomaszew4 muaj më parë

    Those allegedly 'simpler than ICE' cars are absolute maintainance nightmares

  • Michael Case
    Michael Case6 muaj më parë

    I saw you on Joe Rogan some weeks ago and I have been watching your videos ever since. Keep up the good work. PS rant on my brother rant on! lol

  • Roy Williams
    Roy Williams7 muaj më parë

    @8:00 don't do the ex like that... lol lol

  • Max profit
    Max profit11 muaj më parë

    bbbzzzzttt hahhahahhahah

  • Craig Bookout
    Craig Bookout11 muaj më parë

    I am obsessed with Teslas. Well more like fascinated. I wish I owned a Tesla.

  • Kay’shots
    Kay’shotsVit më parë

    This man makes money of showing how he makes money. Smart af

  • Hartwin Brückner
    Hartwin BrücknerVit më parë

    Tesla shit

  • Brandon Stary
    Brandon StaryVit më parë

    What kind of camera does he use for hands free filming

  • Mud Therapy
    Mud TherapyVit më parë

    I'm live in NC and that look like down the road from my house. (the flood pic)

  • James Shanks
    James ShanksVit më parë

    Milwaukee on charge? 10:00?

  • Colorful Codes
    Colorful CodesVit më parë

    This looks hard.

  • Hudson Ohio
    Hudson OhioVit më parë

    So...Technically that is not "Water Residue" you are finding. That is actual water! ("Flood Residue") :-)

  • aembusiness
    aembusinessVit më parë

    Nice work! I would suggest wearing a face mask additionally, every time you feel necessary to wear gloves. It’s much more safe to touch water residue like that than it is to breath it in/breath in all the spores created In cahoots with the water residue

  • A L E X TM
    A L E X TMVit më parë

    “691 horsepower in a minivan shaped like an egg”😭😭

  • Musterd
    MusterdVit më parë

    Ahhhh no what happened to cam

  • Taylor Dorsey
    Taylor DorseyVit më parë

    I think this is the 30th or so "Rich Rebuilds" video I've watched, and among the hilarity of all of them, the first 2 minutes of this one had me crying tears from cracking up. So much so that I had to pause the video to compose myself. Never change, Rich. Never change.

  • Cal N
    Cal NVit më parë

    Great videos

  • Stanley Olszewski
    Stanley OlszewskiVit më parë

    Next time put a dehumidifier in the car with the fans to help with collecting the water. I saw another guy do that and it worked.

  • Mike Koxlong
    Mike KoxlongVit më parë

    Those cars are so vulnerable underneath

  • marinos ioannou
    marinos ioannouVit më parë

    Are you an electrical engineer?

  • Michael Klein
    Michael KleinVit më parë

    Dude watching your videos have inspired me to start looking for a wrecked Tesla. I'm a mechanic but have no EV experience. Are you using Tesla service manuals? Where would you obtain them?

  • Lenny VASQUEZ
    Lenny VASQUEZVit më parë

    I would like to know how can I program in the key for model X

  • daniel elbazTM
    daniel elbazTMVit më parë

    This elctronic cars are scary to repair

  • Christopher Wasko
    Christopher WaskoVit më parë

    I see you disassemble these and realize the bi**** it would be to put together on an assembly line....

  • tasmedic
    tasmedicVit më parë

    Rich can we have more of the recorder music and less of the Crappy Nosestat stuff? Thanks

  • Atoool K
    Atoool KVit më parë

    how do you keep track of all the nuts and bolts?

  • iForgot MyName
    iForgot MyNameVit më parë

    there are kits to determine moisture levels in things, you should invest in those.

  • xPo7ent
    xPo7entVit më parë

    Nice cornwell tool box you need a compressor with an air chuck with some powerful air you can dry stuff quick hard to reach areas

  • notcoolatall
    notcoolatallVit më parë

    Serious question. How do you remember where everything goes when putting everything together later on if its your first Model X rebuild?

  • tiba 24
    tiba 24Vit më parë

    annnd 400 volts. yeah I died, but thats ok

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel DiazVit më parë

    Why you played that flute when you introduced your partner! hahahahaa.

  • Logan Johnston
    Logan JohnstonVit më parë

    North Carolina flood ... Florence

  • gary stewart
    gary stewartVit më parë

    I think Rich deserves a Tesla factory visit!

  • Becky
    BeckyVit më parë

    The bzzzz noise got me too 😂

  • mejohn101
    mejohn101Vit më parë

    This Old House for new cars. I am so addicted.

  • yamilrx
    yamilrxVit më parë

    I just started following your channel and watching your videos. A guy with your determination and skills should be on Tesla's engineer team to help make the cars even better. Elon Musk should be watching this.

  • tomdinh84
    tomdinh84Vit më parë

    In one of your videos you mentioned that Tesla will now sell parts for salvage title vehicles now...somewhat. How can you find out if they will sell you the parts required to rebuild?

  • Bad Larry
    Bad LarryVit më parë

    You’re what we call in England a “grafter”, not a grifter a grafter

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike SandersVit më parë do you remember where everything goes? Crazy skills.

  • streeetlights
    streeetlightsVit më parë

    minivan shaped like an egg is hilarious

  • Jack Sokol
    Jack SokolVit më parë

    3:00 gotta love that kanye remix 🙌🙌

  • MR A
    MR AVit më parë


  • Robert Jackson
    Robert JacksonVit më parë

    So why no tilt trailer with winch and mobile tool box. Towed by by 1 ton van or 1 ton truck?

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987Vit më parë

    Why cant you use the 72A charger again? Is the one you have in good condition? Maybe you can use that in your car? No idea how this works. Just wondering why you mentioned that part earlier about the different chargers.

  • Poggers
    PoggersVit më parë

    I’m waiting for Elon musk to comment and offer you a ton of cash

  • Poggers


    Vit më parë

    And am impact gel which hardens on impact which will make screws, and bolts irrelevant.

  • Paulius Siniauskas
    Paulius SiniauskasVit më parë

    how the hell do you know where everything goes back ?? musk prob has a guy to put each bit in and theres this guy with iq of 2000....what a legend

  • José B. Junior
    José B. JuniorVit më parë

    Me in the kitchen 1:40

  • ugzz
    ugzzVit më parë

    Me: Cordless Ratchet? Hell yeah, seems legit! What are they like $30? -(Looks at price) never mind.

  • Joao Cassimiro
    Joao CassimiroVit më parë

    where are the knifes?????

  • Scott Deruyter
    Scott DeruyterVit më parë

    Most tools I’ve ever!!! Ever see you use! Where’s the butter knife?

  • popoolman
    popoolmanVit më parë

    Is that pogo i hear?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    A little musky

  • Bob Haywood
    Bob HaywoodVit më parë

    It seems like these cars are really easy to take apart...are they cheaply made?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan NVit më parë

    Thomas and friends: Thomas and the charger troubles!

  • J Aries
    J AriesVit më parë

    Dont know if anyone ever told you this but you are out of your mind😆 but thanks for the content 👌 very educational

  • La Féte
    La FéteVit më parë

    I played the buzz prank part so many times

  • MrL1mey
    MrL1meyVit më parë

    "In fact, isn't "Milwaukee" an Indian name?" "Yes, Pete, it is. Actually, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land.""

  • dragade101
    dragade101Vit më parë

    LOTS OF GOOD LUCK But you seem to be on a roll!

  • Marcin Rakowski
    Marcin RakowskiVit më parë

    wow great job, the car of my dreams !!! applause for courage I greet Poland and you have a new spectator :-)

  • Imhotep Genius
    Imhotep GeniusVit më parë

    I don't understand why I find this interesting

  • C-Shepard
    C-ShepardVit më parë

    Rich, what would you recommend for countries that won't re-certify flood damaged vehicles. aka Cana-daa. Where are all the vin locations on a model S?

  • C-Shepard
    C-ShepardVit më parë

    Been using those Milwaukee ratchets since they launched. The newer Fuel models are massively improved, get one. I use both since the first versions have better clearance but way less power.

  • Ranger54
    Ranger54Vit më parë

    Silly question... but do you have an ultrasonic cleaner? I’m a master jeweler and was dumb enough to submerge my old iPhone mother board and afterweeks of drying the mother board was good as new. Phone still fire up to this day (iPhone 5s) just a thought.

  • bill nipp
    bill nippVit më parë

    Did he just call you sweetheart???

  • jonnilightnin
    jonnilightninVit më parë

    I came here from Motherboard

  • James Allen
    James AllenVit më parë

    No one tried just sticking the entire car into a giant bowl of Rice? ;)

  • networkcrasher
    networkcrasherVit më parë

    I don't think i saw a single dinner knife in the entire video. WTF

  • Michael
    MichaelVit më parë

    R you a blood or a crip dawg

  • Good Ideas
    Good IdeasVit më parë

    That video of the exploding electrical sub station was so funny:) -lol

  • SgtMoran
    SgtMoranVit më parë

    The Milwaukee that he stole from Billy’s garage

  • Games4U
    Games4UVit më parë

    what is the song called? at 3:52

  • James
    JamesVit më parë

    Don't you mean 'Had 691HP'...

  • Snotric
    SnotricVit më parë

    Just scrap that pos electric

  • Ingi
    IngiVit më parë

    call me crazy, but wouldn't be better to clamp the bolt, and not the fitting? 9:57

  • SteeVeeDee
    SteeVeeDeeVit më parë

    I've finally worked it out. Tesla is bankrolled by a company that makes machine screws considering how many there are in a car.

  • Kris G
    Kris GVit më parë

    Has anyone used a power inverter or generators while camping to charge there Tesla How long compared to supercharger stations??😁

  • Garth Goldberg
    Garth GoldbergVit më parë

    Snap-together car, with mostly Made-in-China parts. Definitely the future of American automobiles.

  • Michael
    MichaelVit më parë

    I want a Tessa so bad but I will never be able to afford one and I live in Australia and there's not many of them love the channel dawg you should make more content just rip skids or or any thing you will get views keep them coming

  • N ST
    N STVit më parë

    Sweetheart? What

  • Randall S
    Randall SVit më parë

    These cars are kinda ugly on the outside, but nice on the inside. What would be cool is to cut that body off and pop on something more fitting like an Audi A7 (not sure of differences in wheelbase, but you get the idea). Also it would piss off Telsa purists *** Extra Points!

  • Arlin Sansome
    Arlin SansomeVit më parë

    Hmm Cool the 72A charger should take 3 phase without much work!

  • The House
    The HouseVit më parë

    Go to acme tools to buy tools. No sales tax collected. If you live in a high tax state this is a 10 percent discount. They also will have all the current models and sales.

  • Ricardo Payen
    Ricardo PayenVit më parë

    Loved watching you take a Tesla apart but next time you could just dump the whole thing in rice. lol

  • TJ


    Vit më parë

    Ricardo Payen ikr? What an idiot smh

  • Kerry Pope
    Kerry PopeVit më parë

    great video

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy HarrisonVit më parë

    No matter what AvE says in a BOLTR about Milwaukee products (no test on the cordless ratchet) this 0:48 is my go to tool for removing bolts in hard to reach areas and when lots of fasteners are coming out and going in. Mine is 1/4 instead of 3/8s, but they are the same tool. The drives are interchangeable.

  • slickman1953
    slickman1953Vit më parë

    Looks like a ton of work with all the cars you rebuild. Is this a labor of love or do you really make money?

  • neurosmos
    neurosmosVit më parë

    lol @ voiding the warranty @7:18

  • Lucas I
    Lucas IVit më parë

    What are you going to do when you finish this proyect?

  • BigGary
    BigGaryVit më parë

    1:21 - 691hp in a minivan shaped like an egg ... LOL

  • Antoine GRUNER
    Antoine GRUNERVit më parë

    I am not surprised the charger was sealed. It is almost like any controller on the market for Ebike and planes with an ip68. You have to rewire all the car. Water is everywhere in the harness and silicone/mesh cable cover. If you don't , even the car run again. You might get troubles 18 months later with faulty signal and electricity. Good luck to rebuild. It is a massive job.

  • Vincent
    VincentVit më parë

    I live Rich's sense of humor

  • Smarticus
    SmarticusVit më parë

    Why doesn’t Tesla come standard with inflatable floats that deploy automatically in a flood like airbags? Asking for a friend....

  • Billblom
    BillblomVit më parë

    Tesla is doing their best to prevent ANYONE other than them repairing their cars.. That makes everything a LOT more expensive. (Think of a dent in a quarter panel resulting in a car that is totalled. In any other vehicle it is off to the body shop to straighten or swap panels and then paint.. but not with the Tesla.. looking through "totaled" cars on the web shows the reason they get totalled.. $40,000 for a simple repair??? Err.. no thanks. The right to repair needs to get through nation wide. Force them to sell parts to anyone that wants to do their own work. Or so that your favorite repair shop can do the work on it... Open up the magic software that allows resets.. and so on.. Don't turn off the charger network for someone that makes one of the managers angry by asking not so silly questions.....

  • Nicholas Dorah
    Nicholas DorahVit më parë

    I wonder if Tesla made the improvement with the gasket after watching you videos?

  • 2WV
    2WVVit më parë

    I'm a service technician at Tesla, but still feel like the way you take things appart, teaches me a whole lot. (I also have only been working at Tesla for 5 months) Awesome channel you've got! Keep it up! :D

  • Tadeusz Tomaszew

    Tadeusz Tomaszew

    4 muaj më parë

    Those cats are maintainable nightmare. Single use throw away toys

  • Kens Bone
    Kens BoneVit më parë

    Music at 3 minutes sounds very Pogo.

  • Ulapalla
    UlapallaVit më parë

    Rich you make it look too easy. Makes me want to pull the trigger on a project like this.

  • Box of Rocks
    Box of RocksVit më parë

    That "music" at 3:30. God, can musical taste and artistic accomplishment fall any further?

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