Restoring a Flood Salvage Tesla Model X Part 8: fusebox hell

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Today Rich finds more problems with the fuses and finds long lost helper
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  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper3 muaj më parë

    Man you need an electronics tech on staff to test and repair those circuit boards. Even with conformal coating those boards can be fixed pretty easily

  • Arjan Singh
    Arjan Singh7 muaj më parë

    Seeing the way they scratched those seats up at 12:06 made me cringe 🥴

  • Brad Mcdougall
    Brad Mcdougall7 muaj më parë

    rip to this build?

  • tysin hunter
    tysin hunter8 muaj më parë

    ridge wallet is the BIGGEST piece of shit. it’ll scratch ALL your cards from repeatedly pulling them out after about 2-3 weeks. junk.

  • Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard
    Michael L Heard Michael Mike Heard9 muaj më parë

    mite her last name thus become Dolores Teselectra second cousin removed back story- ,rich rebuilds her lover and giving er that deformed child that's no longer able to go up so we keep ones down ...its not crazy .so the stairs one stays off quick sneaky quit thang wit um scars to prove it hot rod etc etc etc ...dated heardmycal and got pregnant when the super shook the door Deloris must exist as she back yard come quickest on speed

  • dragnet53
    dragnet5310 muaj më parë

    So how do you know all this stuff? Did you do research and look it up or just call Elon Musk?

  • HotShotVQ35
    HotShotVQ3510 muaj më parë

    what happened to this?

  • Lunchbox13
    Lunchbox1311 muaj më parë

    Hey rich, if you see this, do you think that teslas are more complicated than normal cars, or is it the opposite, by that I mean is it harder to fix it or restore teslas

  • El_Oso_Mugroso
    El_Oso_Mugroso11 muaj më parë

    That’s what she said 😏 02:57

  • Hudson Ohio
    Hudson Ohio11 muaj më parë

    Cam Hi! oops.... Bye!

  • Naranbaatar
    Naranbaatar11 muaj më parë

    what happend to this car where is part 9

  • Abdilatif
    Abdilatif11 muaj më parë

    i dont think this series will ever have a conclusion 😂

  • Genesis Archer Rivera
    Genesis Archer RiveraVit më parë

    7:24 Last video were he tested out the control module, the battery has 22miles left in it Now in this video its has 233miles in the battery Hes not afraid to charge it Just because he repaired the charging module😆😆 But the good thing is rich is safe and the battery is all good

  • Merrill Lombard
    Merrill LombardVit më parë

    Every time i think "I should build a car", I watch one of Rich's videos, and I'm cured.

  • Henry Recinos
    Henry RecinosVit më parë

    Showing up to work in flipflops?? You are fire my friend

  • ragomonkey
    ragomonkeyVit më parë

    Scrap this shit and sell the parts!!!

  • Mark Bhalay
    Mark BhalayVit më parë

    Are we getting an update to this video?

  • TiMonsor
    TiMonsorVit më parë

    btw why thus model x is still called model x and doesnt have a proper westworld name?

  • sirccx3
    sirccx3Vit më parë

    Would you guys be intrested in doing a Tesla engine swap in my 4wd honda crv. Frankly I'm tired of buying gas.

  • Gamerzak 2x
    Gamerzak 2xVit më parë

    Part 9????

  • Jak Dan
    Jak DanVit më parë

    This is what happens when poor people try to own expensive cars. They buy a broken one thinking they can fix it then take 2years or love to try and fix it with zero warranty.

  • lucas voorburg
    lucas voorburgVit më parë

    rich i love your builds! but i am a boat man.... so when are you gonna build a twin engined miami vice boat! :D :D

  • c warner
    c warnerVit më parë

    Rich, you are absolutely brilliant ! Or just crazy... I just found your channel and was watching the Angela videos. I am completely floored in what you've done with your first Tesla and the flooded one. I'll be honest, you look like you have no clue what you are doing but that doesn't stop you one bit. The fact that you are getting these things running again shows you do know what's up though. I'm the opposite, I overthink things and that basically pumps the brakes and I never get started. I'm not sure what your full time job is, but it looks like it is the furthest from rolling around in a shop taking cars apart. I mean who wears a button up collared shirt to tear down a salvaged Tesla in your buddies back yard...Lol. I am a huge fan of Tesla but just can't afford one, or maintain it after it is out of warranty. What you are doing is opening the eyes to many people like myself that could do their own repairs but are just afraid to. Also whether you know it or not, you are at the beginning of a whole new age of "hot rodding" , once more people start doing things like you are , we will see more and more old cars turned into EV's. So cool ! You need to start your own shop ! Crowd fund it ! I'll help.

  • johnpcwarrior
    johnpcwarriorVit më parë

    hey rich please put on some safety shoes men

  • Alvon A.J Junior
    Alvon A.J JuniorVit më parë

    3:26 are you stealing part with that Black gloves haha

  • Carson Gallo
    Carson GalloVit më parë

    Only use Tesla Wallets.

  • Axillary Gaming
    Axillary GamingVit më parë

    You answered my question about the ridge wallet, I wondered if you could have both the clip and the band on at the same, time even asked a question about it on their website, so thanks for that

  • Schawn Fleites
    Schawn FleitesVit më parë

    It’s more like your building a new Tesla. I love it

  • eimantas28
    eimantas28Vit më parë

    What camera are you using? I would like to know it.

  • joseph prosser
    joseph prosserVit më parë

    Rich,what would be good is a Tesla critique of design and engineering shortcomings that ought to be addressed by Tesla owners and if Elon is watching Tesla itself. I guess what surprises me most, given that cars are driven in all kinds of weather, is the lack of rudimentary water proofing. Without dielectric grease in all exposed electrical connectors it is only a matter of time before corrosion creates all kinds of expensive problems. The ultimate Tesla is one that can work under water.

  • frizstyler


    Vit më parë

    are you sure this grease isn't going to create connection problems? I've seen some protective lubricant that has a 1-volt breakdown voltage. Not good for potentiometers and generally low voltage connectors.

  • Giant Pants
    Giant PantsVit më parë

    Rich at this point you should be selling your own line of "Rich Rebuild Safety Flip-Flops With Kung-Fu grip". If you're sellin' I'm buyin'.

  • youxkio
    youxkioVit më parë

    1:06 call that white model 3 "The Golf Ball" :-)

  • happyholidayhome
    happyholidayhomeVit më parë

    Hello Rich! I have watched all your videos and I swear I get conflicting reports. Is purchasing a used Model X worth it? (One for a normal human, no unique fixer upper opportunities) I have been driving a buddies model S for a while, I honestly do not feel comfortable at all with the autopilot (he even has the “fake hand” and used it.....) but it is not big enough for the fam. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • A FAIL
    A FAILVit më parë

    These cars are one big wiring harnass...most people looking at this like, "man do I miss hydraulics."

  • River Street Studios
    River Street StudiosVit më parë

    Thank you for making these videos, Rich. Keep on fixing!!

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese SzorenyiVit më parë

    Glad you are wearing at least gloves to fix a Tesla.

  • Funny Shows
    Funny ShowsVit më parë

    cam is dope LOL

  • S'boniso Qwabe
    S'boniso QwabeVit më parë


  • Anthony Bha
    Anthony BhaVit më parë

    Gav of kiwiev had Chelsea Sexton on! Rich, Id love to see you w those two EV pioneers.

  • 4kGaming
    4kGamingVit më parë

    Rich, you really need a 2020 Stingray. Just saying.

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid KhanVit më parë

    That music is soooooo annoying bruhhh 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼

  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For FunVit më parë

    hehe wearing flip flops in a garage? only good things can come of that.

  • Skruferen
    SkruferenVit më parë

    Rich's moan at 8:02 gets me every time

  • L J
    L JVit më parë

    air brushed ghost flames with electric sparks would look nice on that hail damage :)

  • OakhillSailor
    OakhillSailorVit më parë

    I am now confused which are he's working on.

  • sunny popli
    sunny popliVit më parë

    Thanks for sharing as i have a different view on tesla. And if i ever buy one i make sure i ask about it before i buy mine.

  • Spencer Ludick
    Spencer LudickVit më parë

    This is where the secret weapon chad would be handy

  • Chef Ryan Cortez
    Chef Ryan CortezVit më parë

    My boy Rich with the Jesus sandals in the garage lol!

  • Korn Pop
    Korn PopVit më parë

    is this another lesson on why tesla's are junk after the warranty runs out?

  • Joseph Sokol
    Joseph SokolVit më parë

    I like the Alfa in the back ground when you were watching Cam ride his board thing.. LOL

  • Agostino aiello

    Agostino aiello

    Vit më parë

    Good eye!!!

  • cdoublejj
    cdoublejjVit më parë

    Salvage Steve

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlssonVit më parë


  • skmetal7
    skmetal7Vit më parë

    Dimples mean better aerodynamics!

  • WaterZone GT
    WaterZone GTVit më parë

    6:13 reminds me of school chaos lol anyone else?

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert BarnesVit më parë

    Nice rich flip flops , guess you ready for more flooded Tesla’s !!

  • Mateo W
    Mateo WVit më parë

    Sure does suck getting down to crawl and roll around on the ground after seeing others super nice shops and fancy lifts eh? I did an engine swap on an rx7 on the ground like you, and then got a part-time job at a rich guys race car garage with all the toys and lifts. Super clean and we could get whatever we wanted for tools and gear. It was really tough going back home to the "rolling around on the ground " after work.

  • Josh Kurgat

    Josh Kurgat

    Vit më parë

    He has his own shop. Not sure why he didn't take it there. He might have mentioned why but I wasn't probably missed it

  • Dennis W
    Dennis WVit më parë

    Maybe Sam will help you get your projects finished? OH wait, VTuned will do it.

  • Ben Moore
    Ben MooreVit më parë

    Rich please tell us how much you paid for the Tesla Model X’s you purchased.

  • KC bicyclist
    KC bicyclistVit më parë

    1st 6 seconds is what i said to my self b4 watching this video.. Rich Voodoo bro

  • John gulbarga
    John gulbargaVit më parë

    Awesome 😊. Good job once my pc was totally in water but I save without replacing anything by using Ip liquid

  • You Chewb
    You ChewbVit më parë

    @Rich Rebuilds I don't think those "shoes" are OSHA approved! Hahahahaha (I had 15 years with Goodyear and Firestone) Love your videos. Watching from the Philippines. God bless you and your Fam..

  • توم ريتشاردز
    توم ريتشاردزVit më parë

    Richard's feet needs some lotion 😂

  • Go Clunker
    Go ClunkerVit më parë

    door sill unprotected? door sill now scratched from seat mounts. 10/10

  • John Hull
    John HullVit më parë

    Tesla owner's deserve every problem they have

  • Kevin DaCosta
    Kevin DaCostaVit më parë

    "Nice shoes idiot" Lol!!

  • Socrates FortlowZ
    Socrates FortlowZVit më parë

    Just LIKED, SUBSCRIBED, & RANG that bell because the algo's suggested another channel talking about THE GENIUS Rich...why give them the LIKES when they RITEFULLY belong to Rich The Great. FYI I don't know ish bout tech...BUT I KNOW GENIUS when I see it!

  • Saroosh Irani
    Saroosh IraniVit më parë

    Rich your event was historical and amazing. Great job bra, now I'm going to buy my tesla finally and it was all because of you mate

  • elesjuan
    elesjuanVit më parë

    "I see a head............. it's a boy!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Max Z
    Max ZVit më parë

    Ok... But... WHERES RHE BREADKNIFE?! Are you sick? How dare you not use the breadknife!!!

  • Tito
    TitoVit më parë

    Great Vid.. the best of everything thats about Rich... I want that one wheeler.. What is it called and how easy can i get one shipped to my location?

  • Anthony Bha
    Anthony BhaVit më parë

    As always, excellent They RAN OUT of T shirts! You could barely walk in there! A packed house!

  • Warren Thomas
    Warren ThomasVit më parë

    Be careful, they might set up secret cameras in your shop... don’t allow them to leave anything behind...

  • LightWing Studios
    LightWing StudiosVit më parë

    11:50 This is why they use ROBOTS in car factories. :)

  • Two Old Campers and a Dog!
    Two Old Campers and a Dog!Vit më parë

    My wife asked me if I'd seen Rich rebuilds for a while and I said no he hasn't posted videos because he's busy building his own shop. Somehow I had inadvertently unsubscribed to you and imagine my joy when I found that you were still producing videos? Rich I love you man! You make my day!

  • Terrance Wilson
    Terrance WilsonVit më parë

    Do you think adding an alternator to a Tesla to make run longer? Just the turn of the wheels can generate enough power to change the battery. Even if you slit the battery in half and as the car drives the wheels can charge one half and once it full the car can run on that then toggle to the other half and let that one charge. Switch back and forth for contentious power. Please reply back?

  • Jmuney22Trike
    Jmuney22TrikeVit më parë

    Why are u wearing gloves for workung on a car with no gas engine???

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan FrederiksenVit më parë

    Regarding the dimpled 3P, can't those just be straightened out these days? seems like a very good buy unless Tesla fascists have marked it for death.

  • Larry H.
    Larry H.Vit më parë

    I was really hoping the rumors where not true and there would still be a musical performance at the event with Rich Homie Rich featuring Samcracc😡 So I guess you guys really aren't cool anymore.

  • DarwishEG
    DarwishEGVit më parë

    How do you make sure there's no mould in the vents ?

  • Life Unwrapped
    Life UnwrappedVit më parë

    Louis Rossman is a ALther and fixes water damaged macbooks. Hes used to shit companies not wanting 3rd party repairs.

  • Life Unwrapped
    Life UnwrappedVit më parë

    I got an Interesting idea. Call Louis Rossman in NY. I bet he could clean and resoldier those boards quick and easy and they'd work.

  • DarwishEG
    DarwishEGVit më parë

    Yeah, tesla is going to patch that twist and pull hack in the next update

  • DarwishEG
    DarwishEGVit më parë

    Tesla being there is the equivalent of a priest being at a strip club

  • Life Unwrapped
    Life UnwrappedVit më parë

    What do you mean TESLA is going to be there? I thought they were your arch enemy?

  • Blödsinn mit Lötzinn
    Blödsinn mit LötzinnVit më parë

    is it possible that rich also has some screws loose?

  • Connor K
    Connor KVit më parë

    Rich, I like those safety shoes.

  • Jö To Bartsch
    Jö To BartschVit më parë

    Very nice background music, keeps me relaxt, while watching you working.

  • Koen Blank
    Koen BlankVit më parë

    I like it when you work on your hobby next to your fulltime job! Even when you recently switched full tine jobs (from IT to a youtube channel showing other people working) 😝

  • Adrian Osler
    Adrian OslerVit më parë

    what a waste of time tesla will be nothing but paperweights before xmas

  • Not J
    Not JVit më parë

    All that snapping plastic sound in the end was great. Lazy always costs you more.

  • Wildman Tech
    Wildman TechVit më parë

    Sad that I missed it

  • Z O
    Z OVit më parë

    Wish you all the success rich, you are a great guy!

  • Not J
    Not JVit më parë

    Dimples make it go faster. Like a golf ball.

  • Angela Clements
    Angela ClementsVit më parë

    Its about time you paid me rich and elon Ps Much Love "V" YEAH ITS ME

    TRAIN SHIPSVit më parë

    Cheap Spilt Seat Design. What is Tesla Thinking? That Bench Seat will make a comeback and they will be ready ?!

  • willdogs droid
    willdogs droidVit më parë

    Hey! Did I spy an insulin pump on Chad at 10:54 ? If so hello from a fellow pumper!

  • S B
    S BVit më parë

    9:12 just get Louis Rossmann

  • David E
    David EVit më parë

    the only person who could make fixing a tesla look street/ghetto

  • artistwithouttalent
    artistwithouttalentVit më parë

    10:27 Is that Apollo 911?

  • Nordic Prospecting
    Nordic ProspectingVit më parë

    the question is. Will i get laid telling a woman i was there?

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