My Million Dollar Project

Makina dhe automjete

Headed to London to see if can sweet talk my way into driving a robot car. Also I suppose now would be a good time to update on my OTHER projects.

Checkout Season Alpha of Roborace here
Checkout how it works here
See you all at SEMA!

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  • H
    H3 muaj më parë


  • mitch carter
    mitch carter7 muaj më parë

    Man, you suck at arcade basketball eh? hoop wasnt even moving lolol

  • opollo
    opollo10 muaj më parë

    Your London accent try needs more work, in fact don't bother lol

  • Alà Eddin Abugrara
    Alà Eddin Abugrara10 muaj më parë

    Man the first 15 second of the video I couldn’t hear what you were saying, so painful 😂😂

    ERNIE GAMBOA11 muaj më parë

    Bro missed every shot.

  • Robin Smith
    Robin SmithVit më parë

    Extremely wealthy and have a private race track... Keys to the race track--I take over the maintain your race track, garages, arrange for Robo cars and you can get back to playing ball, arcade racing, and using your potty training. I am sure compensation will be more than adequate. Rich Build Riches.

  • Pablo
    PabloVit më parë

    Robot drivers/cars simply sucks.

  • James Bruce
    James BruceVit më parë

    I haven't seen that many bricks since Shaq retired. lol

  • Al A
    Al AVit më parë

    No black names for your cars:) ? Laquisha maybe:)?

  • Sammy Skuta
    Sammy SkutaVit më parë

    I will buy it cash

  • uddy samuel
    uddy samuelVit më parë

    Just stumbled on this channel and i'm super pumped!!! This is the stuff i have been looking for. THANK YOU!!!

  • farnoud
    farnoudVit më parë

    hate clickbait titles. don't do it

    AL DAVISVit më parë

    I like the super gay names that all the cars get. You are hillarious.

  • Khloe Rabnta
    Khloe RabntaVit më parë

    So are you building autonomous race cars? Dude if you are that brilliant. Like if you can just get them to race on their own against each other fast af you could literally make so much money. Tho I don’t really know who you are or what you do lol but yea that would be cool.

  • Generic Youtuber
    Generic YoutuberVit më parë

    Holy fuck you suck at basketball lol

  • Michael Regan
    Michael ReganVit më parë

    Rich is a legit comedian, dude is hilarious lol. Awesome EV content!

  • _ Diceman _
    _ Diceman _Vit më parë

    rogan was right, you need to do stand up!

  • Bert Bert
    Bert BertVit më parë

    I'm extremely wealthy, I've a private racetrack. i wanna drive your car. #BossTalk

  • Strange Times
    Strange TimesVit më parë

    Keep never the Cellphone for this long Time, directly to the Ear, when you don´t want have Brain- Cancer!

  • Just4uAmnda
    Just4uAmndaVit më parë

    Rich bro u definitely have earned a ultra all inclusive at the CUCUU HOSPITAL! =))

  • tweetchris46
    tweetchris46Vit më parë

    What happened with the Dark Blue Model X that you bought direct from the Tesla website?

  • Rich Rebuilds

    Rich Rebuilds

    Vit më parë

    I’ve been driving it since the final episode of the series !

  • Kae'Len White
    Kae'Len WhiteVit më parë

    Sleeper corolla

  • Sphinx Vet
    Sphinx VetVit më parë

    Finally you had the keys for the i8... 😉

  • Nate
    NateVit më parë

    Yo you should get a better mic since you do so much voice over kind of stuff. It sounds a little dull, just a thought!

  • Cully
    CullyVit më parë

    i am 100% interested in the p100 your building i contacted you guess a month ago about this as well

  • Tinder Gold
    Tinder GoldVit më parë

    Wait what about the blue model x?

  • Gonzalo Rosario
    Gonzalo RosarioVit më parë

    Come on USA convert to the metric system for once!

  • cyuiyu wyguiyui
    cyuiyu wyguiyuiVit më parë

    Looks like a child phones a grown up..

  • ttystikk rocks
    ttystikk rocksVit më parë

    You are a spaz, Rich- but I'm still subbed!

  • isaac shively
    isaac shivelyVit më parë

    You should do a bio diesel swap on the Humvee instead of a electric swap... Just something to change things up a little

  • Cesc Fabregas
    Cesc FabregasVit më parë

    i want to see 2battery packs in that military vehicle and 4electric motors atleast. that would be really sick

  • 635574
    635574Vit më parë

    I wanna see self driving electric race go karts

  • Erium
    EriumVit më parë

    LAZY?! Lol. Come on dude

  • DiddyBopDuwop
    DiddyBopDuwopVit më parë

    My skin Cringed Ere Time He Missed A Basket 🤦🏽‍♂️ He was born Caucasian Lol 😂

  • TheWiseGuy
    TheWiseGuyVit më parë

    Hey bro what microphone do you use?

  • Bob
    BobVit më parë

    Wrong Number..Briliant

  • C Luucid
    C LuucidVit më parë

    Rich, I need help with my BMW X6 activehybrid. There’s nothing online about fixing or exchanging out the hybrid battery.

  • g60force
    g60forceVit më parë

    Another option get a Cab Over Semi one that resembles Optimus Prime from Generations 1 and Electrify it wit a whopping 6motors 6WD and as optional range-extender, fill the whole semi trailer with batteries or just to piss off peepz with a DIESEL GENERATOR charging the batteries on the go!

  • g60force
    g60forceVit më parë

    Please make a Electric 4wd Classic Mini Cooper or Classic Fiat 500 (heck even the new 500 looks good, while New Mini *BARF* except the Cooper Works)

  • Alejandro Hillebrand
    Alejandro HillebrandVit më parë

    that english guy is killing his ear!

  • truth seeker
    truth seekerVit më parë

    I would like a electric set up on my h2, is that possible

  • Tore Lund

    Tore Lund

    Vit më parë

    Everything is possible. The amount of batteries you'll need to get sensible range with it is another matter.

  • Nico Bellic
    Nico BellicVit më parë

    How did u get your pic in the game is puzzling me.

  • M Szerlag
    M SzerlagVit më parë

    I am not impressed or interested in Roborace

  • ShiaLaBluff
    ShiaLaBluffVit më parë

    wtf did I just watch lmao

  • BroWheresMyWeed
    BroWheresMyWeedVit më parë

    "is that dmt?"

  • Reggae Llama
    Reggae LlamaVit më parë

    People still watch this guy's videos?

  • NDNPlumber
    NDNPlumberVit më parë

    I really want a F-150 4x4 to be electric... with the lift and meats for shoes, seen the AUDI seen a lil yota. But let’s see a lightnin charged Frankenstein Raptor killer.

  • jpico
    jpicoVit më parë

    I want one of your builds! How much for Clementine ?

  • Porter McSorley
    Porter McSorleyVit më parë

    So...did anybody else notice what car he was sitting in while he was messing with the water guns?

  • Kalonde Siulapwa
    Kalonde SiulapwaVit më parë

    "I have a private race track and am extremely wealthy and I want to drive one of these cars"- Lord Rich

  • Bob Thurmond
    Bob ThurmondVit më parë

    Hey, Rich. You are A W E some beyond the edge! Are you building battery packs? I have many hundred individual refurbished 18650s.

  • Shawn Carelli
    Shawn CarelliVit më parë

    Hey Rich, got a great story for a video... I just bought a 12/2016 Tesla with AP 2.0 and MCU1 with the Enhanced Autopilot $5,000 option listed on the Moroney Sticker... but Tesla is claiming it doesn’t have Enhanced Autopilot.. even though it’s listed on the Moroney sticker Tesla sent me... so if your looking for a good story for a video.. I’m busy debating with Tesla and getting zero progress... I think this would be quite interesting to your audience as early AP2 cars come off lease and get sold....

  • billiondollardan
    billiondollardanVit më parë

    Joe Rogan was creepin on Rich in the Ari podcast

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne MillerVit më parë

    Wow they are slow compared to the Tesla I don't understand I thought these cars would be like super fast with a high top speeds are basically the same as a Tesla just better aerodynamics

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne MillerVit më parë

    I thought that this was edited together until the Uber comment and realize you actually were talking to him

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne MillerVit më parë

    That makes no sense why wouldn't you just helped find him the parts that he needed instead of stripping them off of your own project

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI FabricationVit më parë

    Hey Rich! Let me know if you need help with the roll bar for the roadster. We can do a nice single hoop that will look period correct for that nostalgia hot rod look. It would be fun to collaborate....

  • X. Somby
    X. SombyVit më parë

    Build a full electric BMW i8. That would be amazing.

  • kevin smith
    kevin smithVit më parë

    Hi rich if you are in England & would like to see a special 1 off e-nv200 bespoke electric campervan then pop up any time this weekend I am free I am 200 miles north of London Check out Otleyshev68 on ALthe & James and Kate it’s a awesome 😎 camper fully electric ⚡️ fully loaded

  • 2jzdrift95ify
    2jzdrift95ifyVit më parë

    I have 93 supra that's a prime candidate

  • Wyatt Beasley
    Wyatt BeasleyVit më parë

    How much for your kid

  • Christian Stauderer
    Christian StaudererVit më parë

    Please rebuild me my mobilehome

  • Daniel Ducati
    Daniel DucatiVit më parë

    Damn Rich,Been a fan since you rebuilt your first telsa and i love the rat rod conversion episodes but man i gotta say this is the most boring video you have posted to date.....the header is just click bait " My million dollar project" ??????........good update stuff though....looking forward to seeing the mile range of the ev-ratrod!!!!!!

  • the modfather
    the modfatherVit më parë

    What happened to the beige flood Tesla?

  • Dennis Artis
    Dennis ArtisVit më parë

    Love is vlog you are too funny keep up the good work lol lol

  • Mikel Ayala
    Mikel AyalaVit më parë

    How much is "pretty cheap"?

  • ne0n
    ne0nVit më parë

    samwho ? that failure?

  • Justin L
    Justin LVit më parë


  • Dallas Yage Sassy
    Dallas Yage SassyVit më parë

    Wrong Number, new youtube name. Ha Ha

  • Krish Chandran
    Krish ChandranVit më parë

    Great video! Preety damm funny... loved it Rich!!!

  • DanielRichards644
    DanielRichards644Vit më parë

    SO I guess not all black people know how to play basketball, LOL.

  • Mike Henry
    Mike HenryVit më parë

    Rich I work for Tesla and I might be interested in buying Angela. Holler at me bro

  • TBird100636
    TBird100636Vit më parë

    What's going on with the pre-owned Model X that took you forever to get?

  • incredible8me
    incredible8meVit më parë

    220 Kilometers per Hour = 136.70166 Miles per Hour

  • Harry
    HarryVit më parë

    Rich is legit prolly the best dad ever fr

  • haiqu
    haiquVit më parë

    Dude, you get weirder every day. In a good way.

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log upVit më parë

    Rich Rebuilds you really need to get more serious about rebuilding these cars with lil bit of OG PRESTIGE type of approach

  • David Dawson
    David DawsonVit më parë

    Funny 😆

  • Sean Lewis
    Sean LewisVit më parë

    How much???$$$

  • StalePhish
    StalePhishVit më parë

    @1:23 that's my blue Model 3 on the right side of the screen! Great seeing you and the rat rod at Hebert's

  • jaakpardi
    jaakpardiVit më parë

    Hell yes, I'll sell you part of my kidney for that Tesla. Although, shipping to Europe is going to be chunk of liver as well probably.

  • Spencer White
    Spencer WhiteVit më parë

    I’m definitely interested in buying Clementine

  • Heather Brown
    Heather BrownVit më parë

    Now, how many times did it take to get 1st place in that racing game? :P

  • Michael Lowe
    Michael LoweVit më parë

    Cars are now about as boring as ever and now they are working on making racing boring. These things will go 300 mph one day and no one will care.

  • japrogramer
    japrogramerVit më parë

    Our Lord and savior Elon Musk

  • sa7dse
    sa7dseVit më parë

    i8 confirmed :D

    KAAZEVit më parë

    UK dude reminds me of Elon...he kinda looks and sounds a bit like Elon wtf

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain ManVit më parë

    How on earth did you get your pic on that arcade ? Blimey!

  • Gabe Nugent
    Gabe NugentVit më parë

    Hey I’m. Interested in buying the P 85

  • TheHighestALV
    TheHighestALVVit më parë

    Senior citizen at 70k miles? You’re trippen on that one.

  • Muskar
    MuskarVit më parë

    I was so distracted from the fake phone conversation setup that I was barely listening to the words

  • Gad Ashiagbor
    Gad AshiagborVit më parë

    Just sent you an invite to an African continental summit. Please check your email and revert. Thanks bro

  • Ventus Pri
    Ventus PriVit më parë

    1:22 some water profing would be nice

  • john morgan
    john morganVit më parë

    Weather in UK, raining he says. No floods all over the place.

  • Erin boat guy
    Erin boat guyVit më parë

    I make phone calls like myself !!!

  • Josh Rinlee
    Josh RinleeVit më parë

    Pushing the limits of the car or driver?

  • Randall Lawkin
    Randall LawkinVit më parë

    Wow this channel has blown up

  • Tom McMahon
    Tom McMahonVit më parë

    Electric swapped Humvee = you have my attention.

  • Graham Strouse

    Graham Strouse

    Vit më parë

    Tom McMahon I think he’s gonna need a bigger battery pack.

  • Wilson Royce Moreira
    Wilson Royce MoreiraVit më parë


  • dean jordan
    dean jordanVit më parë

    Holy Cow, that was the best~!~ So much good stuff here. Don't know how you did it Rich, but man, that was some good stuff, great editing, and that ending~Wrong number~!~

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