Fixing Tesla Model 3 With the NEW Tesla Parts Catalog!

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Today we put Tesla’s new parts catalog to the test! Can we actually use it to fix a wrecked model 3?
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    GREEN JJ3 muaj më parë

    a smart man would by a second wreck that has rear end damage and use the good front to repair this one lol thats how we fixed cars back in the 80's

  • Anders Jenbo
    Anders Jenbo3 muaj më parë

    Can't wait till the day you post a video of building a full Model 3 all from spare parts :)

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N4 muaj më parë

    2:50 without supercharging*

  • Nicolas Besse
    Nicolas Besse6 muaj më parë

    Hello do you have a solution to adjust the model's charging hatch ...? It is not aligned with the right rear ... 😫 thanks please ..

  • Terry King
    Terry King10 muaj më parë

    And this why I will buy a Tesla. I like fix my own car. So, I want to be able to go to the dealer, auto parts store, Amazon and own parts to fix my car. I know you can go to eBay and the junkyard for Tesla parts but I have that option also.

  • Dazzle9999
    Dazzle999910 muaj më parë

    Too much talking, not much doing, disappointing

  • Danger Dawn
    Danger DawnVit më parë

    I'll buy a Tesla drive it for 7 years and then sell it. Did I win?

  • Michael Nixon
    Michael NixonVit më parë

    Hey Rich whats that auction site you use?

  • Mr. E's Absurdities & Atrocities
    Mr. E's Absurdities & AtrocitiesVit më parë

    The music. I cackled when the music hit.

  • Gabe Kot
    Gabe KotVit më parë

    Rich please I need to contact you! I am desperate for help for my Tesla 3 2018. Thanks

  • Leo Timtom
    Leo TimtomVit më parë

    Good. it will give a chance to other car manufacturers to move ahead and eventually push Tesla out of market, as it has been already done with American minivan manufacturers, and now pretty close with American sedan makers.

  • Steven Bollinger
    Steven BollingerVit më parë

    ...or you could just get a nice Chevy Bolt. You could pull up in front of the Now You Know guys' house, honk your horn and yell, "Hey, look! I got a Chevy Bolt! **** you guys! I can repair this as easily as if it were an ICE Malibu, without having to be a combination brain surgeon, CCC hacker and James Bond! I CAN GET PARTS FOR THIS AT AUTO ZONE! Well, gotta go! I'm having lunch with my good buddy BOB LUTZ! HAHAHAAAA!!!" And then burn rubber away from there while you laugh your head off.

  • Larry Calloway
    Larry CallowayVit më parë

    Rich Rebuilds AHHH , Back & fourth ,

  • TYPE xxi - WOLF
    TYPE xxi - WOLFVit më parë

    Let TESLA dy in peace. Huawei ban is out, no chinese will buy any tesla and here in europe the demand is going back due to the huawei ban and tesla behaviour. In the US sales have dropped to 50% from 20.000 each month in second half of 2018 to 10.000 recently that will drop far more in july when the state reward will be cut again. Watch the sales and production and have an eye on delivery time to get behind why panasonic does no further investments ... cause they had been fooled by tesla cause their first factory runs after 5 years just at 66% of capacity when tesla had promised them far higher sales. And in europe every month 1-3 new ev cars will be introduced till 2021 and now ev with 35 kwh batteries for 20.000 are announced for end 2019, many from volkswagen or its brands seat (spain) and skoda (tschech rep) ... same parts just cheaper. In a few month you can buy a cheap new car plant in shanghai that nefer went in production and no american company wants to buy cause no american product will be purchased in china from that plant.

  • Phil Amarn
    Phil AmarnVit më parë

    Rich you are a master of comedy, Tesla really need to set up an used Tesla service with you as the Head honcho. They don't realise how backwards and unreasonable you make them look. Keep up the good work you make me want a Tesla, though I'm more into electric car conversions converting.

  • Jinx Stixx
    Jinx StixxVit më parë

    Flute, the real MVP

  • DIsmayedConfuse
    DIsmayedConfuseVit më parë

    I'll wait for an Audi EV. there's no way in hell that i'd buy a Tesla - unless they kicked out Musk and let an adult run the company.

  • Aly Wil
    Aly WilVit më parë

    Hilarious and informative as usual 😂

  • Van Gend Botha
    Van Gend BothaVit më parë

    Great videos !

  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer JamesVit më parë

    I think it has to do with lawyers and the American way of sue first. If someone died like a family or child, like what has happened forever in the consumer industry. Companies must be proactive in being defensive regardless. Because of the huge insurance scamming on both ends. Millions of accidents happen every year by many makes. ICE cars are firebombs on wheels regardless of what you have heard of Teslas. For every Tesla fatality, there are thousands a day by every other manufacturer. In the early days of cars death rates were so high they started to impact the upper middle class and dynastic class. This became the combo for sucking money away from the people and car companies over time. Those that couldn't invest in safety merged or went out of business. Insurance and everything involved in cars became its own industry because regular people could not afford to lose transport in the new suburb and highway systems that destroyed cities and public transit infrastructure. Long story short the value of all the spin-off industries was a specific directive by the special interests of that time. It boils down to the value chain or cycle. EV tech eliminates oil and gas, excessive insurance premiums, accidents, thus eventually shops for fixing if Tesla or others want it. This still may take decades. But just like mobile devices and many items we buy. We have eliminated engineered to last to now trash or recycle. This is still not ideal. As it's important to have the ability to repair refurbish etc. I think it may need to be a lawyer law thing to protect Tesla from liability once a vehicle is out of their circle of management. Obviously, if it's a defective safety issue out of the factory that is still needed. I would expect anything older than 10000 hours or 10 years falls under a different set of rules. So they allow access to rebuild and refurbish. Otherwise, it must be put into recycling. Just like Cisco and many other critical systems. You need a certification every year. To maintain the latest tech for repair and feedback. Also, i know for sure they do not want hackers good or bad destroying any systems. That is the most important IP because no other place in the world is as well off in the AI autopilot world. Not even the defense industry.

  • eudamullah
    eudamullahVit më parë

    If this was a front end collision, how come the car didn't prevent this?

  • shotblank
    shotblankVit më parë

    can buy a brand new one for 35k

  • EYEoftheneedle
    EYEoftheneedleVit më parë

    2-5k for all that hassle?? You must be hella cheap

  • AscendedBeyond
    AscendedBeyondVit më parë

    The price is too high for this car right? How many hours of work would you have to put in to fix it for not that big of savings? I mean if it's for you and your just doing it for fun that's cool.

  • superhulker
    superhulkerVit më parë

    Why pay 35,000 for a wrecked model 3 when you can get a brand new one for the same price

  • ma6netho
    ma6nethoVit më parë

    silly Company, They would sell a lot more cars if People could order parts, to fix their cars

  • PokerFaceTV
    PokerFaceTVVit më parë


  • Bob
    BobVit më parë

    But, the accelerated depreciation is the kicker

  • David Mata
    David MataVit më parë

    Dude, that music at the end was epic..!!! Please give us more sarcasm and voice over bad Recorder playing STAT sir..!!!

  • CooCoo
    CooCooVit më parë


  • sayharris
    sayharrisVit më parë

    Sorry Rich but Goodby to you and tesla, enjoy 😂😆🤣

  • davetileguy
    davetileguyVit më parë

    Love the music

  • Sebastien Bily
    Sebastien BilyVit më parë

    They have trouble pushing cars out of the door fast enough which is their current biggest scale up problem, so for actual customer service and part availability wait until there is a Gigaplant on Mars.

  • Urban Rally
    Urban RallyVit më parë

    died during the recorder solo

  • DH7
    DH7Vit më parë

    LastPass banner ad in a LastPass sponsored video.

  • Carlos Galaraza
    Carlos GalarazaVit më parë

    Dude you should've queued the rick rolling song it seemed more appropriate

  • Tyler Cherry
    Tyler CherryVit më parë

    Lol your videos make me laugh

  • M. S.
    M. S.Vit më parë

    Here's a better idea ... go to your local bank ... get them to loan you $34,000 ... then go to your local gas station and purchase a gallon of HI TEST gasoline. Wait until midnight. Now pour the gasoline on your pile of cash and LIGHT IT ON FIRE! Serioulsly. You will probsbly get more 'joy' out of doing so than buying a over-hyped POS. Tesla's are pieces of junk. $34,000 for a writtten off pile of metal? Apparently lunacy reigns supreme!

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel GVit më parë

    so much money for a mediocre car, whats wrong with this?

  • Rex U.
    Rex U.Vit më parë

    how is he so fucking funny??? i love him

  • John Smith
    John SmithVit më parë

    I reckon telsa's board work for big oil and have burrowed in To sabotage compny while working there.. Lol

  • tony n
    tony nVit më parë

    You have to be insane to buy this car . Is not worth more than $10k

  • Mason
    MasonVit më parë

    "enhanced autopilot" The guy paid an extra EIGHT THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS to literally turn on the hardware that is already present in every Tesla out of the factory LOL imagine paying extra $200 to turn your phone camera on when it's already in the phone! LOL!

  • Cody Slab
    Cody SlabVit më parë

    *If they unrestrict everything everyone will just DIY build their own Teslas lol, hey since electric cars are soulless anyway why not sell them for cheap if people build them themselves?*

  • shratcha sauce
    shratcha sauceVit më parë

    Your argument about Tesla not wanting customers to fix their own cars seems silly. In a time when one Tesla catching fire becomes a faux scandal that Tesla has to deal with, you want the same company that is fighting to stay alive let people try fix their own Teslas and open themselves up to even more bad press from shoddy attempts?

  • xerocookieable
    xerocookieableVit më parë

    Tesla love u long time. No parts for you.

  • Sting Cool
    Sting CoolVit më parë

    You tree huggers..............

  • Matthew Bowler
    Matthew BowlerVit më parë

    Wouldn’t it be great if a Tesla could be built from parts cheaper than at the Tesla factory?

  • Calvin
    CalvinVit më parë

    Can I order every part and build my own Tesla.

  • Donny Lama23
    Donny Lama23Vit më parë

    Riches, I’m way to poor to own a Tesla but we all dream. I’ve come to love your channel! I’ll have to just keep dreaming and thankful for the vids 😎

  • Ernesto Paz
    Ernesto PazVit më parë

    Then dont use crash bars if you get an a accedent just say tesla didnt wanna sell you them lol or be like me and just make your owen

  • euroimports05
    euroimports05Vit më parë

    arthur from waltham ma - bro you won the internet i friggin love ur videos ilmao

  • Roy Wessbecher
    Roy WessbecherVit më parë

    There's that fute again! - The sound of Tesla corporate admin. at work... Your problem is that you have too much common sense.

  • Mike Chan
    Mike ChanVit më parë


  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurungVit më parë

    5:25 let's get the music going shall we? If only you'd played guiles theme.

  • Fady
    FadyVit më parë

    Lol the flute part is hilarious af.

  • Do RC
    Do RCVit më parë

    Theres a point you missed. The wrecked tesla will have a major collision on its record making it worth much less on resale. Unless youre absolutely certain youre going to keep the car forever that loss has to be factored in as well.

  • A
    AVit më parë

    Tesla doesnt have thoseon the restricted list just for fun. they dont have enough parts to fix the cars at their own shops so no shit they are not gonna give you 1st hand parts. you wanna look at the specs and make your own part go for it but until Tesla can handle their own work and kee their own parts in stock, their is no reason at all they should be handing the parts they need to fix cars in their shops that have been waiting for them for months sometimes, to you.

  • A
    AVit më parë

    you cant just take out labor charges as if you doing your own labor isnt costing you money. when you are doing that work you could also be working on someone elses car at that same time and making money. so just becuase you did the work yourself doesnt mean you are not wasting that time which if you weren't fixing your car you could be making money on others. so yes anyone like you who just subtracks labor cost just becuae they do the work themselves are not smart. TIME IS MONEY. whether its your time or someone elses time its MONEY you are either making or losing.

  • Rafael Nieves
    Rafael NievesVit më parë


  • Marley Janim
    Marley JanimVit më parë

    Thank you tesla

  • joseph spencer
    joseph spencerVit më parë

    I genuinely believe your the reason why they made a parts catalog

  • steffydog1
    steffydog1Vit më parë

    Ha ha ha ha ha classic, nice one Rich

  • Frederick Fitzwilliam
    Frederick FitzwilliamVit më parë

    Rich, please put the flute in more videos 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Frederick Fitzwilliam
    Frederick FitzwilliamVit më parë

    Fucking love you, Rich! 😂🤣😂 the flutes OMG 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Joker
    JokerVit më parë

    Thought I was the only person that wrote down my passwords on bananas

  • This is a human Person
    This is a human PersonVit më parë

    5:45...cmon man, why'd you do this to us boi?

  • Jerry Rupprecht
    Jerry RupprechtVit më parë

    At least it’s a step, granted a small one.

  • Moun Bakko
    Moun BakkoVit më parë

    .... how did "... face of the moon and ambient temperature..." creep into this, just after the ridiculous idea of saving a password on a banana? ... listening to you talk can be addictive... never at a loss for words.

  • Aerism
    AerismVit më parë

    *R E S T R I C T E D*

  • Darcer's Tech
    Darcer's TechVit më parë

    I can see why such a crucial part in terms of safety would be "restricted". What about the other parts though?

  • Luis Sign Shop
    Luis Sign ShopVit më parë

    You just wasted 6 minutes and 17 seconds of my life

  • web_dev 2019
    web_dev 2019Vit më parë

    Good job building up your channel rich. I remember when you only had 20k subs. Keep it up!

  • Josh Heiser
    Josh HeiserVit më parë

    Wasn't funny to me.

  • Kent H
    Kent HVit më parë

    Tesla sucks

  • Z
    ZVit më parë

    Probably restricted because its a main structural part for safety and like before, if a repaired car crashes with that thing not properly installed then it looks bad on Tesla. I imagine it'll eventually become available but in the meantime best get that shop you want and become an authorised repairer 😂

  • Arashi Mokuzai
    Arashi MokuzaiVit më parë

    Apple computers suck, Even iphone sucks glass back and front, No way to replace the glass back, If you replace the glass back you replace basically the whole phone Quick tip, Use epoxy to fix a shattered backplate instead of taking it to apple LMAO

  • cristian correa
    cristian correaVit më parë


  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987Vit më parë

    Lol parts catalogue with restricted parts

  • caduceus33
    caduceus33Vit më parë

    Rich, why are you so enamored with these over-complicated, over-engineered, non-user-friendly monstrosities?

  • genmaxpain
    genmaxpainVit më parë

    LOL only in merica is labor is charged many times over and at really high ripoff prices here in New Zealand labor is a one off normally $70 to $80 /Hr so saying that all up say a cambelt kit with waterpump and front seals on a 4age is $380 then it will cost say $262.50 for 3 and half hours labour at $75/hr + antifreeze $16/Litre for 4 litres is $64 thats a bill for $706.50 plus GST (15% tax is $105.97) total bill $812.475 where the fuck does body labor come from that like all the other labor should all be classed as labor and that cannot be double triple dipped in this case 4 or 5 times i do suppose dealerships and Pro workshops(cocks oh sorry i mean crooks) charge 5x to 10x the retail price

  • Pink Puffin
    Pink PuffinVit më parë

    The flute is back. Rich, you make me smile for the first time in 2 months. Many thanks!

  • R B
    R BVit më parë


  • Zero Res
    Zero ResVit më parë

    Too funny, my man! LOL

  • Brian Tickell
    Brian TickellVit më parë

    I’m a DIY’er and backyard mechanic and do almost all repairs of my vehicles myself. I understand the importance of being able to get parts myself to keep the car running, but I’ve never known of any normal car part stores that sell body, glass, and frame components. If I needed those I would go to a junkyard, I understand that there aren’t many out there that have these guys in them. But from the website access, it seems as though it might be restricted unless you are a body shop/or approved body shop that has insurance/business license, etc, and then they would provide you a login. Maybe your friend with the auto shop can request special access? I’m hoping other parts are easily able to be purchased in the future for you and others. Anyways, love your videos!

  • Andron MacBeton
    Andron MacBetonVit më parë

    LastPass? WTF? What's next? Advertising manual viruses like "please resend this e-mail to 100 friends, erase bootmgr and reboot!" ?

  • MikeCharlieAlpha
    MikeCharlieAlphaVit më parë

    shit I thought I was the only one who hid his passwords on bananas

  • Mr. M
    Mr. MVit më parë

    I love your humor Rich

  • James Costello
    James CostelloVit më parë

    Tesla has been building a $750M plant with tax payers dollars in Buffalo for five years, its still 75% empty, they refuse to let anyone from media or public in there. Same canned answers and excuses about solar shingles. The company is shady as can be and everything is a big secret. I'll never do business with them.

  • ryan Winkler
    ryan WinklerVit më parë

    I love the music 🤣

  • Николай Грозев
    Николай ГрозевVit më parë

    Why i read those comparisons about tesla and iphone...this is so stupid...if you repair your own iphone your life does not depend on it, if you screw up with the repair. Tesla is new company that is trying to prove and it is proving it that electric cars are the future. Also they r working on autopilot technology and for sure they don't want people do repairs by themselves....because when anything goes wrong there will be a huge titles everywhere BREAKING NEWS TESLA CRASHED BY ITSELF, TESLA BURNED IN FLAMES, TESLA KILLED SOMEONE and so on. If everyone starts poking with technology that they don't understand this will be happening for sure.

  • dahveed284
    dahveed284Vit më parë

    Some things never change. As far as your analysis goes, I'd expect to find some additional damage once you get into the repair, so you might want to add a contingency if the estimate didn't already have one added. 10% of the parts value might be a good starting point. Unless you absolutely love working on cars as a hobby, its most likely going to be difficult to justify paying so much for that wrecked car.

  • The Neighbors
    The NeighborsVit më parë

    I can understand why Tesla does this though. Parts should be prioritized for nonsalvage because those cars because they are the actual customers of Tesla and supply is limited for parts because Tesla is ramping up production and parts are all going towards production to meet demand.

  • Robert M
    Robert MVit më parë

    The flute came backkkkkk!

  • Mechanic Matt
    Mechanic MattVit më parë

    That comment about Tesla changing there website with moon phase and ambient temps , lmfao I'm dying over here , love Tesla , but they are so wishy-washy . That California smog is getting to elons brain

  • CheedeeTV
    CheedeeTVVit më parë

    That flute had me in tears 😭

  • Timké Bienda
    Timké BiendaVit më parë

    1. These folks should get better insurance. Makes no sense to buy $70-120k with no insurance to replace your vehicle or repairs it. 2. Why would someone buy that wrecked Tesla for 34K fix it to just so it could cost as much as a new or used one ?

  • Richard Mac
    Richard MacVit më parë

    Why the hell would anyone still buy a Tesla after seeing these videos?

  • Pink Puffin

    Pink Puffin

    Vit më parë

    no kidding.

  • JPavilion 2
    JPavilion 2Vit më parë

    Just bought a salvage Tesla... fuck what now I can’t order shit

  • Code Red
    Code RedVit më parë

    Hi Rick at Rick rebuilds. How much on your hydro bill is it to charge a tesla car.

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